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    by JK Kelly
    Imagine a life where one day someone’s pulling a gun. Perhaps you’re at a big race, covered in fuel. A few days later, you’re fast asleep somewhere over the Pacific headed for a meeting next to a reindeer farm in New Zealand. Then there’s the night we were literally playing with fire. Buckle up for an action-packed, emotion-filled ride through the exciting, dangerous world of motorsports. Experience the battle that took place between a David, VP Racing Fuels, and the Goliaths in the very flam... more
  • Sidonia's Thread

    by Hanna Perlstein Marcus

    Filled with perseverance, resilience, and both love and distrust, Sidonia’s Thread is the true story of a mother and daughter who immigrate to Springfield, MA from a displaced persons camp and overcome their sorrow through the mother’s extraordinary skill with a needle and thread. As the mother, Sidonia, becomes noted for her remarkable talent, she continues to hide her painful secrets, all the while teaching her daughter to "stand up straight."

  • Seeking Oz: My Twelve-Year Journey in a Cult

    by Makena McChesney

    Ms. McChesney travels down the "Yellow Brick Road" and through the "Dark Forest" as she finds herself getting increasingly entangled and her choices taken from her in a Christian nondenominational fellowship of believers in the late 70s to 1990 in rural United States. As the entanglement progresses to a form of imprisonment, she angrily and secretly challenges the God of her religion in the way of questions for which she demands and expects answers. Answers pour forth in w... more

  • Oops!: Tales from a Sexpert

    by Vivian Peters
    OOPS! is a collection of stories from a Planned Parenthood Outreach Educator in a rural area of New York State. Using captivating dialogue and thought-provoking commentary, it provides a rare, intimate, entertaining and eye-opening 'behind the scenes' look into what informs people's life choices, and a look at how sex and sexual health can be discussed comfortably and effectively.
  • Whistleblower: Having Ethics Regardless of the Outcome

    by Edward R Lane
    "This book details my story as the focus of a whistle-blower case that garnered national attention and was eventually ruled in my favor by the US Supreme Court." Edward Roscoe Lane is a dedicated professional with over thirty years of experience working in different areas of the criminal justice arena. He received his Master of Public Administration Degree from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville Alabama. Mr. Lane worked for Alabama department of corrections for over fourteen years bef... more
  • If My Heart Had Wings: A World War II Love Story

    by Nadine Taylor
    After the death of her beloved pilot husband during World War II, a woman struggles for years to find happiness and fulfillment, despite marriage to an alcoholic, oppressive second husband and the expectations and limitations placed on women in mid-century American society. WWII history/romance buffs will eat up this true story of love and loss, corrosive family secrets, oppression, psychological abuse, coming of age, and the indelible bonds of true love.
  • How to Build a Time Machine

    by Darren Manley
    On June 13, 1984 at 8:12 PM, a boy named Darren Manley was born -- and time went haywire. Why? His mother was already forty-four years old. His father was fifty-seven. Growing up, Darren wasn't exactly like other kids his age. His first movie idol was Cary Grant. Ice cream didn't taste right unless it was homemade. And he was convinced Bing Crosby was still crooning his way to the top of the charts. Until he went to preschool and realized he was living in a completely different era. H... more
  • Rule Breaker: An Entrepreneur's Manifesto

    by Doug Hardy
    Why do entrepreneurs from all over the world seek advice from their former professor Dr. Shelly Weinig? For thirty years, “The Father of Electronic Materials" created breakthroughs that others called impossible and built a multimillion-dollar technology business that made the computer revolution a reality. Now, in this lively hybrid memoir and business guide, Dr. Weinig shares his personal secrets of entrepreneurship – how to recognize opportunity, the smart way to take risks, how to negotiate o... more
  • Hands Down: A Story of Incarceration (Part 1)

    by Logan Crannell

    Adapted from the journal of a falsely imprisoned man, 'Hands Down: A Story of Incarceration' is a testament against a society quick to point fingers and cry wolf.

    It implores us to question the motives of those claiming victimhood, for it may reveal their own lack of integrity. With each public accuser advertising their oppression, and clamoring for sympathy, it's clear we must develop a rational dialogue.

    In these times when one tweet, one blog post or soundbite, rega... more

  • Malice Intent: Is Love Worth Dying For?

    by Alba Castillo

    Alba Castillo has always been gutsy. A self-proclaimed rebel, she flees her small village in Spain for adventure and new life in the States. But what she meets instead is the devil himself. After several failed relationships, the charming and charismatic Peter seems like a gift from Heaven. Until he isn’t. Cruel, controlling, and malicious, Peter will stop at nothing to win, even if it means destroying Alba, and her children, in the process. Left with nothing but her spirit, Alba faces ... more

  • 978-0692072073

    by C.W. Lockhart
    An unlikely pilgrim battles agoraphobia to reclaim life beyond the sofa. The 800-kilometer journey along the Camino Frances provides a scenic backdrop to ponder midlife crisis and chronic illness, an empty nest and marital woes, military service and posttraumatic stress, rage and grief, heartbreak and fear - And the way forward. El Camino de Santiago, known fondly as The Way, is a matrix of trails with starting points across Europe leading to the sacred relics of Saint James the Apostle in Sa... more
  • American Boy: A Life Inspired by American Ideals

    by Professor Fola Soremekun

    The story of a young Nigerian man whose fascination with American culture earned him the nickname American Boy.

  • Buried Rivers: A Spiritual Journey into the Holocaust

    by Ellen Korman Mains
    To the chagrin of her parents—Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust—Ellen Korman Mains became a Buddhist at 19. The ensuing conflict nearly tore her family apart. Three decades later, on a German train, she felt the presence of spirits who died in the Holocaust. It was January 2005—60 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, and the question “How can you still believe in basic goodness?” sent her on a series of life-changing journeys to Poland to find the answer. Beyond recovering a lost family... more
  • Shark Assault

    by Peter Jennings

                "Shark Assault: An Amazing Story of Survival is a non-fiction narrative about Nicole Moore, a nurse from Orangeville, Ontario, who was standing waist deep in the ocean while vacationing at a resort in Cancun, Mexico. Suddenly, she was brutally and savagely attacked twice by a bull shark, the most vicious shark in the sea. She came very close to death, losing more than 60% of her blood (a condition humans are not meant to ... more

  • Clarkston's Curse: One Child's Quest to Explain the Series of Tragedies in Her Hometown

    by Jewel Hart
    Based on actual events, Clarkston’s Curse is the compelling true story of a child growing up in a small town plagued by tragedy. Fleeing the violence and uncertainty of Detroit and big city living, Ann Margaret’s family moved to Clarkston, Michigan, population 1,024. But this sleepy town has a dark side. Between 1969 and 1982, more than forty unexplained accidents and incomprehensible murders struck residents of this rural community. A true story of mystery, murder, family, and friendship,... more
  • Well

    by Alias In Town
    After Alias In Town's failed suicide attempt she was filled to the brim with anger that she was still alive. She was still here. She was still sick. She was still useless. She was still a burden. She was still without hope. She was still lost. She was still helpless. Still... Her story didn’t end here. In fact today she says , “I am well.” Her memoir, Well, ​chronicles her journey to healing. When Alias In Town came home from treatment, she started pouring over old journals and found entr... more