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  • Forget Having Kids. I'm Having Fun: 1000 Random Reasons I Chose to Be #ChildFree

    by Dane A. Reid

    Forget Having Kids - I’m Having Fun is a book about making choices: Choices about living life, and about giving life. 

    Through clever, intimate, and relatable personal anecdotes, author Dane Reid shares why he chooses a child-free life. His no-holds-barred, real-life, and sometimes exaggerated stories are equal parts edgy, racy, funny, and wise. Forget Having Kids pushes boundaries in its examination of such topics as: parental rights, corpora... more

  • The Bastard of Beverly Hills

    by Rafael Moscatel

    In The Bastard of Beverly Hills, Rafael Moscatel shares the heartbreaking story of being given up for adoption by a renowned family of musicians, a decades-long odyssey to tear down the web of lies that kept him from uncovering their lurid past, and his inspiring journey back home— not to the fabled estate where he was raised but a place he could finally feel comfortable in his own skin.

    This poignant and whimsical memoir begins in 1977, after an infamous lawyer buri... more

  • It's About time

    by Mickey Bridges
    It's About Time is a memoir about a boy coming of age in Compton, California in the 1950s and 60s. Readers who expect the usual blend of family experiences and social integration will find that Mickey Bridges provides an unusually harrowing and detailed story. It follows a boy who finds himself on the wrong side of the tracks, heading for disaster as he impregnates a girl, drops out of school, moves in and out of prison, and eventually lands in a federal penitentiary.
  • Unbelievable Grief: Incredible Grace, a memoir

    by Carrie S. Boone
    Have you ever felt so confused and overwhelmed by untamable emotions? You are not alone. Grief is a very unpredictable and ever-changing process. Carrie figured that because she had been exposed to some grief and loss situations early in her life that this made her well prepared for loss going forward. Well, she was wrong! Even though Carrie had been exposed to grief and loss as early as the age of 8, she would learn that the loss of a very dear loved one to ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis... more
  • Pandora's Lockbox

    by Nico Griffith
    PANDORA’S LOCKBOX is a memoir of Nico Griffith’s life from divorce to a top-selling real estate agent in 1980s Southern California when real estate regulation hadn't been invented. These behind-the-scenes-stories of selling real estate take readers from shaking their heads to laughing out loud to shedding a few tears. Her life and those of her fellow agents, aka The Fab Five, are packed with intrigue, romance, sex and incredibly entertaining situations with buyers and sellers who don't know what... more
  • The Backpacker Lifecycle

    by Brendyn Zachary
    From hostels to hotels. Backpacks to suitcases. Hitchhiking to guided tours. Unwashed underwear to a box of wet wipes. The journey a backpacker takes through 20 years and 45 countries is as much about the person as it is about the places. In The Backpacker Lifecycle, Brendyn Zachary shares his hilarious (and sometimes highly personal) experiences of travelling through different countries and different states of mind as the years go by.
  • Keep THIS Quiet Too! More Adventures with Hunter S. Thompson, Milton Klonsky, Jan Mensaert

    by Margaret A. Harrell

    In this sequel to Keep This Quiet! Margaret relocates to Morocco with her exotic, fascinating, unstable Belgian poet husband Jan Mensaert. Living in villages, she experiences cooking on charcoal and shopping for fresh groceries daily with a basket in open air markets. But the main focus of the book is on her encounters with the three male protagonists, "outlaw" authors one and all, brilliantly creative and with the personalities that match. In once-yearly trips to the Unite... more

  • A Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass

    by Hugh Hyland
    This is the story of Anne Angelo. It is a heart-warming story that demonstrates how inexorably lives can be shaped and directed by the circumstances of birth and the environment in which the formative years are spent." "Born in Invergordon, RossShire, in the Highlands of Scotland, to parents utter opposites in culture and social backgrounds, education, heredity and race - and further tragically in conflict since the very day of their wedding - her world until the age of 20 was one of hatred an... more
  • Where Eagles Go to Die

    by Raymond L. Marik
    Marine operating engineer, 82nd Airborne paratrooper, Special Ops Army Ranger, an entrepreneur who circumnavigated the globe, are a few of many pursuits that insatiable curiosity led the author to explore. He takes the reader on a ninety-year journey from near death as a child, through an unhappy childhood, leading to dropping out of high school. He found success in the military and after honorable discharge, returned to school become an educator earning BA, MEd, and ATA degrees. With wisps of h... more
  • Enough

    by Lloiden Garza
    ENOUGH represents different seasons of life. My girlhood when I felt I wasn't Enough. My early adulthood when I had Enough. And my womanhood when I realized I AM Enough - Lloiden In her girlhood, Lloiden discovers her mother kept a secret about her father. Lloiden is shaken by this discovery and life as she knew it fell to pieces, putting her on a path of self-discovery that would shape her sense of self and stretch far into adulthood. Lloiden struggles to find her place in a world that... more
  • The Forbidden Zone 1940

    by Anne Angelo
    This is a continuation of the story of Anne Angelo, as published in the companion book: A Sprig of White Heather and a Scottish Lass. It is a heart-warming story that completely justifies the researching and writing. It demonstrates how inexorably lives can be shaped and directed by the circumstances of birth and the environment in which the formative years are spent. Born in Invergordon, Ross-shire, in the Highlands of Scotland, to parents utter opposites in cultural and social backgrounds, edu... more
  • A Japanese Boy Sees a New Light

    by Shu Shimizu
    A Japanese graduate of SDSC and retiree from AAL writes about his childhood experience in order to thank Americans and their democracy.
  • White Girl Within: Letters of Self-Discovery Between a Transgender and Transracial Black Man and His Inner Female

    by Ronnie Gladden
    Embrace your radical, authentic self with this poetic self-help memoir. "Do you want to be a White girl, Ronnie?" "I want to be free." Two identities struggle to coexist in Ronnie Gladden's body, brain, and soul. On the outside, they are Black and male. Inside, a repressed White female identity begs for release and is ready to break the status quo. Grappling with double-binary thinking, an abusive father, and childhood trauma, they imprison their inner self to stay safe from the world.... more
  • Sometime a Clear Light: A Photographer's Journey Through Alaska, Nigeria, and Life

    by Aylette Jenness
    Aylette reflects on living with her anthropologist husband and two small children in a tiny Yu’pik village in Alaska in the early 1960s, and on the time they spent in Africa from 1966 to 1969, three of the most terrible years of the Nigerian Civil War (the Nigerian-Biafran War). That was a tumultuous time for Aylette, as well, as she split from her husband who had been sent to Nigeria to study resettlement caused by the construction the Kainji Dam. She follows her evolution as a single mother, a... more
  • Warflower: A True Story of Family, Service, and Life in Alaska

    by Robert Stark
    Bob Stark had no plans after high school. With his brother locked away in the only maximum-security prison in Alaska, his mom working overtime at the local grocery store, and his bad habits getting worse, he saw no hope for the future. Until the Army recruiter came to school offering an escape. Bob envisioned romantic adventures in Italy, life-saving missions in Africa, and friendships built on tough times - he wanted to be an honorable, dependable, and brave man - all of the things he was not. ... more
  • Light Come Out of the Closet: Memoir of a Gay Soul

    by Dr. Roger Leslie
    When a joyful boy realizes he is gay, he fights against family and religious prejudices to reclaim the God of love he learned about in hopes of discovering what it means to be a gay soul.