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  • Crossing The Line: An Atlanta Edge Hockey Novel

    by Carla Swafford

    Atlanta Edge's hottest Russian hockey star made a big mistake. Now he must find a way to apologize big time to the girl he left behind in the States.

    I've been a puck bunny most of my life. So when Roman Volkov, up and coming hockey star with the Atlanta Edge, takes me home and treats me like a queen, I believe I've found the man I can love. Then one morning, I wake to the news that Roman has left me behind while he plays in Russia. His agent takes pleasure in kicking me out... more

  • Bought: Last Chance Series (Romantic Suspense)

    by A.L. Long
    The last memory that Alannah ‘Lanie’ Jackson has of her father is the day he went away. Hidden away in an attic from the rest of the world, the only thing that Alannah ‘Lanie’ Jackson can hold on to is the memory of her father and the hope that one day he will come for her. Every day that passes, the memory of her childhood disappears and she learns that her only purpose now is to please. Trained to act a certain way, the day comes when she can finally be free. She only hopes that the man who pu... more
  • Mom's Perfect Boyfriend

    by Crystal Hemmingway

    Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Maria Semple, a smart romantic comedy about mothers and daughters, told in an addicting, fast-paced style.

    Crystal has trouble saying no to her lonely, single mother. For 25 years, it wasn't a problem. But when one small mistake leaves Crystal jilted, homeless, and unemployed, she has to move back in with the person who caused it all: her mother.

    Soon Crystal is sucked into her mother's vortex, partying with boomers ... more

  • Heartless Duke (League of Dukes Book 2)

    by Scarlett Scott
    He’s a heartless cad. A relentless rake. Dangerous to know. As cruel as can be. He’s the Duke of Carlisle, leader of a secret branch of the Home Office charged with keeping the peace amidst great peril and upheaval. By day, he hunts anarchists and murderers with savage intensity. By night, he rules over London’s darkest, most depraved souls. But he’s about to meet his match in his latest prisoner. She’s a strong, independent woman. Fearless and determined. Unlike any lady he’s ever know... more
  • Never Kiss a Scot

    by Lauren Smith
    Joanna Lennox is a fine bred English lady. She's pretty, intelligent, witty and...on the shelf. With an influential baron as her brother and a hefty dowry, she should have gentleman lining up at her door but instead she seems doomed to become a spinster. Then one night a handsome highland lord steals a kiss from her in a library which stirs her deepest desires. Desperate for a life and a love of her own, she turns to the darkly handsome, brooding, Scottish lord who lights a fire within her wit... more
  • Blind Justice (Men of Steele Book 5)

    by Gwen Hernandez

    A sexy bodyguard. A high-maintenance city girl. Sometimes opposites attract…a killer.

    When Tara Fujimoto’s quest to avenge her sister’s death makes her a target, a sexy security specialist steps in to watch her back, but his quiet appeal threatens her carefully guarded heart. Can she resist their lightning-hot attraction, and stay alive long enough to expose her enemy?

    Former military special operator Jeff Patarava has good reasons to keep his distance from his ... more

  • Running Blind (Men of Steele Book 4)

    by Gwen Hernandez

    Charter pilot Caitlyn Brevard’s sister disappeared while working undercover to expose human traffickers in the Caribbean. Four months later, Caitlyn has finally found her, but to infiltrate the captor's inner circle and rescue Rose, she must appear at the man’s gala event with a fiancé she concocted to keep his lecherous son at bay. Can she convince Kurt Steele to forgive a past betrayal and play the doting groom-to-be?

