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  • Who Told You That You Were Naked? A Refreshing Reexamination of the Garden of Eden

    by William Combs
    In his recent book, William Combs takes a creative and compassionate look at sin, starting where it all began – in the Garden of Eden. There. sees innocence and good intentions gone wrong in that tumultuous afternoon. Combs brings a scholar’s mind and a pastor’s heart to finding fresh ways of challenging Christians to understand one of the most basic concepts of Christian believers – that of sin in our lives and in the world – and living with the effects of us knowing we are, outside of Christ, ... more
  • What Does God Do from 9 to 5?

    by Ronald R Johnson

    "What role does God play in our lives while we're working?" That's the question that two young professionals, Dayton and Savannah, set out to answer. With the help of a unique discussion group led by Dr. Grizzled Mane, Philosopher-in-Residence at the Cathedral of Our Lord (C.O.O.L.), they begin to view the work world as a web of stories, with God acting as both observer and participant. 
    Along the way, they consider other questions: 
     ... more

  • Customer Service and the Imitation of Christ

    by Ron Johnson
    This book gives an insider's view of what happens in the daily routine of a customer service call center. It also tells how one person overcame some of his call center's inherent challenges through prayer.
  • Wisdom Better Than Wishing: Book 1 in the 1 Month Wiser Series

    by Kristi Bridges
    In 31 days, you could recognize when God is guiding you and move confidently through life. Your relationships could be less stressful and more enjoyable. You could love being you! The book of Proverbs is an operating manual for humans. Wisdom - Better than Wishing uses the practical Proverbs to connect you to our deeply personal Creator. Get the journal as well!

    by Merci McKinley
    Authored by seven-year-old Ah'Myah Monae McKinley, " YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE" is a fun interactive activity for today's youths. Today's youths need a solid foundation in building their self-esteem. Allow " YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE" to be apart of that foundation. Children will be taken on a journey through reading, different professions and empowerment. " YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE", builds self-esteem in today's youths with one positive image and motivational messag... more
  • Stories from the Well

    by Tracy Medling
    Everyone has battles to face in this life. Each one has the potential to make us better or bitter, depending on our attitude and the resources we use to address them. The bigger the battle, the greater the degree of damage it can cause – or the higher the elevation from the victory over it. We often begin from the position of defeat, unable to see the path to triumph. We inherently know there must be a way to overcome it, yet we seem to get bogged down in all too familiar frustrations. We w... more
  • The Power of Choices

    by Tracy Medling
    Abortion is a power-packed and heated subject of much controversy. It is deeply personal, politically charged, and fraught with emotion from both sides of the debate. It is also the subject of many individual testimonies of pain, regret, physical damage, and personal heartache. The Power of Choices is one woman’s personal testimony of her journey through this emotional minefield. It is a look back at the progression of choices that resulted in the most pain-inducing decision of her life, the co... more
  • Humans: From Nothing to Now

    by Brett Ashcroft Harrison
    HUMANS | From Nothing to Now offers an original and illuminating perspective on some of life’s deepest philosophical questions: How did the Universe really begin? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Drawing on engaging personal story and insight, supported by historical fact and the basics of modern physics, Harrison takes you on a journey from before the beginning of time to the present moment. Grounded in your own experience of living, a new way of understanding the Universe – and your relat... more
  • The Journey of My Life

    by Eugene McCann
    You will find within this book, it is surrounded with the guidance of St. Benedict. A prayer is very powerful. St. Benedict has been my inspiration throughout my life. As I have discovered, through the power of prayer, you will find if you allow yourself to be who you are. Live in the present.
  • Salvation is a Process

    by Edwina Lewis

    by Merci McKinley
    Little did Merci know the Bible she’d received as a gift from her mother when she was nine years old would sustain her through most of her trials and tribulations as a trauma survivor. In The Harvest, Merci teaches Christian women a simple but profound method to turn their tragedies into triumphs. As a born again Christian, Merci found an uncompromising faith in the word of God. The Harvest is a powerful Christian Devotional that guides women through a step-by-step process of uncovering the l... more
  • Walking the Heart Path

    by SharonE. Reed
    The perfect gift for those dreaming big dreams, stepping up into leadership, overcoming obstacles, and/or navigating change in their life, this beautiful, hope-filled book is sure to inspire. Influenced by the author's own leadership journey and some of the lessons and learnings along the way, Walking the Heart Path marries original art and insights that touch on nine key themes that are central to living and leading a heart-aligned life: Finding Your Authentic Voice, The Art of Becoming, Dreami... more
  • The Lily Pad and the Dragonfly

    by Heidi A. Mengis
    A wonderful story of how a waterbug turns into a beautiful dragonfly. The dragonfly realizes that with his HUGE wings he could fly and discovers new things he never knew existed. He remembers the promise he made his waterbug friends. He walks over to the edge of the lily pad and looks down to see his friends swimming, playing, and having fun. He gets a tear in his eye and wishes that somehow he could go back and tell them what a wonderful thing had happened. He simply looked at them and said... more
  • Equations of a being: A being who gathered Moss

    by Ashutosh Gupta
    If you have a penchant for both reason and abstractness, this intriguing piece of literature shouldn’t be missed. Equations of a Being beautifully coalesces the author’s thought pieces pertaining to the existential spectrum. Never has there been a book that blended emotions, intellect, and imagination so seamlessly, to celebrate a being in totality. The author depicts his artistic persuasion, the enriched and disintegrated fragments of his existence, and the conclusions based on his interaction... more
  • The Visit of Pope John Paul II to Japan in Photographs: 1981

    by James Paul Colligan
    In February 1981, Pope John Paul II visited Japan. His trip included Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fr. James Colligan, a Maryknoll priest and journalist, followed the pope throughout his visit. This book is a compilation of Fr. Colligan?s photographs of the saint Pope John Paul II. The chief goal is to see if the photographs have the same impact as words on his appeal for peace.
  • Angel on Assignment: Move over elf. It's time to share the shelf.

    by Wanda Carter Roush

    Little Peeps Book Awards for Early Readers ~ FIRST Place Winner

    Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards ~ Children's Holiday

    Gold Medal Christian Book Award Winner ~ Young Kids

    Bronze Medal Readers' Favorite Book Award Winner ~ Christian-General



    If your family loves the Elf on the Shelf and you want to keep the fun going, check out Angel on Assignment. ... more