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  • Desert Soliloquy: A Perfectly Sane Misanthrope Hides in the Desert

    by David Rice

    Starting in year 2000, I spent 29 months living alone in a cave in the desolate wilderness of the Avawatz Mountain Range (which borders the southeast side of Death Valley).

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    by feena sagar
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  • Beagle on Board: One Family's Journey to Find Love During Their Father's Battle with Alzheimer's

    by Brad Bawmann
    Beagle on Board is the gut-wrenching story of one family’s ten-year-long struggle with their father’s Alzheimer’s disease. This awkward and sometimes heartwarming journey begins with a son calling the police after his father has threatened to kill his mother. The story weaves through the years as the family wrestles with how to get a proper diagnosis for their father’s odd and perplexing behavior, finds an appropriate place to care for their dad, and comes to grips with the loss of a loved o... more
  • Don't Lick That!

    by Erika Watts
    "Don't Lick That!" gives an inside look into a family where keeping a straight face doesn't come easy. Erika Watts weaves hilarious tales with illustrations, so stories about pancakes that look like rabid reindeer aren’t left to your imagination. The book is filled with relatable stories that will make parents and other caregivers laugh out loud.
  • Fool Me Twice: Confessions of a Perpetual Internet Dating Neophyte

    by Jules Hannaford
    From her carefree early life on a farm in rural South Australia to a marriage that was broken even before it began, then living as a struggling single mother and navigating a string of bad romances – this is the story of a woman whose lessons in life – and love – have been learned the hard way. Jules Hannaford grew up living an idyllic childhood, full of fun and adventures. She went to boarding school and had the time of her life, excelling at sport, making new friends and getting in troubl... more
  • A Backpack, a Eurorail Pass, and Some Serious Baggage

    by Jennie Withers
    The rules are simple: Be Worldly, No Guilt!, Discover the perfect pint of ale. Travelers, like writers, believe in the power of setting. Jen thinks of traveling Europe with fellow Mormon, Jeanne, and an Alaska Native named Bert, as an escape from her conservative upbringing and the pressures of conforming to a religion she does not believe in. The change of setting and culture allows Jen to have a raucous, guilt-free experience with her boisterous, silly, and hilarious friends. The journey... more
  • A Journey

    by Timothy Gates
    A JOURNEY The story of a person’s profoundly diverse and undeservedly blessed 60+ yrs of life on this planet. From growing up in the 60's and 70's, traveling as a young man in Europe and the Middle East (with a return trip to and 14 month stay in Israel,) military life, married and family life, work as a paramedic firefighter and as a nurse, wonderful opportunities to serve on medical teams to Kurdistan Iraq, West Darfur Sudan and Banda Aceh Indonesia and everything in between. It really has be... more
  • Q1: A Survival Guide to Adulting

    by Anna Minte
    Is there an easy way to adulting? No. Is it possible for any of us to do it successfully, under our quality standards? Yes. Is there a secret recipe to adulting to make the sail a bit smoother? Actually- there is. The first quarter of our lives or “Q1” is filled with situations, opportunities and relationships we have to seize in order to evolve into the successful adult life is waiting for us to become. Just as a cake cannot leave out eggs, milk, or flour, adulting cannot be achieved withou... more

    by Jessica Acosta
    A Short book on a few stories from my life that really impacted me.
  • Help! My Serotonin is Stuck: Essays About the Life of an Atypical Middle-Aged Man

    by Gary Larkin
    Living as a birth child in a foster family...being a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City...using sports fandom as a coping mechanism..having a brother with undiagnosed bipolar disorder...describing and getting to the bottom of a nervous breakdown. These are the subjects of five essays written by the author, Gary Larkin, a former journalist and researcher, about key parts of his life. It is meant to be a memoir of a birth child from Long Island, NY, who had a revelation abo... more
  • A Version of You

    by April Fields
    A Version of You is an introspective adventure that will take the reader upon a journey throughout the course of one year within a young woman's life on the road. he story is a true tale that speaks with raw, poetic gravity about, not only the endearing beauty of travel, but also the unspoken hardships that come when attempting to maintain a sense of personal identity against the world's ever changing backdrop. Within 'A Version of You' a myriad of topics are shamelessly versed and delicately t... more
  • Southern Highway Gospel Companion

    by Richard Holeman
    Pack your bags to travel light and come along down a mystery road...where an impulsive detour south begins a spiritual journey for a boy on the run from God and the devil, who comes face to face with them both. Follow a late spring storm across a gothic American dreamland where the rain falls dry like dust, the highways whisper and moan and the ghosts of Elvis and Jesus haunt the south like twin dead kings. Lie down with strangers and sleep beside strays. Shed blood and spill it and come away cl... more
  • My Different Orient

    by Dietmar Vogelmann
    My Different Orient is a compelling look at culture shock, entrepreneurism and the all-consuming power of love. Dietmar’s experiences are unique yet universal, because we all have something within us that pushes us to our greatest heights. And when love is our foundation… there’s no telling how far we can go.
  • Upright Bass: The Musical Life & Legacy of Jamil Nasser

    by Muneer Nasser
    George Joyner, Jamil Sulieman, and Jamil Nasser are three names that appear on the records of Phineas Newborn, Lou Donaldson, Ahmad Jamal, Red Garland and many more. These three names identify one jazz bassist, composer, and jazz advocate, who made an indelible mark in the jazz world for over fifty years. Upright Bass chronicles his evolution from a young bassist on Beale Street to a top-flight bassist on the New York Jazz scene. Miles Davis harbored curiosity about the environment that produced... more
  • Approaching Freedom: An Exile's Quest for a New Self

    by Maria A. Nodarse
    A probing tale of an exile’s quest for a new self, Approaching Freedom follows Maria Nodarse’s journey from her arrival as a Cuban political refugee in 1960s America to her return to her native land in 1979. Nodarse is fifteen when her family settles in a white, middle-class New Jersey town. In Cuba she had attended the same private American school since kindergarten. At Ridgefield Park High School her classmates ask her, “Did you wear shoes in Cuba?” When a fellow Cuban student joins her senio... more
  • One Maestro's Journey: A Celebrated Life of Music & Ingenuity

    by Heinrich Hammer

    Shot by a cannon as a child, Heinrich Hammer’s nearly century-long life was anything but typical right from the outset. Beginning with his often troubled childhood in Germany, he had to fight from a young age with a recalcitrant uncle (his guardian) to pursue his musical goals academically. Once an adult though, his path brightened and, over the years, he encountered a seemingly endless parade of noteworthy composers, musicians, painters, and nobility—he even witnessed the infamou... more