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  • Crow From the Shadow (Special Edition): Overcoming Self Doubt with Positive Thinking (Special)

    by Olaolu Ogunyemi
    Crow is a very intelligent and talented bird with a bright future! He could be an architect, a professional athlete, or even a military leader... But there is one problem-- The Shadow will not allow Crow to succeed. Join Crow as he learns the secret to defeating The Shadow and achieving success! Parents, teachers, and mentors, Crow From the Shadow is an easy-to-read story that teaches children a valuable life lesson--YOU control your destiny! The story includes Fun Facts and four "Continue th... more
  • Living in a Time of Dying: Cries of Grief, Rage, Love, and Hope

    by Meghan Elizabeth Tauck
    Living in a Time of Dying is a spiritual manifesto for our times. It undertakes the sobering task of inviting us to feel the full weight of not only the inevitability of death, but the impending collapse of our human civilization, as evidenced through the social, psychospiritual, and ecological crises that we face in the 21st century on this planet Earth. Written for all those struggling with grief and fear about the future of our world, it offers a deeply poignant and compassionate vision for... more
  • Christian Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    by Lauren Roskilly
    Learn how to refocus your mind from negative mindsets and limiting beliefs to becoming mindful of Christ. CBCBT is a course of 8 sessions, combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy questions & techniques with scripture, prayer and biblical meditation. This book also includes, how to's, go- to scriptures for different emotions and struggles and testimonies which will encourage, up- lift and help you in your own journey.
  • Living a Parable

    by Silvia Davis
    Using entertaining true stories from throughout the author's life, Living a Parable demonstrates in a relatable way how God uses life to teach us lessons. Each chapter is followed with thought-provoking takeaways as well as a call to action for the reader and scripture references.
  • Messiah, Jesus Christ, Gives Us the New Hope

    by Andrew Woo Young Choi

    There is a saying in Asian classical battle principle by Sun Tzu (c. 6th century BC) who was a Chinese General, military strategist, and author of The Art of War, an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy; said, . "Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles. Know yourself but not your enemy, find level of loss and victory. Know thy enemy but not yourself, wallow in defeat every time." (知彼知己,百戰不殆)

    From the moment of human bei... more

  • I Am Sequoia, A Pinecone's Adventure

    by E.P.Clanton
    I Am Sequoia, A Pinecone’s Adventure An adventure of self-discovery, from small beginnings, through the challenges of life, to becoming something greater. Follow along this little pinecone’s journey and experience the seasons of growth together!
  • The Atheist and The Afterlife: An Autobiography

    by Ray Catania
    What would happen if an atheist visited the afterlife? Once an atheist, now a clairvoyant medium. Follow one man’s extreme transformation in this multifaceted memoir, which brings you through a life filled with trauma, death, denial, personal development, paranormal experiences, mediumship, spiritual gifts, true love, and triumph in his ultimate search for enlightenment. Based on real-life accounts of the author.
  • What Marty Couldn't See

    by Bryant Johnson Jr.
    Marty is a nice mole who simply enjoys eating. A LOT. Only one problem, Marty is a messy eater. He is messy because he has trouble seeing. This adorable little fellow is not so adorable when it comes to his poor eating etiquette. This rhyming picture book follows Marty along with his constant attempts at feeding only to upset the neighbor’s lawns he gets into. It wouldn’t be so bad if he wouldn’t leave their lawns in shambles. “So he’d run away back into his hole.” One of the neighbors catches u... more
  • Children of the Stars

    by Ka-sekhem Asar-lockwood
    There's a timeless legacy about Man's Divinity echoing from the ruins of Ancient temples and monuments around the globe. The Great Pyramids of Africa (Egypt and Nubia) speak of this legacy as an Arabic Proverb utters, "Man fears time, but time fears the Pyramids." Who build these monuments of Eternity that express a Supreme Intelligence of Man that outshines our present day Genius? Who is the Father of Ancient civilization? Written in stone are divine scripts (Medu Netcher commonly called Hierog... more
  • A Journey To Unshakable Faith

    by Sydney Witbeck
    A castle surrounded by enemy soldiers. A king and queen with no help in sight. A damsel in distress. It all sounds like something right out of a fairy tale. But for Esther of Alvastia, this is no fairy tale. It's a nightmare. Left with no other option, fourteen-year-old Esther is forced to leave the castle for her own safety, not knowing if she will ever see her mother and father again. With only a pack of food and her faithful horse Onyx, Esther sets off on an adventure to find her mot... more
  • Abraham's Great Love

    by Louie T. McClain II
    Journey with Melanin Origins as we share a short story about Abraham, the “Father of Many Nations”, and how his life lines up with the Fruit of the Spirit: Love. As a believer dedicated to doing God’s Will, Abraham lived a life that demonstrated love for all mankind. At Melanin Origins, our motto is, “Channeling The Greatness That Lies Within.” It is our belief that this “greatness” derives from the unique spirit that God has given to each and every human in the world. Melanin Origins ALL ... more
  • Yoga and Self-Enquiry

    by Lucy E Johnson
    This practical guidebook is suitable for both beginners as well as more advanced practitioners of Yoga. PART 1 focuses on the teachings of Self-enquiry as presented by Śri Ramana Maharshi and other luminaries in the field of Advaita Vedānta. PART 2 summarizes the teachings of Yoga and details how a keen seeker can put into daily practice Patañjali’s eight limbs of yoga to achieve their ultimate aim: Kaivalya or final liberation. Providing much more than an introduction to Yoga and Vedānt... more
  • Conflicted Faith

    by Graham Seel
    Conflicted Faith is a devotional commentary on John Donne's Holy Sonnets. These evocative, personal, raw poems are put into a modern context and speak for all people on a journey of faith. Personal stories, explanations of Donne's poetic imagery and biblical allusions, and extensive Scriptural quotes of hope and promise lead the reader through Donne's own spiritual growth into their own.
  • Through My Christian Prism, or at the Port Rail

    by Larry Clayton
    Larry Clayton brings a refreshing, Christian perspective to these essays that examine the human condition, sharing his thoughts on everything from the flighty and humorous to the serious and transcendent. His musings and insights--almost of all of which were published as op-ed columns in the Sunday edition of the Tuscaloosa News in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and national newspapers like the LA Times, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Times, and Miami Herald—seek to make sense of life. In the... more
  • Trial of God

    by Dr. Sandip Saha
    God is integral part of human life whether we believe in It or not. Even atheists cannot deny the existence of a Supreme Power that handles and run the whole universe. God is not only influencing believers it influences non-believers as well. For example when tsunami, earth quake, super cyclone or pandemic comes it does not see whether you believe in God or not. Over thousands of years different religions have been preached. Though all the religions talk about the Supreme Power in different name... more
  • Finding Faith Hope and Love in a Broken World

    by Yvonne M Morgan
    We live in a broken, sin-filled world that desperately needs to know Christ. Our faith, hope, and love of Christ can be a beacon shining in the darkness that guides others safely to shore. Maybe, like me, you are wondering how we can make a difference. Through this book, I hope to show us the importance of sharing our faith during these difficult times. Many people desperately search in all the wrong places to fill the void they feel. As Christians, we have what they seek. Let’s share our confid... more