    Former special operator and wounded warrior ... more

  • B07P8J78SS

    by Violette Salinger
    The List Writer's Lust is a hot and witty romantic comedy about a woman who'd rather have an elevator quickie with a stranger than settle down with the man of her dreams.
  • Cherokee Summer

    by Susan Antony
    When Ace leaves home to spend the summer in Cherokee, North Carolina the last thing she expects to find is a boyfriend—until she meets Cherokee Tribe member John Spears. As Ace and John's friendship blossoms, they find their life experiences mirror each other and they fall in love. Despite hurdles thrown by well-meaning family members and jealous frenemies, the star-crossed lovers remain committed to their mutual belief that the universe has drawn them together. However, when Ace sends John a st... more
  • Never Trust an Errant Earl: Regency Romance (How to Reform a Rake Book 3)

    by Tammy Andresen
    A surly rake and a desperate lady… Lady Cristina Ducat might not be as clever as her sisters, but she knows when action is required. Her mother seems set on arranging an unwanted marriage for Cristina, but Cristina has plans of her own. She’s got the perfect man all picked out. The problem? The Earl of Clearwood, Sirius Renwall, keeps getting in her way. Not only is Si annoying beyond measure with his dark and brooding demeanor, but he makes her heart beat in the most curious and exhilaratin... more
  • Starstruck Cowboy (Working Man Series Book 1)

    by Elizabeth Rose
    A cowboy turned stuntman is no match for the rancher’s feisty daughter! Luke Tyler will do anything to earn money to buy back his ranch, and takes a job as a stuntman that lands him with the lead role in a low-budget western movie. Shooting on location at Bright Star Ranch, Luke meets the rancher’s feisty daughter who is more like one of the guys. Will his charms work on the girl when Luke’s cheap producer makes him seduce her as part of a business deal? Star Brighton is far from being a lad... more
  • The Artist's Love

    by S. H. Pratt
    Rissa Daniels is being stalked. Spencer St. George’s life is in danger. Their families refuse to tell them the secrets of the past that haunt their present and affect their future. With every passing day and each new discovery, Spencer and Rissa grow closer to each other and to the truth until Rissa’s stalker becomes larger than life, forcing Spencer to reevaluate their relationship and his place as a St. George. Knowing that they will never be free from the dark menace that hovers over them w... more
  • The Artist's Touch

    by S. H. Pratt
    Exhausted, disillusioned and disgusted with her life in Los Angeles, Clarice “Rissa” Daniels leaves a successful acting career for the comforts of home in Olympia, Washington. Embracing a simpler life without the overabundance of testosterone that she’d dealt with in California, she works to recover and rebuild her life without the “Hollywood craziness”, away from the toxic presence of her ex-boyfriend, and far from the paparazzi. When a walk in the park drops her into the lap of Spencer St. Geo... more
  • The Art of Forgiving

    by S. H. Pratt
    The last thing Adam Green wanted in life was the complication of emotional entanglements. And love? It was so far down on his list of priorities it didn’t even register… until Angie. With her sugar laced kisses and the dancing amber fire in her eyes, she showed him the sweet side of life with love. To Angie Hartman, the idea anyone was unworthy of love was more than her heart could take. With each revelation of Adam’s past, the need to give him a new perspective of life and love grew. As the ho... more
  • The Art of Loving

    by S. H. Pratt
    Adam Green knew women. He knew them to be cold, cruel, and heartless… and he knew that he didn’t want that particular brand of misery. He scorned his twin brother, Austin, for yearning for the warmth of love and scoffed when Austin followed his girlfriend back to Montana. When Adam finds himself alone and fighting for life in the hospital, the only person who refuses to leave him is the one woman who makes him the most uncomfortable. Angie Hartman was a hopeless romantic wrapped in a pretty pac... more
  • This Crazy Life

    by S. H. Pratt
    Austin Green’s complicated past consists of a broken home, a broken engagement, and only his twin brother, Adam, to rely on. His dreams of the future are simple… a wife, a family and the love and stability that had been denied him in his youth. Everything Austin ever wanted stands within his reach… every dream, every hope, every desire. But the price of his dream may prove to be more than Austin can afford. Drowning in a sea of anger, resentment, and misery, his world and all of his dreams hang... more