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  • The Making of Mr Irresistible

    by Larry J Gould
    In this memoir, Larry J Gould takes you on a journey with him from one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Leeds, England to one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in the Hamptons, New York. You will laugh and you will cry. From starting his career as a 15-year-old school dropout to creating two multi-million pound businesses, he experiences many bumps in the road in his personal and business life as he travels around the world from the Soviet Union to the United States, Israel to Ethiopia, an... more
  • Stormy Weather

    by Ranaildo Timms
    Stormy Weather by Ranaildo H. Timms is a short memoir of the author’s time in the Marine Corps. In the preface, the author claims not to be a writer but to know how to tell a story. We learn something about his high school days in Alabama where he preferred playing football to studying, and we learn a bit about his close-knit family. After graduation when most of his buddies were going off to college or into jobs, he shocks his family and friends by enlisting in the Marines. Then he tells the st... more
  • B-29 “Double Trouble” Is “Mister Bee”

    by Colonel Charles A. Jones
    This book is the story of Elmer C. Jones, a young man who grew up during the Great Depression and who joined the military in 1943, becoming a member of the Army's Air Corps in 1944. He was the radar observer of a B-29 Superfortress bomber crew flying 28 combat missions over Japan in 1945--13 bombing missions and 15 photographic reconnaissance missions, including the longest mission of the war: 4,650 miles in 23:00 hours. He accumulated 489:50 combat flying hours during the war.
  • Becoming Soul

    by El Alma
    This story starts with the premise that we are not our bodies. We are our souls. Our consciousness live on when we leave the earth through death. It is only our body that decays and dies. We continue to develop our souls during each lifetime we visit the earth and then go back to being only consciousness. In choosing a new lifetime each soul knows there are natural earth stages we each must endure to develop new earth lessons. There are seven stages that we pass through to arrive back to this e... more
  • The Big House

    by Hugh Cameron and Edna Quammie
    This book arose from a conversation between Hugh Cameron, an orthopedic surgeon, and Edna Quammie, an OR nurse, reminiscing about their shared memories. It was proposed at a dinner meeting of the Dinosaur Club, a group of doctors and nurses and technicians who worked in the operating room in Toronto General Hospital in the seventies and eighties. It tells of the thrills and spills—sometimes funny, sometimes sad—about life in the OR at that time which followed Woodstock, which, in a sense, change... more
  • Walking on Ocean Floors

    by Mike "SPIKE" Mcgettigan
    This book is based on the life of a commercial diver working in the oil and gas industry from the cowboy days of the early 1980s around Asia, India, Australasia, and Africa to the safety-orientated twenty-first century in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. You will travel with the characters that work in this world and see the countries that they visit. It’s a wild and dangerous job, and most people would struggle to get their head around the fact that people actually do this for a living. But th... more
  • Word for Word

    by Laurie Lisle
    Raised in a traditional 1950s New England family, Laurie Lisle rejected the boundaries of her upbringing and followed her drive to write. Coming of age during the women’s liberation movement, she joined Newsweek shortly after it was sued for sexism, hoping to find new opportunities for women writers, but she had to fight for every step forward. Word for Word is the dramatic story of Lisle’s determination to become a published author, from her early days in journalism to writing her groundbrea... more
  • The Journey to Max - An Adoption Story

    by Christopher Garcia-Halenar

    Xander narrates the story of the coast-to-coast journey he and his two dads take to complete their family.  Xander wants a sibling who will make the back seat of the car less lonely, make playing with toys more of a team activity, and fill the empty seat at their table to make them feel full. 

    Their journey starts in Sacramento, the city where Xander was born, but it is unsuccessful.  They travel to Phoenix, Dallas, Little Rock, Gainesville, and Miami – all starting... more

  • Standing In The Pink Clouds

    by Linda Marzano

    This is the memoir of a woman who has faced life's demanding terms, but not without a quest for understanding. A compelling read for anyone going through any of life's challenges, the author shares intimate memories, mysteries, and the poignant emotion she experiences of both pain and joy. The reader is invited to journey along with her to witness her picture of God in her life. An engaging stye , her voice becomes a tool to an exploration of soul. Experience the human condition up cl... more

  • Left To Fry

    by Christopher Fryer
    Remember 2010? Long before the pandemic, before the election. Before it felt like the world was crumbling before our eyes. A simpler time. Not that life was simple. That was the year I was fired. Then I broke up with my girlfriend. I had a Bachelors in Creative Writing, no career ambition, no savings, and about as much hope in the world as a snowball has in a microwave. I was on my own. Life started happening. Happening fast. And I did my best to capture it all in a blog called "Left to Fry,... more
  • The Deeper Fix: For Your Growth and Empowerment

    by Ilene V. Fishman
    The Deeper Fix: For Your Growth & Empowerment was born out of my personal and professional experience with and response to inefficient, disempowering, patriarchal and time-wasting psychotherapy. Because most of my own therapy was inadequate, I was driven to figure out how to get myself well from a severe eating disorder and extreme emotional un-health. I developed my theory out of necessity and have continued to refine it and use it successfully in my private practice for 36 years. It has helped... more
  • Raising Tomorrow's Champions: What the Women's National Soccer Team Teaches Us About Grit, Authenticity and Winning

    by Paul Tukey, Joanna Lohman
    A 16-year soccer professional and former National Team member, Joanna Lohman, aka “the Rainbow Warrior,” joins soccer dad and award-winning journalist Paul Tukey in Raising Tomorrow’s Champions: What the Women’s National Soccer Team Teaches Us About Grit, Authenticity and Winning. With unprecedented access to members of this iconic team, many of whom were Joanna’s teammates and opponents, the book offers intimate insights into what it takes to develop the grit to win in sports and life and becom... more
  • Heart Broke Open: A healing journey through the heart of Lyme disease

    by Sahara Sun
    Heart Broke Open is the courageous portrayal of how lessons of the Aloha Spirit awakened a conscious relationship with my soul when Lyme disease became the catalyst for a profound healing journey and the discovery of a greater calling. This teaching memoir is an epic pilgrimage that begins with a leap of faith—from the rainy Pacific Northwest into the warmer waters of Maui, Hawaii. Though I was expecting the enchanting promise of a dream fulfilled, romance, and the perfect life, I got something ... more
  • The Circus Is In Town - A Baseball Odyssey

    by Robert A. Hilliard

    This memoir describes the childhood, teenage, young adult and family events that shaped my decision to table a successful business career to become the focal point of a grass-roots effort to return professional baseball to New Jersey. Five years in the making (1990-1994), the roller coaster ride of a project involved the search for well-heeled and interested investors, purchasing an existing Minor League franchise, and lastly - but certainly not in the least - finding the wherewithal to ... more

  • The More to Me

    by iasia bailey
    If we look deeply into the human experience, we uncover one’s innate yet unmet desire for love, peace, joy, and wholeness – the product of unsuccessful journeys conducted externally, instead of internally, never becoming “complete” in life. The More to Me offers a real, candid look into the life of Iasia, a young black woman with sensory addictions and toxic attachments, wrestling with depression and the strain of everyday living, yet embarking on a quest for “The More.” On a basic level, “The ... more
  • Outcomes of Civilization in Africa

    by Happy Ogunjimi
    The theme is about the things I went through as an African and the problems of the outcomes of civilization in Africa. As well, diving into ways of implementing a better society in developing nations. My book speaks about the western world vs developing nations, colonialism, education, law, economy, civilization and barbarism in Africa, human development, social development, cultural development and steps to bring civilization to Africa.