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    by Jontis Johnson
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  • Beside Golden Irish Fields

    by Ava Miles
    International bestseller Ava Miles brings you another heartwarming stay-up-all-night story with this first novel in The Unexpected Prince Charming series, about a woman who goes to Ireland in hopes of a second chance at life and finds love in the most unexpected man. Art teacher Angie Newcastle’s life is all monotone. She wasn’t always this dull. She’d been an up-and-coming artist with the world at her feet. But after contracting the Wrong Man Syndrome and spending years doubting herself... more
  • cenforce 200 reviews-Medzsite

    by james farnadise
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  • Rendezvous in Paradise

    by Annick Weilche
    On holidays on tropical island Paradise, Amanda Jones is enjoying being away from the routine, boring life of an overworked administrative assistant. When her bag is stolen the day after she arrives on the island, she meets Detective Jerome Richard who will investigate the theft. Jerome is an INTERPOL agent helping the local authorities with a drug dealing case. The attraction between them is instant, but when the theft of Mandy’s bag somehow becomes embroiled with Jerome’s drug case, he will n... more
  • A Match Made in Spain

    by Rochelle Merrill
    A small-town ASL teacher is reluctantly captivated by the Catalonian vintner determined to woo her across the Spanish countryside. Can a match made on a tour of Spain be a fairytale second chance for this grumpy/sunshine pair? The ink on Cecilia's divorce papers might be dry, but she’s in no hurry to connect with another traveling businessman, especially the spatially challenged one seated beside her on a crack-of-dawn flight from San Francisco to Madrid. Felip should be on top of the worl... more
  • Taken (Taken Series #1)

    by E. C. Roderick
    Matt was my husband. I was supposed to be with him for the rest of my life when the accident happened and took him away from me. I wouldn’t love anyone else. I believed. Until, I meet Leif. He tells me to trust him and to take my chance with him. Except, I’m his hostage. Not only am I his hostage, but time is holding me captive too, and I’m suddenly trapped in a world that is not mine. The year is 1756, and I am strangely in Massachusetts Bay Colony. War between Great Britain and France ex... more
  • The Lights of Sheridan Square

    by Bob Ford
    Joanna Olenska escaped a Brooklyn Catholic orphanage at eighteen in search of a Broadway dream that has remained just beyond her reach. Jay Carraway has abandoned the opulent, secure life of North Greenwich, Connecticut to come to New York and pursue a career very different from the family-owned mega-business. The story, set against the background of the TV commercial production and advertising world of New York City during the late '50s, tells how Jay falls in love with Joanna and pursues her ... more
  • A Change in Tune

    by Ashley Rescot
    Violinist Victoria Pearson dreams of attending Johann Conservatory of Music in New York City for graduate school. As the oldest of five sisters, she hopes to escape her Midwestern college town and hectic family situation to fulfill her passion in life—music. But when she decides to participate in Belton University's Concerto competition to bolster her chances of acceptance, Victoria finds herself competing against her sister Adrienne and lifelong cellist friend Jerry Chang. This sets in motion a... more
  • Whatever You Can Cope With

    by D.B Brett
    Katie and Lexi had connected quickly after moving into an apartment together. However, after college, things turn ugly and change, and Katie once again betrays her best friend. Steve and Toby had been inseparable since school. Steve asks Toby to step in and take his sister Martha out to the cinema so that he can go on a date with the stunning and very-sexy Katie. Toby reluctantly agrees but finds himself falling for Martha and their relationship develops quickly. Steve has no idea and Toby hates... more
  • Someone You Love

    by Kristen Granata
    Someone You Love is a touching forced-proximity summer contemporary romance about a former NFL star who is now disabled, and a sweet heroine who's trying to heal after the loss of her mother. This is a standalone novel with several open-door steamy scenes, and a HEA.
  • Cenforce 50

    by Jontis Johnson
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  • No House Without A Mouse

    by Whitney Gale
    Nicole's biggest problem was preparing for her school leaving examinations. A smaller problem was resisting the charms of Austin Baleseng who was determined to make her his. On the night they attempt to consumate their love they discover a terrible secret that not only tears them apart but breaks up both their families. The revelation leads to an avalanche of revelations that leave their lives unrecognizable.
  • You Always

    by Whitney Gale
    Samorena meets Luca while on a business trip. They are immediately drawn to each other but cannot explore their romance because Luca is already with someone else. Luca does not want to accept this and ends his already broken relationship to pursues Sam because he believes this is his one chance at an epic love affair with the only woman to ever make him want to lose his heart. For Samorena loving Luca is impossible but so is moving on from him.
  • The Fog of War

    by A. L. Lester

    The quiet village of Bradfield should offer Dr Sylvia Marks the refuge she seeks when she returns home from her time in a field hospital in France in 1918. However, she is still haunted by the disappearance of her ambulance-driver lover two years previously ,and settling down as a village doctor is more difficult than she realised it would be after the excitement of front-line medicine. Then curious events at a local farm, mysterious lights and a hallucinating patient’s strange illness ... more

  • stalopam medicine-MEDZSITE

    by james farnadise
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  • Left on a Doorstep (The DuPree Dynasty - Book One)

    by Beatrice H. Crew

    England, 1896. On the cusp of her twenty-first birthday ball, Victoria Montgomery, daughter of a well-to-do family, learns that she has more in common with the young unwed mothers she helps in her London charity than she wanted to believe when she discovers she had been left as a baby on her parents’ doorstep. Now a ruthless baby seller is stalking her to take revenge.

    But when a handsome stranger named Allistair attends Victoria’s ball to compel her to his family’s is... more