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  • A Special College.

    by Dionne Fields
    Honoring A Special College This Book is dedicated to eight special black colleges and universities. In 1995 I had honor over 25 black colleges and university with one of My poems. Only eight colleges and university responded with a thank you. I promise my self when I got older. I wanted to thank them for allowing me To honor their college with my poems. And to have encourage me as a young black female poet to keep written and improving my skills. Still man... more
  • Lady Bird: Shawn's Sixth Sense: A Special Needs Boy Takes Full Advantage of His Senses -- And His Dog -- To Live His Life Fully

    by Gracie Bradford
    Shawn and his friends FEEL, TASTE, HEAR, and LADY BIRD learn a new way of life and valuable lessons through friendship, motivation, inspiration and blind instinct after losing their sight. After being labeled as special needs kids, they take full advantage of their senses and of the dog to live life fully.
  • Whose Apple is it, Anyway! (Hard Cover)

    by Dr. Linda F. Williams, DSW
    Described as The Battlefield of the Mind meets The Purpose Driven Life, against a backdrop of the Master Plan, Whose Apple is it Anyway! pulls it all together equipping you with two powerful tools reclaim enemy territory and realign yourself with destiny. In her own unique voice, the author tells a story of emotional and physical abuse, rape, divorce and a 17-year marriage to a man convicted as a sexual predator. This is not your grandparents’ self-help book. This is real talk for real people... more
  • Türkçe Alintilar: Turkish Provebs (Series of Proverbs From the Past) (Volume 1) (Turkish Edition)

    by Mehmet Keçeci
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  • Photograph God: Creating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life

    by Mel Alexenberg

    Photograph God: Creating a Spiritual Blog of Your Life is an adventuresome book that develops conceptual and practical tools for creatively photographing God as divine light reflected from every facet of life.   It teaches how to weave these photos of God into a blog that draws on the wisdom of kabbalah in a networked world to craft a vibrant dialogue between the blogger’s story and the biblical narrative.  An exemplary spiritual... more

  • Seamless Subtleties

    by Michael Raymond
    This is a book of the human experience. It puts forth a path that better allows for the power of our mystery. It takes personal experiences of a boy growing up in the Bronx, New York, and expounds upon them in a way that shows how many accepted habits are working against us. It points out the seamless choices we make that have a huge impact on us individually, and in turn ratchet up to have large scale effects. It is also a story of a person who went through overwhelming physical and menta... more
  • Resurrection Dialogues with Skeptics and Believers

    by Anita E. Keire
    For 15 weeks, seven people gather to discuss their and other people's beliefs on resurrection. Listen, learn, and join the conversation on whether Jesus rose from the dead. Will you? Does death have the final word? Develop an understanding of resurrection beliefs beginning with Ezekiel and profiled through the centuries to today within the Christian and Jewish communities.
  • Life Quest

    by Michellle Covington-Crawford
  • Brain Storm: The Power of Faith, Hope and Love

    by Edith Jones
    “Brain Storm” is the deeply personal and inspirational account of the survivor of a brain tumor – a tumor the size of an orange. Be encouraged as Edith shares how faith and family helped her through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Be prepared to laugh and cry as Edith shares her remarkable journey. Her doctors and nurses were transformed through Edith’s experiences; you will be too!
  • JEROME. A Bumpy Journey to Joy/ISBN 978-0-9864250-1-1

    by Laura Seeley

    Be witness to what happens inside a closed cardboard box during Jerome’s very bumpy journey...

    Bound for a foster home one snowy evening, 14 stuffed animal toys are bounced around inside a cardboard box in the back of a truck. Jerome, a brown puppy, is convinced that the children won’t like him once they set eyes on the other animals and all their wonderful attributes. And each face has a BIG SMILE... each face, that is, except Jerome’s.  HIS smile has accidentall... more

  • McHORN And His Hidden Spots/ISBN 978-0-9864250-0-4

    by Laura Seeley
    Written with humor and in verse, the pitfalls of pride and jealousy are revealed to one very attractive Dalmatian puppy. Proud of his own spots and determined to be unique, McHorn hides every other spotted thing he comes across in an old hollow tree. This campaign works for a while until he discovers, IN HIS OWN HOME, a most frightening competitor - a stuffed Dalmatian toy dog... just as handsome as himself! His war against the spotted interloper sparks a dramatic awakening for the self-cent... more
  • Lightning Strikes Twice

    by Mari Selby
  • Inspirational Poems about Life and Success: Thought-provoking and Empowering Words to Uplift and Inspire You

    by Verusha Singh
    Inspirational Poems about Life and Success: Thought-provoking and Empowering Words to Uplift and Inspire You is an impressive collection of insightful poetry that will touch your heart, give you hope and motivate you to be your best. The poems provide a powerful source of wisdom and inspiration and will make a great addition to any self-improvement or motivational book collection. Intriguingly, both the proof-readers CRIED (were emotionally moved) when they finished reading this little poem book... more
  • Embrace the Real You: How to Operate from Your Position of Authority

    by Shawn Crenshaw
    Everyone is looking for an identity. Whether it is the hottest celebrity or the latest fashion trend, everyone is looking for someone or something to identify with. In Embrace the REAL You, author Shawn Crenshaw enlightens us to how we can find our true identity and purpose.

    Our true identity and purpose can only be found by embracing who we are in the eyes of God and using that revelation to drive our focus and lives. Using eloquence and straight-talk, Embrace the REAL You will challenge ... more

  • The Blueprint: Discover What God Has in Store for Your Life

    by Robert Park
    The odds were stacked against Robert Park from his birth.

    Abandoned by her American GI husband, Robert’s young Korean mother struggles to keep herself and her baby son alive in a country being ripped apart by the vicious and unpredictable Korean War. Eventually, she leaves Robert in the care of his grandmother, where he is regularly subjected to ridicule, bullying, and beatings by the Korean children because of his mixed heritage.

    A chance meeting with famed author Pearl S. Buck seem... more