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  • The Truth of the Kingdom: Red Letter Edition

    by Mikah
    The pillar cloud cover photo was taken during a visitation on May 16, 2010. Are you surprised that the Holy Family still travels in a cloud? FULL COLOR PHOTOS OF THE SPIRIT REALM This holy Book builds on the foundation laid by the prophets and apostles, with our Redeemer and High Priest as the cornerstone and is an addendum to The Truth of the Kingdom. The purpose is to restore mankind to the true Kingdom gospel, the Eternal Law, and lifestyle known as The Way. The Book reveals false teachi... more
  • Life Anon: A 12-step guide to life

    by Freddie van Rensburg
    Many of us suffer unnecessarily because of how we react to what happens to us in life. “The way I reacted to life took me to a place where all my reserves were depleted. I was emotionally devoid of any feeling, near-suicidal and incapable of connecting with others. I knew no concept of spirituality and felt absolutely no sense of meaning or joy. Most of all, I was afraid. Afraid I would die if I continued to live the life I was leading. Afraid I would not die and would have to continue my mis... more
  • Power of Obedience

    by Hurdis V. Davis-Richardson
    Hurdis V. Davis-Richardson examines the true meaning of obedience and explores the relationship between one’s positive or negative responses.
  • As the Raven Cries

    by Mary Waite
    On March 1, 2016, twenty-one-year-old Dalton Waite, son of Mary Dalton Waite, passed away due to an accidental drug overdose. As the Raven Cries: Choosing the Light of Hope Amid the Storm shares Mary’s journey of grief through excerpts from her journal, texts with friends, and posts on social media. It shows readers that mourning can turn into graceful surrender and even praise. All proceeds from the book will go to Dalton’s Vision, a nonprofit organization that Mary launched to provide supplies... more
  • Create Your Life with Grace and Ease: Mastering the Rays of Experience

    by Michael G. Love
    Do the old religious metaphors and rituals no longer work for you? Are you seeking a personal connection in your spirituality? Discover a modern metaphor of spirituality that provides easily understandable energetic tools that support you in your spiritual journey in the 21st century. The frenzied pace of the modern world can sometimes be overwhelming. How do you know if you are on the right track? How do you know if you are living up to your true potential?
  • Kindness is My Superpower

    by Alicia Ortego
    This charming story with peaceful rhymes and colorful illustrations will explain to your child that it is okay to make a mistake and say I’m sorry. Lucas will teach your child good manners and positive behaviour at home, at school, in the store, and on the playground.
  • Buy Zopiclone

    by steve kevin
    In the event that you inadvertently end up with an excess of Zopiclone 10 mg, or any genuine medical problems like dropping or breathing anomalies, counsel your primary care physician right away.
  • Where Compassion Begins: Foundational Practices to Enhance Mindfulness, Attention and Listening from the Heart

    by Jared Seide
    "Where Compassion Begins" is an invitation to build the muscle of compassion, through exercises and practices that enhance our capacity to listen from the heart and, in so doing, take care of ourselves and those around us. When we listen differently to someone’s story, without judging, we create the conditions for compassion to arise. The practice of council, described and explained in this book, asks us to lean in, to learn ways we can skillfully attend to the pain we recognize in ourselves and... more
  • The Journey Through Tribulation

    by Mikah
    FULL COLOR PHOTOS OF THE SPIRIT REALM This holy Book was prophesied in Ezekiel 2:10 and Revelation 5:1 and is the God-breathed correct interpretation of the Daniel and Revelation prophesies, teaching the truth about the end of the age. Father Yhovah knew from the beginning there would be false teachers, with many believing they have the truth, so He hid the truth of end-time prophecy in these visions. These warning messages will help many to REPENT, get sanctified, and get caught up on the Day ... more
  • Sacred Seasons: A Year of Meditations

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    Sacred Seasons is a collection of spiritual wisdom drawn from the expressive writings of Beverly Lanzetta. As a daily practice, the meditative entries call us into living light of the Divine, encouraging us to slow down and savor the gift of sacred time. There are moments when we feel we have been touched by something elusive and mysterious, by the hidden workings of the universe, as if Spirit were reaching out to us personally. These encounters are special and often change our perception and... more
  • Butterfly Awakens: A Memoir of Transformation Through Grief

    by Meg Nocero
    Forty-something Italian-American immigration attorney moves through life-altering grief after her beloved mother dies from breast cancer. Questioning her life purpose, Meg resigns from her federal career to search for the lighthouse she saw in a vision before her mother passes, leading her to walk El Camino de Santiago in Spain.
  • Unbound Intelligence: A Personal Guide to Self-Discovery

    by Rajeev Kurapati
    Unbound Intelligence takes readers on a journey exploring what makes us who we are alongside a brief history of all that we’ve become. The book draws from the worlds of science and spirituality, coupled with true, personal experiences. This road map to personal serenity examines the conditioning of the human mind as it lays out pathways to transform our conviction from believing in something transcendent to truly experiencing the force that powers all existence.
  • The Heroic and Exceptional Minority: A Guide to Mythological Self-Awareness and Growth

    by Gregory V. Diehl
    Many people struggle throughout their lives, unable to identify the source of great inner existential discontent. No matter their material comfort or good fortune, they cannot escape the idea that they do not live the lives they ought to. They are not in environments that support their deepest personal growth and development. They are not the people they feel they are meant to be, and the world never works the way they know it could. Every day, exceptional minds like these begin to suspect th... more
  • The Principle of Truth

    by Randy Williams
    Scholars believe the Principles of MA'AT (muh-aht) are the world's oldest moral and ethical code for human conduct. When Kemet (Modern Day Egypt) was at its greatest economic and spiritual heights, it was this concept that governed the lives and daily affairs of her citizens. Journey with Melanin Origins as we share a short story about The Principle of Truth. A principle that states, "I will always seek to discern what is real, know what is correct, and act accordingly." Melanin Origins MA'AT... more
  • The Journey: Spiritual Growth in Galatians and Philippians

    by David Fiensy

    The Christian life is not walking the line ... it is hitting the road...

    Fiensy focuses on Paul's autobiographical references in his letters to the Galatians and Philippians to explore spirituality. Each chapter has:

    • A new translation of the verses being studied
    • The explanation and application of the verses to everyday life
    • Four discussion questions for group interaction
    • A section of additional information to go deeper into the script... more

  • Grace: A Journey of God’s Unmerited Favor in the Midst of Uncertainties

    by Emily Lavalais
    GRACE is a journey through the eyes of several women and God's grace, mercy, and favor for each, enabling them to rise about their challenges and blaze the trail ahead. Each story teaches that no one is perfect, nor do we live in a perfect world. But challenges do not need to be faced alone; God is only a prayer away. Inviting him into the daily minutia encourages a life of success and peace of mind. He provide courage to face fears and challenges head-on. Through faith in Him, each woman will f... more