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  • I Never Knew You

    by Patrick Higgins
  • Westfalia

    by Blake Hill
    The seed of this book started with a hug. But at the time of that hug. I didn't realize my life would change forever. She gently pulled me in and whispered these two words, "I'm done." I was completely thrown off guard. I ask her what she meant. What do you mean you're done, done with what? She quietly whispered in my ear, I'm done with us. My heart sank and a numbness of emotions consumed every cell in my body. I couldn't grasp how we could be married for twenty years and now it was over. What ... more
  • Inner Alchemy: The Path of Mastery, Updated and Revised Edition

    by Zulma Reyo
    For those who want to deepen their understanding of the world we live in, for those who want to see change happen and know that this begins with themselves, Inner Alchemy offers a path to inner peace, meaning, purpose, joy and wisdom. In this practical guide to consciousness, you will discover key concepts relating to energetic work, such as chakras and the seven rays, as well as dimensional and astral realms, and karma, gratitude and dreams. Over 45 visualisations, meditations and exercises,... more
  • The Spiritual Stamina For End-Time Church

    by Freeson Eze
    You need to know this if you are a Christian. The hidden secret of their secret, on how they finish the race and were anointed beyond measure in their days, and why today's believers struggle to get what that was so common in their days. This book will open your eyes on the hidden secret of the life of old believers in Christ and how they could be so anointed and work with God, and why the end-time believers is struggling, weak in prayers, praying so much prayer with no or little results. You... more
  • It's All the Same to Me: A Torah Guide to Inner Peace and Love of Life

    by Moshe Gersht
    - Wall Street Journal Bestseller - USA Today Bestseller - Barnes & Noble Bestseller - Amazon Bestseller After spending a decade and a half studying the depths of Torah, Kaballah, Chasidus, and Spirituality, Moshe Gersht has gifted us with a new lens on life. With his spiritual guide It's All The Same To Me, Moshe Gersht inspires readers to discover the freedom and joy of a life lived in the deep connection of "sameness." Gersht introduces the powerful kaballistic idea of Hishtavus... more
  • Life As Seen in the Eyes of Tatiana

    by Monica Brosnan
    I decided to relate Tatiana’s story because she means so much to me. She is also part of and a continuation of Bill, my late husband, because she shared our bed for eight years. She is my doughty, plucky, four-legged friend who takes the bite out of living alone. After she had a very sad, troubled kittenhood, we adopted her. Soon she established herself as the chief occupant of our large home. Our days together began not with a cup of tea but with playing with Tatiana because she would usually b... more
  • The Meaning of Myth: With 12 Greek Myths Retold and Interpreted by a Psychiatrist

    by Neel Burton
    Not just the stories, but what they mean. What is myth, and why does it have such a hold on the human mind? How does myth relate to near forms such as legend and fairy tale, and to other modes of understanding such as religion and science? What is a hero, what is a monster, and what function does magic serve? How has our relationship with myth and mythology changed over the centuries? And are there any modern myths? These are a few of the fascinating questions that psychiatrist and philoso... more
  • The Book That Happened: Is Reality But Sheer Coincidence?

    by Attila Pergel
    This is the book of awkward questions. It doesn’t promise easy entertainment—it provides understanding at a level that we never reached in school. Do the past, present, and future exist? What are miracles made of? Why can’t science define what time truly is? Is it that simple to understand infinity? You will find a multitude of logical deductions and thought experiments in this book. You will realize how astonishingly wonderful our reality is. This book aims to provide an understanding of the ... more
  • Light, Bright Light

    by Conor Detwiler
    It's not always easy being you. Sometimes loud thoughts and feelings take over, and you're lost in a big cloud of noise. Where did you go? Breathe into the bright life in your body! Can you feel that you are light?
  • Mysteries of the First Instant: Illuminating What Science Hasn't Answered about the Inception of Our Universe

    by Daniel Friedmann
    How did the universe come to be? What happened during the very first instant of its existence? Scientific discovery and the Big Bang theory go into exquisite detail about the development of the universe after that first instant, but we remain in the dark about how it all began. Or do we? Join the authors in a riveting exploration of science’s latest advancements in cosmology, and the Bible’s esoteric dimension, which teaches the deepest cosmological insights into the fundamental workings of the ... more
  • Seeing Beyond Our Line Of Sight: Consciously Moving Through Life's Changes, Transitions, And Deaths

    by Angela Brownemiller

    SEEING BEYOND OUR LINE OF SIGHT: CONSCIOUSLY MOVING THROUGH LIFE’S CHANGES, TRANSITIONS, AND DEATHS … is a simple yet profound book offering subtle yet major shifts in the way we think about changes, transitions, endings, and deaths. Here, we can see that we have the capability of holding and empowering our conscious selves as we move through events, changes, transitions, even emotional, even physical, death processes. … The journey this book takes us on opens doors to finding our way through... more

  • Unconditionally

    by Tabitha Nickelson
    Mia and Jackson meet and there is an instant connection. You follow them on a spiritual journey as their love grows. You learn a little about the Bible, and there is no sex, drugs, or bad language throughout the whole book.
  • Liberating Jesus: What would Jesus say if he returned today?

    by Leonard Jacobson

    Liberating Jesus

    He’s back and he wants to set the record straight.

    Liberating Jesus began as a play, became a movie and is now this book. It is a book about Jesus. Who was he really?  What was his true mission upon this planet? What is the true meaning of his words? What happened during the crucifixion? What has happened to him since his death upon the cross? How is his teaching still relevant to the awakening of human consciousness... more

  • Seasoned to Rise and Go Forward

    by Gloria Dacruz
    As I traveled through life journey, I encountered many adversities and challenges. Some of these troubles were targeted to break and destroy us. I will say they even try to burden and weigh us down and you can’t rise if you have heavy weights on you. Seasoned to Rise and Go Forward is designed to help us get free and rise above life oppositions. I was determined with the help of the good Lord not to allow devastating encounters to make me bitter. So instead of becoming bitter, mean and nast... more
  • Finding Hope In The Afterlife

    by Joshua Louis
    Having experienced a troubled past, author Joshua Louis was someone who struggled to understand the world around him and his purpose within it. In 2012, his intuitive nature drove him to seek the truth regarding paranormal occurrences and the existence of an afterlife. What he got was way more than he bargained for. Louis would come to understand his purpose in a profound way. As his intuitive abilities developed, he discovered he was able to communicate with souls on the other side. In Finding ... more
  • On the Wings of My Dragonfly

    by Maria Garay Reynolds