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  • Talent Master: 199+ Questions to See Talent from Different Angles (Digital Master Book 6)

    by Pearl Zhu

    We live in a time of rapidly changing technology and business dynamic at the dawn of the Digital Era, The knowledge life cycle is significantly shortened, and a huge skill gap in the workforce needs to be filled due to the continuously updated technology and regulation, digitalization and globalization, etc. Growth minds, new skills, or digital capabilities are needed every day. However, who are the future of digital leaders and professionals at the age of Digital? How do you define digital p... more

  • June the Prune and Lady Bird: Cancer Stinks! Kids and Pets Cracking the Power Code (Volume 2)

    by Gracie Bradford
    What goes through a person’s mind when isolated in a hospital room away from friends, relatives, and trustworthy pets? June is a 10-year-old feisty girl who goes through unusual life’s challenges in the midst of unimaginable encounters with adults and her imaginary friends Chemo, Rad, Ed, Captain Jeff and Doctor Treehouse. Her dog, Lady Bird, is her hero and guiding light. She goes on vacation to Europe with her brother and grandmother to realize that she and her brother are the only children i... more
  • The Hundred Story Home: A Journey of Homelessness, Hope and Healing

    by Kathy Izard
    An inspirational true story about finding faith in yourself and something bigger. Kathy Izard was a volunteer in a soup kitchen when an unlikely meeting with bestselling author, Denver Moore, changed everything. This working mother quit her job to imagine the unimaginable in her second half of life — build housing for Charlotte’s homeless. Along with building a home for one hundred formerly homeless, Kathy found faith, forgiveness and fulfillment in her own life. Kathy hopes reading her book wi... more
  • Yehuway's Laws, 2016

    by Walter Schenck
    This is a modern collection of God's laws as presented to Mosses translated from Hebrew.
  • Parables of Jesus and John the Baptizer 25th Anniversary Revisit with Full Color Illustrations

    by Walter Schenck
    The Parables of Jesus for all ages, all religious beliefs, accompanied with full color illustrations. Mr. Schenck's parable book has been recognized by the United States Copyright office has a genuine original work, not dependent upon other versions. It was told to him "During the last 200 years many have tried to get the copyright to the parables, but only you have succeeded."
  • Shaman Stone Soup: True-Life Stories That Show Miracles Can Happen to Anyone!

    by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera

    What if you didn’t believe in God and miracles started to occur? Shaman Stone Soup takes you on the journey of an atheist who becomes a spiritual healer for friends, family and clients. The author shares 20 true-life stories that demonstrate how spirit guides, angels and enlightened beings can answer calls for help through miracles. You will read about the matronly ghost who overstayed her welcome, the spirits of ancient wise men who offered advice and a miraculous cu... more

  • The Plan

    by Scott Wieczorek
    Alan Conroy has lived a hard life. Still a child, he sits alone in the hospital as his mother is consumed by cancer. Placing all his faith in a God he cannot see or feel, he prays for her recovery. Reverend Geraldine Kretz is a single mom and a hospital Chaplain. Her life is about to be forever changed by a lost soul. David Terhune is a social worker for Child Protective Services. Tired of the horrors he sees on a daily basis, he counts the days to his retirement. Three unique souls.... more
  • Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker

    by Lynette Louise
    Cerebral Palsy and The WingMaker is a story that started to form long before it was written. The author, a mother of several challenged children, explains. “I was in the grocery store with my autistic son when a man hissed at him, ‘Your mother should have had you put down the day you were born,’ then he walked away.” After she confronted the man and his wife and insisted he apologize to her seemingly oblivious son she explained that in fact her son understood everything and was the joy of her l... more
  • To Heaven and Back

    by Jason Donahoe
    My experience of going to a heavenly place and feeling the presence of God the Eternal Father and His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Called to Write, Chosen to Publish

    by Rachael Kathleen Hartman
    Called to Write, Chosen to Publish: Inspiration for Christian Writers offers 20 inspirational thoughts for Christian writers and features a list of Bible verses modified specifically for writers. Rachael Hartman shares scripture-based thoughts that have helped shape her writing and publishing journey. Rachael also shares her testimony on starting Our Written Lives of Hope.
  • Finding Success in Spite of the Mess

    by Laman Snyder

    An inspirational and entertaining guide to achieving personal success and team excellence in business, leadership and your personal life.  Effective use of stories, quotes, poetry and even song clips to illustrate and bring the lessons to life.  Written from a people perspective by someone who has experienced the inner circle through a career in corporate human resources leadership, as well as an entrepreneur of a start-up enterprise.

  • Ishopanishad: Call for Equality and Equilibrium

    by Ranjan Kumar Singh
    The Ishopanishad has served as Hindus’ scripture for centuries. Author Ranjan Kumar Singh, in his latest book, “Ishopanishad: Call for Equality and Equilibrium” (published by Partridge India), now offers a fresh exploration of the scripture that looks at it from a socio-economic perspective, allowing readers to find in the text a deep understanding of equality that predates the rise of modern notion of socialism and communism. While the traditional approach to reading and interpreting this po... more
  • An Empowered Life: A Daily Dose of Inspirational Messages for Self-Development and Transformation

    by Eston Swaby
    An Empowered Life is a daily devotional, motivational and inspirational book written base on past experiences and base on scriptures in the Bible. An Empowered Life is written to help readers to live their best life now by getting pass their failures, their past, to live a highly motivated and empowered life.
  • Love Has Many Faces

    by Lisa Morgan
    A ¬Spectacular true story of a British woman that falls in love with an attractive Ugandan man. They make their plans to marry and she moves to Uganda to start a new life together. She later discovers that her Ugandan boyfriend has a secret life that she is not part of and is faced with the ultimate betrayal. She gets tangled into a web of lies and ends up on the wrong side of the law. She is amazed by the kindness of strangers and true friends¬¬¬¬¬ that help her. But her situation takes a t... more
  • Priceless Wisdom

    by David Dayan
    Compiled by author David Dayan, Priceless Wisdom is a collection of inspirations for a better life. Accompanied by original illustrations and excerpts from David’s own life experiences, these powerful and thought provoking ideas are his way of ensuring essential lessons survive for future generations to share. Priceless Wisdom serves as a reminder to readers of all ages that “happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you have.”
  • My Father's Faith

    by Dr. Jacqueline M. Gaither Respress
    My Father’s Faith tells the personal and inspiring story of the Christian faith in action in the life of Dr. Jacqueline M. Gaither Respress, a lifelong educator. She blends together narratives, poetry, passages from the Scriptures, significant quotations, and her own research to accomplish two entwined goals. In the pages of My Father’s Faith, she shows how the strength of her Christian beliefs, passed on to her by her father, in particular, has sustained and strengthened her. Second, she use... more