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  • It's in the Bible!

    by Arthur Padilla
    The Bible is easily the most influential and most quoted book in western society. It is revered so much that it is used to swear in to office the President of the United States, Supreme Court Justices, and other elected government officials. When the President and other U.S. government officials swear that they will carry out their duties with the help of the Biblical God, few if any are aware that according to scripture the Biblical God is actually a man. He is specifically a man of war, as sta... more
  • Family Structure By Choice

    by Daniel Ukadike Nwaelene
    While this book is not just about making choices, it is aimed at presenting the kinds of family structures that are prevalent in the world today in comparison with the original family structure as God designed and ordained it. To be able to detect a counterfeit, one must know the original very well. In effect, many people may not know wrong family structures because they do not know God’s choice of family structure. This book is, therefore, meant to point the reader to the right direction in or... more
  • Three Dimensions

    by Elizabeth Reinach
    This is a collection of stories I have written over ten years. Some have been performed on stage and were greeted with great hilarity. Some are more somber, even a little spine chilling. I have also included some of my history pieces as history is one of my great interests.
  • Three Dimensions

    by Elizabeth Reinach
    This is a collection of stories I have written over ten years. Some have been performed on stage and were greeted with great hilarity. Some are more somber, even a little spine chilling. I have also included some of my history pieces as history is one of my great interests.
  • Three Dimensions

    by Elizabeth Reinach
    Complementing Lizzie's Fizzies, this is a book of mysteries, ranging from 400,000years ago to present, based on paintings and based on Freud's work.
  • Obstrucción de Dinosaurios

    by Hermano Roberto
    verdad = hecho Los científicos pueden probar fácilmente que los dinosaurios vivieron hace millones de años, pero luchan a explicar que causo su extinción. Nada parece tener sentido. Las verdades en este libro cambiaran las mentes de gente inteligente y proporcionara bloques de construcción para las generaciones venideras. Este libro explica como los dinosaurios y otros misterios vinieron a existir en un planeta de 6,000 años tal como nuestra Tierra, como se nos dijo en la Biblia.
  • Coming Out Spiritually

    by Christian de la Huerta

    Chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of the ten best religion books the year it was published and nominated for a Lambda Literary Award, COMING OUT SPIRITUALLY: THE NEXT STEP offers a fresh outlook on LGBT spirituality and gives readers a foundation from which to begin building a spiritual life.

    In these times of dramatic social change, when the highly charged issue of homosexuality is undeniably causing controversy in many arenas--religion, marriage, politics, educatio... more

  • The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America

    by A. L. Bryant
    America is a wounded nation! This book starts with an 18th-century historical review of how America began and then examines how the effects of different types of discrimination, especially racism and sexism, have taken their toll on America. Discover the inner workings of the mind and the fascinating psychology behind those who discriminate. Examine the origins and progression of racism, sexism, relationships in America, and the science and psychology behind what is real and what is an illusi... more
  • Supreme Realization

    by Anthony Nayagan
    Supreme Realization is one-hundred-percent inspired, a real-life journal of a Catholic, an ordinary sinful man who searched for Truth in all religions, even leaving the Church and staying away from it for more than twenty-five years. It is a study of Christianity in light of modern scientific discoveries that recommends a deep-seated approach based on Mystical Theology for people of all religions, for everyday life. It breaks down complex theological and spiritual subject matters such as consc... more
  • Joyful: A Journey from Scepticism to Faith

    by Paul Joseph Kelly
    I have written a raw, frank account of my life, holding nothing back. You will be inspired by my authenticity. This is life with all the highs, lows; the good, the bad and the very ugly. Survival of the fittest they say, character-building stuff they say. Well, see how I survived. My experience in leadership and management, my never-give-up approach and always a desire to have a go, although often failure bit me in the backside. From being in the Devil’s camp for most of my life to finding fai... more
  • Let God in

    by John Cooper
    Digest of personal journey through 19th Annotation of the spiritual excercises of St. Ignatius and the resulting transformation of life.
  • Ghosts, Demons & Other Nasties: Psychic Battles Fought and Won

    by Laverne E Denyer
    Have you ever been attacked by a demon, confronted a satanic cult, or fought plain evil, or black, magic? Have you ever encountered and helped release earthbound ghosts? What about extraterrestrial aliens or even crime scene intuitive investigations? I have. Many times. In this book, as the title implies, you will discover information about a few stories of my many years of interventions with ghosts, demons, and other nasty beings and situations. These are all true stories of my encounters wi... more
  • God in Your Garden

    by Scott Hull

    Pretend with me just for a moment, that you are one of the two original people on earth, living in the Garden of Eden. Your surroundings are perfectly hand-crafted by God to His exact specifications. He personally has placed you in a land full of wonder and unlimited discovery. 


    Your Heavenly Father provided everything necessary for growth, life, and success as you walk together with Him in your garden. He has given you the highest order of authority and responsibility... more

  • Relax… You’re Not Going to Die.

    by Darryl Philip
    We have finally found the answers to our most perplexing questions about God and life!  This is a time of our awakening or remembering who we truly are and our never-ending relationship to God.
  • The Spirit Within

    by Jon H. Robertson
    Every year, millions of dollars and countless hours are spent by people in search for spiritual peace and security. Some attend self-help seminars, which claim to provide the answers for peace in their daily lives, while others search the Scriptures and attend church, yet so many are still filled with anxiety and doubt. However, when John the Revelator looked to the end of time through God’s prophetic lens, he saw a multitude no man could count – of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues –... more
  • Journey On!

    by CayCee M. Johnson and Keith L. Johnson
    CayCee M. Johnson and Keith L. Johnson share affirmations, insights, and advice on living a meaningful life based on Christian principles in this roadmap to life. On the subject of connections, they write, “Isn’t it funny how when we are faced with issues and having a tough day, true friends can feel it, or we end up on their minds, and they call us. Thanks for being there, friends; I’m glad that you are. Where I go, I go in faith. The turmoil doesn’t matter. My faith is well founded; therefore... more