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  • A Feast of Prayers: Liturgy to Holy Mystery

    by Beverly Lanzetta
    A Feast of Prayers: Liturgy to Holy Mystery expresses the song of the soul, an inner depth of feeling spontaneously overflowing in words of praise, petition, thanksgiving, and lament. It is, as well, a call to prayer, to follow a liturgy during designated times of the day in a weekly cycle. The impulse to pray is universal. From the moment of birth, until death stills our breath, each human heart, each soul, recites a ceaseless prayer, the very existence of our spirit in physical form an invo... more
  • Being Creative

    by Laura Bartnick
    As a Christian living resource, BEING CREATIVE is a unique look at how God in Christ is the source of all creativity. "The book offers a path toward fulfillment and purpose, featuring many biblical references that will help readers develop a strong awareness of the sacredness of their creative endeavors." —Arya Fomonyuy BEING CREATIVE is especially geared toward young adults and college classes relating to the theology of anthropology and also the creative capacity of language arts to write and ... more
  • The Victory of the New Man and Mysteries of God

    by Joel Zao

    This book completes a series on Paul's Letter to the Romans. Chasing Truth focused on Chapters 1-8 of the Letter, All Israel Shall Be Saved focused on Chapters 9-11. This final installment is a discussion of Chapters 12-16, which illustrates the practical application of the truths of the previous two books, providing a proper conclusion to the study.
    Paul's Letter to the Romans lays the foundation of the faith he delivered to the Christian churches he founded in the first century... more

  • The Jesus Chronicles

    by Jack Moser
    While Dr. Moser has written numerous poems regarding his relationships with his indwelling God, this is his first venture into the spiritual world. He takes issue with the common thinking about Judas Iscariot and Mary Magdalene. He then follows Jesus through his last supper, Good Friday, and crucifixion. Subsequent to his historical moments, he discusses the issues among Jesus, his dad, and his sister, Shekhinah. They decide to start a new planet, Lush, and start a new story with a new beginning... more
  • Passion of the Slave Girls

    by Edward N Brown
    A moving and emotional guide to little-known saints and martyrs – the servile and unprivileged slave girls – poor, humble, and simple – Remarkable women of unbelievable strength, courage, and integrity! They overcame all adversity and paid the highest price for faith and freedom! They were true heroes! They must be remembered! This is a book for all people who value faith, freedom, and equality – and want to see it preserved amidst secular, socialist, and divisive pressures – espe... more
  • Saint, Martyr, Virgin, Slave: Faith and Freedom Forever

    by Edward N Brown
    A moving and emotional guide to little-known saints and martyrs – the virgins and the slaves – Remarkable women of unbelievable strength, courage, and integrity! They paid the highest price for faith, freedom, and virtue. They were truly heroes! They must be remembered! This is a book for all people who value faith, freedom, and virtue – and want to see it preserved amidst secular, socialist, and popular pressures – especially young women, immigrants, minorities, and people wh... more
  • Cancer, Yet Cancer Again: But I Will Not Die, Before I'm Dead

    by Karen Rice
    This book chronicles my life’s true experiences during my journey with not only once cancer diagnose, but two. With the words, phrases of each statement and poems, I wish to make a positive impact on someone who’s ill or otherwise, where they can proceed life in a whole new way.
  • Real, Not Perfect How to Become Your Happy, Authentic Self

    by Holly Raychelle Hughes
    Real, Not Perfect How to Become Your Happy, Authentic Self is for every person who lost themselves along the way. It's for the woman who made herself smaller in a marriage, the caretakers who feel invisible and exhausted, and the people who can't say no to anyone. It’s for individuals who play a role in their family, at work, and with their friends but bite their tongue, keeping their true thoughts and feelings hidden. Real, Not Perfect will guide you to recover your authentic self through t... more
  • The Hidden Gospel of Thomas: Commentaries on the Non-Dual Sayings of Jesus

    by William G. Duffy
    This ancient collection of Jesus sayings, half of which were previously unknown when discovered in 1945, opens up a whole new area of research for Biblical scholars. William G. Duffy's book is the first of its kind to thoroughly and systematically examine this gospel's "hidden" sayings in the light of non-dualism, the timeless worldview and philosophy of oneness. What is particularly unique about Duffy's work is the meticulous literary analysis he brings to this study. In his investigation of ea... more
  • In God's House

    by Chaleta Paige-Williams
    It’s never too early to share Gods word. Your little one will enjoy listening to the scriptures and celebrate the Sabbath from a child’s perspective. “In Gods House” tells the story of a shared yet unique Christian experience through the eyes of a young child. In addition, the illustrators use of bright bold colors is intriguing and will lure your little one in. “In Gods House” will capture the imagination of both the young and old. The rhythmic text is energetic, fun and refreshing. Author Chal... more
  • Pearls of Wisdom from Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz

    by Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz
    A stirring and inspiring compilation of Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz’s divine, spiritual, and mystical thoughts  Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz was one of the greatest rabbis of the eighteenth century. Even as a child, he was renowned as one of the rare geniuses of his time. Among the most revered Torah scholars of the last 300 years, Rabbi Eybeshitz was also a prolific writer, preacher, and Kabbalah master. His innumerable writings cover all areas of Jewish Learning, including the Talmud, Jewish Law... more

    by Flying Phone

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    by K5 International

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  • It's The Rest Of Your Story Who You Are

    by Neeraj Duhoon
    So, what’s your story as of now…. Are you happy with yourself? Are you leading a purposeful and meaningful life? Are you enjoying a prosperous and wealthy financial life? Are you happy with your personal relationships? In case, your answer is “NO” to any of the above mentioned questions, then this book is a MUST READ. “The shortest distance to human minds is Story.” When we are not able to know something directly, which we want to know, we apply an indirect method. For examp... more
  • Smile, God Loves You

    by Mark Restaino
    How does God heal our emotional hurts? Every child experiences feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, and fear. This beautifully illustrated and rhyming children’s book, by youth minister, Mark Restaino, follows a young photographer and her friends as she witnesses their struggles in one moment and captures their redeeming reactions in the next.