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  • My Dark Romeo

    by Parker S. Huntington and L.J. Shen
    A callous arms dealer coerces a hard-headed heiress into an arranged marriage in this witty take on Beauty and the Beast meets Romeo and Juliet.
  • The Vampire's Retribution

    by Mickey Flagg writing as M. Flagg
    Dreams are often hidden desires… even if they are terrifying. A mystically enhanced vampire destroys three immortal sorcerers and takes on their vengeful army of hell-beasts in an unprecedented battle. Poisoned and captured, his body is exsanguinated and left to rot in a cell beneath the city. Guided by an angel, he spins a fantasy full of deep love and devotion to the one woman he treasures and his mystically-human, very troubled son. His fading mind spins a tale with emotional twists and unexp... more
  • Serenade of Souls

    by Jakob Halskov

    In "Serenade of Souls", the final instalment of The Tokyo Trilogy, most of the love stories started in the previous volumes reach their suspenseful conclusions. Another five years have went by, and Shoko is now the oyabun, or clan head, of the Hashimoto family. Her attempts to revamp and rebrand the crime syndicate as a slick and modern corporation meet with resistance, and unrest is brewing within her organization as a conspiracy to topple her is unfolding. Linda for her part is ba... more

  • The Man from Alcatraz

    by Virginia Mae Brown
    Family. Honor. Sacrifice. Rex believes in it all. He’s a man of tradition, a man of the old ways. He is what the media calls a “mobster”. Rex decides he must do what is right, and that means betraying his family. His twin brother, the opposite of Rex in every way, craves revenge and he will stop at nothing to destroy Rex for what he did. In a plot to eliminate Rex, Stefano has him sent to Alcatraz, the famed prison where escape is only a fantasy. With careful planning, Rex makes his daring esc... more
  • No Medicine for Falling in Love

    by Jakob Halskov
    "No Medicine for Falling in Love" takes place five years after the first volume of the trilogy. Tomoko has left her husband and living on her own she is now working for Yumiko who in turn has become CEO of a lifestyle company. While Tomoko is flirting with Yumiko’s new female secretary, Yumiko herself is initiating a steamy office romance with one of her young male employees. Unfortunately, professional headwinds are blowing her way because she stood her ground against an influential but sexist ... more
  • German Girls

    by Steve Barber
    Paul is totally smitten by the lovely Heidi during a holiday encounter in Swanage in the summer of 1978. Will their holiday romance become something much more serious when he sets out to see if his love for her blossoms in her home city of Frankfurt?
  • Hidden Words

    by Dannielle Taylor
    ‘Perspective of danger changes when reality floods through the dark. It takes wild events of immense forbidden love for Christopher to realise he’s been living life all wrong. Christopher has to make serious changes in order to become the person he’s always wanted to be. Unfortunately, his biggest enemy is always close in his mind.’
  • Ripples in the Waters by Lake Kawaguchi

    by Jakob Halskov
    As the first volume in The Tokyo Trilogy, Ripples in the Waters by Lake Kawaguchi traces the sexual road trip of the lonely and neglected Japanese housewife, Tomoko, and the young, vibrant and spontaneous college girl, Ai, who is her counterpart on that riveting journey. It also introduces us to the depressed and suicidal CTO, Takeda, a salaryman who, having been made redundant, has lost his raison d’être and is struggling to shield his family from the financial fallout of his failure. Finally, ... more
  • Man in the Mist

    by Cherie Roberson
    Raey Davenport, a young American widow grieving the loss of the love of her life, turns to the Isle of Skye, Scotland, for solace and healing. Climbing the rugged and mystical hills of the island, Raey confronts the ghosts of her past. Much to her consternation, a budding friendship with the handsome grandson of the innkeepers helps awaken her passion for life. Grappling with opening her heart again, she finds herself as resistant as she is drawn to this Scot. Trekking through the misty is... more
  • Luck Be a Lady Pirate

    by Catherine Stein
    The most dangerous pirate in the skies might be the one who steals your heart. Yvette Séverin has piracy in her blood. The only child of the vile Captain Redbeard, she has commandeered his name, his best smuggling routes, and a perfect airship. Now she’s determined to shove all her past failures aside and make herself the best possible captain. The new Captain Redbeard leaves no woman behind. If protecting her crew leads to kidnapping a prim and proper—and irresistible—psychologist… C’est la ... more
  • Lady Len and the Mysterious Mac

    by Rose Prendeville
    It was a marriage of convenience for everyone except the bride and groom. He never wanted to be a laird. She never wanted to marry one. Wee Ellen Mackintosh, sickly and quieter than a church mouse, holds a secret that even time hasn't healed. Unable to use her voice since childhood, she's not up to being lady of the castle, but her father wants a MacKenzie son-in-law. So when the giant Silas Mackenzie returns to the Highlands, both their fathers' schemes take off like runaway stallions. To... more
  • The Night Woods

    by Liza Clarke
    A fantasy romance novel. The Night Woods are the link between the Mortal Realm and The Night Realm. Anyone found within belongs to the Night Realm. Every hundred years the Transference happens and the Prince comes to the Mortal Realm to claim those who venture into the woods for a month. Lorelai didn't believe the stories and walked the path trying to get home quicker. The Prince finds her and takes her back to the Night Realm. She lives with him and his household and eventually they fall in lov... more
  • Fantasies of My Best Friends Dad: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

    by Lavender Skye
    An enemies-to-lovers romance that will leave you breathless!" What happens in Tuscany, stays in Tuscany: A sizzling hot romance that defies age and expectations… When Emmy's best friend ditches her for a whirlwind romance in Paris, she's left to explore the hills of Tuscany with the last person she ever expected - Lyla's enigmatic and devilishly handsome father Nathan. Trapped in a cozy cabin during a snowstorm, Emmy discovers that Nathan is more than just a billionaire banker, but a man w... more
  • Bound by Death's Curse (A Raedan Warrior Novel Book 2)

    by Ashton Abbott
    Raedan Warrior Book 2
  • By The Moon We Fall: A Raedan Warrior Novel

    by Ashton Abbott
    Adeline I’ve been chased from my home and everything I hold dear in this world. I’ve lost my family. I’ve died. All for a magic that I can’t even use. That is, until the night my heart stopped. Now I’m back. Not only is my heart beating, it’s pushing me into the arms of a stranger. One who can’t seem to get enough of me one minute, then reminds me that at the end of the day, our kind are enemies. As my magic manifests and I learn to embrace the darkness while still sta... more
  • Through the Veneer of Time

    by Vera Bell


    A haunted painter’s past life visions are not the creative inspiration they seemed. They’re a harbinger of her ancient revenge vow, and her FBI husband won’t find the serial killer until she fulfills it. But it may already be too late.


    If not for “The Ghost”—her FBI husband’s gruesome case—Siena Forte’s life would have been perfect. But not when the D.C. serial killer is hun... more