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  • Essence

    by Charles McCormack
    In Essence, Charles McCormack, LCSW-C, using his own life in illustration, makes palpable the constraining effects of an unhappy childhood on imagining who we can become in adulthood, as well as on the capacity to internalize whatever successes we achieve, thus helping to explain the depression, drug abuse and suicidality of many successful people . With unalloyed honesty, McCormack lays bare his essence revealed in the personal and professional ordeals of his life, along with the lessons he’s d... more
  • The First Unibear

    by Kathleen J. Shields
    This happy-go-lucky little Bear cub loves to explore! One day he follows a butterfly into the dark woods where he sees a curious sight and a shimmering light. A beautiful white horse needs help and this tiny young bear hurries to save him. What follows is a magically inspirational tale of what can happen if you follow your heart, have good in your soul, and do good deeds. “Only the pure with good in their soul have the power and magic to see me as whole.” ~ The Unicorn 8.5" x 11" Hardb... more
  • The Day My Heart Turned Blue

    by Karla J. Noland
    The Day My Heart Turned Blue: Healing After the Loss of My Mother After witnessing her mother’s death, Karla J. Noland struggled with the uncertainty of what life would be like without her. Then, while packing up her mother’s belongings, Karla uncovered a collection of journal writings and prayers that changed her life forever. The Day My Heart Turned Blue: Healing After the Loss of My Mother was written for people reeling from the death of a parent and needing encouragement and direction to he... more
  • Church After: Finding transformation in unexpected change

    by Anna Hall
    Change is inevitable. Make it transformational. Discomfort with change blocks transformation in churches and individual Christians every day. Yet the current landscape of church in the US is one of inevitable change: shrinking attendance among committed members, population shifts from rural to urban, and increasing numbers of people for whom church is an afterthought, at best. We have now lived through a period of unrelenting forced changes on congregations due to a pandemic. For those churches ... more
  • I am Determined To Lead Like Jesus: Men vs Women

    by Rosie Elder
    My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, " at this power of Christ may rest upon me, says Paul. Therefore, I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake for when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Cor 12:7-10 KJV)." Then we learn about Jesus and grow in our faith about God. We become Christ centered and dependent on His resources.
  • The Strength of the Nation

    by Luisa Mirella Plancher
    The Strength of the Nation is an excerpt from another manuscript, The Angel of the Lord, which will be published soon. Therefore, how do we make our nation great and strong? We do this by entering the same mindset of the prophets of old because the brilliance of discovery and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are not our own but of the spiritual power above. Yes, indeed! We need to make America great and strong not only for our own sake but also for the sake of all the nations on E... more
  • Embracing the Law of Attraction: Out of the Box, Into the Light

    by Joyce Jones
    Embracing the Law of Attraction was written with the hope that the reader will be able to relate to the stories and scriptures. The book is designed to help the readers identify areas of their lives that need changing. By using the workbook, affirmations, scriptures, and the journal, the diligent student will begin to experience small changes, or perhaps large changes. By documenting their growth over time, the student will really begin to see how the Law of Attraction works and see their lives ... more
  • Stations of the Risen Christ

    by Frank Heelan
    Stations of the Risen Christ: Resurrection Meditations is meant to inspire people to pray and meditate on the Scriptural passages relating to Jesus Christ rising from the dead, and his subsequent appearances to over 500 disciples. Stations of the Risen Christ capture fourteen vignettes from the Gospel writings of John, Luke, and Matthew. A brief meditation follows each of the fourteen Scripture readings to motivate Christians to pray and acquire a deeper understanding of these divine mysteries. ... more
  • God Favors You

    by Tannette Calderon
    In God Favors You, Tannette Calderon relays the timeliness of what we can do to enrich our lives and others. We all have questions of why are we here on Earth and what shall we be doing with our life. We need answers, direction, and guidance. God Favors You touches upon and answers a number of questions, and some of those questions are listed on the back cover.
  • Honoring Our Creator

    by Link Thompson
    To Honor Our Creator by Honoring our Inner ?small? Voice. Then reveal through my life storyline, a memoir for the benefit of my precious Grandchildren and also share with the world, my perceptions of How Our Creator gets things done within His Universe, and the Means that He used to create all that is both tangible and visible, and all that is both intangible and invisible as well. Our Creator created transmutable energy within our Universe, or which can transfer from one form to another, but ne... more
  • Open Eyes, Happy Heart

    by Carolyn Thompson

    "I had been living with suppressed unanswered 'why' questions for years: why would God have allowed my abuse? Why would He have sent me back home when I was 12, rather than rescuing me?" - Carolyn Thompson, Open Eyes, Happy Heart 

    After surviving a hidden history of childhood sex trafficking, Carolyn had a major problem with the idea of God as a loving Father. But God had a purpose in her pain and a plan for... more

  • One Lifetime is Not Enough

    by Rex Nelson Greenwald

    "One Lifetime is Not Enough" is mostly a true story. However, the essence of the story is about not judging anyone or anything by outward appearances, and that we are to find the inner character and follow the guiding principle of love that God shows and gives each of us willingly. "The world needs this message," said Greenwald.

  • Daughter of the King

    by Mikah
    When Father Yhovah told Mikah to create this little book of testimony several years ago the reason given was that SPIRITUAL LEADERS needed to know who she was in the Kingdom so they would receive His last warnings written in 4 prophesied Books. The cover photo is of Mikah, worshiping and surrounded by blue Shekinah glory indicating the presence of Divinity. She was glorified as Messiah Immanuel (Jesus) anointed her into service to write to restore the Kingdom gospel to the way He taught it! ... more
  • The Truth Too

    by Mikah
    The pillar cloud cover photo was taken during a visitation on May 16, 2010. Are you surprised that the Holy Family still travels in a cloud? FULL COLOR PHOTOS OF THE SPIRIT REALM This holy Book builds on the foundation laid by the prophets and apostles, with our Redeemer and High Priest as the cornerstone and is an addendum to The Truth of the Kingdom. The purpose is to restore mankind to the true Kingdom gospel, the Eternal Law, and lifestyle known as The Way. The Book reveals false teachi... more