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  • God's Lemonade Stand:101 Sips To Refresh Your Soul

    by Becky Juett Miller
    Christian devotions to get your day started off with Jesus.
  • The Ride, the Rose, and the Resurrection

    by David Charles Stieler
    One of the happier moments in Carole Stieler’s life was on that day in 2006 when her husband, author David Charles Stieler, brought home a 1990 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Flying in their vintage airplane or cruising in their classic Corvette were enjoyable adventures but experiencing life from the seat of a motorcycle offered a perspective that no other form of transportation could provide. This couple from rural Michigan had no way of knowing that the motorcycle’s arrival would mark the beginn... more
  • Grace in the Flames

    by Michelle Massaro
    A prodigal, a sinner, and a saint... Three people. One God of grace. John Douglas thought he knew the future God had for him--raise a family and grow old with his bride, Hannah. But then a deadly house fire incinerates his faith, destroying the man he'd been. Worship leader Jenni Dupont conquered her demons years ago and has the scars to prove it. But temptation strikes when her world is shattered, and this time she's not sure if God can carry her through. Bar waitress April Johanson li... more
  • Taken: The Inspirational True Story of One Mother's Epic Win Against Social Services

    by Sue O'Callaghan

    A mother's epic tale of her battle to secure the return of her children 'taken' by the state twice. This is a remarkably moving story of the author's struggle to prove her innocence against documented false evidence and false allegations, as she fought injustice in Social Services, the 'secret' family courts and expert witnesses. This is an incredibly gripping emotional read and a book that is impossible to put down. It really is possible to beat City Hall!

  • Living and Walking in the Spirit

    by R.H. Koide
    Through Living and Walking in the Spirit, author R.H. Koide prays the Spirit of God will give us a better understanding of who we are as created beings, in our relationship with God, the Creator. There remains a possibility, if we could begin to understand, through the Holy Spirit, who we are, we might have a better revelation of the God who created mankind. With solid scriptural reinforcement, we are reminded of how we can, and should, emulate the example Jesus Christ gave us, by living and wal... more
  • The End Time

    by R. R. Radford

    AT LAST!  A book that will enlighten and give the reader a Scriptural understanding of the "BOOK OF REVELATION".

    Reading THE END TIME is a MUST in order to understand and recognize the fulfillment of the Bible Prophecy for THIS CENTURY.

    THE END TIME names the Anti-Christ and details the character of his ministry.

    THE END TIME separates the symbolic from the literal and gives the chro... more

  • The Inner Connection: A Spiritual Journey of Self-Discovery and Emotional Freedom, One Day at a Time

    by Darlene Dawn

    Where recovery meets metaphysics, "The Inner Connection" is simple yet profound. Inspired by "A Course in Miracles," Dawn clearly identifies ways in which we co-create our experience and inspires opening to a new way of seeing. An out-of-body experience and lessons from a wise nonphysical teacher drive home the point that there is more to this life than what meets the eye. As more and more people are seeking a new life after substance abuse treatment, this timely book was ... more

  • Are We Here Yet?

    by Already Not Yet
    Are We Here Yet? is a picture book like no other: 27 sets of profoundly simple questions and answers formulated and beautifully illustrated by a very inquisitive four-and-a-half-year-old boy. Included are age-old conundrums such as: Why is your hair stuck into your brain? What is the last number? Why do crayons have color? Why do I like things? What happens when you die? Why do you have books? This is a philosophical and pedagogical inquiry based on earnest observation and fantastic leap of imag... more
  • Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?

    by Carole P. Roman
    Two little girls pepper their father with questions about whether or not they can be a profession and still be a princess. Motivated by her granddaughter's fascination with all things 'princess,' Carole P. Roman penned this adorable poem celebrating all the wonderful possibilities waiting ahead for them.
  • Bare Bones: The Unabridged Life of Yeshua Son of Joseph from Galilee

    by Kaarin Alisa
    Known to many as Jesus, Bare Bones is a first-person account of the first forty years of Yeshua’s life. This is Yeshua’s story – full of deep humanity and passion – as revealed to Kaarin Alisa through her lifelong conversations with him. Yeshua lived in turbulent times, and enemies stalked him from the day he was born. This is Yeshua's life as he recalls it, without the shroud of religious constructs, popular myth, or dogma overshadowing his truth. Relinquish what you think you know about th... more
  • Miracles of God's Love

    by Catherine J.M. Hughes
    This book contains the testimonies of Catherine's experiences, which are profound miracles of God's love. Catherine was fourteen and in her foster home. After a nightmare one night, she had an awesome vision and an encounter with the mother of Jesus. From the age of seven, she had been to a Church of England Sunday school with her next-door neighbour Noreen, so she knew about the stories of Jesus, but she did not know anything about the Catholic Church. But the main, most awesome event occurred ... more
  • Man Up: The Revolution

    by Terrance D Gibson Sr.
    Man Up: The Revolution, is an inspirational guidebook to get men from where they are to where they're supposed to be in God. All the IMPORTANT STEPS are covered! God has a perfect plan for every man's life. But, we have allowed the enemy to stop us from fulfilling God's plan. It's time for men to lace up their bootstraps, turn back to God, be a man, and start a Revolution. The whole world is counting on us! God created men to lead this world for Him. Let us Man Up and do God's will! Amen!!!
  • How to Be a Hero...Finding the Super in You!

    by tracy bryan
    Do you have all the abilities it takes to be a HERO? Everyday Heroes make a difference in the world by using their special abilities! Discover what these abilities are and find out how you can be an everyday hero...find the SUPER in you!
  • I Am Job

    by Effiong E. Ibok
    This book deals with the age-old question of why the righteous suffer. The central theme is not finding an intellectual answer to the question but assisting the sufferer survive the experience. It is my opinion that during the experi­ence, knowing why one suffers even if it were possible to do more than speculate, in no way helps alleviate the pain. What the book concentrates upon is how the person can sur­vive the experience with as little damage to his faith as possible. The form adopted is th... more
  • Secrets I Learned from Ordinary House Cats: Wit and Wisdom for Life

    by Rosemary Augustine
    Secrets I Learned From Ordinary House Cats is a series of quick verses, often poetic, serious and then outrageously funny, that sends every feline to the front of the line for wit and wisdom for life. Ziggy and Zack demonstrate a talent that translates into valuable life skills for humans in our everyday living. Who is Ziggy and Zack? The story begins with six kittens who were born to a feral momma cat somewhere near Berwyn, PA in the spring of 2005. Not long after the momma moved her six k... more
  • Arenia & The Golden Key

    by Gizem Mut
    Arenia is a shy, young woman troubled with fears and insecurities living an ordinary life in a big city. All that is about to change when she falls into a fantastical, dreamlike world. As she searches for a way back home, she embarks on a journey encountering bizarre and deadly creatures at every turn. Arenia must distinguish between what is reality and what is an illusion if she is to survive. She must learn to make choices between fear and courage, between risk and comfort . . . or someone els... more