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  • Gaslit By A Madman: On Philosophy, Madness, & Society

    by Max Lewy

    GASLITBYAMADMAN, "The Certifiably TRUE Ravings Of A Sectioned Philosopher", is a droller take on the subjects of mental health, political issues and Nietzschean, Christian, Jungian, existentialist and post-modern philosophy. Don’t be afraid to question your world view, don’t be afraid to think you might be a bit ‘mad’. Who isn’t?

    It is based on the author, Max J. Lewy’s, own experience as an oh-so-patient patient in the N.H.S. Mental He... more

  • More Than One Storm Coming

    by D.J. Parsons
    The day of the gentleman is over. Good manners are of the past. Brutality and barroom talk is in. It?s OK to grope. It?s OK to lie. I am thankful for the husband I have. Are there only a few decent ones? What about yours? Does your husband fight for your rights? Sons? Take an informed look at policies being made for women and children today. We?re not going to let men make the rules for women anymore. We?re going to make our own rules and laws. Read about the following: ????Women are getting Ame... more
  • Why Believe It?

    by John Huffman
    John has written a book of Christian apologetics, answering questions about the Christian faith through facts of history, science, and scripture. Many people have personal beliefs based on a compilation of religious ideas embedded from day-to-day experiences and hearsay. We need a deliberative theology based on proper hermeneutics of scripture, which in no way contradicts facts of the history of the church, secular history, and science. The practical guide used for understanding the Scriptures w... more
  • Unseen Love

    by Mert McMichael
    This book is a series of short stories and thought-stirring rhyme and verse. Hopefully, these innermost thoughts will lead you to new and exciting knowledge of unseen love in your life. Love that was always there with no strings attached, just pure love, but you were sightless. You never turned around to see love reaching out to you. Your eyes closed, never open to take a chance on love. Maybe this book will inspire you to look back, even anticipate learning about the unseen loves you passed ove... more
  • Tarboro Tea Party

    by James Lupton
    Set against the background of the Second World War, a proud old Southern family encounters the changing world of the mid-twentieth century. Sadie, happy wife of Warren and mother of four, finds herself caught in a game of pretentions with Minerva, a compulsive social climber. A surprising plot begins when Sadie accidentally meets Hadrian, her first love, now Minerva?s husband. Many changes come as the war progresses and Warren returns to Navy duty. Sadie and Hadrian are forced into closer contac... more
  • All in God's Glory

    by Curtis Cliff “Chip” Kell
    This book takes you on a life long journey from being adopted by two loving people to the College Football Hall Of Fame. Along the way you will read adout all the trials and tribulations of a record setting athlete trying to make life defining decisions plus having to deal with a premature, unexpected, unprepared, career ending injury.
  • Growing Up in Barbados

    by Sereta Belgrave
    Growing Up in Barbados is set in the idyllic and beautiful island of Barbados, in the fifties, it tells of one woman's endearing story. Louise the main character was one of six siblings, each with a different father. Her childhood was plagued with poverty. She was often sad as she did not know her real father and hated men as a result. She was very beautiful by Barbadian standard, as she was the product of a British man name Charles, and her African mother Naomi. During her early teen years and ... more
  • The Good Goodbye

    by Jennifer Cheek
    After the sudden and unexpected loss of Griffin's Papaw, moving on was difficult and hard to understand. Griffin couldn't stop wondering where Papaw went or why he didn't get the chance to say goodbye. After saying a special prayer, Griffin may finally find the peace he was looking for.
  • Tibetan Buddhism and Ego: Redirecting the River

    by Michael Boyajian

    The ego and water are powerful forces but redirecting them is possible and so too our economic and political systems.

  • Welcome to My People Garden: A Look at Relationships Through the Perspective of the Parable of the Sower

    by Eva Fulton
    Welcome to My People Garden will introduce you to the parable of the sower in a different light where you find the applicability in todays world. You will learn to explore and develop your relationship within your own backyard, grow your relationship with yourself, with God, to develop better relationships with other people. When you work your people garden with intention of growth and harvest while working the ground, then you will discover that your relationships will be bountiful in ways you ... more
  • OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation

    by Chris Paige
    OtherWise Christian: A Guidebook for Transgender Liberation by Mx. Chris Paige is a love letter to transgender communities, a self defense manual against Bible abuse and Christian trans-antagonism, and the beginning of a historical record of how far we have come. OtherWise Christian reviews 25 years of transgender-affirming biblical scholarship. Mx. Chris Paige argues that the Bible shows us story after story of OtherWise-gendered people being used by God to further the kingdom. Yet, we have ... more
  • My Journey to Enjoying My life

    by Karin Thompson
    My Journey To Enjoying My Life is a heartfelt, dynamic true life story of Karin. This must-read book details the events of her early childhood abuse, her struggles with the feeling of being unloved by her parents and the fears that developed from her fight to just be normal. Karin takes you on a dynamic journey of how she struggled with the same patterns of control that were instilled in her as a child when she herself became an adult and had her own family. She goes into deep detail on how s... more
  • The Good Dog

    by Walker Jean Mills
    The Good Dog is an allegory about how to love, accept, and show compassion to others through the eyes of a girl's love for her dog.
  • 978-0764211249

    by Bill Giovannetti
  • The Prayer Closet, Praying Effective Prayers

    by Godwin Arisa

    The premise of this book is that God is always willing and stands ready to change anything in the life of a believer, whatever it maybe, that does not bring him glory, if you communicate (pray) the need to him the right way. Within this premise, the spotlight is on the brand of prayer described in scripture as “The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”, James 5:16. This is the preferred communication mode for requisitions and experiencing the miraculous from God... more

  • The Son Of Perdition's Takeover Of The World

    by R.W. Curtis
    An unveiling of events occurring in the last days that were predicted in the book of Revelation. The book explains the efforts of both political and religious enemies of Christ Jesus from the first century until now to thwart his return.