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    by RV. Father Francis S. Walker

    "How to Say the Rosary" is a book that provides instruction on how to pray the rosary, a popular devotional prayer in the Catholic Church. The rosary is a set of prayer beads that consists of a chain of five decades, each decade representing one of the mysteries of the Rosary. Each decade is divided into ten smaller prayers called "Hail Marys," which are recited while meditating on the mysteries of the rosary. The book "How to Say the Rosary" would likely provide... more

  • The Hijacked Conscience: An Informed and Compassionate Response to Religious Scrupulosity

    by Debra Peck
    Is it possible that some of those who appear the most zealous in mastering the spiritual life are actually suffering from Religious Scrupulosity OCD? Maybe you yourself suffer from being “overly conscientious” or “perfectionistic.” Scrupulosity is a debilitating mental illness that demands a level of sinless perfection a person cannot attain. People with Scrupulosity are tortured by thoughts that they may have sinned or not done their religious duties correctly. They suffer from unwanted and int... more
  • Catholic Church? Why Not?

    by Jack Scissons
    This is a fictionalized account of journal entries of a newly ordained Catholic priest in a small rural community in western Canada. He became a priest in mid-life after being married to his childhood sweetheart, studying social work at university, working in the development of affordable housing, and losing his wife to ALS. These journals describe his first few months trying to reconcile the current teachings of the church about married male and female priests, abortion, divorce, assisted dying... more
  • Ona Mae's Deli and Bait Shop: (Sweet Friendship Book 1)

    by Renee Hodges
    Bekah’s Sunday-school faith is no match for her grown-up problems. With her fledgling marriage breaking up, she opts for a do-over. Whitman, Alabama, the town of her college alma mater, seems like a good choice. New degree. New friends. New life. Bekah 2.0. Whitman is in the midst of its own makeover, exchanging railroad tracks for bike trails and hushpuppies for hummus. As Bekah navigates her choices, the town is forced to deal with fifty-year-old wounds when the mystery of the disappearance o... more
  • The Contentment Dividend: Meditations for Realizing Your True Self

    by Michael Goddart
    You have the power within you to liberate your soul from the mind’s dominance and achieve reunion with God. The forty-nine intuited meditations of The Contentment Dividend take you on a journey of discovery toward realizing your true spiritual self, understanding the immortal truths of existence, and focusing your mind and life to achieve contentment. The meditations are sourced in the author’s many decades-long study and practice of the teachings of realized Masters and true Saints. The... more
  • City of Mann

    by L. Ross Coulter

    The Great Sentient Cities.

    Unmatched in intellect. . .

    Unparalleled in size. . .


    On the planet of the Sentient Cities, City of Mann is by all accounts an ordinary city. Leaving his home for Epicurea where he gets his first job as an intern at CitiCorp, life as a grown up City could not be any better. But as the questions of existence begin to take their toll, his Ruler, Politicians, and ofte... more

  • The Recreated Woman

    by Tabitha Henton Lamb
    The purpose of this book is for the reader to understand the altered mindset of the woman after the fall and to trace its consequences in relation to her husband and all forms of authority. Eve was made in the perfect environment with the perfect mate. She understood her place as his complement and help mate to rule over nature. However, due to the distortions conjured up by Satan, what was once a beautiful and harmonious role becomes in her mind inferior and debased. Her view of submission turn... more
  • So You Have a Disease: Devotions and Stories to Restore Hope

    by Beth Praed

    Book Excellence Award Winner, in the gift book category. This book was designed to be given to help someone who has a disease. And this book almost didn't happen, After Beth received news from her neurologist that her MS would eventually be fatal for her, she stopped writing for nearly two years. After having a whacky dream about her funeral, she decided to finish writing it. And now, it has won this national award!

  • God-Made CEO

    by M. P. Sudduth
    In God-Made CEO, Melanie (M. P.) Sudduth created a 31-day devotional specifically for small business owners. She provides business guidance using biblical scriptures. She also shares her business interpretation of each scripture while providing reflective questions and ways you can apply the scripture to your business.
  • 360 Wiki Writers

    by 360 Wiki Writers
    360 Wiki Writers is a top Wikipedia agency. If you need to create and edit a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business, get in touch with us right now.
  • The Ocean Inside Me

    by RG Shore
    The Ocean Inside Me is a spiritual memoir about healing racial trauma as a person of color incarcerated in an almost all white prison. Amidst harsh conditions and blatant racism, R.G. Shore learned to meditate by going into his body, befriending his shadow, and learning to sit with the traumas held by his younger self. In The Ocean Inside Me, R.G. Shore learned to love and accept the cause of his deepest pain, his brown body. His prison radio became the conduit by which he transcended the lim... more
  • Bible Verse Word Search for Kids Ages 4-8: Search, Find and Color (75 Easy Large Print Scripture Puzzles) with 10 Bonus Mazes fo

    by Faye Press
    Combine fun and learning about God's word in this Bible verse word search puzzle book for kids! This awesome puzzle activity book comes packed with awesome benefits for that little one! With 75 puzzles, there's tons of fun puzzle-solving time for your child. They can improve their vocabulary, cognitive skills, and attention to detail. Each puzzle has a Bible verse they can read and memorize. There are cute pictures on each page to color. There are 10 bonus mazes at the end of the book. Ne... more
  • Favor in Business

    by Saul Flores Jr.
    FAVOR IN BUSINESS In a world where success is predominately measured by how much money we have in the bank, the size of our financial portfolio, and how prestigious our lives are, there have been great American Entrepreneurs who have chosen to take the path less traveled – to be truly compassionate and giving. They risked judgement, ridicule, and their fortunes; but in doing so they realized they could never out give God. Author Saul Flores Jr. Brilliantly depicts in this book, Favor in Busine... more
  • Radiant Achievement: Turn on Your Life, Your Essence, and Your Soul-Centered Calling

    by Christine Howard
    Finally, there’s a way to set-aside relentless striving and stressing to achieve. Christine Howard has created a pioneering, innovative guide that takes you to the crossroads between being and doing, delivering a balanced approach to connecting you with the core of your radiance to allow your greatest callings and dreams to be realized. The fact is, too many women continue to struggle with overwork, exhaustion, and lack of fulfillment. Depression, anxiety, and isolation are all too common... more
  • Book of Mormon 123: A numbers primer for primary-aged children of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (My Scripture

    by Jayne Ann Osborne
    "Raise a child up in the way he (or she) should go..." It is never too early to begin building a connection with and love of the scriptures. Book of Mormon 123 is a numbers primer for nursery and primary-aged children of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, drawing on elements, concepts and notable characters found in the Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon 123 is a leveled-learning book, helping little ones build foundational familiarity in the scriptures. Each page has three levels ... more
  • New Testament ABC

    by Jayne Ann Osborne
    An alphabet primer for children, drawing on elements, concepts and notable characters found in the New Testament. New Testament ABC helps familiarize little ones with important words, places, people, and ideas they encounter while reading the scriptures. It makes a wonderful companion to Come Follow Me, and other bible study programs.