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  • Unraveling Fairy Tales - Bible Study Book: Learning to Live Happily Ever After

    by Kim A. Larson
    Living happily ever after isn’t reserved for fairy tales or the afterlife. It’s for us—today! God wants us to live abundant, productive, and happy lives. Yet, it’s not always easy when we live in an imperfect, sin-ravaged world. How is happily ever after possible? In this 10-session study, you’ll learn God’s how-to answers. Each story highlights a common problem hindering our happiness. Through Bible stories, spiritual principles and insights, and personal examples, Unraveling Fairy Tal... more
  • New Proof of God & Satan

    by James L. Ryave
    This nonfiction book provides new proof of God & Satan, including the first photograph of Satan derived through God’s ingenious plan. It includes practical guidance for how to protect yourself and others against evil as well as approaches to addressing current global problems (prevent nuclear war, eradicate racism and xenophobia, reduce gun violence, improve law enforcement and community relations, reduce substance abuse, prevent suicide, etc.). Join the author on a triumphant adventure overco... more
  • 978-0-9657389-2-7

    by Sylvia Bambola
    The Coming Deception: What everyone needs to know about the dangers ahead What’s going on in the world? Why does it seem like everything is going downhill? How did we get here? And what does our future look like? Are there “invisible” hands behind a curtain pulling the strings? How does God figure into it? How does man? Or Satan? Knowing how it all started can give us a clearer picture and make it easier to understand why we are in this state and where we are headed next.
  • A Gem of Worth

    by Mary L. Ball
    Aaron, the High Priest of the Hebrews’ was fitted with a breastplate created from twelve magnificent stones. These gems connect to our Birthstones. The spiritual meaning of these stones, and their colors, hold an insight to your aspirations and believing in all God has in store for you. What does your birth month reveal? Bonus; Flowers and meanings.
  • Dharma: For Awakening and Social Change

    by Maetreyii Ma Nolan, Ph.D.
    This award-winning book’s exploration of our personal and collective relationship to spiritual truths is both insightful and resonant. It affirms that we are part of an interwoven, interconnected network of life, a deep harmony that we can learn to access through Dharma. When we return to these timeless truths, we open the possibility of healing, both for ourselves and our planet. This book explores how you can walk the path of harmony and truth, Dharma, to find your own healing and bring h... more
  • Weathering the Storms: Living with and Understanding Epilepsy

    by Jon Sadler

    Hope is the anchor to the soul and not everyone has this, especially those struggling with seizure disorders. Weathering the Storms is the personal experience of living with epilepsy of someone who never gives up and earns a Masters Degree as part of recovery to get his brain to recover. It provides education and hope to those struggling with the unknowns of seizures, including the caregivers. It starts with the history of the disease, the types and triggers of seizures in laymen terms and fi... more

  • Regaining Paradise

    by Paul Corson
    At age 10, Paul Corson spontaneously transcended this life into the next—he went to the Other Side, but without a near-death experience. In Regaining Paradise, Corson, a true mystic, tells us what happened on that visit and two that followed, and he answers our biggest questions: Is there a God, and if so, what is the fundamental nature of the infinite force? What happens to us after we die? If there is a heaven, how will we experience it? Inspired by these life-changing, transcendental experien... more
  • Productive Intuition: Connecting to the Subtle

    by AdaPia d'Errico
    In a world where it's hard to know who to trust anymore, it's more important than ever to trust yourself. 'Productive Intuition: Connecting to the Subtle' is the first book to explore the intersection of science and spirituality through story and the senses to immediately bring you into alignment with your Inner Authority. Bridging the seemingly disparate functions of intellect and intuition, you will discover the most incredible sense of empowerment. You will connect into a deep reservoir of st... more
  • Scripture Memorization Journal

    by Sereta Collington
    Scripture memorization is slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, this is a necessary practice for anyone who wants to live a life that is pleasing to God. Scripture memorization is an essential tool to rebuke the enemy and all unrighteousness. This book is a blank journal writing prompts. However, the statements are repetitive actions you will be taking daily. Each week is the makeup of seven days with the same direction each day, that will help you to practice working with the scriptu... more
  • The Through Jounal: How to Journal Through Anything with Christ

    by Sereta Collington
    This journal is an investment, a secret diary of how to function while living in the external world as a child of God. But if you are a permanent resident of earth, I must warn you... this journal will change you. You will want to pack up and move out of residency-it would be for the best anyway. The Through Journal has three major parts they are yearly, monthly, and weekly. Within each part, you can personalize your devotion, your prayers, your church events, and so forth. After using this J... more
  • Becoming One with Christ: A Guided Journal for Lent

    by Sereta Collington
    This journal is a combination of a guided journal, bullet journal, and devotion all in one. It allows you to track your prayer, gratitude, and testimony for the lent. It will give you more insight into the words by having you answer questions about the Scripture you read. Below is the structure of the daily journal. As you will see, the Holy week is a different format and follows a shorter devotional. Journal daily structure: Day 1: read, write, reflect Day 2: Write the scripture from the NLT or... more
  • 30 Days: A Devotional Memoir

    by D.M. Webb
    Do you desire to no longer be alone? Do you yearn for understanding and hope? Do you wish for a closer walk with Jesus? When a relationship ends, whether through divorce or death, it leaves us with heartache and sadness. Fear of loneliness overwhelms our soul. Anger at God consumes us. We are suddenly thrust into unknown territory, lost and bewildered. In 30 Days: A Devotional Memoir author D. M. Webb shares her three year spiritual journey through this collection of thirty devotions des... more
  • Island Survival

    by Lloyd Davis

    The book is a journey through the many experiences that aided the main character in the development of an action driven attitude towards success. The story begins with a heart wrenching event, it then jumps to an earlier point in the main character's life, then works its way back to the present.

  • Culture Changers

    by Tina Webb
    Tragedy propelled an African American homemaker to desperately seek God for answers. “What will it take to free the world from brokenness?” She came to understand the personal and corporate stressors that weave through families, neighborhoods, and society, and how to help people navigate through life despite the challenges.
  • Toxic

    by Mark Justice
    “The unexamined faith is not worth believing.” With those words, Toxic opens a visceral, earnest, and frank exploration of the Bible. Focusing mainly on portions of scripture that the Toxic Christian Church tends to ignore or gloss over, Toxic actively engages these troublesome passages in order to show a much more complete, daresay honest, picture of the Christian God. Christianity teaches that the Bible is God’s Word, so why does Toxic Christian doctrine ignore the Bible’s many troubling passa... more