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  • Lady Len and the Mysterious Mac

    by Rose Prendeville
    It was a marriage of convenience for everyone except the bride and groom. He never wanted to be a laird. She never wanted to marry one. Wee Ellen Mackintosh, sickly and quieter than a church mouse, holds a secret that even time hasn't healed. Unable to use her voice since childhood, she's not up to being lady of the castle, but her father wants a MacKenzie son-in-law. So when the giant Silas Mackenzie returns to the Highlands, both their fathers' schemes take off like runaway stallions. To... more
  • The Night Woods

    by Liza Clarke
    A fantasy romance novel. The Night Woods are the link between the Mortal Realm and The Night Realm. Anyone found within belongs to the Night Realm. Every hundred years the Transference happens and the Prince comes to the Mortal Realm to claim those who venture into the woods for a month. Lorelai didn't believe the stories and walked the path trying to get home quicker. The Prince finds her and takes her back to the Night Realm. She lives with him and his household and eventually they fall in lov... more
  • Fantasies of My Best Friends Dad: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

    by Lavender Skye
    An enemies-to-lovers romance that will leave you breathless!" What happens in Tuscany, stays in Tuscany: A sizzling hot romance that defies age and expectations… When Emmy's best friend ditches her for a whirlwind romance in Paris, she's left to explore the hills of Tuscany with the last person she ever expected - Lyla's enigmatic and devilishly handsome father Nathan. Trapped in a cozy cabin during a snowstorm, Emmy discovers that Nathan is more than just a billionaire banker, but a man w... more
  • Bound by Death's Curse (A Raedan Warrior Novel Book 2)

    by Ashton Abbott
    Raedan Warrior Book 2
  • By The Moon We Fall: A Raedan Warrior Novel

    by Ashton Abbott
    Adeline I’ve been chased from my home and everything I hold dear in this world. I’ve lost my family. I’ve died. All for a magic that I can’t even use. That is, until the night my heart stopped. Now I’m back. Not only is my heart beating, it’s pushing me into the arms of a stranger. One who can’t seem to get enough of me one minute, then reminds me that at the end of the day, our kind are enemies. As my magic manifests and I learn to embrace the darkness while still sta... more
  • Through the Veneer of Time

    by Vera Bell

    A haunted painter's past life visions are not the creative inspiration they seemed. They're a harbinger of her ancient revenge vow, and her FBI husband won't find the serial killer until she fulfills it. But it may already be too late.

    1559, ULSTER, IRELAND. When a young noblewoman Neave McConway weds the newly elected King of Tyrone, Aedan O'Neal, the couple's rare union of love and passion becomes the talk of the region. But A... more

  • My Dream Lover

    by David Navarria
    Robert finds the passion of love where he least expected, but things change suddenly. Then, Robert Bryant is propelled into a world of betrayal, deceit, and treachery as he struggles to reunite with his one true love. Along the way, Robert discovers a dark past and things about himself, which accounts for how he became the way he is.
  • 978-1-958996-05-8

    by Zoiy Galloay
    One prince charming searching for his true love. Twelve beautiful damsels, elves, a dwarf & a commoner competing for the prince's hand in marriage. One shadow lurking behind the scenes, trying to assassinate the royal family and take control of the empire. Warning: if you’re susceptible to falling in love with handsome and charming princes, turn back now or you’ll never recover. Prince Zadkiel’s charismatic personality will have you begging for more. Read at your own risk! Prince Zad... more
  • Her Ruthless Duke

    by Scarlett Scott
    From USA Today and Amazon Top 100 bestselling author Scarlett Scott comes a new, deliciously wicked Regency romance featuring scorching heat between a jaded guardian and his bluestocking ward, plus a delightful dash of mystery. Conscienceless seducer, cunning spy, confident scoundrel. Trevor Hunt, the Duke of Ridgely, has been called many things, most of which are true. Reviled by his family, hated by many, he’s earned his reputation in the seedy streets of London and in more than his fair sh... more
  • Red Rock Pack 5

    by JD Wolfe
    The Red Rock's are an all-female werewolf pack that moved to the Sin City to escape generational patriarchy. The city was a sanctuary, at first. The ladies have proven that wolves can not only survive in a large city but they can thrive and the Cascade Pack wants a piece of the pie. Charlotte Ragnulf, Red Rock Pack Alpha may have to align them in order to ensure the safety in what is left of her pack, all the while fighting the distraction from Alaska named Liam Dunne.
  • The Challenger: A Sports Romance Saga (The Hustlers Trilogy Book 2)

    by Rowan Rossler
    Chavez Delgado should come with a warning label: Caution explosive material. A volatile tennis prodigy once tipped to win majors, this wildly unpredictable fan favorite never quite lived up to all the hype. So when he leaves the tennis tour without explanation during the best year of his career, no one expects him to grind out a comeback on the second-tier Challenger circuit eight months later. I’ve met my share of hot messes. Call it collateral damage of being Flynn Dryden—motivational guru ... more
  • The Relationtrip

    by Elana Johnson
    Question: What do a reclusive author and an outgoing travel agent have in common? Answer: Nothing. But fate brought them together on a vacation five years ago, and as Logan and Sloane prepare for their annual get-together, there's sparks flying between them. Sloane: When Logan Murphy, my accidental best friend, calls to say our annual mid-winter trip has to be "redone," he's already got the solution. Belize. An adults-only resort, and we leave in two days. I'm giddy with exciteme... more
  • Reign: an enemies to lovers high school bully romance (Rivermont Royals Book 1)

    by E.J. Knox

    From Elizabeth Stevens, writing as E.J. Knox comes...
    A King. An Heir. And the unwilling pawn with the power to win or crush a Royal coup.

    Beckett Maxwell reigns over Rivermont Academy with his loyal court: the Royals, their courtiers, their harem. He doesn’t have time for a nobody like me: a scholarship student and daughter of faculty to boot. I’m the lowest of the low in a school full of highs.

    One year everything's going fine. Enou... more

  • Tuscan Enchantment

    by Kate Zarrelli
    Librarian Antonia Gray has fled England for Tuscany, desperate to put distance between herself, the dangerous man she nearly found herself married to, and the whispers that followed her since his exposure. She’s perfectly happy losing herself in the archive of a seventeenth-century Italian explorer until she meets his descendant, Lorenzo Quattromani. Lorenzo is rich, arrogant, and inconveniently handsome. Worse, he seems determined to make Antonia fall in love with him. The last thing Antonia w... more
  • Bigalow - An Australian Contemporary Romance with a Ghostly Twist (Fermosa Bay)

    by Iris Blobel

    He came out of nowhere … encouraging her to ask the right questions.

    Hannah believes her life in solitude is all she wants and all she needs. She’s settled in the small town of Fermosa Bay where she’s taken over a medical practice after leaving her husband. When the enigmatic Bigalow steps into her life, turning it upside-down, she can’t hide the growing irritation inside. Yet, slowly and steadily, he reminds her what life is all about and what she’s missi... more

  • The Counting Tree

    by Jennifer Arrington
    Heidi isn’t ready to start her prescribed life. So, she leaves her family, fiancé, and everything familiar to work at a youth camp in South Africa. But the culture of 1987 South Africa isn’t what she expected, and she finds herself struggling to adapt wondering if she’s made a colossal mistake. It doesn’t help that the camp’s engaging director, Johann, is antagonistic only towards her. Desperate for success, Heidi digs in and starts to make headway until heartbreaking news from home changes ... more