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  • The Great Wheelchair Escape

    by Don Crowell Jr.
  • How To Make Blockbuster Movies: And Do It on Your Own

    by Tom Getty
    How does someone make a blockbuster movie? Especially if they... Live nowhere near Hollywood... Have no money... and NO industry connections. And that's a blockbuster movie. Not a short. Not a documentary. Not a YouTube video. A REAL, BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE. Like Inception, Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Memento, & The Dark Knight. Movies that people actually love! Would you like to make that kind of movie? Then READ this book now. Are you a filmmaker looking to make the jump to feature filmmaking (or... more
  • Enabled

    by Ceci Sturman
    Enabled is the memoir of Ceci and Lucy Sturman, following a love story of inseparable sisterhood. A vulnerable exposition of their relationship illuminates how Lucy (19), radiant, theatrical, diagnosed with Down Syndrome, has been able to claim her ability with the help of her older sister. Similarly, how Ceci (22), artistic, prone to anxiety, has come to terms with her own. With both sisters alternating perspectives through a mix of poetry and prose, Enabled aims to offer both beauty and truth ... more
  • Rona - A Life With Sharp Edges

    by Arlene Murray Adelkopf

    Born to an unwed mother in 1916 and left with 2 maiden aunts who take in all the unwanted children in the family, Rona learns early that life can be happy or hard but it is never predictable. Follow her as she moves from a poor home to a posh boarding school then back; then is sent to America at 15 to live with a mother she doesn't know and a step-father who doesn't want her. See her determination to return to Scotland to marry her pen pal; watch her bring 3 children into the world du... more

  • My Lucky Stroke: One Woman's Journey to Manifesting an Ideal Life

    by Laurie Freedle
    A lifelong history of magically receiving exactly what she wanted, created an unconscious knowledge that whatever Laurie needed would be received. Conversely and more importantly, she learned, whatever she received was exactly what she had asked for. This strong lesson came when she had a stroke—losing part of her vision and hampering many cognitive processes, making it impossible to do her job as budget director of a billion dollar per year agency. In the journey that ensued, she found that she... more
  • The Power of Disruption: A Memoir of Discovery

    by Susan Cross

    Not sure you have what it takes to get through the big and small disruptions of everyday living? Guess what? You do. In my candid memoir, I share my survival story — my appendix ruptured while vacationing on a remote Caribbean island – and how I turned the whole experience into a personal eruption of the best kind. I had to nearly die in order to learn how to really live. The Power of Disruption: A Memoir of Discovery tells my story. 

  • The White Tornado

    by Jim Quinn BSc FIMechE
    This is the inside story of the man who was known as the White Tornado in Rolls-Royce Bristol aero engines, for he outlines the work he and others carried out over twenty-one years during the early concept, development, and service stages of the Panavia Tornado engines. He went on to project manage Rolls-Royce?s first production single-crystal turbine blades and then worked on control systems for several years, describing these works as the story proceeds. A whistle-blower, he enjoyed Gilbert an... more
  • Resurrection Lily: The BRCA Gene, Hereditary Cancer & Lifesaving Whispers from the Grandmother I Never Knew

    by Amy Byer Shainman
    Resurrection Lily shares a story of inheritance and intuition, of what can surface in the body and the spirit when linked by DNA. As Amy Byer Shainman discovers she has inherited a BRCA gene mutation that puts her at high risk of developing certain cancers, she struggles to come to terms with preventively removing her breasts when she does not have a breast cancer diagnosis. Through her experience making decisions about her health, Amy becomes invigorated with purpose and establishes herself as ... more
  • No Ordinary Seaman: A Memoir

    by Gary Karlsen
    It is the mid-1960s, a time of cultural change and an awakening consciousness of worlds beyond our shores. A brazen young man, fresh out of high school in Vancouver, crews on a deep-sea freighter in the hopes that it will take him to Norway, the land of his ancestors. The author’s voyages, recounted with wit and humour, begin on the southwest coast of BC, and continue along the sea of life, to unexpected destinations. In his memoir, No Ordinary Seaman, Gary Karlsen unravels some of the unfathoma... more
  • Will That Be Regular or Ethyl?

    by DeWayne Landwehr
    Story of a young man growing up along historic Route 66 in Missoutri, in the 1950s. Personal experiences include working in a filling station on Route 66, helping in family business, dealing with some physical and sexual abuse, meeting some very interesting characters who stop at the filling station.
  • Sockeye

    by van quatrro

    I was lost (again) So I headed up to the Aleutian Islands to find work on a fishing boat. But everywhere I go I bring me. This was a tough time in my life. 

  • Downstream from Here

    by Charles Eisendrath
    CHARLES R. EISENDRATH, in this series of essays spanning four decades, explores the things that grow lives of their own when left undisturbed at a second home — things like an “ancestor room,” a storm- struck forest, a player piano and a childhood fear of wild dogs. These essays are about the loves of a place inhabited temporarily, but which shape a person permanently. In 1973, after covering the assassination of Chilean President Salvador Allende for Time magazine, Eisendrath decided to not ... more

    by Jacqueline Cioffa
    THE RED BENCH, a fantastical, visceral roman à clef follows International Model Cioffa’s descent into mental illness and bipolar disorder as she struggles to pick up the pieces of her fractured life after a nervous breakdown. Committed to writing for 365 days she finds solace, hope, and strength through a red bench, imagination, the changing seasons and healing power of nature.
  • Small Town Kid (Frank Prem Memoir Book 1)

    by Frank Prem
    Small Town Kid is a poetry anthology that illuminates the experience of regional life as a child, in an insular town during the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, remote from the more worldly places where life really happens, in a time before the internet and the online existence of social media. It is a time when a small town boy can walk a mile to school and back every day, and hunt rabbits with his dog in the hours of freedom before sundown. He can hoard crackers for bonfire night and blow up th... more
  • Oscar Mojica: He Dared Me to Teach Him English

    by Loreen Sumner

    In 1992, Loreen Sumner was hired as the first English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in Duplin County, North Carolina, and, through the years, she has had the privilege of teaching many students immigrating to this country from diverse parts of the world. Oscar Mojica, a twelve-year-old from Mexico, was one of her first ESL students. As a young migrant boy, he had quickly become disillusioned by his surroundings in America, realizing his expectations of ever reaching “the American D... more

  • My Whorizontal Life: An Escort's Tale: The First Six Months

    by Sephe Haven

    ONE WOMAN. TWO LIVES. OH SO MANY MEN. One at a time (mostly). My whorizontal Life is the true story of a naïve, empathic young woman driven by her desire for fantasy and romance, fearful of the ‘real world,’ who dreams of finding true love and becoming an actress extraordinaire. As poverty and debt overwhelm her, she takes what she thinks will be a very limited leap into the underground work of escorting. But finds it is not so easy to get out. Or, maybe she doesn&rs... more