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  • I Have Something to Tell You: A Memoir

    by Natalie Appleton
    On the eve of Christmas and a proposal, Natalie Appleton discovers she doesn’t want to settle for sevens, and starts over. So, she abandons everything in Alberta for Bangkok. Along the way, with startling illumination, honesty and humor, Natalie unpacks the past that caused her to flee: cheating hearts, small-town suffocation, a tattered family and a genetic disposition to madness. In Bangkok, Natalie kills an albino gecko, crawls into bed with a lampseller and nearly calls off her quest when... more
  • My Turn: When Caregiving Roles Reverse

    by Linda Wright
    Weaving two different parts of her life, Linda Wright combines the care she received from her parents and the care she gave to them when they became elderly and frail. She was born with a rare bleeding disorder, so even the slightest bump created deep bruises on her body and a minor injury kept her out of school. The disorder limited her ability to grow up like a typical kid—riding bikes, climbing, and running. Despite the many hospitalizations for uncontrolled bleeding and infusions to clot her... more
  • Escape to Canada, Rendered in Poetic Overtures

    by Walter Schenck
    Walter Schenck's Canadian adventure written in poetic free verse is a remarkable book. It is an epic exploration into man's souls in the context of history as few are capable of writing. I do not believe there exists anywhere a writer as versatile, as glorious brilliant as Mr. Schenck. It is quite ironic it took a Costa Rican to write such a magnificent work on Canada.
  • Catharine's Horses

    by Walter Schenck

    WINNER 2017 Royal Palm Literary Gold Award - Biography Walter’s newest work is an extraordinarily and fabulously written biography from his Aunt Catherine’s point of view. It is a poignant tale about her memories of her childhood love for horses that she carried with her throughout her life. The story begins when she comes to terms with the nearness of her death. Through her flashbacks Catharine determines to pay a final tribute to the horses that meant everything to her. Walter c... more

  • Granny's Stories

    by Margaret Henderson
    In 1954 the author, aged 18, spent a year as an “au pair” in a French chateau. From there she went to East Berlin at the height of the Cold War to work for two years as a translator. During these two years she travelled to Moscow and across Siberia and Mongolia to China. In 1958 she spent seven months in South Sudan and from there she travelled to Aswan in Upper Egypt by paddle steamer on the Nile. In Aswan she was arrested, locked up for a few days and returned to Khartoum, Sudan. In 1959 she ... more
  • Memories of a Scarred Black Man

    by Roablas Lumpkins

    This book discusses a true story of the harsh reality of what goes on in poverty stricken neighborhoods and how it affects a childs innocence. See how a man who was once a young child makes it out of severe abuse, drugs and damaging guidance.

  • Remember Me: How My Soul Connection With Animals Helped Me Recover From A Severe Brain Injury

    by Linda Nija Nations
    Since the inception of the journey detailed in this memoir, ever with its devastating beginning, my life has been filled with magic. Without a severe brain injury caused by a fall from my horse, I would never have slowed down, dealt with my spiritually dead marriage, or met animals in a way I never dreamed possible. This is a true story of learning to deal with great losses, to set them aside or go through them, to finally embrace the joy of being in the moment, where animals spend the bulk of t... more
  • Phoenix Bound: An adoptive mom of 13 shares her struggle raising traumatized children

    by Angie K Elliston
    Phoenix Bound is an incredible book highlighting the resiliency of the human spirit of the children in addition to the incredible commitment of parents who have taken on the most damaged children in which traditional psychology would have failed them every time and the parents, themselves along with their own 'network' have found ways for positive change and rehabilitation on their 'Phoenix Bound Quest.' An unfettered detailed account of one family's adoption experience in America. This honest h... more
  • 3 Hour Dad

    by Adam Hourlution
    What would you do if you were suddenly told you were going to be a mum or dad without any notice? How would you react? What thoughts would go through your head? You haven't prepared to be a parent, you've not made any arrangements and nobody in your family is aware. Now imagine that not even the mum-to-be knew that she had been hiding a little person inside her tummy the entire time. One day Adam, just your average, typical guy receives a call from his mother-in-law (to be !) summoning him... more
  • Memories from Communism

    by Gabriela Turculetu
    “Memories from Communism” leads the reader through a different world, a world governed by communism embellished by people and scenery. The book presents a vicious form of communism seen through the eyes of an innocent child. Even so, the theme of the book still remains optimistic. The story begins in Romania during the dictatorship of Ceausescu. The subject of the book is captivating, sometimes peaceful; describing the scenery, but other times intensifies as it explains certain parts of histo... more
  • Breaking Vases: Shattering Limitations & Daring to Thrive

    by Dima Ghawi
    Breaking Vases powerfully and vividly captures the rich heritage of one woman’s Middle East, along with its brutal realities, which followed Dima Ghawi from her native Jordan to her adopted country, the United States. Brought up in a small, conservative Christian community in Amman, Dima learned to be quiet and subservient to her elders and to men. When she was just five, Dima’s beloved grandmother warned that a woman’s greatest responsibility was to preserve her image—one as fragile as a glass ... more
  • Should I have Told You That?: A Memoir

    by Liz Lea
    In twenty years Liz went from being a fun, vivacious girl to hang out with, to being in bed for months at a time from Manic Depression and Chronic Migraines. Along the way she had a lot of fun with friends until one day when she could not wake up, and found herself in the middle of a nervous breakdown when approaching thirty-years old. Learn about her relationships with her friends, and complicated family in this heartwarming and hilarious breakdown, of a real breakdown that turned out life chan... more

    by Bernadette Nason
    Broken by divorce, debt, and workplace sexual harassment, twenty-six-year-old Bernadette Nason is hanging by a thread. When her cat is run over by a garbage truck, Nason makes an impetuous decision. With almost no travel experience, she grabs the first available overseas job and, within two months, finds herself in Libya. 'Fitting in' has never been her strength, yet here she is, the most unstable, self-loathing, slightly overweight fish ever to throw itself recklessly out of its own water. Move... more
  • Accidental Jesus Freak: One Woman's Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom

    by Amber Lea Starfire
    In 1973, Linda was a flute player and music major at a California community college, until she met and fell madly in love with a charismatic piano player, plunging into his world of music-making and drug-fueled parties. When, just three weeks after their wedding, he reveals that he's been "born again," Linda makes the spontaneous decision to follow him into his new religion and, unwittingly, into a life of communal living, male domination, and magical thinking. With unflinching candor, Amber ... more
  • An Angel's Feather: My Experiences as a Medium

    by Astrid Brown
    The route to mediumship is never an easy one and if you ask any medium they will all tell you their path in life has not been easy and mine is no exception. I’m saying this not for sympathy far from it, but for those of you on this journey it’s a rite of passage and we all have to go through this. Why? Well in order to be able to empathize and be compassionate to others we have to experience those we help’s point of view. We need to walk in their shoes; only through adversity can we tru... more
  • Please Stay

    by Greg Payan
    Please Stay is the story of a healthy 39-year old college professor struck down by a sudden, near fatal brain aneurysm. After a short prologue, the book begins as Holly wakes up with a debilitating headache as readers feel the panic in those initial moments of confusion before a brain bleed is diagnosed at the hospital. Readers learn about her through letters sent by close friends and former students, who sent memories to be read at her bedside while she was on a respirator, fighting for her l... more