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  • Knight For A Lady (Brides By Chance Regency Adventures Book 3)

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Can a seasoned army colonel become a gallant lord? 1804, England. After unexpectedly inheriting an earldom, Colonel Niall Lowrie must manage his neglected estates while learning gentlemanly conduct. However, he is soon longing for the freedom and adventure of his old army life. Niall’s boredom subsides when he meets the witty and intriguing Edith Westacott, the vicar’s niece. Newly arrived from Bath, she feels suffocated by village life and strives for independence. But it seems that Edith has b... more
  • A Chance Gone By (Brides By Chance Regency Adventures Book 2)

    by Elizabeth Bailey
    Will Marianne ever be able to confess the secrets of her heart…? 1803, England. Marianne Timperley has been in love with Justin Crail for as long as she can remember. But he is heir to an earldom, and she had been taken in charitably by his family at Purford Park – with no dowry and no title. Justin promised his late father he would wed Lady Selina Wilkhaven, the most eligible daughter of the Earl and Countess of Sessay. And Marianne now feels she must end their close friendship to protect her h... more
  • On A Cloudy Day

    by Imani Lewis
    Jordan, a college student in Atlanta, and Malakai, a college student in San Francisco, are both going through major changes in their lives. They meet each other through unlikely (and unearthly) circumstances, finding themselves forming a friendship they never knew they needed. When the violent storm brewing in their lives tries to destroy everything they knew, they only have each other to turn to for shelter...
  • Seducing the Dragonfly (Graciella Book 2)

    by Sara Ohlin

    Returning home to the Oregon town of Graciella after twelve years away, international real-estate guru Turner Brockman intends to make amends for having disappeared, then vanish again. He didn’t plan on meeting a figure from the past he tried to escape—beautiful Lily Moreno, now all grown up and the independent creative owner of Dragonfly Design & Construction.

    Lily never expected to see Turner again and she’s determined to hide the love she’s felt for him since ... more

  • Slave (The Ghost of Cambria Book 2)

    by Joseph Stone
    A handsome stranger with steel-blue eyes makes love to Kristen Cole each night in her dreams. She presumes the men in her life are manifesting her nightly erotic experiences. But when Kristen awakes one morning to see the stranger vanish from between her legs, she fears she is losing her mind. Confident that poor sleep caused her hallucination, she gives up alcohol, takes up exercise, and adopts a guard dog to watch over her. This morning, after a wild night with her boyfriend, Kristen... more
  • Inheriting Fate

    by Christine McFarland

    Reading an ordinary diary provides an extraordinary adventure.

    ​Cassie McAllister miraculously survived an attack by her ex-husband. But her breaking point comes when she starts hearing a voice in her head saying, “Save her.” She retreats to an old farmhouse in Idaho she inherited upon her mother’s death, with plans to fix the place up and fix herself in the process. Hidden in the attic, she finds a century-old diary. Upon reading from the charmed book... more

  • The Colonel and The Enchantress (An Enchantress Novel Book 4)

    by Paullett Golden
    ​Lady Mary Mowbrah, daughter of a duke, fell in love with a man beneath her station. When he leaves for war, determined to earn her hand as a hero, she promises to wait for him, never dreaming the man who returns will be different from the man who left. Colonel Duncan Starrett returns from war with honors, accolades, and a debilitating injury. As much as he still loves Lady Mary, he fears a future between them is now impossible. ​This is the love story of Mary and Duncan as they forge a f... more
  • The Baron and The Enchantress

    by Paullett Golden
    ​Lilith Chambers’ quiet life as a parish midwife shatters when the brother thought responsible for her death discovers she's alive and well. Having been raised in an orphanage, she has few memories of her real parentage or the circumstances of her disappearance from the life she ought to have. As she reorients herself in a new life, she meets the one man she can’t have. Walter Hobbs, Baron Collingwood, is struggling to assume the mantle of his untimely inheritance. Then he meets Lilith Chamb... more
  • Acquired Asset: Office Bad Boy Enemies to Lovers Standalone Romantic Comedy

