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  • Unstoppable: A Recipe for Success in Life and Business

    by Besty Craig
    In her new book Unstoppable: A Recipe for Success in Life and Business, Betsy Craig lays out 10 road-tested principles to conquer life’s challenges. Themes include self-help, entrepreneurship, chronic illness, food allergies, and women in business. She developed these tools beginning when she got sober at the age of 20 after years of alcohol and drug abuse, then beat the odds against the rare autoimmune disease scleroderma that wanted her dead, and on the heels of the economic downturn in 2010, ... more
  • Pathways of Personal Power

    by Marge the Angel Lady
    SAMARA SERIES Book #1 ? Finding My Way Most of us grew up being told we have to do this, we should do that, and we can?t ever, ever do that! We believed those things because that is what we were taught by our parents, guardians, teachers, the media and our legal system. Most of those belief structures are still there undermining our happiness and causing us to make choices to stay stuck with some of us stuck in guilt or shame. These teachings in Pathways of Personal Power are channeled from an a... more
  • I'm Not That Woman

    by Portia Taylor
    I'm Not That Woman is the missing link between who a woman is and the new reality she can create as she becomes the version of herself that God intended. It is the answer to many unanswered questions that have lingered in the minds of women for far too long.
  • The Borders of Normal: A Clinical Psychiatrist De-Stigmatizes Paranormal Phenomena ISBN 978-1-5255-0456-3

    by Manuel Matas
    I am a clinical psychiatrist with forty years of experience working in the mental health field. Throughout my life I have had many paranormal experiences which could not be explained by conventional science. Many people who have paranormal, anomalous, or spiritual experiences have not talked about their experiences for fear of being thought of as weird or strange. These phenomena include near-death and out-of-body experience, visions, voices, ESP, telepathy, premonitions, and precognitive dreams... more
  • God Is Good

    by Steven Rosner

    Billions over the world believe in a Being known as God. It seems fair to say the overwhelming majority do so on faith. What is more difficult to prove is that God is good--not an evil being in the sky who loves to watch mankind suffer. This book intends to provide tangible evidence that God is in fact, gracious; is in fact, good.

      Through an analysis of the OT, compiling each time an one prayed to God for something specific, at the end of this incredible journey we wi... more

  • Master and the Little Monk

    by Dirk Blocker
    The Little Monk is a cheerful lad in spite of the challenging hand life has dealt him. A unique character, befriended by the boy, witnesses these hardships and sets about to assist him on a journey of self awareness and discovering his life's purpose.
  • A Guide to the Psalms of David

    by Steven Rosner

       Although typically thought of as hymns of praise to God, The Psalms of David are so much more. They are invoked to comfort and instruct; to lament and inspire; to bless, as well as to curse,. In tone, they span the gamut of emotions from ecstasy to despair, grief to serenity, fear to awe, indignation to remorse and rage to love. They talk about rewards of righteousness, pitfalls of evil, grandeur of the universe, and recount God’s compassion and benevolence. In sho... more

  • From the Shadows: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal

    by Elizabeth Onyeabor

    Offering hope and healing, Elizabeth invites you to witness her beautiful transformation from suicidal despair to habitual happiness, sprinkling each step with soul-stirring original poetry and journal excerpts.

    For decades, she hid her chronic depression from everyone, including herself, until hitting a crisis point. She seemed successful and happy to all, except her closest confidantes; they knew the anguish she wished to end by killing herself. Through self-exploration, she found a p... more

  • 978-1975892470

    by Judie C. Nance
    Short & Virtuous Bed-time Stories for Children brings together timeless stories chosen especially for a children to help parents introduce them to the essentials of good character: Responsibility, Courage, Perseverance, Work, Self-discipline, Compassion, Faith, Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship.
  • The Little Book of Character Strengths

    by June Rousso

    The Little Book of Character Strengths is a colorfully illustrated poem describing the meaning of twenty-four character strengths to a child and young adult audience. The book is based upon the VIA classification of character strengths. Its bright colors and creative illustrations along with the poetry format are meant to captivate young readers. The book can be read along with adults to foster discussion of ways of developing character strengths. Adults also will benefit from the me... more

  • Emma's Book of Courage

    by Emma Lindberg
    Six-year-old Emma knows that it can be hard to be courageous but thinks you should try! Courageous means having courage, is when you’re really, really afraid to try something, but you do it anyway. Emma shares moments when she’s needed courage, like when she did a backflip for the first time! It was scary, but she’s SO glad she did it. Now, she can’t wait to try new things and wants to help you be more courageous, too!
  • An Angel's Feather

    by Astrid Brown
    My experiences and philosophy as a psychic medium

    This story is of four women of different classes of the society who are traveling in a Metro train in Chennai. They find themselves in a difficult situation when they come face to face with a rapist. Will they surrender to their weaknesses or stand up and fight back? The storyline details the life of women in a society that is full of social and cultural taboos. Along with this, there is a line of suspense that stretches up to the end of the story
  • TRANSCENDING THE MAYA MATRIX: Using the Seven Simple Steps: Our Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization

    by Omar M. Makram
    Do you believe that your inner guidance has superior knowledge and wisdom to guide you to the fulfillment of your desires? Are you repeating undesired patterns in your career, love, health, money or in your quest for self-knowledge? From a lifetime of meditating, teaching, traveling, and learning, author, and podcaster, Omar M. Makram states that trusting our Innate Guide is the missing ingredient that can create the life we have dreamed of. He encourages you to let go of the confusing ... more
  • Intuitive Symbols Coloring Book: Unlock Your Intuition Through Meditative Coloring

    by Rev. Joanna Bartlett

    Access your intuition through meditative coloring.

    Thirty fun coloring pages full of everyday objects to help you unlock your intuition and build your personal symbol dictionary. Intuitive messages come to you in all sorts of ways - often through symbols that we receive in our daily lives. By connecting with your intuition, through active meditation, while coloring those images, you can find out what those symbols mean to you.