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  • Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within

    by Jocelyn Jones
    Jocelyn Jones is one of Hollywood’s most prized secret weapons. A legendary acting teacher, coach, and artistic advisor to the stars, she has served as a confidential Creative Consultant on some of the highest-grossing pictures of all time. Now, she shares her personal journey—and the secrets behind her unique methodology—in Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within. How do you tap into the power of creation? A great teacher doesn’t just tell you; they show you! With forthright vulnerability, Jo... more
  • Man's Search for Cabadgery

    by MJ Gaylor
    Our world is a mess. The fabric of society has been stretched to its limit and is being torn asunder. The reason for this dilemma is abundantly clear. People are desperately looking for something they have lost. They are like bewildered children, running through a dense forest, hoping the next clearing will lead them home. Mankind is longing for a missing part of his or her true identity. People build bigger mouse traps, but they never seem to catch the mouse. No matter how hard a person tries, ... more
  • Morbid Thoughts & The Domino Effect

    by Perry Muse
    Morbid Thoughts & the Domino Effect is filled with true stories that are entertaining, uplifting, inspirational, and educational. It is not just about my life’s challenges, but about learning how to become a student of my condition in my cancer battle. It is meant to help anyone else who may be fighting the good fight. Join me and experience a lifetime of learning to fly and learning to rise above.

    A spiritual therapy guide to help you heal and liberate yourself from psychic pain, emotional dependency and fearful living by tapping into a FIELD of unconditional LOVE within you. Based on principles of A Course in Miracles and Religious Science, the guide helps you understand your own divine nature and how to apply this knowledge in your own life through spiritual practices, such as relaxation, meditation, prayer, communion, and spiritual living.
  • Field Trust Project

    by Pamela Church
    Field Trust Project is about living with an extravagant heart: generosity, kindness, compassion. Or in other words, cultivating from our struggle light.
  • Seasons Under the Juniper Tree: A Daily Devotional

    by Tricia Kirchmeyer
    Life today is scary, complicated, and hard to get right. So much conflicting information is at our fingertips, and society shows the results of everyone choosing their own version of "good." This year-long daily devotional doesn't just talk about God; it takes us directly to God and His inspired words in the Bible. Many think the Bible is archaic and out of touch with life today. But you will discover in these devotionals that the Bible is a great read, full of real people in real-time navigati... more
  • A Changed Mindset

    by Althea Phillips
    “A Changed Mindset” was written in the hope that followers of Jesus Christ and others will become more aware of the importance of a changed mindset, which follows the transformation process. This process empowers the bride of Christ to have a more intimate conversation with God. Thinking like Jesus fosters a change in the 21st century virgin’s mindset as a bride of Christ living life with purpose.
  • Don't Be Offended. This Is for Me Too

    by Mary L. Lumsden
    I am Mary L Lumsden. I was born in Greensboro, North Carolina attended school there up to 13 yrs. of age, moved with my parents to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with my six sisters, me being the third oldest, later graduate high school attended business school, graduate of Manna Bible School, have associate certificate in teaching Biblical Education. I never imagined myself writing. But, by the grace of God he put this gift in my spirit and I thank Him every day for allowing me to share it. I pray ... more
  • COACHING The Art of Healing

    by Eve Chung

    COACHING The Art of Healing is a graceful guide in attaining energetic health and healing in conjunction with conventional western medicine has to offer.
    Through inner cultivation of higher conscious attunement methods the healing process and possibly cure can be tapped for overall well-being and enlightenment.


  • The Book of Remembrance

    by Lucious Lyran
    Have you ever asked yourself these 3 main questions? (1) Where did we come from? (2) Is there life after death? (3) What is the meaning of life? Most of us have asked these questions and the only answers we get are Darwin’s Theory or the Bible. But what if I told you that Darwin and the Bible are incorrect about what they say on our human history? Hi! My name is Lucious Lyran and I grew up in what we call non denominational Christianity. Being trained in ministry at a young age, I... more
  • My Magical Moods

    by Becky Cummings
    Be in Charge of Your Own Happiness Did you know that happiness is an inside job? That means you can help yourself feel better if you find yourself in a bad mood or if you are going through a rough time. You can only change yourself, so learn how to make yourself happy. This book teaches children 12 strategies to improve their mood like listening to music, exercising, getting into nature, being with friends or animals, and more! When children have go-to strategies they can use when feeling... more
  • Healthy Fashion

    by Alyssa Couture
    We all want more ways to feel and look healthy. Fashion can do just that, and Alyssa Couture is here to show you how. There’s so much pain and suffering in the world, but fashion can be the tool to promote and create healing, health, and overall balance and harmony.
  • Thiaoouba Prophecy

    by Michel Desmarquet
    The book details the author's nine day journey to Thiaoouba with Thao, an extraterrestrial, who also revealed information such as the purposes of the Great Pyramid and how it was built, the real reasons behind many mysterious disappearances such as those in the Bermuda Triangle, ancient civilizations of earth, etc. The central theme of the book is that the principal obligation of human beings on earth is to develop our spirituality, and technology should assist in the spiritual development an... more
  • Tears of Joy: An Untold Story of Two Angels

    by Joseph Tristan
    We are born on this earth with an unknown mission. As we mature and develop, our primary objective is to identify our purpose in life. Once we identify our purpose, we can achieve our life's goal so we may live a life filled with happiness and love. Unbeknown to us, angels live among us. Some angels are here to guide, teach, and comfort us throughout our lives, while others help educate and develop our gift of knowledge and healing that will allow us to make life better for others. "Tears of J... more
  • Going Deeper With The Twelve Steps

    by Rene Lafaut

    The Book is a result of my struggling to get ahold of what the Twelve Steps offer. Where is the power coming from? Is there power in certain steps…or is it only by practicing abstinence somehow that brings healing and happiness? This book was written because I was granted freedom in certain contexts by my Higher Power. The Steps I grew to focus on with healthy understanding helped me go further in my walk in this the Valley of shadow of death.

  • Through My Eyes: A Peek Into the Heart of God

    by Alesia Payne
    Through My Eyes a Peek into the Heart of God is a Christian poetry book filled with inspirational and empowering poems and Biblical scriptures. As you read through each poem you will encounter the love that God has waiting for you to overflow from his heart into your life.