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  • The Watchmen Call(opening of the Fourthseal): REV 6:7,8

    by Dr.Sasha Yocheved
    The Watchmen gives warning to the children of Israel that it is time to repent of all their sins. Judgement is coming soon. Yeshua is the lamb of God that will judge the earth at the opening of the fourth seal, Rev 6:7,8.
  • The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness

    by Dr. Sasha Yocheved
    About A Princess Of The 12 Tribes Of Israel, and Prophetess Struggle In Darkness. Faced With Severe Oppression And Rejection By A Society That lost It's Compassion. Overcoming Weakness, By Conquering God's Marvelous Light(John 8:12)... Thru The Word Of Faith. Destroyed The Enemy In One's life. Just have to go up another level in your life.
  • Sidetracked

    by Brandilyn Collins
    Delanie Miller has built a new life, having fled her real identity after being accused of killing her mother. Years later, when Delanie Miller's close friend is murdered, she faces a terrible choice: save the new life she has created for herself, or save an innocent man from going to prison for the murder.
  • The Plateau of Remembrance

    by Michael Moon
    The pilgrimage of the great wanderer Zearben, into the uncharted dreamtime mirage lands. A new hero has arrived, this time from the Australian Desert. 'THE PLATEAU OF REMEMBRANCE' examines aspects and qualities of the human condition, in relation to nature's sublime paradoxes. A quality adult read away from the confines of busy contemporary urban life.
  • The Book of Love on Knowing Love, Finding Love, and Keeping Love

    by Dr Maha Khalid
    I am not sure I truly wrote this book myself. I was preoccupied with the subject of love. I suffered in love like us all and struggled to understand why we miss it in our lives. Why we seem to be distant to a constant perpetual disappointment. I wanted to know what that we missed, what is that we do not know, what is that we need to learn to find true love in our lives. Then it happened. I was in a state of never-ending questioning when one day I felt as if the whole world was shut off and all m... more
  • The Avocado Tree: An Immigrant's Journey

    by Roxanne Mapp

    2013 - Indie Book Award Finalist - Best Design Non - Fiction 2012 - International Book Award Finalist Multicultural Non - Fiction 

    Award-winning book: The Avocado Tree: An Immigrant´s Journey author Roxanne Catherine Mapp ... more

  • Made To Shine

    by Becca Nicholson
    Who could you be if you really did shine? You weren't made to settle for status quo. Here’s your invitation to a life that takes on any challenge and radiates remarkable beauty. Based on a song written for a teen girl crushed by bullies, “Made To Shine” has become an anthem for young women everywhere, created with purpose and infused with God’s love. Elissa and Becca share their real, honest stories and unrelenting passion for Jesus Christ in every page. Get to know these sisters, who have... more
  • The Plateau of Remembrance

    by Michael Moon
    The pilgrimage of the Great Wanderer Ze-ar-ben, into the uncharted dreamtime mirage lands. A new hero has arrived, this time from the Australian Desert. 'The Plateau Of Remembrance' examines aspects and qualities of the human condition, in relation to nature's sublime paradoxes.
  • God's Song: Psalms in Rhyming Meter

    by Sandy Betgur

    Seventy of the Bible's most loved psalms translated into rhyming poetry. Each psalm-poem is followed by a worship activity: something to pray for, think about, or do. According to Kirkus Review, God's Song

  • On a Quest for Christ: Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey

    by Lisa Wulf
    Understanding your personal journey opens a door to new spiritual growth. "On a Quest for Christ," a 30-day devotional, will help you trace your steps from the first whispers of faith to resting in God's arms. Gentle questions guide the telling of your story while prayers and comforting scripture enrich your reflections. The Christ Quest Time Map helps you see the path ahead as you look back on your journey. Experience healing and hope as you deepen your spiritual self-awareness and find Christ ... more
  • Jude's Gentle Giants

    by Les Graham
    Jude Bonner is a young Christian man in high school growing up in rural Minnesota in 2005 with a dream of owning a team of Percheron draft horses. Follow him as he works toward that goal with the help of his family and his neighbor, Quin Olson a Minnesota bachelor. Jude ends up with two young Percheron foals Pete and Joe in a very unusual way. Jude struggles with sleep deprivation, exhaustion, and doubt as he fights to keep his colts alive. Follow the bond that is forged between Jude and his col... more
  • Soul on the Run

    by Robin Korth
    Soul on the Run is the gut-wrenchingly honest portrayal of one woman’s search for herself, and her refusal to continue playing the game of “let’s pretend everything is okay.” What’s more, it reminds us—when we are honest with ourselves—we can start life over at any age. Korth’s words are pithy and raw, sometimes almost brutal, and often just plain funny. There are common sense insights into doing life and a sometimes mystic questing into the hidden avenues of the human heart. To read this book i... more
  • Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light

    by Jay Norry

    Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light is a spiritual autobiographical novel chronicling the return of "Nobody" from the brink of despair and looming death as he begins to comprehend the truth of his Divine nature. The story takes place in the mountains of the Puget Sound, but transforms to an ethereal meeting with a mysterious rescuer - known as Somebody - who guides the young man on a journey of inner exploration taking him from hopelessness to joy.