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  • The Visit of Pope John Paul II to Japan in Photographs: 1981

    by James Paul Colligan
    In February 1981, Pope John Paul II visited Japan. His trip included Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fr. James Colligan, a Maryknoll priest and journalist, followed the pope throughout his visit. This book is a compilation of Fr. Colligan?s photographs of the saint Pope John Paul II. The chief goal is to see if the photographs have the same impact as words on his appeal for peace.
  • Angel on Assignment: Move over elf. It's time to share the shelf.

    by Wanda Carter Roush

    Little Peeps Book Awards for Early Readers ~ FIRST Place Winner

    Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards ~ Children's Holiday

    Gold Medal Christian Book Award Winner ~ Young Kids

    Bronze Medal Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner ~ Christian-General



    If your family loves the Elf on the Shelf and you want to keep the fun going, check out Angel on Assignment. ... more

  • Strength for Parents of Missing Children

    by Marie White

    Strength for Parents of Missing Children guides parents through their journey and helps them find joy and deeper purpose in the midst of pain. It's The Purpose Driven Life for parents of missing or alienated children.

    Marie has used the pain of her experience to reach out to others who are desperate for answers while their child is gone.

  • Bless Me Indeed: Discover the Secret of Success Through a Bold and Yet Powerful Prayer of Jabez

    by Janet Kisyombe

    "A self-centered prayer that can change your life forever and bring God's supernatural blessings"


    Ephesians 3:20


    Now to him who is able to do Exceeding Abundantly over and above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us. To him be the Glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever Amen.


    I encourage you to believe in God that who is able to provide you with supernatural blessings... more

  • Love Does Not Envy or Boast

    by Lila Diller
    Does true love suspect? Must true love forgive? Lila Diller’s Love Does Not Envy or Boast, #2 in the “Love is…” series, is based on the Bible's definition of true agape love in 1 Corinthians 13 and is the next in the contemporary Christian Romance saga of Morgan Maxwell and Jason Scott. This installment answers these questions for Morgan, now that she has chosen Jason. After enjoying a brief period of euphoria, tension develops. Morgan, jealous of Jason's new secretary, Cassie, lashes out... more
  • Application to Life: The Practical Use of Inspirational Words for Everyday Living

    by Akon M. Walker
    Application to Life: The Practical Use of Inspirational Words for Everyday Living, challenges readers to look beyond the mere meaning of inspirational words to unlock its transformational power when applied appropriately to life circumstances. Akon M. Walker explores the articulation, expression, and language of inspirational words found in the Christian Bible, life experiences, and the parental advice to create a pragmatic guide for transforming words into desired outcomes.

    by Matt Muller
    A young boy and his Grandpa set out to solve a tough problem. Using their best plan, they try their hardest to find out if they can succeed. What starts as a problem soon turns into a big adventure, and leads to the young boy learning one very important lesson.
  • Guardian Angel on Purpose Patrol

    by Lisa Chappell

    When an anxious little angel in heaven is excited to go to Earth, share God's blessings and awaken purpose--be ready! After waiting and waiting for God to call her to action, the enlightened angel goes on a divine journey to make the world a happy blessing at a time!

  • 4 Incredible Health Benefits Of Living Near The Sea!

    by Emma Watson
    For times doctors have known that being close to the sea is good for human healthiness. In fact, patients with all sorts of health situations were recommended ‘holidays on the shore’ to help treat a diversity of sicknesses in days gone by. However, this has proven to be less ‘old wives tale’ and more logically sound agreeing to latest studies. A project at the University of Exeter in England, called the “Blue Gym”, is looking at how natural water atmospheres can be used to endorse human healt... more
  • Journey for the Heart

    by Elizabeth A. Mitchell
    Hope for the times life is unfair.
  • Cancer Looks Good on You

    by Jill Johnson
    This is the story of a man who chooses to seize the day, not count how many days he has left. From his youth as a tormented gay boy in the Deep South to his rise to the top of the design world, and from discovering a lump in his neck to planning his after-party, Barclay tackles life’s challenges with grace, humor, and indomitable optimism. He shares wisdom that will help you make over your house, your attitude, and your view of the end. This book is for everyone, especially those struggling with... more
  • The Heart of an Angel: Becoming God's Messengers of Love and Hospitality to a World in Need

    by Tom English and Wilma Espaillat English
    God has frequently relied on a celebrated company of Heavenly messengers called angels. But in a manner of speaking, we’re all called to be God’s “Heavenly messengers” here on earth: we all have a story to tell, an experience to relate, a testimony to share; and, like His celestial band of servants, the Creator of the Universe wants each of us to become a Godly emissary of His supernatural love: following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, through a lifestyle of giving, serving, encouraging, and ... more
  • Regions War

    by Jesús Nicolas Frontera
    Worssoft is a legendary warrior who for reasons of fate knows an animal of a warrior race called Aposkt, and together fight the darkness that dark king caused all regions. Many years ago, there was a dark world in which, from generation to generation, it was said that it was divided into five different regions, which were separated by dark waters, where they lived marine animals that did not allow anyone to sail in them. They were giants who devoured those who tried to cross their territori... more
  • The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary life

    by Michael V Ivanov
    Despite many odds, Felix, a young Roman man, seeks a worldly treasure. When met with failure, he gives up and leaves Rome. After he hops onto a ship owned by a merchant, he begins to learn from the wealthy Arabian the principles to an extraordinary life. On his journey he discovers something much more valuable than gold.
  • Amazing Baby Hall Of Fame 2

    by Dionne L Fields

    Rain Fields He has been Inducted into our amazing baby Hall of fame children's book series. I believe that every child born on this earth, are so amazing. This new book series for kid's, of all ages will feature some amazing babies from all across the world. I'm only induction 1, 000 baby photos into Amazing Baby Hall Of Fame. All babies born between the years of 1920 - 2020. Everyone can submit a baby photo of an amazing baby. more