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  • Real Women's Stories

    by Beth Kallman Werner
    A powerful, inspiring collection of nonfiction short stories by and about real women.

    by Marie Estorge
    THEN THERE WAS LARRY: Dating is an iffy business at best. Being set up by a close friend usually offers some reassurance, but what happens when this close friend and boyfriend are not who they claim to be? Headlines about the arrest of a well-regarded community member for charges of child pornography and abuse are disturbing in the collective sense. When the person charged and sentenced to 15 years turns out to be a man you've dated, the blow is sharp and personal. The questions and shock, the... more
  • Alabama Blue: A Southern Gothic Memoir

    by Toni Pacini

    From white trash mill village girl to Senior-Cinderella. In Alabama Blue, Toni K. Pacini shares her tumultuous journey. A girl raised-up like an invasive weed in an Alabama cotton mill village where illiteracy, bigotry, religious fanaticism, and abuse were as commonplace as fried chicken on Sunday. From pillar to post, and coast to coast, she sought a dauntingly elusive refuge. Toni fled a life predestined for sorrow from cold cradle to cold crypt, and she made it! Her life needed a major re-... more

  • Arizona Awakening: A Memoir of Romance, Race, and Redemption

    by Richard C Lin
    As a lonely, awkward American-born Chinese high school freshman in Arizona during the early 80s, Richard endures the spirited racial taunts of schoolmates by day and the furious fists and flying chopsticks of his dad in the evenings. Into his world of tumult steps Lesley, the captivating new girl in town whose grace, wit, and charm have all the boys at school maneuvering for her attention. Despite two prior disheartening forays into the realm of unrequited love, Richard eagerly joins the fray. T... more
  • A Guy with an Accent

    by Ned Sahin
    “He is probably carrying a bomb in his bag.” A woman said this while passing by me in a Target parking lot. I was wearing a hefty backpack filled with my school and work belongings. My beard and hair were unkempt after a long day. That night in my basement room, I closed my eyes and thought about my life as an immigrant in the United States. Nothing has been easy. I experienced discriminating verbal attacks from strangers, hateful colleagues, no social life, and lost hope for the future… ... more
  • Bella Memoirs

  • Gentleman Jack

    by Tim Slee

    If you have killed hundreds of men in war, can you ever find peace? This is the question at the heart of Gentleman Jack.

    The topic is explored as a work of narrative non-fiction. It uses a literary style to tell a true story. The narrative is based on hours of taped interviews with Jack Lundie conducted by his grandson, journalist David Crocker; notes by the co-author Tim Slee taken during a weeklong visit with Jack while his wife Annie was hospitalized; and supplementary historical res... more

  • The Colour of the Sun

    by Gillian Thorp
    One hot June afternoon in Durban, South Africa, a child is born. Doctors and nurses marvel because the birth is one of the rarest in the world. The child, Gillian August, is born still shrouded in her amniotic sac. She is a caul baby, and in 1970s South Africa, this heralds greatness. Or it might have, had Gillian's caul not been stolen within hours of her birth. A belief in predetermined outcomes looms large in Thorp's family, culture, and her perception of the world. After all, a lifetim... more
  • Good to know when using plastic food storage containers

    by Jesica Linda
    Plastic food containers are the important part of our kitchen cabinets. . We prefer to use them because they are low rated material even if you buy

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    they will be more economical and easy to access. We use them for many reasons use them to keep food items protected other wise their quality can spoil. We use them not only to store prepare meal but also to prevent meal to waste. But are... more
  • Seven Broken Souls

    by Matt Pullin
    This is my real life story about the parents that emotionally, verbally and physically abused me. They left me with lifelong physical and emotional scars that I would have to first recognize and then fight to overcome. I have no back up or safety net to rely on in life, its just me and always has been. When I turned 17, I started life on my own, paying my own way and making my own mistakes at my own peril. I worked extremely hard to put myself through high school, college and became a Vice Presi... more
  • Love Trust Gratitude Healing: Turning a Battle into a Dance and making Peace with Cancer

    by Michael McDaeth

    Bedridden, unable to walk, riddled with cancer, it was a panic attack (brought on by a sudden obsessive thought that he was about to die) that gave Michael his most effective tool for dealing with the radiation, chemo, bone marrow transplant, and learning to walk again. In the aftermath of the panic attack four words came to him out of the blue: Love, Trust, Gratitude, Healing, and he began repeating them like a mantra. Exploring each word in turn through meditation and cultivating a deeper a... more

  • American Dreaming: A Memoir of Interracial Love, Estrangement, and Race Equality

    by Dianne Liuzzi Hagan
    In a country that can’t seem to close the divide between Black and white Americans, Dianne and Ronald’s enduring love shows how. In the 1940s, Liuzzi Hagan’s father, Frank, an Italian-American, met Ruth, an Australian of Irish descent, in Ryde, Australia, where he was stationed during World War II. They married and settled in Albany, New York, where Frank’s family refused to accept a foreigner into their fold. Much like our country today, the resulting division, vitriol, and isolation were overw... more
  • Reflections of an Anxious African American Dad

    by Eric Heard
    The purpose of this book is an awkward discussion of Eric Heard’s life to his son. He talks about his life in a candid way that tries to explain his anxiety as an African American dad. It is an open and honest account of his life through the life of a child that has been through a lot in his life. It is a reflection on his life that has been shaped by his childhood experiences.
  • Permanent Recruitment Agency Auckland

    by gerami george
    In the present day recruitment scenario, recruitment agencies have a very important role to play. Recruitment Agencies are those agencies that helps in employers to search employees . Recruitment agencies creates a link between employer and employees and creates a bond between them. Various organisation frequently outsources their employee recruitment to a particular recruitment agencies. Such recruitment agencies takes care of various jobs like interviewing , shortlisting and much more... more