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  • To Want a Rogue: De Wolfe Pack Connected World

    by Tammy Andresen
    He was a dark de Wolfe and she was too desperate to deny him… Delia had never been more frightened in her life. Sprinting through the rain, she comes upon the only oasis in the storm, a dark castle with stone wolves at that gate. She doesn’t want to enter but she doesn’t have much choice. With her brother trapped in their carriage, she needs help. But the man she finds inside the castle… it’s not clear if he’s her angel or a devil. Lord Gavin deWolfe knows his old castle is off-putting, in... more
  • The Wedding Dress Christmas: (Small Town Romance)

    by Rachel Hauck

    December comes to quaint Hearts Bend, Tennessee, with a blanket of white and the glitter of Christmas lights.

    For JoJo Castle there is no place like home.

    Country music sensation Buck Mathews has charmed the world with his smile and his music.

    JoJo and Buck have opposing life goals, and there’s no middle ground. Can love, especially the kind that touches hearts at Christmas, overcome her fears and his quest for greatness?

    With the help of a very special wedding d... more

  • Princessa (Razzle My Dazzle Book 3)

    by Joslyn Westbrook
    Arabella Princessa Royale has no interest in men, especially since she barely escaped the social aftermath of her dumpster-fire relationship. But His Royal Scorching Hotness, with all that brooding, tattooed, bad-boy sexiness, proves impossible to ignore.
  • The BETA: Be Everything To All: Wolf Mountain Book 2

    by Jamie Lynn King
    What does the Beta do within the pack? Anything and everything needed. But what is he to do with a logical, brainy stubborn mate who doesn’t believe in the existence of lycanthropes? Anything and everything needed to win her over. Connell is amazed to find his mate, in the form of his female Alpha’s best friend. But she is not what he expected. Christine is a logical pragmatist, who believes in neither love nor the fantasy creatures she writes about. How will Connell win her over and what will h... more
  • The Alpha Meets His Match: Wolf Mountain Book 1

    by jamie lynn king
    Jessica has always believed in the existence of mythical creatures. Her favorite saying is “I do believe in fairies.” However, like any sane human being, she never thought to have her beliefs proven true. She travels to wolf mountain for her son’s wedding only to find that, at least, one of the mythical creatures she has always believed in is real. Stephan never thought to find a mate again, but when his soon to be son-in-law’s mother walks in, he is shocked and terrified that his true mate has ... more
  • Call girls whatsapp group link

    by Simran Mehta

    Requiring a partner to accompany you to exotic place? Rush out here seeking the right guidance and head towards heavenly experience. We have a dedicated team who takes care of the needs of the clients at affordable cost. Therefore, whenever you need such Call girls whatsapp number who is lovingly beautiful, astonishingly entertaining and never deni... more

  • Mason: A Storm Reapers MC Book 1: CAN LOVE TRULY CONQUER IT ALL?

    by Christina Chavis

    After what happened, I walked away from everything I loved and vowed never to come back.

    I fucked up years ago and trusted a friend over the woman I loved and have regretted it to this day.

    He was her high school boyfriend.
    She was his one that got away.
    His best friend sexually assaulted her.
    He didn't know that. So, when he said the words that ultimately destroy any future that they might have had, they both thought that was the... more

  • So Close

    by Serena Bell
    In his world, money is the one thing you can count on. In hers, it ruins everything. They have one week to find out who’s right—or both lose what matters most. After being derailed for too many years, Auburn Campbell is back on track. She’s living in the town she loves and running the inn that is her destiny. But it all falls apart when a bossy billionaire shows up with plans to tear down her beloved Beachcrest and build soulless beachfront condos. No way she’s going to be a sucker ag... more
  • 'Tis the Season For Dreams: A heartwarming tale of love with a sprinkle of Christmas magic

    by Todd McGee
    After her father’s death, Hannah Knight abandons her dream of being a concert pianist to take over the family restaurant. The temporary job lasts thirteen years, and her dream gathers dust in a corner, like the piano she no longer plays. Instead of wowing audiences in Carnegie Hall, she works sixty-hour weeks to keep the struggling family legacy from the hands of a developer who wants to buy her out. Michael Hudson has it all planned: a lengthy professional football career, a glamorous wife and ... more
  • Building Bridges (Bridges Brothers Book 1)

    by Lia Fairchild
    Former soldier Logan Bridges never imagined he would go from serving his country to helping raise a house full of children after a devastating family loss. Dealing with his rowdy siblings and cousins proves to be almost as treacherous as the battlefields he left behind. And though he’s committed to making it work, he soon finds he’s in over his head. Until someone from Logan’s past, steps in to help. Mollie has always been independent, but finds herself growing attached to the family, ... more
  • The man who likes persimmons

    by Nessa Park
    Gam jiwon is a contract teacher in Korea. He loves his students and works hard, but he is 'differen't from others. And that makes him alienated from everyone. Jiwon is on the point of breaking, and that he loves his good old friend Eugene is not helping him at all. Meanwhile, Eugene seems like he hasn't got a clue....Starting from Jiwon, this story introduces people who go through pain in life for being who they are. While they suffer hardships, all characters learn howto stand up, heal, and lov... more
  • Once in a Black Moon

    by D. Lieber
    A modern-day journalist is transported back in time to 1900 western Canada. Awaking to learn she may be the victim of some unknown crime, Erin takes shelter with the local Mountie—the picture of upright Canadian fortitude. As tragedy stalks the nearby First Nation reserve, Erin learns from a Romanian mystic that magic is dying, and the fae are turning to their darker natures to survive.
  • Daddy's Girl

    by Sylvia Hubbard
    Being an entrepreneur was all she really wanted, but even Onnilissa’s mother felt a woman needed a job and to let the dreams of owning a business go by the wayside. Matter of fact, she had just lost a boyfriend due to her determination to become an entrepreneur. To her surprise, the father she had never met left her with the majority stock to his company, which she realized she could cash in to acquire the money to start her business. In order to facilitate getting her hands on the money, Onnili... more
  • The Madness of March

    by Artisan Book Reviews & Promotion
    Paul Tanner and Nicky Newman were two of the most highly recruited Point Guards in the country for Division II Basketball. New Coach at the ‘U’ Bob Barrows built his whole program around them. Everything was going fine and the team was on track to become one of the greatest ever in the region until Paul let fame and the attention go right to his head. He partied hardy, drank, did drugs and had many women but mostly didn’t remember what happened once he started down that dark path. He and Nic... more
  • Hidden Wings: When love beckons, a stuck people pleaser turns artistic and daring... (Women of Identity)

    by May Tomlin
    LaRae Gunther suspects she is wingless. Instead of soaring on the wings of destiny, she escapes her small-town life and domineering mother by attending college in Chicago. LaRae’s wild dream of becoming an artist gets shaken when a tragedy occurs. When a rugged, Norwegian grad student named Lars becomes intrigued by her creativity, sparks fly between the two. While an unexpected illness causes LaRae to return home Lars disappears without warning or a forwarding address. Financially pressed, LaRa... more
  • Magdalena's Shadow

    by E.E. Orme
    As the secret love child of supermodel Magdalena, Coco Rodriguez idolizes her mother, hoping to someday be reunited with her. When tragedy strikes, Coco becomes the guardian to Magdalena’s five month old daughter and modeling empire. Coco is thrust into a world of drugs, celebrity and high fashion. As the paparazzi and business magnates invade her life, Coco is forced to grow up but struggles to maintain her authentic self in the face of luxury and fame. What follows is an empowering and shockin... more