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  • Encounters with Living Language

    by Christina Donnell, PhD
    Encounters with Living Language: Surrendering to the Power of Words chronicles a series of illuminations occasioned by language and its deeper function in human awakening. Drawing from her experiences of ninety-two language illuminations and the subsequent changes in the structure and quality of her awareness, Christina reveals the unfolding of a transfiguration in perception through the embodiment of language. As sensory impressions of the spoken or written word deepened within her, thought gav... more
  • Meant 4 More

    by Brian Thomson
    Are you struggling? Feeling empty? You have a destiny! Read this book to discover the next chapter of your life! In MEANT 4 MORE, Brian Thomson shares how he discovered a NEW calling. It is an inspiring story of Home of Hope, a rescue initiative that serves thousands of children and families around the world. The moving, heartfelt stories of people who have received hope, dignity, and a future will change how you see yourself and the world around you. No matter who you are, where you live,... more
  • Gift for the Messenger: An Illuminating Journey

    by Fireflysue
    Gift for the Messenger is the storytelling of a life’s creative and magical experience through their trust and acceptance of the unknown. As a gifted human is challenged to deliver a message from the spirit of a plant medicine to an unapproachable recipient! Surprising events unfold as an earthly messenger is asked by Spirit to deliver a message during her own extraordinary experience in a Peruvian Ayahuasca Center. Her journey coincides with the message she has been asked to deliver, this r... more
  • A Life Well Lived: Air Force Pilot, Extended Sailing, Enthusiastic Living

    by Dean Bates
    This book is not an autobiography but instead is a book filled with life experiences from which the author recognizes the help from the Lord. Along with this adventurous journey through his life, the author interjects inspiration to help the reader be encouraged to view his own personal experiences in a similar way, finding hope and joy. "From the fullness of His Grace, we have all received one blessing after another." John 1:16
  • The Johannine Comma – 1 John 5 ; 7 - 8

    by Christian Peter John Bahnerth, Ph.D.
    ABSTRACT The study of the Comma Johanneum came to me early in my academic development, Where I was exposed to very different opinions on 1 John 5 in particular reading about the impact of verses 6 to 8 in various languages including English, German, and due to lack of further study, Greek and Latin. As middle age is past and my comfort in life was decreasing, I decided to try to write a study paper on it. After 6 years of study, writing, and re-writing this study, this is the end-result that lea... more
  • The Keys to Unity

    by Angel Rachel
    This book has rhetoric thought invoking message and statement of knowledgeable influence. Channeled guidance and direction. This is a multi faceted journey which may be adaptable to the reader from their own levelled perception. With guidance in a Socrates deliverance and also translative guidance from my own perspective.
  • Magnificat: A God Who Never Stopped Considering Women

    by Debbie Blue
    WOMEN THAT BREAK THE RULE RULES AND MAKE THEMSELVES VISIBLE. THOUGHT AND ACTION PROVOKING. INTIMATE, FURIOUS AND LOVING, DEBBIE BLUE GIVES VOICE TO THE WOMEN OF THE BIBLE AS TOGETHER THEY TURN THE TABLE OF PATRIARCHY. "The sayings of the wise are like goads," warned a preacher of old: words that are not as restful as one might expect. The wise speak and are goaded into action. Or perhaps the community works and the wise merely capture its hidden wisdom -words and deeds that can be more disru... more
  • Black Religiosity: A Biblical and Historical Perspective

    by Eugene Sherman
    Even though the practice of religion was outlawed for slaves beginning in the early 1600s, they often met in secret to worship; nothing could erase their belief in God and their commitment to family. In Black Religiosity: A Biblical and Historical Perspective, Dr. E. G. Sherman presents a collection of essays focusing on the eclectic religious experiences of the African American people from the beginning of slavery in 1619 through emancipation in 1863. Through these previously voiced sermon... more
  • A Coffee with Archangels

    by Isa Millot
    A new kind of coaching! It is in a spirit of sharing that the author challenges the codes of classical spirituality. The Archangels reveal step by step how to unlock your full potential and live a fulfilled, free and creative life.
  • The Date of Christ's Return

    by Arnold V Page
    A clear, comprehensive and authoritative interpretation of Biblical prophecy concerning Jesus Christ's promise to return as Saviour and King. Beginning with an examination of the alarming state of the earth, The Date of Christ's Return shows how the teachings of the Bible and of early Jewish and Christian scholars unanimously lead to a definite date for Christ's second coming. It includes a complete explanation of the book of Revelation plus the answers to multiple questions concerning resurrec... more
  • Sparks of Wisdom from Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz

    by Rabbi Yacov Barber
    Ancient Jewish Teachings Applied to a Modern World Drawing from his vast knowledge of Torah, Kabbalah, Talmud, and other ancient writings, Rabbi Yehonatan Eybeshitz continues to teach us about the inner and outer world—more than 250 years after his passing. Rabbi Yaacov Barber, a master of inner wisdom, uses ancient and modern wisdom to inspire and motivate the Jewish community throughout the world. In Pearls of Wisdom, he uses his unique skills to transform Rabbi Eybeshitz’s eighteenth-centur... more
  • Not Over Yet: A Single Mom's Guide to Reclaiming Hope

    by Stephanie Bartelt
    Not Over Yet is an essential addition to the single mom's life, as Stephanie gives practical, biblical advice to address crucial subjects such as: healing from trauma, praying over children, finding joy every day, dating well, leading your family, and more. This inspirational book is an engaging read and an incredible encouragement to single moms from all walks of life.
  • Whole Bible Prophecy: Horror and Hope

    by Bruce S. Bertram
    This book is not for everyone. There is no ear-tickling newspaper headlines. It doesn't support The Church or reassure people that they can keep doing whatever they believe is right outside of God's will and they won't have to suffer. Whole Bible Prophecy is for real believers: those who genuinely and with a whole heart want to actually do what God instructs. It is for strengthening faith and helping believers build their houses on The Rock of God's Word. Mere churchgoers and those who desperate... more
  • Nicolaitan: Lords of Hypocrisy

    by Bruce S. Bertram
    About 30 years after the ascension of Jesus, Paul warns the Ephesian elders in Acts 20:29–30 ESV: “I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them.” About 30 years after this Jesus warned the Ephesians about Nicolaitans and said He "hates their works." Are the Nicolaitans and the wolves speaking twisted things in Paul's warning the same? Did the... more
  • Whole Bible Christianity: Blessings Pressed Down and Overflowing

    by Bruce S. Bertram
    Many books about the Bible focus on what a person can get from God; Whole Bible Christianity is about what we can give Him. Bruce S. Bertram rediscovers and relays for us simple, free, concrete principles from God’s living oracles that will help the believer touch God, strengthen faith, and grow more fruit of the Spirit.
  • New Earth, Bringing It Home

    by Joy-An Tucker

    From bedbugs to bliss––Using lively stories, Joy-An Tucker takes the reader on an inner and outer journey that is simultaneously practical, mystical, and often humorous as she upgrades her ordinary home into a Temple of New Earth. Taking home decorating to a bold new level, she inspires the reader to create heaven on earth in their own sacred space right here, right now.