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  • The Duke's Dangerous Kiss: On His Majesty's Secret Service Book 2

    by Patricia Barletta
    Jillian St. Clare’s first mistake is taking off her shoes at a society ball. Her second mistake is hiding the note that flies through the window into her empty shoe. Her third mistake is dancing the scandalous waltz with the devastatingly handsome stranger who wants the note. A secret message. Meant for a spy. So many mistakes. And Jillian can’t keep track. Caught up in the dangerous world of espionage, whom can she trust? Certainly not her cold and callous guardian. But what about the handsome ... more
  • The Duke Who Loved Me: On His Majesty's Secret Service Book 1

    by Patricia Barletta
    Desperate for money, Lady Jessica Carlton risks it all at the most notorious gaming hell in London and loses to the handsome Damien Trevor, Duke of Wyndham. A spy for the king, Damien suspects the dark-haired beauty of passing traitorous secrets to the French. As danger deals them a deadly hand, can they trust the truth in their hearts?
  • A Rainy Day On Wall Street

    by John Sealey
    A controversial story of contemporary themes exploring eroticism romance, sexuality, materialism, self-liberation, exploring the lives of two richly layered characters from opposite ends of the political spectrum. Jessica, originally from England, in her early twenties, attractive with a sexy cheeky face, and Matt Jarratt, in his early forties, good looking, married to Audrey who is very house proud, keeping the house spotless and clinical to the point it is almost impossible to feel comfortable... more
  • Ellie's Rules

    by Cassie O'Brien

    "We play by your rules, Ellie. Not mine.”

    Sporty and fiercely ambitious, Ellie McAllister has rules to protect her career. Mark Walker would like her to break them.

    Ellie has a deeper need to achieve success than mere ambition and that precludes any open admission that she’s in a relationship with Mark, no matter that he’s the man to whom no other compares, in or out of bed, until…

    Christmas looms on the horizon and Ellie receives a job offer th... more

  • A Mystical Embrace

    by Marlene Cheng
    Geneva, an emergency room doctor, and Y, an NHL hockey player who has a wife and children back home in Sweden, are the central characters in the three-book Bond Series. They have a scintillating love affair which consequently produces a child, Krystian, who becomes their precious bond. Honour, integrity and the fear of becoming celebrity-fodder for the media takes Y home to his family, leaving Geneva to be a single-parent. This stunning saga beautifully unfolds the lives of a cast of unforgetta... more
  • My Crazy (Sick) Love: A Delightful Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy

    by Drica Pinotti
    Amanda Loeb is a single, intelligent New York City attorney coming up on the eve of her thirtieth birthday. With a stable job, circle of supportive friends, and close relationships with her mother and sister one detail sets Amanda apart from others – she is a hypochondriac. Her medicine cabinet is home to a stock of medications sourced from an actively managed A-Z list of the best doctors in New York City. When Amanda meets Brian Marshall, a handsome and charismatic restaurant owner, her heart b... more
  • His Second Chance at Forever: Santa Barbara Sunsets Book One

    by Lynne Marshall
    Sweet Romance He's stuck in the past. She shows him their future. The brooding Jason Rogers prefers to keep people at a distance and his pain tucked safely inside. So what if he's a grouch? He doesn't care. Claire Albright isn't afraid to waltz into her new boss's office and give her opinions. The fact she has a tagalong little girl, Gina, who reminds Jason of the daughter he lost, only adds to their bristly start. Soon, against Jason's will, Claire and Gina inject hope back into his... more
  • The Right One The Wrong Time

    by Lette
    Cincinnati bred beauty Carrington Redman takes you on a journey into her world as she deals with the ups and downs of love, friendship, work and play. With a strong support system behind her and the love for the man of her dreams, Raphael Brinkman, sees her in a world of bliss until an enemy comes through and tries to destroy it all. Can Carrington survive it all when her world is thrown into turmoil or will her support system be all the strength that she needs?
  • A Hollywood Classic

    by JC Patrick
    A Hollywood Classic - J.C. Patrick's debut novel chronicles an enthralling and heartfelt story about a young woman who comes to life after she immerses herself in the magical world of Hollywood. Eight years earlier, Sophie Oliver moved to Los Angeles with dreams of an exciting life, like the characters in her favorite classic movies, but now that she's thirty-one, Sophie's living without romance or a real life plan. To make matters worse, Sophie is let go from yet another accounting job and b... more
  • Kissing Frogs

    by D. A. (Dorothy) Featherling
    "Before you find the handsome prince, you have to kiss a lot of frogs." (Adaptation from published needlepoint pattern, 1975) Until she decides to look for a husband, Em Snider is so-o-o-o in control of her life. But her trip on the internet matchmaking highway soon shows her that she can't control the journey. Her first encounter is a warning. There are toads out there! A Christian internet matchmaking service provides Em a chance to discover Prince Charming, if she an survive the shocks... more
  • The Souls of Her Feet

    by Kristen Caven

    In this colorful and quirky crossover novel, Kristen Caven reimagines Cinderella as a middle American teenager with body image issues. This sweet and slightly twisted version of the beloved fairytale bubbles with amusing character interpretations and emotionally resonant plot twists. The Souls of Her Feet will inspire moms (and dads) into new conversations with their daughters (and sons) about responsibility, being passive or assertive, morality, waste, life choices, c... more

  • Treasure of Hope (Cliff Walk Courtships Book 3)

    by Cecily Wolfe
    She's known as a hopeless flirt, but Sarah doesn't care. She's beautiful, young, and rich, and doesn't want to waste a minute of her life worrying about anything or anyone. Sneaking out to parties on the Cliff Walk with her friends during winter nights becomes dangerous, and when a terrible accident happens, her carefree outlook is forever lost. Determined to blame herself, she focuses on applying her time and effort at the homeless shelter operated by her brother and his wife, but will she ever... more
  • Crown of Beauty (Cliff Walk Courtships Book 2)

    by Cecily Wolfe
    Catherine has everything she needs and all of what she wants. Or does she? Raised in opulence in New York City and the beautiful shores of Newport, Rhode Island, she has never wanted for anything, but when her parents begin to pressure her about marriage, she insists that she doesn't want one arranged for her. She would much rather stay home and read than socialize or, worse, select a husband who might not approve of her reading habit. Her father insists that she spend time helping at her brothe... more
  • Throne of Grace (Cliff Walk Courtships Book 1)

    by Cecily Wolfe
    Arthur Davenport has it all: looks, money, and a successful future planned by his parents. He knows that something is missing, but when he and Josie, his mother's maid, develop a friendship that can only be based on Christian values, he realizes that his love for her is the key to his happiness. Can he convince her that he would gladly give up his life of luxury for a life of service with her? *Christian historical romance
  • A Gap in the Fence

    by Kate Anderson-Bernier
    Set in the early 1960’s, her novel, A Gap in the Fence, tells the story of a young man who discovers he is adopted. Determined to find out more about his roots, he travels from Vancouver to a small farming community in Alberta. His arrival there sets into motion a series of events that eventually stir up hard truths and hidden resentments. Secrecy leads to misunderstanding and conflict when he forms a romantic relationship with a young woman associated with the family he has found. It will take ... more
  • Sweet Like a Psycho

    by Ivy Smoak
    I don’t care what my neighbors think of me. All that matters is that my son and I are safe. I’ve created a life for him so different than the one I had growing up. So let people talk. I stopped listening years ago. But when the rumors lead to a detective showing up on my doorstep? Not okay. Well, maybe it’s okay. Because it doesn’t seem like he’s here to hurt me. He looks at me in a way that no one has in years. He didn’t grow up in this small town and he doesn’t know what people say about me... more