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  • Stilettos & Stardust: A Gender-Swapped Cinderella Story (True Love's Wish Book 1)

    by D. L. Pitchford
    A modern day Cinderella with a twist... When high school seniors Noah Barton and Eden Prince’s academic rivalry ruins a thermodynamics demo, their physics teacher decides to help them get along. By forcing them to be lab partners. As graduation approaches, Noah and Eden are too busy figuring out college to deal with each other. Noah’s football-loving dad sabotages his chance to win a big scholarship. Eden’s traditional mother cares more about finding her a serious boyfriend than encouragin... more
  • A Space for Joy

    by Rosetta Jamieson-Thomas

    A rendezvous with her ex-boyfriend after seven years. What harm could that do?

    When Vanessa decides to leave her home in the Caribbean and reunite with her ex-boyfriend, Moses, who deserted her and their unborn child seven years earlier, she has no idea what fate awaits her in New York City, but she has her dreams. . . .

    VANESSA JONES is a single mother who is determined to raise her son, ANDREW, who is diagnosed with Autism and give him every opportunity for the best life possibl... more

  • Starting Over

    by J H Morgan
    At twenty-one, Jen has started over more times than she can count. After suffering the hatred of an abusive father,she runs away--only to fall into addiction. She sobers up, but then she faces new betrayals and a disabling accident. The death of a friend hits reboot on Jen's life yet again, as does a romance with James, a pediatrician several years her senior. With him, Jen finds a peace she thought wasn't possible and a chance at a stable, comfortable life. Then an old flame re-enters... more
  • Beautiful

    by Sylvia Hubbard
    When looking for love in all the wrong places, Madison, a DNA researcher work is stolen right from under her... literally. Beautiful tells the story of finding her Beautiful and knowing the true power within, all the while exploring a suspenseful polyamourous relationship that could get her killed.
  • The Soul Searcher: a middle aged adventure

    by Kathy Whitney Barr
    Widowed, last kid off to college, menopausal and just qualified for senior coffees at McDonalds... What next! How many life changes can Libby O’Malley handle all at once? Luckily, she has a wicked sense of humor even if it causes her to have an accident from time to time. She’s seeking new purpose in her new life. She won’t have to look far, because her next big thing is looking for her. David Baynard, a handsome stranger, ten years younger than Libby just showed up in her rural hometown. Now he... more
  • Not with the Band

    by Kelli Warner
    Drama. Jerks. Another new school. Those are three things Kassidy Perry vows to avoid her senior year of high school. Unfortunately, it looks like the Universe didn’t get the memo. When her mom marries the football coach from a rival high school, Kassidy’s forced to move (again), enroll in a new school (again) and adapt to life with three stepbrothers, including the school’s star quarterback who’s barely said two words to her. And what’s up with her incredibly hot-yet-cocky neighbor who’s dev... more
  • The Moment We Fell

    by Kelli Warner
    Nothing good happens when people keep secrets. Paige Bryant’s dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer died along with her mother. Drowning in grief and plagued by guilt, Paige is blindsided by a provision in her mother’s will that sends her to live with the father she never knew. Forced to start over in a new town, and at a new school where she's now the principal's daughter, Paige is convinced that her life can’t possibly get more complicated—until fate throws her into the path of th... more
  • Rogue Scot: Scottish Historical Romance (Brethren of Stone)

    by Tammy Andresen
    His heart has been turned to stone… After the death of his twin brother, Matthew Sinclair has no room in his life for love. Especially not for a spoiled little tart who thinks she is too good for him. Lady Bridget McDougal is half English and all snob. The woman can’t even manage to say thanks when he saves her life. Nor does she express any gratitude as he changes his plans to deliver her safely home. He can’t wait to drop the little princess off and be done with her forever. Matthew Sinc... more
  • Under the Radar

    by Lillian Francis
    It’s 1942 and after a sexual indiscretion, US Navy pilot Zachary MacKenzie is sent to serve in the Royal Navy’s submarine service—a shockingly harsh punishment for a man who loves to fly. The submarine is oppressive and frustrating for him, and he’s marked out from his peers, publicly by being American, and privately by his attraction to men. The only bright spot is the company of his steward, sonar operator Gethin Llewelyn. Despite the differences of rank and background, they’re drawn to each ... more
  • Last Ticket to Paradise

    by Carol Ericson

    Sent to paradise to find her missing sister, she discovers a passion that burns hotter than hell...

    Georgette Lawson has always been the dull, practical twin...until she steps foot on the tropical island of Palumba. Desperately searching for her missing sister, Georgette plays a dangerous game that results in whispered threats and dire warnings. One such warning comes from sexy Jake Kincaid, the main developer of the island. Now Georgette’s life…and heart are at risk.

    ... more
  • Don't Stop Now (The Rambler Battlion Book 3)

    by Claire Cain
    Captain Rae Jackson falls for the one kind of man she's sworn off: a fellow soldier. As their friendship grows, her professional success does too, until she fears their relationship threatens her career path and she pushes him away. Lt. Gabriel Marquez fights for his relationship with Rae, believing they can be together despite the challenge of a dual-military life.
  • Nine Years of Silver (Love Has Claws Book 1)

    by Parker Foye

    Briar Augustin, a bounty hunter, returns to his hometown on the trail of a killer. There he becomes once more entangled with his first love, Quinn Lawrence, who is as integral to Briar's hunt as he is to the mythology of Lastings. Can Briar find his bounty and return to the city, resisting the call of the sea? Or will he be drawn back into Lastings' secrets—and the arms of Quinn Lawrence?

    Lastings: Where some things can only be mined out.

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  • A Deal with Death (Crescent City Wolf Pack Book 4)

    by Carrie Pulkinen

    She pissed off the Voodoo Spirit of Death.

    Now she has to make amends…

    Death doesn't scare Voodoo practitioner Odette Allemand, but dying sure as hell does. Every time she meets her soulmate, her life ends in a horrific murder.

    Then she's reincarnated to have it happen all over again.

    Odette is determined to survive this lifetime, but when a sexy werewolf knocks on her door, unearthing emotions she thought she'd bur... more

  • Silken Scales

    by Alex Hayes
    Idris Williams has perfect pitch… the ability to recognize notes and play them back perfectly by ear. With his musical talent, confidence and great looks, he was practically born to be a rock star. There’s just one problem. His overbearing father is determined to control his destiny and music isn’t on the agenda. For Idris, there doesn’t seem to be a way out… — Until he morphs into a monster. Cadi Rhoswen has finally found a safe and loving home… Then a malicious high school jock turns h... more