    by ZN Willett
    In the business world, Christopher Colby is ​a force to be reckoned with—admired by many, he's an intelligent​, confident, smooth-talking COO who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. ​To Quinn Cordell, ​Christopher is a demon reincarnated​—​a sexy, s​elf-centered,​ cocky ​bastard who is trying ​his damnedest ​to take over ​her family's company. ​Normally, Quinn handles men like that very well—with precision and tactics of her own.​ ​​​ Quinn understands ​Christopher's type​. ​ ... more
  • The Trouble with being a Movie Star's Wife: Book Three in the Red Carpet Series

    by ZN Willett
    How do you share the love of your life with the world? Alexandria Moore’s fantasy became her reality when she married movie star Andrew Hughes. As she and Andrew fight their way through the minefield of a celebrity marriage. Will they finally reach their happily ever after or will the pressures of Hollywood tear them apart.
  • The Trouble with Marrying a Movie Star: Book Two in the Red Carpet Series

    by ZN Willett
    Her most desired fantasies were finally being fulfilled, but at what cost? Alexandria Moore's dreams have come true since she met actor Andrew Hughes. Yet, when it’s revealed that he is her muse, will it cause them to grow closer, or shatter the dream into a figment of her imagination. Will her reality survive the fantasy she has created? They have already overcome distance, adversity, jealousy and misunderstandings. Can their relationship survive public scrutiny, old flames, insecuriti... more
  • The Devil has a British Accent Book Two: Cary: A Movie Star Paranormal Multicultural Romance (White Carpet Series 2)

    by ZN Willett
    Cary and Jackson’s secrets are out, and both men are willing to break all the rules for the woman they love. However, the secrets, lies, and cravings that follow, fuel the embers inside Lauren into a raging inferno. The darker side that is smothered by loyalty, sacrifice, and love, smolders . . . then burns into resentment, desire, and revenge. Lauren may be forced to come to grips with the truth, to accept her fate, but you can bet, she will also make sure they pay.
  • The Devil has a British Accent Book One: Jackson: A Movie Star Paranormal Romance (White Carpet Series 1)

    by ZN Willett
    Lauren’s gap year is supposed to be about making extra money and figuring out what to do with the next phase of her life. Realistically, it’s a break between taking care of her alcoholic brother and certified insane mother. She deserves to have some fun, and to find trouble. However, trouble follows Lauren, with its wicked sense of humor, and thought it would be fun to gift her two love interests, who happen to be rivals. Her first gift is Jackson. Along with his notorious reputation, he i... more
  • The Trouble with Dating a Movie Star: Book One in the Red Carpet Series

    by ZN Willett
    A.P. Moore's provocative romance throws her onto the Best Sellers list, but Alexandria’s life was far from the steamy pages of her romance. Andrew Hughes, the most desired man in Hollywood was at the height of his career. Nothing could be better, until a chance meeting with Alexandria Moore that went horribly wrong. The man who had everything soon realized what Hollywood couldn't give him. Or could it? An invitation that leads to a premier, offers a second chance, and a Hollywood romanc... more
  • ZAYRE The Lethal Lager Series Book 1

    by RC Woods
    To protect one of the last known females carrying the genes of their kind and bring her back to Feirra, Zayre hesitantly agrees to journey through the Crossing. The female is destined to be the third wife of his King. Having been to the human world before, Zayre isn’t pleased with being chosen to travel there again, but as Fainne’s most trusted warrior, he cannot refuse the obligation of his position. The lies and deceit the human species is capable of is no secret. Their greed, jealousy, and lo... more
  • This Day is Ours: An Epic Tale of Romance and Revolution

    by Gretchen Jeannette

    On the eve of the American Revolution, an aristocratic widow, Alexandra Pennington, finds herself sought after by two men, one a wealthy Royalist, the other an unrefined rebel activist. As the fires of rebellion spread across a divided land, Alexandra must choose not only between the two men but also between two countries—comforting old England and the fledgling United States. The characters’ conflicts, both personal and political, play out amid the hardships and horrors of a war ... more