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  • (Un)Common Love

    by T.R Whittier
    Where would an uncommon assortment of strangers ever even meet, no less fall in love? Why, Boston Common of course! But can true love transcend the challenges that arise from the intersection of extreme wealth, desperate poverty, suppressed snobbery, and relentless schoolwork? And yet, it’s undeniable. It’s unbelievable. It’s (Un)Common Love.
  • Anchor of Gold

    by Holly Manno
    Business, pleasure, and the chaos of modern life twist Madeline down a shadowed path where she meets Travis, the man who breaks all her rules. Truthful and intense, experience family drama, workplace bullying, and conflicts of interest amidst this searing forbidden romance.
  • Reason and Romance

    by Terrance Layhew
    A serious author, George Austen believes romance is a worthless genre, until he's challenged to write one of his own by a rival author. "Reason and Romance" follows George along his way as he faces the questions of what love means and the people it's meant to be shared with. Enjoy wit, humor, and discover the true meaning of romance. Join George as he is challenged with the question, "Is romance more than just a genre?”
  • Stolen Kisses

    by Lia Huni
    I might have bitten off more than I can chew… When I found out my boyfriend was married, I did what any rational math teacher would do: I took a job across the country in Rotheberg, the “Alpine Jewel of Oregon.” I can live with the town’s weird obsession with The Sound of Music, and Mrs. Fogelhaus’s stollen is to die for. But when my principal assigns me a baking class, I know I need help. I teach calculations, not cooking. Rotheberg’s golden boy, Dylan Mead, should be the solution to my equ... more
  • The Cackling of the Crows

    by Neal Sellers

    Gregory Que (pronounced “Q”), takes readers on a literary ride, bobbing, weaving and sparring with them about his exploits, sharing wisdom and secrets with wit, sarcasm and blunt honesty. He believes he is writing a “how to” book, but readers will ultimately surmise correctly that his profferings revolve around women in his life, four in particular with whom he shares secrets involving his past, present and future. A charismatic, complex, self-proclaimed “ladies ... more

  • Pride of Spirit

    by Andrea K. Stein
    Will he sense the love in front of him despite the loss of his sight? Will she overcome her wariness of men to embrace the man he’s become? 1st Lieutenant Simon Demarest, late of the Royal Navy, is no longer the man he used to be. The man he used to be led boarding parties with little more than an ax and a blood-curdling cry sure to stop a slaver's crew in their tracks. The man he used to be could dance all night with the prettiest girl in the room. The man he is now cannot even read a ... more
  • A Little Too Familiar: an Uncanny Romance Novel

    by Lish McBride
    Love brings out the animal in you Louise Matthews has got it good. Wonderful job? Check. Loving family? The best. Roommates? Pretty fantastic, thank you. All of this helps her stay focused on what she wants: to finish out her apprenticeship and become a fully licensed Switch-an animal mage who bonds familiars to their witches. Only a problem has just moved in-a hot, occasionally wolf-shaped problem. Declan Mackenzie doesn't want to be a lone wolf, but he doesn't have a choice. Girlfriend? ... more
  • Worth Waiting For

    by Matilda Madison
    Betrayed by his wife five years earlier, Edward Powell, the Earl of Canton is furious. Penelope Powell is out to hurt him once more. Only this time, he won’t stand for it and he intends to teach her a lesson for her wicked deeds. Penelope is shocked to learn that her husband has come to Scotland to confront her, although not nearly as surprised as he is. For five long years, Penelope has kept a secret, a child, from Edward and knowing her husband, he won’t soon forgive her for such treachery.... more
  • Vacancy: Viscount Preferred

    by Tammy Andresen
    Lady Priscilla is in trouble… When a cousin she didn’t even know existed inherits her father’s title, the new Earl of Purlington wants more than just the earldom, he want’s Priscilla too. Or at least, her dowry. What she needs is a hero. A man to swoop in and save her despite her cousin’s intimidating lurking. Well not an actual hero, not like the one currently being featured in the papers for all his heroic deeds, but perhaps a man willing to stand up to her cousin and marry her despite the ... more
  • 979-8-9862310-0-6

    by Brienne Loughlin
    Charlotte was a thriving Silicon Valley entrepreneur until a series of tragic events knocked her off her mental game. She heads to Prince Edward Island for the summer, with a plan to reboot her life: partner with the charming and dynamic Tom on his new Innovation Lab, manage her inherited land with ruggedly handsome forester Jed, and launch a new startup: ‘Duffle.’ But the sexy local musician she briefly met four years ago—and who has lingered in a deep, sensual place in her body—is the recre... more
  • Out of Time

    by M Jacqueline Murray
    For most of her 78 years, Maddie has done things the “wrong” way. Her unconventional life was the key to her professional success but contributed to her failed marriage and divorce. Octogenarian Nate takes pride in doing things the “right” way. He built a successful career as a corporate attorney by following the rules. Now retired and widowed, he runs the Hope Point Lighthouse B&B. Nate meets Maddie when she’s a guest at his B&B. He finds her intriguing and can’t help but take the initi... more
  • Heart of the Highlands: The Dragon

    by April Holthaus
    After years of war, his battle will end, but hers is just beginning. It took only one day, for Alys Sinclair's seemingly perfect life to crumble. As news of her father's death and treachery against the king begins to spread, Alys discovers her father had more secrets than she could have ever imagined. With no parents and her oldest sister gone to marry a neighboring laird, Alys is left to defend her castle and raise her three younger sisters alone. Wanting to keep her safe, her only ally, Lai... more
  • The Journey to Worthington House

    by Tracie Alyn Hickman
    Near the charming town of Buxton, the talented and beautiful Jessica Scott faces the prospect of losing her family’s estate. The seventh Earl of Templeton is due back to lay claim to Buxton Hall and turn her out into the street. After having suffered the loss of her family already, she cannot bear the thought of losing her home, too. Raised in a London flat, Colt has spent his life coming up from he bottom. After his father dies, his wealthy uncle, the sixth Earl of Templeton, sends him to Et... more
  • Grossi

    by Tim
    Deep within an old southern mansion, Tyler Harrington seeks refuge from his troubles. He bought the house with the hope that the crumbling porch, warped roof, and peeling paint would be a therapeutic distraction from his recent breakup and heartache. He is not aware of his ancestral connection to the house, or of the hidden room, that leads to a life of new friends, love, and a treasure that connects him to a legacy predating the civil war. His newfound passion for life and love fabrica... more
  • The Right One For Me

    by Samanthya Wyatt
    The Earl of Whetherford, has finally decided to accept his fate. Tired of dangerous assignments and putting his neck on the line, he has returned to his ancestral home to accept the title of his birthright and produce the required heir. But, when he arrives, he finds his home has been invaded, and a female has taken off with his mother’s jewels. Morgan decides the traitorous jade will not get away, so he sets into motion a plan to bring her back. Then he abducts the wrong woman. Kat’s brother is... more
  • A Room in Blake's Folly

    by J. Arlene Culiner
    If only the walls could speak… In one hundred and fifty years, Blake's Folly, a silver boomtown notorious for its brothels,
scarlet ladies, silver barons, speakeasies, and divorce ranches, has become a semi-ghost town.
Although the old Mizpah Saloon is still in business, its upper floor is sheathed in dust. But in a
room at a long corridor's end, an adventurer, a beautiful dance girl, and a rejected wife were once caught in a love triangle, and their secret has touched three generations.