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  • Riding on Hope and Strength

    by Tiffany Gross
    Riding on Hope and Strength takes you on a harrowing journey as Tiffany recounts the events that happened as a result of a devastating and tragic car accident. As she was led down a tumultous road involving her struggle to unravel the mystery behind traumatic brain injury, Tiffany brings to life Marvin's recovery in a very personal and candid way. Her personal account demonstrates her unending love and dedication, her loyalty to him never wavering, as she stayed by his side every step of the way... more
  • 'til Health Do Us Part: One Woman's Extraordinary Story of Healing

    by Julie Rooney

    Julie Rooney was forty-eight years old in the summer of 2010, and to anyone looking in from the outside, she appeared to be living the dream. She and her husband owned houses in Silicon Valley and Hawaii, flew first class and stayed in five-star hotels. Their four children were all in college.

    But Julie was on her last legs. She suffered from Addison’s disease, Crohn’s colitis, diabetes and hypothyroidism, and after years of synthetic steroids she weighed almost 200 pounds. ... more

  • Lately Lesbian

    by J. D. Simmons
    Good Southern girls follow the rules and walk down predictable paths. Jenna predictably married Paul and believed in happily ever after. Although Jenna played by all the rules, she had no idea the tragic turns that her life would take. She needed the support of her husband, his shoulder to cry on, and strong arms to hold her, but he cast an absentee ballot most of the time. Then out of the blue, Jenna crossed paths with a young woman and her life changed in ways that she never could have imagine... more
  • No Wonder Land

    by Amy Sommer Anderson
    No Wonder Land is a memoir about the power of love as a weapon and how sexual abuse is something we all have in common as opposed to a hashtag that sets its victims apart.
  • Nothing Special - Just A Life: A 60-something year old looks back on life

    by John E Budzinski
    What is the headline of your obituary. What is the lead? What epitaph gets chiseled on your grave stone? What are your stories? They may be just stories, but good stories are good stories - especially when they help you remember yours.. Nothing Special - Just A Life -- or was there more to the story ...
  • Gabriel, or The Long Love Affair of the Virgin Mary

    by Micheline Laguilhomie
    Gabriel, or The Long Love Affair of the Virgin Mary, is a tale of alchemy. It covers the period of the rise of fascism and World War II in France, and much later, in the U.S. and in France, the period of the '60s with student protests, the battle for civil rights of African Americans and the phenomenon of hippyism. M. Laguilhomie's story is deeply influenced by the psychology of C.G. Jung and his method of analysis of dreams which transformed her life from her 30s on, led her to a new professio... more
  • The Cellars and Ceilings of Summer — The Autobiography of Trance Medium Summer Bacon

    by Summer Bacon
    Summer was twenty-two months old when she had her first awareness of herself as a spiritual being and consciously decided, "I'm going to find out what this truth thing is about once and for all." Her breathless journey to the heart is filled with incredible, and sometimes terrifying, paranormal experiences (astral travel, alien encounters, ghost-busting, the channeling of hundreds of spirits—including a band of frisky pirates) plus the challenges of rape, spousal abuse and near poverty. An encou... more
  • Lost and Found In Spain: Tales of An Ambassador's Wife

    by Susan Solomont
    When her husband was appointed by President Barack Obama to be U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Susan Solomont uprooted herself. She left her career, her friends and family, and a life she loved to join her husband for a three-and-a-half-year tour overseas. Part memoir and part travelogue, Solomont learns the rules of a diplomatic household; goes on a culinary adventure with some of Spain’s greatest chefs; finds her place in the Madrid Jewish community; and discovers her own voice to create... more
  • Paperboys

    by Antonio Commisso
    It's Sunday morning and Tony sits on his outside patio sipping coffee and looking forward to an uneventful day. His wife joins him carrying the morning mail. She flips through and hands him a letter from his sister in Albany, New York. He opens it and finds and obituary along with a short note from his sister. It is an obituary of one of his childhood friends. As he stares at the picture his mind reflects back to 1962 when he Jimmy and Paul were Paperboys and an event that... more
  • Iran from Crown to Turbans

    by Gail RoseThompson
    Iran from Crown to Turbans depicts how life in Iran today, under the Islamic Repoublic, differs from life during the reign of Shah Mohamad Reza Pahlaiv. It paints a beautiful picture where Iranians live a life as modern and tech oriented as we do in the West. By its conclusion the book iradicates uninformed noise about Iran, its revolution, its system of government and its people.
  • We Fly Away

    by J. V. Whittenburg
    They were seven brothers and two sisters, raised in sharecropper poverty. They escaped crop-destroying sandstorms - taking different paths and carving out separate niches as their family saga unfolded. It is a remarkable story of the legacy of a man who was poorly equipped to be a father, a beautiful, proud, undaunted mother, her seven “suns” and two daughters and their uniquely individual responses to the life and circumstances into which they were born. Theirs is a story of heart-rending trag... more
  • Souvenir: A Memoir

    by Carole Turbin
  • Hell in the Heavens; The Saga of a WW@ Bomber Pilot

    by Morton E Tavel and David E Tavel
    In this book, Colonel David Tavel recounts his harrowing experiences as a bomber pilot during numerous missions over war-torn Europe. It begins by taking readers back to 1937 and the inception of Colonel Tavel's distinguished flying career, culminating in the victorious European campaign in 1945. Like every crewmember on these bombers, Colonel Tavel would risk life and limb every time he took to the flak-filled skies over Nazi-controlled Europe. Many brave airmen would give the ultimate sacrif... more
  • Love Devotion Hell

    by C.T. Andersen

    Love Devotion Hell from  author C.T. Andersen is a true-to-life opus that presents the woeful truth of the world’s fall to sin and how God showed his divine grace and brought salvation upon all.

    Andersen wants readers to believe in who they are, no matter what others say about them, even their own parents.  


  • A Surgeon's Life with Bipolar Disorder

    by John A. Emery, MD
    Dr. Emery has written this book to enhance your knowledge of bipolar disorder and point out how it affected his life. He will tell you of some of the unique and coincidental experiences he has had. These experiences will include his experience with the Watts Riot of 1965, the Vietnam War, and the Tet Offensive of 1968. When appropriate, he will give you his medical assessment of these experiences. We hope you will enjoy the book.