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  • The Staycation

    by Michele Gorman
    Two families. One cancelled flight. And a last minute house swap... Things get desperate for strangers Harriet and Sophie when they become stranded with their families in Heathrow's Terminal 5. Each woman has her own reason for really really really needing the family holiday they've anticipated for months. But Iceland's volcano has other plans for them. When their flights are cancelled, the families swap houses and discover that sometimes the best things in life happen close to home. This ... more
  • Mkvpoker

    by yulia hasyanti
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  • Baron of Bad

    by Tammy Andresen
    He’s bad to the bone… and she looks oh so good. The Baron of Baderness is too dark, too dangerous for any clear minded lady to consider. And Lady Grace has her choice of men. So why can’t she stop thinking about the one man she shouldn’t want? Lady Grace isn’t his type of woman at all. She’s too beautiful and far too perfect to ever be with a man such as himself. All she knows is drawing rooms and pretty gowns, while he has fought his way from the dregs of society. He shouldn’t want her an... more
  • Unforgivable Lust & Release Book 3 of the Unforgivable Series

    Forever is what Keera wanted. An unbreakable love only one could dream about. Keera found what she was looking for with Bryce. A magnificent relationship like her parents had. Their romance was scorching hot, passionate and wild from the moment their eyes met. Keera never expected her life to change drastically. But it did. When a new acquaintance derailed it. Now that Keera has experienced many amazing sexual fantasies, will her taste for more, blind her judgement? A violent stalker who s... more
  • Unforgivable Lust & Restraint Book 2 of the Unforgivable Series

    Hot, Dominant, Firefighter, Bryce Hamilton came into the beautiful Keera Johnson's life like a firestorm, engulfing her with the flame of desire. Saving her, from not only a life of loneliness but from an obsessive stalker. A stalker who lashes out by leaving notes and setting fires. A skilled arsonist he's quickly becoming. Bryce and Keera's love, consuming, scorching hot, passionate and wild from the moment they laid eyes upon each other. He was her addiction. She was his. A habit neither one... more
  • Unforgivable Lust & Fire Book 1 of the Unforgivable Series

    Keera was thrown into a life of independence at a young age when her parents died in a tragic accident. Her childhood friends and grandparents helped her through the devastating loss. Living a lonely life, she dreams of a passionate relationship like her parents had, but will she let a man into her life? Keera lost trust in men, still damaged from when she was almost raped as a teenager by a friend. Now at twenty-two years old, her beauty is noticed wherever she goes in her Northern Ontario town... more
  • Broken Branches

    by Vaneeta Kaur
    Broken Branches is the first in the supernatural fictional YA series, Silver Lining. Broken Branches is set in London England, Kensington and follows Kris through his beautiful and privileged life as everything is ripped from him bit by bit. When he realises that he is left with nothing real in his life, his days become dull and monotone bringing about in him a state of mental autopilot. Deep down he ends up blaming himself for the tragedies that have occurred over the past few years, which do... more
  • Broken Mirrors and Burning Bushes

    by Jeremy Rubinstein
    “Just call it the memoir love story of a drug addict white rapper with unresolved mommy and daddy issues.” Ha. Yeah, that’s a laugher. (Cause everything’s changing – just not myself lately / What have I become, Mom, this is not how you raised me / I pray to God save me – ‘fore the Devil he claims me / And I unleash the curse I was given when I was a baby) The love story part of course being my wife Alice. Except she forgets that my rap career in Southern California essentially ended – (. .... more
  • April's Heart

    by Shilah Ferr
    Cheerleader April Schweiter navigates life and love through her turbulent and sexually charged romance with her boyfriend Mitch Hudgins, the love of her life. Is he the love of her life? April really doesn't know. Although finally a happy couple, April and Mitch decide to break up due to the fact they will be attending different schools in different towns far away from each other. But they find they cannot resist one another, moving on seems impossible. Are they meant for each other? Or just n... more
  • tthefildena

    by the Fildena
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  • Ice Queen

    As if high school outcast Blair Evans doesn’t have enough trouble dealing with the everyday viciousness of teenage girls, the bull’s-eye on her back grows exponentially when she starts dating the Ice Queen’s ex-boyfriend. Her world is turned upside down when the Ice Queen deploys the digital weapons kids now have in the palms of their hands. In this all-too-real modern Mean Girls tale, the legal vulnerabilities teenagers face in today's cyber world are illustrated by the catastrophic turn of eve... more
  • Counting on the Cowboy

    by Karen Foley
    It will take all he has to keep her safe Luke Claiborne is back in Last Stand, Texas, after a combat injury ends his career as a military K9 handler. Without his working dog by his side, he’s lost his purpose – until he meets a sexy wildlife rehabber who seems determined to save every animal in town. When she puts her own life at risk in the process, it’s clear to Luke that she’s the one who needs rescuing. Before long, his new mission is to show her how perfect they could be together. Jor... more
  • Swipe Right for a Cowboy

    by Karen Foley
    Uptown girl Emmaline Claiborne needs a man, and not just any man. She needs the kind of man who can make her lying, cheating, no-good ex-boyfriend insane with jealousy. The same ex-boyfriend who is now engaged to her sister, and whose extravagant wedding she must suffer through in just three weeks’ time. She selects the perfect candidate through an online dating app, but instead of the smooth, sophisticated software magnate she expects, a rugged cowboy shows up instead. He’s the complete opp... more
  • Heart of the Mountain

    by Elaine Dodge
    For Hope and Luke, Harcourt’s Mountain is their haven of happiness, and the last thing Hope wants is to leave. When Luke’s father suffers a stroke, they have no choice but to rush to his side. They head to Boston not realizing they’re about to face their toughest challenge yet. Family can be everything, but Luke and Hope soon discover it can also threaten that which you cherish most. Faced first with Luke’s family, and then her own, the long reach of vengeance turns their world into a ni... more
  • Harcourt's Mountain

    by Elaine Dodge
    Spring 1867. Luke Harcourt has made a home for himself on a mountain in the wild Canadian forests. On a supply run to town, he comes across the Bride Ship. One of the women catches his eye; although dirty, her clothes speak of a gentle refinement and her eyes of desperation. Luke knows he can't leave her there. He buys her on a whim, compelled to save her from a life of prostitution and slavery. Hope Booker is terrified when she's sold. But Luke allays her fears by promising not to touch h... more
  • The End of May

    by K.B. Richards

    Marcella Burke, an ambitious young woman, forms a friendship with a deceitful New York City escort. As Marcella's dreams begin to unfold, she encounters an unimaginable setback––the loss of a loved one. Subsequently, her life spirals out of control, and she struggles to maintain her lifestyle. Her new friend offers a solution to her problems, but it comes with a price. Tough times force her to question her morality, ponder her worth, and cross paths with a man who alters the c... more