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  • A Way Forward

    by Christian Dattwyler
    Can a teenage boy struggling with school, family, and drugs turn his life around to become successful? Not without the help of a nearly two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old American institution called the United States Marine Corps. A Way Forward: My Years in the Marine Corps reveals how a Marine recruiter used every old trick in the book to compel young Christian Dattwyler to sign his life away for government service. The memoir delves into his mindset as he experiences legendary Marine Corps boot ca... more
  • Playboy, Mad Men, and Me---And Other Stories

    by Julie Wosk
    Playboy in the days of Mad Men and the challenges of being a civil rights worker in Alabama soon after the march at Selma. Her stories conjure up America’s fast-changing history, and are filled with vivid, contrasting images: a swinging party at Hugh Hefner’s mansion, a sobering childhood visit to a cemetery, waiting in a church to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Many of her stories are shaped by her sense of surprise and serendipity as she encounters moments of magic and cha... more
  • So It Happened Like This

    by Kristen Alger
    So, It Happened Like This is the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, or a needed read while she's visiting! Come on over and sit for a spell. Front porch swing and y'all glass jar of sweet iced tea not included, but highly recommended. Feel free to add a shot of moonshine, a squirt of lemon, and a dollop of honey. Kick your feet up and settle in for a while. Join Kristen Alger as she unfolds the stories from the Appalachian hills of Alabama, through the sandy dunes of the Emerald Coast, and int... more
  • Dance of the Deities: Searching for Our Once and Future Egalitarian Society

    by Patricia A. McBroom

    Anthropologist Patricia McBroom explores the ancient power of women with the aim of nourishing an egalitarian future. It is the only book to combine memoir and contemporary social analysis with a detailed foray into research on gender equality in human cultures, past and present. In a journey to cultural sites as old as 10,000 BCE, McBroom challenges conventional academic emphasis on male-dominant societies, resurrecting evidence of prehistoric goddess worship that had been erased by archaeol... more

  • EarthBodyBoat: Queer Journey Of A Somatic Earth Artist

    by Ahjo K. SIPOWICZ

    In a culture of “me, me, me!” I am changing “me” to “we” as a way to remember that we are of Nature—ever-changing and part of a larger ecosystem.

    Ahjo Sipowicz’s journey of initiation begins at a political protest when they expose their naked female nipples in a gesture of resistance. Charged with public indecency, Ahjo constructs an unusual defense—a pastiche of letters, journal entries, essays, poems, composite photographs, Tarot card images, and performances. EarthB... more

  • Patriot Gangster: Volume 1, Evolution of an Outlaw

    by Jeff Burns

    Everyone thinks they understand outlaw motorcycle club culture but they have no idea and Patriot Gangster is the very first work of its kind to pull the curtain back, reveal all the secrets, and tell the truth about American outlaw motorcycle club culture.

  • Memoir of a Roadie

    by Joel Miller
    Joel Miller is an ex- roadie for Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Stone Temple Pilots, & The Cranberries. The book is an often-hilarious personal account of a young man in his early 20’s trying to be a “good” roadie while also trying to understand life’s big picture. Through the advice of rock stars and career roadies Joel tries to find the pathway to roadie righteousness.
  • 4giveness

    by Margaret Godsman
    After their family splinters, Beth, twelve, and fourteen-year old brother, Richard, remain to care for themselves in the family’s five-bedroom house- abandoned by their folks, relatives, and nearby neighbours for their choice to stay in the family home. Beth must use her own moral compass to navigate her encounters with boarders, draft dodgers, communes and a growing group of suitors. Set against the backdrop of Victoria, British Columbia, In the early 60’s 4giveness is the emotional journey of ... more
  • You Can Never Tell

    by Philip Zeid

    Philip Zeid writes about his unusual life experience. His history starts with his experience during the bombing of England by the Germans at the beginning of world war two, followed by his volunteering as a pilot in the Royal Air Force and his training in America which, at that time, was not at war.

    He eventually transferred to gliders and served with the Combat Cargo Task Force in the Burma campaign. After the war and because of the partition riots in India, his ambition to be a tea pl... more

  • Everywhere But Home: Life Overseas as Told by a Travel Blogger

    by Phil Rosen
    Two years of living abroad, two years of stories, encounters and self discovery. These are tales from everywhere but home. After graduating college, Phil Rosen dropped everything, packed up, and moved to Hong Kong. He launched a travel blog, taught English to locals, and ventured all through Southeast Asia meeting people, seeing places, and writing about it all the while. Travelogues covering different countries alternate with chapters that raise questions of self-discovery, purpose, and find... more
  • Tropical Ecstasy

    by Norman Weeks

    A vagabond always wants to go elsewhere. Why not, now and then, go back? A nostalgia trip, back to Brazil after a quarter-century absence.

    Tropical Ecstasy is the narrative of a month-long solo adventure of discovery and rediscovery: A cruise of the Amazon, hikes into the jungle, and Manaus, the metropolis amidst raw Nature. Then to the Northeast of Brazil, to Olinda, an old colonial capital, and to the modern state capitals on the Atlantic. The ultimate destination is the town... more

  • Fund Accounting Service

    by Robert Lee

  • Busting the Brass Ceiling

    by Linden Gross
    FANCHON BLAKE joined the LAPD in 1948 and walked a beat in a skirt and heels for three years. Her ambition to rise in the ranks would be curtailed by an increasingly discriminatory agenda, but her relentless tenacity finally led to a promotion to sergeant nineteen years later. When LAPD policy barred her from rising any further and threatened to eliminate women from the department, she sued. The historic case would change the face of policing around the country.
  • PrivileGEd - Experiences From My Unusual 40-Year Career with One of America's Most Iconic Companies

    by Michael A. Davi
    As a second generation Italian-American, Michael Davi became the first college graduate in his family which opened amazing doors of opportunity with his hometown General Electric Company. Extraordinary work assignments, global travel, flights aboard corporate jets and interactions with some of the top GE talent are all part of the tale. His story brims with fascinating characters, global adventure, drama, success, tragedy, disappointments and rebounds. Through ups and downs Davi's positive a... more
  • Loud and Sure of Myself

    by Gerry Stanek
    At once humorous and heartfelt, Loud and Sure of Myself is a rambling and luminous childhood journey through a simpler time—the 1970s—and a loving look at a place they once called Coal Country, a pocket of small towns in Western Pennsylvania. Loud and Sure of Myself is a collection of essays that evokes a world of used-to-be: youthful adventures set in Catholic schools, at little league games, and inside a unique local radio station that helped to define a culture. Stanek's sophomore effort is a... more
  • The View From The Wrong Side Of The Day

    by T.C. Randall
    This is the story of my life as a nurse, with emphasis on my diagnosis of PTSD and my struggles after that.