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  • Job's Jemima

    by Nicole Mangum
    Job was a great man. He also had great daughters. Learn the story of Job and realize that there is so much more to a name.
  • My God Is!

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    What does God mean to you. Let's read about this little angel's feeling towards her God and Creator.
  • Aisha's Lesson

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    Aisha's is an angel, and she is about to come to earth. What will she do once she's there? The Father of all teaches her.
  • Real Things: 6 Ways to Embrace Life

    by Brigitte Cutshall

    As a two-time cancer survivor living with a brain tumor, Brigitte inspires others to embrace life. Look for beauty around you, stay humble, strive for harmony, and focus on real things. Her health issues prompted her to learn how diet and lifestyle affects your overall well-bring. She is now a certified health coach. 

  • Teachings on Being: The Holy Book of Religious Leaders, Followers, and Non-Believers

    by Codrin Stefan Tapu
    Every religion has its story - oral or written. CS Tapu searches the story above and beyond any particular religion - the very quest for Being. A quintessential spiritual book, these original Teachings are the fruit of millennia of religious thought and practice. While some present or future believers (or religious leaders) might not agree with all of them, the Teachings will surely provide valuable insight for the spiritual beings of believers and non-believers alike.
  • How to Find Your Passion: 10 Simple Steps to Living A Purpose Driven Life

    by Tom Ayling
    If you don't think it's possible to find your passion in life, think again! Nowadays, you can go from not having a clue about your passion to spending most of your time pursuing it—and getting paid for it as well. For thousands of years people have asked, “What is the purpose of life?” But an even better question is this: What will be the purpose of YOUR life? In How to Find Your Passion, you'll be empowered to live the meaning of life that is right for you in a matter of weeks. By following... more
  • Rise of the Torchbearers: How Purpose Driven Women Are Changing the World

    by S. Denice Newton
    Women Are Making A Difference In The World. It's A Fact. More than ever, women are making strides in education, politics, and business, and their success stories are blueprints to help you make your own. Author S. Denice Newton compiles inspiring stories from women around the globe: mothers, sisters, CEOs, educators, musicians, media figures, doctors, and more. Each story serves as a real life example of how the purpose driven woman is setting the stage and how their work is changing the world.... more
  • Cubs Rising: Pursue It and Do It!

    by S. Denice Newton
    Emerging Leaders. Hear Their Voices. What would the world look like if it were run by kids? A school built like a fun house? How about one modeled after a shopping mall with classrooms instead of stores? Imagine, if you can, a Commander-in-Chief that flies an entire classroom on Air Force One to China for educational purposes. Try wrapping your mind around bullies being sent into outer space to be rehabilitated by martians and extraterrestrials. Think about planting gardens the size of footba... more
  • Two Continents, One Hope: Searching the Atlantic for the Souls of Black People

    by S. Denice Newton
    When S. Denice Newton made a trip to Zimbabwe, on the continent of Africa in 2011, she didn't know that it would profoundly impact her life and change her focus. For several weeks she was able to see up close and personal, the devastation of the AIDS/HIV pandemic that is destroying black people in Zimbabwe. Additionally, economic devastation and political turmoil is leaving the people little to hope for. After returning to the United States, Denice focused on the crime, violence, AIDS/HIV crisis... more
  • Ari'el Rising: 21st Century Empowered Women

    by S. Denice Newton
    The undeniable power of women comes alive in this anthology following 50 fierce, courageous women through their stories of trials, tribulations, and triumph. These women from vastly different backgrounds unite to empower women near and far to walk in their purpose and destiny and conquer that which seeks to hold them back. When women come together regardless of age or circumstance, they shatter the image of the subservient female and prove the power of women can move mountains and make a lasting... more
  • Teardrops That Tango; Autobiography of Amber Cote

    by Amber Cote/ Heather Combs
    PREVIEW: "I'll never forget the last words my fiancé said to me before I watched him die. “You want me to end all of your problems, Amber? I’ll end them all right now!” He spat his words through clenched teeth, his jaw was locked. Kirk’s normally composed personality had disappeared, replaced with that of a hysterical man—a man who was right in front of me. His wrath had quickly diminished what I knew of the easy-going man I was scheduled to marry in two months. He struggled and c... more
  • A Special College.

    by Dionne Fields
    Honoring A Special College This Book is dedicated to eight special black colleges and universities. In 1995 I had honor over 25 black colleges and university with one of My poems. Only eight colleges and university responded with a thank you. I promise my self when I got older. I wanted to thank them for allowing me To honor their college with my poems. And to have encourage me as a young black female poet to keep written and improving my skills. Still man... more
  • Lady Bird: Shawn's Sixth Sense: A Special Needs Boy Takes Full Advantage of His Senses -- And His Dog -- To Live His Life Fully

    by Gracie Bradford
    Shawn and his friends FEEL, TASTE, HEAR, and LADY BIRD learn a new way of life and valuable lessons through friendship, motivation, inspiration and blind instinct after losing their sight. After being labeled as special needs kids, they take full advantage of their senses and of the dog to live life fully.
  • Whose Apple is it, Anyway! (Hard Cover)

    by Dr. Linda F. Williams, DSW
    Described as The Battlefield of the Mind meets The Purpose Driven Life, against a backdrop of the Master Plan, Whose Apple is it Anyway! pulls it all together equipping you with two powerful tools reclaim enemy territory and realign yourself with destiny. In her own unique voice, the author tells a story of emotional and physical abuse, rape, divorce and a 17-year marriage to a man convicted as a sexual predator. This is not your grandparents’ self-help book. This is real talk for real people... more
  • Türkçe Alintilar: Turkish Provebs (Series of Proverbs From the Past) (Volume 1) (Turkish Edition)

    by Mehmet Keçeci
    Özlü Sözler, Alıntılar, Quotes, proverbs, Turkish Proverbs, özlü söz, ata sözü, sav, halk deyişi, Türkçe Özlü Sözler, Türkçe Alıntılar, Atasözü, İrsal-i Mesel, Darb-ı Mesel, Kelâm-ı Kibâr, Cevâmiulkelîm, Âyetler, Hadîsler, verses, hadiths, quote, quotation, proverb, Sprichwort, kotowaza, 谚语, Yànyǔ, Пословица, Poslovitsa, Proverbium, el-Mesel, Mehmet Keçeci'nin Sözleri, Mehmet Keçeci Quotes, Quotaions of Mehmet Keçeci, Mefumetto Kecheji, Mehmet Keçeci, Мехмет Кечеджи, Мехмет Кечеци, メフメット ケチェジ, م... more
  • Photograph God: Creating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life

    by Mel Alexenberg

    Photograph God: Creating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life is an adventuresome book that develops conceptual and practical tools for creatively photographing God as divine light reflected from every facet of life.   It teaches how to weave these photos of God into a blog that draws on the wisdom of kabbalah in a networked world to craft a vibrant dialogue between the blogger’s story and the biblical narrative.  An exemplary spiritual... more