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  • The Ramblings of an Old Man

    by Cal Kraft
    Do you long for a time when life was simpler? When everyone knew your name? Do you reminisce about family traditions, growing up in the 50’s and 60’s? Do you remember your teen years and that first kiss? Does your mouth start to water and your heart start to swell as you think back to family holiday meals presided over by mom or grandma? Well then, you can now take that trip down memory lane and re-create those luscious foods in the pages of “The Ramblings of an Old Man” by well-known personal c... more
  • The Legend of Santa Dan and Mark the Elf

    by Georgiann Fischer
    Santa Claus and an Elf are not mythical entities. Santa Dan and Mark the Elf are real-life human beings who live in central Iowa. Their charming and endearing antics have delighted the hearts of many unsuspecting souls from infants to gen-xer’s to well-seasoned citizens all year long, not just between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Laugh, cry and become mesmerized as these two buddies entertain you to your hearts content as they transform themselves into Santa and the Elf, or into two beautiful bri... more
  • Scars & Make-Up: Her Life

    by Shantay Williams
    Shantay Williams was born In the 80’s era, to a drug-addicted mother who was only good for inflicting pain throughout Shantay’s life; while Shantay was at her weakest moments. Shantay was raised with three brothers and herself in the home. For Shantay; growing up in Queens Bridge Projects was not easy, but for a woman with such triumph; she was determined to get hers the best way she knew how, no matter the consequences. Shantay was one of the roughest and toughest; yet sweetest little ladies yo... more
  • Sweet Melissa: Caged, But Free (Book Five 5)

    by Susan Segovia-Munoz

    Addiction, The Lifestyle, The Recovery

    Star light, Star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might. Well, you know how the saying goes and it was going to take a lot more than a wish upon a star to change my life. My mind was clouded from years of drug abuse and my senses were dulled. I seemed to have absolutely no emotion left at all. Was I destined to live the rest of my life like this? I often prayed that I would be the next to die. I wondered why I had survived so long in the first place.... more

  • Sweet Melissa: Destination Unknown (Book Four 4)

    by Susan Segovia-Munoz
    HEROIN ADDICTION, THE LIFESTYLE, THE RECOVERY You better be careful of what you wish for. That hunger, that craving, that need. That longing and that fulfillment of satisfaction. It just might turn your life into a living hell. At the very best your worst nightmare. I so desperately wanted to be loved, accepted and appreciated. I wanted to fit in. Somewhere. Anywhere. My self-esteem had dwindled down to nothingness. My fear of rejection kept me at rock bottom. I thought Johnny was... more
  • Sweet Melissa: Behind Bars (Book Three 3)

    by Susan Segovia-Munoz
    HEROIN ADDICTION, THE LIFESTYLE, THE RECOVERY Roses are red, Violets are blue. If you shoot too much HEROIN, You'll soon be blue too... Please God, don't let me DIE in prison. My limp, blue body had just been dragged across the cold linoleum floored hallway, from another inmate's cell over to my own. I had been out of bounds, being INJECTED with some of the heroin I had just received that day. The last thing I had remembered, was sitting on the TOILET in Lisa's cell. She was hav... more
  • Keep Breathing: Recollections from a 103-Year-Old

    by Morrie Markoff
    “When you reach the age of 100, suddenly, even if you did nothing notable, you are a celebrity. Friends, even longtime ones, neighbors and strangers look at you differently. You see and feel it. When perfect strangers find out, they shake your hand, as if, by osmosis, you can transfer the secrets of long life to them.” Morrie Markoff only has this advice: Keep Breathing. These are his recollections from the last century beginning in a New York tenement in 1914. Morrie recalls his impoverished b... more
  • Unravelings

    by Sarah Cheshire

    In her short debut memoir "Unravelings," Sarah Cheshire use s fragmentation, lyrical verse, flashback, and scavenged primary source documents to recreate a Title IX procedure she was involved in in college after becoming intimately involved with a trusted creative writing professor and mentor. By reentering the complex psychological landscape of this  intimate yet taboo relationship, Cheshire attempts to raise questions about external powers' need for clarity in narrative, ... more

  • Wrestling the Dragon: How I Fought Diabetes and Won

    by AJ Cunder

    A diabetes diagnosis will be life-altering. 

    But it doesn't have to be life-shattering. 

    This is my story. The story of how I learned to conquer the beast that lives inside of me despite the struggles and obstacles, the needles and finger-sticks, the desperation and disappointment. A story of how I (and my parents) managed my type I diabetes since I was diagnosed at the age of seventeen months; how my father and mother first encountered the dragon--how it nearly... more

  • The Monster That Ate My Mommy

    by Jessica Aiken-Hall
    Mothers are supposed to love their children unconditionally, but what if they can’t? “Your own mother doesn’t love you—what makes you think anyone else will?” These words haunted the author and affected every decision she made. If she wasn’t good enough for her mother’s love, what was she worthy of? In The Monster That Ate My Mommy, Jessica Aiken-Hall takes the reader on her quest to find love and uncover the root of her suffering. In this courageous memoir, we learn the importance of l... more
  • Fire Bone! A Maverick Guide to a Life in Journalism

    by Robert W. Bone
    Life story of a journalist who traveled the world in the practice of his craft.
  • God's Patient Pursuit of My Soul

    by Chris Manion
    Her soul’s longing for God hungered for more than an hour at church each Sunday. Chris Manion found herself climbing the heights of worldly success while God pulled her deeper into Himself. How could she balance the two extremes? One day, on a bench deep in the woods, everything changed. This cutting-edge memoir from a surprisingly down-to-earth, humble business leader points directly to Christ for the gifts and grace that helped her rise as a leader and wise mentor to her $20 million business ... more
  • God's Patient Pursuit of My Soul ISBN 978-1-68314-066-5

    by Chris Manion
    What makes this memoir cutting edge is the surprising down-to-earth, humble nature of this business leader who points directly to Christ for the gifts and grace that helped her act as a spiritual guide and wise mentor to her $20 million business team. This deeply personal story will change readers’ lives as they discover how to awaken to God's voice deep within them.
  • Tears To Laughter Embracing the Future Without Forgetting the Past

    by Debra Davis Hinkle
    Through short stories, poetry, journal entries and reflective narrative, Debra Davis Hinkle and Jim Leonard have created a rich and unique expression of the range of emotions, spiritual questions and insights, which accompany grief. Whether it is the death of a loved one, beloved pet or pre-death losses like Alzheimer's. Their writings show the capacity of the human spirit to resolve and evolve. They also illustrate how writing can be a source of comfort and inspiration. The authors movingly gui... more
  • Marshall's Gully

    by Paul Counelis
    'Marshall spoke like a teenage hustler, fast and loose and with a knowing gleam in his eyes. The first words he said when he came into the house pretty much set the tone for my friendship with him: “So…what do you guys do for fun?”' MARSHALL'S GULLY is the touching and haunting true story of some strange nights in a big grey house, a little hill hiding the secrets of the gully, a group of teenagers left to navigate it all on their own...and a series of friendships forged in the freedom of you... more
  • The Colors of Dawn: Secrets Within

    by Dawn Bowe
    A true story about a young girl who grew up on a beautiful tropical island, but other than the scenery, nothing else was tropical about it. She had to endure child abuse, abandonment, low-self esteem, and bullying; all while trying to find hope in the tormented world she lived in.