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  • Ivan the 1/2 Inch Worm

    by Jason Gangwish
    Ivan does many things very well. One thing he doesn't do so well is do his best. It takes a life lesson for Ivan to realize the importance of doing his best in everything he does. As adults we understand the reality of under-enthusiastic children when something is asked -- and under-motivated adults when we need to do something! The message of doing your best can be applied to all ages.
  • Lord of Our Emotions: From Redheaded Stepchild to My Happy Place in God

    by Sharon Harrington Howard

    If you've ever felt like an outcast or as if you don’t fit in, you may find yourself in this book. The author was an abused “redheaded stepchild” and felt as if she didn't belong anywhere. Many people suffer with emotional wounds and Sharon Howard, has written a book addressing these issues.

    Sharon tells her powerful story of difficult early life experiences and of her descent into the depths of depression, suicidal thoughts, and the edge of me... more

  • Reflections On Living A Christian Life

    by Wayne Johnston / DRAGONBOOKS
    The author has written this book to offer knowledge given to him by God through his Holy Spirit and through many years of personal prayer, education and study to anyone everywhere. The book attempts to discuss the process a Christian follows from when he becomes a believer to when they die and are resurrected to eternal life. The book also discusses the above from a personal perspective.
  • Power to Pray: God's Immense Purposes for Our Simple Prayers

    by Don Andreson
    There is-or at least ought to be-power in prayer. The Bible, after all, is filled with stories of people who prayed and saw amazing results. Jesus, our Discipler, besides praying often and with the clear expectation of results, taught us &l
  • 978-1540365712

    by Horace Williams Jr
    Williams Jr. briefly and eloquently uses a blend of personal story and relevant Bible scripture references to demonstrate the power of prayer. This book is excellent for seasoned prayer warriors, and those starting on their faith journey. Packed with scriptural truth, instruction, and illustrations this book is a tremendous resource for believers.
  • Letting Go Is All We Have To Hold Onto

    by Gregg Eisenberg

    All humor is philosophy. And according to Austrian linguist Ludwig Wittgenstein: "An entire treatise of philosophy could be written that consists entirely of humorous statements." The Mexican poet Cesar Cruz said: "All art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable."  Teacher and author Evan Hodkins wrote: "The next religion will be a catalog of jokes... more

  • Our Favorite Psalms ISBN: 978-1939267412

    by Healthy Life Press, LLC
    We asked our more than thirty contributors to choose their favorite Psalm and to explain how that Psalm (or part of it) had become meaningful or ministered to them at a particular point in their lives. Our goal was to create for you a one-a-day, thirty-day diet of God-inspired help-full and hope-filled passages of Scripture that would feed your soul and make it sing. Be prepared for a blitzkrieg of truth, brought to your soul on the wings of story. Like nuggets of gold in settings of silver, ... more
  • Our Favorite Verses ISBN: 978-1939267917

    by Healthy Life Press, LLC
    Our Favorite Verses, Part 1 of the Series – Food for Your Soul is a collection of ‘favorite’ Scripture passages from nearly thirty contributors who share their stories of how the Word of God helped them, when they really needed help, in some very practical way. It is a veritable smorgasbord for your soul. Our Favorite Verses is organized to match the need of your moment. For example, when you’re so pressed that you only have time for some fast food, you can snack on a short devotional from th... more
  • Restore My Spirit, O God: Inspiration for Regaining What's Been Lost

    by Jeffery J Horacek, O.D.

    Your Spirit, Restored!

    Restore My Spirit, O God--Inspiration for Regaining What's Been Lost is much more than a daily devotional--this is your spiritual handbook, your spiritual guide--to be used alongside your Bible to reconnect your severed and lost spirit with God's Spirit and to stay connected and become spiritually mature, active, and vibrant. Written in an easy-to-use daily devotional format, this spiritual handbook and guide contains the essential tools required ... more

  • Don't Be Bitter

    by Shawnte Kinney
    What would you do if you woke up one day and found your life had been turned upside down? What if your husband of 15 years told you that he wanted a divorce? This is the situation Shawnte Kinney found herself in. In this first book of her new series, Shawnte takes us with her on a very personal journey, and along the way enlightens us on the real meaning of leaning on God. This journey shows us how God uses difficult circumstances and unexpected changes as a medium for growth and surprising self... more
  • Final Conflict Mysteries of the ages

    by Yisrael Ben yahudah
    the book starts in the book of Revelations13, takes you through the layers of hidden mysteries, origins, the destiny of this world, Hidden Knowledge and Ancient codes Buried deep in Conspiracy Revealed in the ancient text. 36 years of Investigative research dozens of eyewitnesses Historian Genealogist DNA studies that walk you through the mysteries of the ages the Prophecies uncovers from the deep Corruption of Doctrines and religions and western scholars and societies many agenda's to conc... more
  • Aki & Paris

    by Mimi Chester
    The inspiration for this story came from my two pets, Aki and Paris. Both are like little kids: cute, gentle, and very affectionate. And yet, like many kids, they are also silly, cunning, mischievous, and naughty. This could be the real story of an American family?a mom, dad, and their two kids, a boy and a girl. To be more precise, the two kids are not exactly kids but an adopted white puppy and a rescued Maine Coon kitten. The family is as diverse as any other American family today. One of the... more
  • Jesus Throughout Eternity: The Story of the Son of God

    by Rayfiel G Mychal
    Why is Jesus known as the Son of God? Find out how God the Father created the universe for Jesus, with Jesus, and through Jesus. Explore how Jesus has been active throughout eternity serving as our guide and reconciler to the Father. See how Jesus emptied Himself and gave up His divinity so that He could die for us on the Cross and thus uniting humanity back to the Father. Not only that but learn how He has remained with us through the Eucharist and through many saints who have served as Chr... more
  • High On God

    by Matt Spinks
    Welcome to the High on God experience! Are you experienced!? This is more than a book! It’s an invitation into a life-long experience of ecstatic joy and bliss! There are very few books in the world which carry this kind of energy to release holy laughter and a supernatural high! The world is often filled with so much discouragement, depression, and striving just to be happy. This book presents an actual solution in a radical approach to Jesus!! For many, the message of Jesus has not b... more
  • The Irreducible Primary: A Dialogue on Nature, Spirituality, and the Human Condition

    by Rob Taylor
    The Irreducible Primary is an unapologetic challenge to our perspectives on spirituality and how they are applied to the constructs of human conduct. From the very beginning of this book, Rob Taylor guides readers through a deep dive of their inner spaces and reveals the energetic necessity for practicing disciplined mindfulness and meditation activities.
  • My Life as a Mermaid - A Tale to Be Shared

    by Michelle D. Smith
    My Life As A Mermaid is my offering to fellow spiritual seekers in the hope of bring solace to those who always knew a better world should exist. Perhaps, We ARE the ones chosen to bring that better world into reality.