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  • A World Without Identity: The Sacred Task of Uniting Humanity

    by Patrick Paul Garlinger
    A World Without Identity offers an incisive diagnosis of the problems of our current political, economic, and legal systems, and a profound critique of the conventional ways we attempt to reform them. Our system and solutions all suffer from the same flaw: the illusion that we are separate from each other and therefore must defend ourselves from others. In reality, we are all one; our lives are entirely interconnected and interdependent, and we all share the same fundamental emotions, desires, a... more
  • Because You're You: A True Story

    by Nina Guilbeau
    I was a stripper. I was an alcoholic. I was a drug addict. I was a prostitute. I was sexually abused and I was the worst mother I could have ever imagined. I didn’t know God and when I did, I turned away from Him. Yet God never left me. He persisted in order to save me spiritually, mentally and physically and for a long time I didn’t know why. I had not earned it. I was not a strong believer and many times I did not believe at all. I never felt special or valued or worthy. However, in my story I... more
  • Is This Seat Taken? No, I Saved It for You - Inspiring Life Lessons from Everyday Life

    by Kristin S. Kaufman
    FROM THE AUTHOR When a seat is saved for us, a door is opened to a new learning opportunity. I have had the good fortune in my life to have many seats saved for me—both literally and figuratively. In this final book of my Is This Seat Taken? trilogy, I invite you to join me in revisiting moments in my life when I discovered the unmistakable wisdom revealed to me through the “seats” in which I was seated, from an empty folding chair at my high school reunion to the most formative roles of my ca... more
  • Inspirational Quotes for a Beautiful Day: 50 Inspirational Picture Quotes to Brighten Your Day

    by Donna Martins
    Are you seeking inspiration, encouragement or simply need a booster to remind you of the precious gift of today? Inspirational Quotes for a Beautiful Day is your go-to inspirational visual collection that will infuse your day with motivation and countless reminders to smile and appreciate today. This pocket-sized picture book is also a perfect gift to inspire anyone for any occasion. Enjoy Reading and Be Inspired!
  • Sage Sapien: From Karma to Dharma

    by Johnson Chong
    Author Johnson Chong explores the obstacles and triumphs of being a second-generation Asian American gay man, split between a conservative upbringing and living his truth. Follow his journey through the pangs of youth, to growing self-awareness and life-changing lessons in India and abroad. This is a courageous story of shifting old attachments of self-rejection and shame into a new paradigm of peace and unconditional love. It is about embracing our emotional fumbles and self-deprecating tendenc... more
  • Who's Got Your Back: Making and Keeping Great Relationships Among Men

    by David Smith

    When asked ‘Who’s got your back?’ most men will simply answer, “no one.”

    “Men don’t have friends in the same sense that women do. But it doesn’t have to be that way,” says Author David W. Smith.

    Who’s Got Your Back? will motivate men to build satisfying relationships which will be there during the ups and downs of life.

    “David shows us how we can be strong, task-oriented, and achieving but also warm-hearted an... more

  • Stories from the Law of Attraction: The Good, the Bad, and the Funny

    by Judi Mason

    I love stories! When people start telling their stories, others often join in with their own stories. Stories can make us laugh, they can make us cry, and they can be inspirational.

    Humorous and inspiring, this book is a collection of real life stories based on the law of attraction from people of all ages, from all over the world.

    Stories from the Law of Attraction has many examples of people creating what they want, including mon... more

  • 1632963175

    by Mike Larsen
    About the book Over my years as a pastor, I’ve heard some tough questions asked about the Bible and about God. These were hard questions my church congregation had, and these were also difficult questions my congregation heard from people they encountered. They needed answers. To help equip our church to be on mission, our pastoral team solicited questions from our church family about faith, people, and life. 1 Peter 3:15 became our guide post for the series: “In your hearts revere Christ as... more
  • Where You Go: An Interactive Journal for your Adventures with God

    by Joanne Gilbert
    Is your life right now as a follower of Christ a beautiful adventure? Are you living each day joyfully and expectantly, full of hope, basking in God's great love for you? Are you taking advantage of every opportunity He sends your way? Are you joyfully overcoming trials and storms that you encounter? Are you hearing His voice, His purpose and His calling on your life? Or are you afraid to get out of the boat and really walk in the path He has set before you? Perhaps you're not really sure how to... more
  • Transcendence - A New Beginning

    by Johanna Kristin Ellerup
     An unusual look at life, life after death, and reincarnation as told by a murder victim's spirit as it seeks to answer the ageless question - Why are we here? Within the soul of Transcendence is the premise that no matter how bad life gets, no matter how many mistakes one makes, there is always a chance to transcend. A pharmacist is murdered for investigating her suspicion that the pharmacy’s owners are involved in narcotics diversion and money laundering. Upon her death, she descends in... more
  • She Is: Counteracting The Enemy's Lies with God's Truth

    by ivy cleveland
    we live in a world where everyone tells us who we are and who we should become. These lies scream at us through fake social media post, cruel comments, comparison to others, or our past. The enemy will use whatever he can to fill our minds with defeated thoughts that become our reality. Contrary to what the enemy says, God holds our faces in his hands and says, "She is loved, She is valuable, She is chosen, and She is mine. Take the next 42 days to learn how to counteract the enemy's lies with G... more
  • Memoirs from Mormon Utah...

    by Peter J Miller
    This book is a shocking and revealing expose on the concealed beliefs of the Mormon religion. This writing is based on thirty years of experience by an unbiased observer. The Mormons are one of the world's most influential religious institutions and they mask themselves as a Christian church. Be prepared to be horrified by cleverly cloaked and bizarre anti-Christian teachings lived by the one-time Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
  • One with the Light - A Mystic's Journey to the Light

    by Jerri Curry, PhD #27385
    One with the Light - A Mystic's Journey to the Light is out June 12, 2019. ISBN: 978-0-692-10558-0 $39.95 Full Color table gift book, 175 pages landscape format, perfect binding 11" x 8.5". This paperback inspirational book addresses and integrates social, spiritual and scientific concepts. It is written with both a Cognitive-Behavioral evidence-based psychological plus spiritual and scientific approach in addressing life’s challenges. Throughout the book there are teaching tools with ... more
  • Affirmations and Inner Reflections

    by Eliyahu Jian
    A book of inspirational and motivational quotes to help us through day to day life
  • The Snail with No Shell

    by Eliyahu Jian
    The tale of Joshy the snail is about a snail who accepts diversity and realizes that it is most important to focus on you that is within. Joshy the snail is a thinker who one stormy night wanders far from home. During the storm, Joshy falls and breaks his shell. Instead of focusing on the broken shell he travels home as the snail with no shell, Joshy the Thinker. Along the way, he sees his friends, but they do not recognize him. It is Joshy’s parents who instantly know it is him, even without hi... more
  • The Source and Significance of Coincidences: A Hard Look at the Astonishing Evidence

    by Sharon Hewitt Rawlette
    The Source and Significance of Coincidences analyzes a vast array of evidence pointing to a meaningful reality beyond the bounds of current science—and demonstrates both the promise and peril of allowing “coincidences” to guide one’s life. Rigorously mind-bending, this volume will leave skeptics and believers alike ruminating for years to come.