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  • Walking Home With Love

    by Stever Dallmann PhD
    How do we navigate todays’ complicated world while staying connected each day to our spirituality? Walking Home with Love – 108 Messages to the Divine offers an intimate, insightful. and inspirational glimpse at how one person does just that. Through this charming compilation of short and seemingly simple verses, Dr. Stever Dallmann takes us on a personal journey into everyday mysticism. Presented in a way that’s easily accessible to all faiths and beliefs, this book is a joyful companion for... more
  • From Manger to Majesty

    by Latoya Shea
    Unwrap the magic of Christmas with 'From Manger to Majesty,' the captivating story of Jesus that bridges generations, uniting adults and children in the wonder of the season. Here's what makes this book an essential addition to your holiday traditions: 🌟 Timeless Storytelling: Journey from the humble manger to His heavenly majesty, reliving the miraculous story of Jesus' birth in a captivating narrative for all ages. 📖 Family Bonding: Engage in heartfelt discussions about faith, love, an... more
  • Forensic Medium: The Power of the Unseen

    by Sheila Marie

    In FORENSIC MEDIUM: THE POWER OF THE UNSEEN Sheila Marie, a world-renowned forensic medium and a revered figure in the field, imparts her profound wisdom and practical methods to help readers harness their intuition and cosmic guidance. Through her insightful narrative, readers will discover how to navigate challenges, make aligned decisions, and manifest success across all aspects of their lives. With her guidance, they will gain practical insights and explore proven techniques to ... more

  • How to Manifest an Amazing Life Easily and Effortlessly: Discover How to Become a Conscious Creator and Manifest Your Heart's De

    by Diana Yankova
    Imagine your reality changing in front of your eyes while you observe yourself as the “creator inside your creation.” Envision money, love, and abundance of all good things coming to you without you doing anything. Imagine stopping the rain and changing the weather. This book will show you how to do this and more…EASILY and EFFORTLESSLY! You have a superpower that changes the physical world around you. Discover what it is and start using it. Explore powerful manifestation techniques and a ... more
  • Dear Durga: A Mom's Guide to Activate Courage and Emerge Victorious

    by Shanita Liu
    Fear of failing at motherhood. Fear of doing things differently. Fear of feeling unfulfilled…forever. Author Shanita Liu was consumed by these fears. Decades of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and cultural conditioning left her burned out. Desperate, Shanita sought a coach who invited her to tune into her heart. That’s when Durga, a remarkable warrior goddess, appeared. Durga told Shanita that she wasn’t alone and she could activate her own courage to triumph over fears. As a result o... more
  • Becoming Ambassadors of Christ: A Workbook for All of God's Children (and Those Who Should Be)

    by Rebecca Gerideau
    Our workbook is designed to encourage a student's approach to understanding God's Word. It gives the opportunity to practice: asking and answering questions; reading the Holy Scripture for understanding; breaking down and comparing verses; and using study tips while studying God's Word. It encourages sincerity of heart while urging and reinforcing commitment to God through His Son, Jesus Christ. If you want to deepen your understanding of God's Word, Becoming Ambassadors of Christ is the perfec... more
  • For Worse: Walking Gracefully during God's Restoration Forward

    by Marlissa Phillips
    I want “for better.” I will even settle for staying the same. Heck, I would tolerate bad, but who wants “for worse”? After nearly two decades of praying for her husband and her marriage and watching it go from bad to worse, God spoke to Marlissa as she poured her heart out to Him once again during her devotional time. She took God at His word, and He told her to journal the journey. For Worse is a beautiful love story of how God showed Marlissa that He is both present and powerful in her “for wo... more
  • Drown to Live

    by Christofir & Ani Krihkori
    No one can understand the helplessness of living out a life-or-death moment in slow motion. Sometimes you just have to you can live. A family picnic at a Southern California beach ends with a near-drowning, transforming a man caught in the clash between two disparate cultures-his own and the one to which he aspires. As his future hangs in the balance, he is forced to choose between them. Emigrating to the United States from Aleppo, Syria, young Christofir yearns to assimilate in... more
  • Where Dandelions Grow

    by Maya Delaney
    The dandelion, being a notorious garden weed, actually comes with a special message: When healing from emotional pain or physical injury, we are told not to give up. On a seemingly endless trail of explorations and discoveries, Ms. Delaney becomes a quick-study in the field of Epistemology. This role would take her through a kaleidoscope of information and the dilemma of sorting out “opinion” as opposed to “justifiable belief”. As such, Ms. Delaney proceeds to walk down “the yellow brick road... more
  • 978-0-9837329-9-0

    by Daniel G Keohane
    What do twenty-somethings on a date, a body in a hole, people falling from the sky and a ninety-nine-year-old woman have to do with the book of Psalms? Everything. In these pages you will find a collection of stories which bring God's Word into a new light; with events and characters much like ourselves drawn prayerfully from each Psalm. A devotional, using fiction. There are no rules, only images and scenes inspired by Psalms 1 through 15; nor is any story restricted to one specific l... more
  • U Dream, Inc.

    by Vlado Rahal, Ph.D.
    Vlado Rahal, Ph.D., began his search for the meaning of life early on, asking himself questions like “Who am I?” As time went on, the need to find an answer took priority in his life. As a teenager, he felt that all the explanations he had been given were not sufficient to help him gain a contradiction-free understanding of existence. At age seventeen, he began studying physics and mathematics, believing back then that the most fundamental natural science should provide the answers he was seeki... more
  • Welcome to My World of Animal Communication and Healing

    by Maureen Rolls
    This book contains some of the thousands of communications and healing I have done with live and deceased animals, domesticated and wild animals worldwide over the past 76 years. The heartache/ love the blessings that these animals give to me for their human guardians and the healing messages that they entrust to me to pass on to their guardians, also the very private thoughts and feelings that they ask me to reveal to their guardians, can be exhilarating and also very emotional, as I tune into... more
  • indigo: the color of grief

    by jonathan foster
    indigo is the joy and lament of a father, theologian, human being, fashioning new ideas about the divine within the painful loss of his daughter, within the constraints of his own intelligence, within the constraints of what religion had been telling him his whole life— some of which was good and some of which wasn’t.
  • Rainbow Stargate 33

    by Alison Carter
    Rainbow Stargate 33 is an amazing spiritual journey that was repeatedly validated, as every prediction about it came true. Miracles happened before our eyes, stretching our beliefs and expanding our hearts. Unexplainable signs and wonders reminded us to be aware of the great mysteries around us that are always available to all. But this phenomenal story is also balanced and grounded as it offers practical life tools and useful road maps to support everyone in this Circle of life. Detailed instru... more
  • Life as Art

    by Gail Morningstar
    My intention for compiling this anthology of quotes is to allow everyone interested in the journey toward compassion, to explore the depths of our own shadow through reflection and acceptance of the gifts served to us in life. I used a Beatles song as an example of identifying the notion of Hindsight, I sight, and Insight. We can use any phrases that inspire us to be aware of and own who we have been, and who we want to be and love ourselves through the process.
  • 365 Daily Affirmations: Breaking 'My Self-Erected' Mental Chains

    by Franklin Nyiawung
    Breaking my self-erected chains is a compilation of 365 daily affirmations, which have helped me navigate my mental struggles throughout 2022. These daily affirmations challenged the status quo of my mental state and with daily practices of prayer (meditation), visualization, and the continuous presence of my awareness within, it slowly transformed my perceived thoughts into conceived thoughts that empower and free me. Through consistency, adaptation, and perseverance, you may also reap the s... more