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  • A Beginner's ABC of Christian History

    by Bernard Thorogood
    If you have some interest in the story of the Christian Church through the ages but not tackled any of the large, comprehensive volumes that seems daunting, this is a starting point. It provides a brief introduction to over a hundred topics, from Adam to Zionism. The author provides a vivid glimpse of the great movers in church history and the movements that have created the church as it is today. BERNARD THOROGOOD. Born in Sussex, prepared for ordination in the Scotland, and serving as a mis... more
  • Soul Repair - Reshaping, Rebuilding, and Renewing in Pursuit of Self-Mastery

    by Tuesday White
    This book, Soul Repair, for all intents and purposes, is a transposition of what we all already know. We know that it takes effort, focus, emotional management, and determination to change for the better. We simply go in search of tools that translate and outline what needs to be done to achieve this. This book is one of those tools. It is a guideline for those who seek to pursue self-mastery, thus taking control of their lives. It is written in an informal and intelligent tone that is conver... more
  • Poetry of the Archangels

    by Beryl Broekman
    Poetry of the Archangels is about the ten archangels of the angelic realm. Each chapter explains what each angel looks like, what they do and gives their own poems which reflect an aspect of their thinking. It is a unique book that comes directly from another dimension. It has a healing energy embedded in it and makes these beautiful beings more accessible to us here on earth. Spiritual, philosophical and charming all rolled into one, it is a book of great value to the modern man.
  • Living Fresh Not Frozen

    by Precious Swain
    Devotional Cookbook
  • The Possibility

    by Pankaj Dwivedi

    'The Possibility' is a book that revolves around motivation. everyone of us needs some or the other kind of motivation in every sphere of our lives- be it in our personal or professional lives. this book, by Dr. Pankaj Dwivedi surely sticks to its word and proves to be powerful in terms of motivation & inspiration.

  • The Gift of Sobriety

    by Rose B.
    Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. In that tradition, the author has decided to withhold her last name on this book which chronicles her gradual spiritual transformation from the first day she walked into an AA meeting until nine months later. It includes dreams, personal accounts of spiritual experiences, and reflections on topics discussed in AA as well as in books that the author found helpful in her spiritual quest that began well before AA. This sensitive acco... more
  • Place Yourself: Words of Prayer and Intention

    by Trisha Arlin
    PLACE YOURSELF, by Trisha Arlin, with a Foreword by Rabbi Jill Hammer and original artwork by Mike Cockrill, is a book of original prayer, kavannot and liturgical poems. Written in clear language that is meant to be understood in real time as part of a service or ritual event, or used in personal spiritual explorations, Arlin’s work is fresh ,challenging, useful and very modern.
  • Ponder Awhile

    by Mohit Misra
    The acclaimed and irresistible truth-telling poetics found in Ponder Awhile is magical. Poet Mohit K. Misra does more than ponder as he contemplates the nature of man and God, he unveils the very essence of humanity. An atheist from a long line of Hindu and Parsi priests, in his mid-twenties the sea conjured his restless spirit into action and in fact, he gained enlightenment in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. A decade later, Award Winning Finalist "USA Book News" Spirituality General 20... more
  • Samson: The Modern Day America: Is America Doomed?

    by Stephen Williams
    This book begins with the story of Samson, the only person in the Bible to hold incredible physical strength. He was born to live a life of service to the Lord, ordained by God to be a Nazirite, and destined to judge and rule the Philistines. Samson's life is then compared to the powerful country of America, which was once a nation of people seeking a place of worship and service to God. Through time, both Samson and America acquired power that any entity would want. However, a common weakness l... more
  • A Path to Life's Fullness: A New Perspective on the Teachings of Jesus

    by Manuel Costa
    Named a finalist in the Spirituality category of the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards,this book aims to rescue Jesus and his teachings from Christianity. Unfortunately, Christian doctrine often misses and sometimes even subverts the penetrating insights about life articulated by Jesus. These insights touch on every important aspect of human life. They have something relevant to say about commitment, relationship, love, forgiveness, projection, anger, anxiety, self-esteem, sexuality, suffer... more
  • Embracing This Special Life: Learning to Flourish as a Mother of a Child with Special Needs

    by Jenn Soehnlin
    There is a unique struggle to keep your faith in God’s goodness while juggling the appointments, stress, grief and loneliness that few people understand unless they too are special needs parents. Embracing This Special Life will help provide a biblical view on special needs parenting and guide you toward spiritual victory and renewed purpose in your special needs parenting journey.
  • The Boy Who Understood Animals

    by Yeshi Dorjee and John S. Major
    Tenzin, a young shepherd in Tibet, prays to the Buddha every day, and wishes he could understand the languages of animals. The Buddha tells him his wish will be granted when his compassion is aroused. One day, Tenzin is amazed to hear a mother sheep sadly telling her lamb that she will be cooked and eaten by a rich man that night. Tenzin and the sheep escape to a distant valley, where the local king soon hears about the strange boy. Using his special gift, Tenzin is able to save a beautiful prin... more
  • Hearing His Voice - Meeting Jesus in the Garden of Promise: A Devotional Journey of Encouragement

    by Meredith Swift
    A time of recovering from a divorce, burnout and the mystery illness of her autistic daughter was also a time of especially close communication with the Lord Jesus. These communications brought hope, love, healing and encouragement, transforming a time of huge stress into a time of great blessing. This is a transformational work of faith-filled inspiration and joy.
  • Fighting Depression with Buddhism Holidays Collection

    by Michael Boyajian

    A holidays collection of two depression and Tibetan Buddhism classics, Into the Bright Light of the Sun and Fighting Windmills and Depression.


    Two books for the holidays on fighting depression with Tibetan Buddhism.


    Join the author on his dharma journey of discovery as he treats his depression with Western methods and Tibetan Buddhism learned with his late wife Jeri from the teachings of the Dalai Lama, Robert Thurman, Allen Ginsberg and the lamas of the ... more

  • Uniquely Peculiar

    by Paulette Geddes
    Paulette chose “Uniquely Peculiar” as the title of her book in reference to the bible verse 1 Peter 2:9. With the turning of each page, the reader gets a deeper glimpse into Paulette's transformation into a "uniquely peculiar" being. It compels us to look at ourselves to see the "uniquely peculiar person in all of us. The book is thought-provoking, and covering topics such as faith, guidance, race, love, and current events.
  • Cooked on the Outside, Raw on the Inside: The Struggle to Wait on God's Timing

    by Ken Bosket

    In Cooked on the Outside, Raw on the Inside, Ken Bosket gives us a unique view of our quest to understand God’s timing. How long do we have to wait and how much do we have to endure? To answer the question, Bosket uses culinary analogies: God is the Head Chef preparing a meal for us, and the appetizers, soup, salad, entrées, and desserts are all part of our spiritual journey.

    Just as careful food preparation is crucial to cooking a good meal, we must be patient when waiting... more