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  • Do You Know The Holy Ghost? The Silent Whisper

    by Ryan Cann
    This audio book is the answer to a question my mother posed to me seven years ago. After experiencing the forward operating base (FOB), I was stationed at overran. I really began to search for the answers to all the questions I had about life. I knew I needed answers for myself. I knew there was only one place to start. I opened the Bible and started reading. This time however I did not fight the story. I chose to listen to the scripture and accept what was being said. As the chapters went on, t... more
  • The Age of Separation

    by Ryan J. Kemp
    The Age of Separation provides a cross-cultural perspective on why our society is so polarized and a holistic framework for how we can mend it. In this delicate and precarious time in human history, we must understand how we can co-create a world that does not create the same patterns that we are trapped in now. They say history repeats itself; this can be called samsara. Drawing on ancient wisdom as well as time-tested experiential pathways of spirituality and interconnectedness, Ryan J. Kemp s... more
  • Walks With The Universe A Journey Filled With Inspiration

    by Ms Chris E. Offutt
    This book follows me on my journey as I walk and the magical moments I have finding coins.
  • Lost In The Lord

    by Richard G Chaber
    There truly is a Heaven and contrary to popular belief, it does not take an elaborate and exhausting effort to enter. We are all humans of the flesh and Jesus' ways are not our ways as He clearly states, for His ways are higher. We cannot possibly live up to those standards and we are not expected to. There is a reason you know right from wrong and good from evil, and it is not from what you were taught, because, how did the teacher know? Human consciousness has no scientific explanation as to w... more
  • 7 Words You Should Know: A Dad's Advice for the Journey Ahead

    by Ward Anthony Dean

    You may have heard someone say "I wish someone had told me that when I was young!" 7 Words You Should Know was written for that person desiring to receive powerful advice in an easy-to-remember, uncomplicated way. With essential principles and thought-provoking insight, it will deliver lifelong lessons and experiences with those you want to prepare for their life’s journey. The author’s hope is that the book will be a catalyst... more

  • Uprooting Fear

    by Aura Camacho-Maas
    A vivid, passionate, clear and cohesive study of introspection, fear, and personality. A journey guided by Spirit into an outwardly dimension through Shamanic, unique experiences of visions and mystic revelations. Beautiful images, passages even physical objects are metaphors for the life-force translating into the personality. In spite of the dark episodes that repeat themselves throughout the ages in the Story of Humanity, this book brings a message of love and hope, faith and trust, which is ... more
  • A Spiritual Hypothesis

    by Daniel Punzak
    Traditional Western religion explains that each human has a spiritual aspect called a soul. However, several passages in the Bible allude to humans having a soul and a spirit. Dan has explored this idea and found numerous modern psychological findings that support this notion. Shamanism and some Eastern religious concepts also support this idea. Diverse concepts such as creativity and mental illness can be explained by the idea that two spiritual forms are in each human.
  • God's Great Love Story

    by Rachel Rotert
    From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells one cohesive story. It's a story of war and peace, of politics and scandal. It's a story of the ultimate superhero battling for the hearts of his children. Most of all, this is a love story between imperfect people and the perfect, beautiful Creator of all things. If you've never read the entire Bible, you're not alone. The sheer length and complexity of this text tends to frighten off many readers who would like to know more about it. God's Great L... more
  • The Race is Run: An Indictment of Creedal Christianity

    by Vynette Holliday

    The Race is Run: An Indictment of Creedal Christianity demonstrates conclusively that the core teachings of the major denominations of Christianity such as the Virgin Conception/Birth, the Incarnation and the Trinity are not based on either the Hebrew Scriptures or the New Testament but rather are drawn from the Hellenist-Latin theologies and philosophies of the Church Fathers as expressed in the Christian Creeds formulated and formalised through the medium of the Ecumenical Councils convened... more

  • The 8th Sacrament

    by Anonymous
    The 8th Sacrament starts with a religious text, a survey of the seven sacraments as explained by current areas of literature. The 8th sacrament includes an explanation of the positive aspects of a new sacrament based on scientific evidence from research into animal cloning, and the future possibilities for cloning in mammals. A financial explanation of the costs involved for cloning, and the technological problems that can be overcome through R&D. Lastly, the book describes a survey ... more
  • 21 Days: The Random Thoughts of a Brother in Mourning

    by Donald R Dragovich
    21 Days: The Random Thoughts of a Brother in Mourning is just that, random thoughts about death, faith, and God. 21 Days is the chronological countdown to David's death as described by his brother, Donald. His written thoughts document what was happening to his brother David as he quickly succumbed to esophageal cancer. Donald describes his emotional turmoil in dealing with his brother's untimely and unstoppable death. He asks a powerful, rhetorical question that makes everyone ponder their m... more
  • Into the Garden:lessons on a spiritual journey

    by cathy lynn gregory
    Into the Garden: lessons on a spiritual journey, is an inspirational non-fiction treasure, filled with personal memoirs, poetic prose and spiritual wisdom. The author Cathy Lynn Gregory invites us to enter into personal growth and relationship with God who meets us where we are in every season of our life. Through the use of devotional essays, Cathy leads us on a journey of the heart by sharing raw, honest and transformational stories of her life as a Christian mother, and entrepreneur. Rich wi... more
  • Canon Of Reason: Genesis

    by James Dusenbery
    Join me on a journey through some of the most troubling aspects of the book of Genesis and learn how we can reconcile millennia-old Biblical verses with some of the most recent scientific advances known to the human race. Moving through the narratives of Genesis chronologically, I attempt to align Genesis with modern scientific theory in some unconventional ways, I also take a look at some of the more allegorical aspects of Genesis, as well as wrestle with the moral implications of some of the n... more
  • In Times Like These: A Devotional for Surviving Tough Moments

    by E. Marcel Jones
    Tough times never last, but tough people do! During tough times, people search for answers to their problems and relief for their hardships. In Times Like These is a short devotional and prayer journal specifically designed to inspire strength and hope during tough moments in life. Whether it's a struggle with depression, disease, disappointment, death, or debt, In Times Like These reminds us all that, during these rough patches in life, we still need God.
  • Humanity's Cry for Change - Actions You Can Take to Create a New Earth

    by Kate Heartsong

    Many of us—and humanity as a whole—are living with a deep pain and we want relief!

    Humanity’s Cry for Change offers you strategies and solutions to help you feel better and answers such questions as:

    - Why is there a increased global violence and pain?

    - What can you do today to have inner peace and joy?

    You will discover many effective exercises which help you:

    - Reduce stress and anxiety.

    - Live authentically.

    - and more.... more

  • Separate for a Reason: Re-Examining Separation of Church and State in America

    by Janet Ruth
    What if the Christian hope for America has nothing to do with laws, politics, or freedom? What if the calling of Christians in America has nothing to do with fixing our culture? Constitutional expert, Janet Ruth, points Christians back to the gospel by dismantling misconceptions about the relationship between church and state, religion and politics. In Separate for a Reason: Re-Examining Separation of Church and State in America, you will: • Learn the history of the writing of t... more