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  • Cast Your Footsteps

    by Martha Voorhees
    In the intricate tapestry of our family's history, a resilient thread weaves across generations—a thread forged by the indomitable spirit of a woman born in the waning days of the late 19th century. Today, I stand humbled and honored, tasked with transforming my grandmother's remarkable typewritten chronicle into the living, breathing manuscript that now rests in your hands. With a heart brimming with emotion, I extend to you a heartfelt invitation to embark on a journey—a poignant odyssey throu... more
  • Heroic Choices: Break Through Fear, Realize Your Dreams and Transform Your Life

    by Paula Kent
    Do you ever find yourself wishing for a magic wand that you could wave to transform your life? Do you yearn for personal growth, but find your demons always keep you from taking the first step? Personal change is possible for anyone who dares to embark on the journey toward their dreams. Join author Paula Kent as she guides you on your journey toward self-transformation. Inspired by her own personal growth after taking on a dramatic, mid-life career change, Kent draws on an eclectic variety o... more
  • From Budapest to Hollywood: Searching for the Promised Land

    by Katherine MK Mitchell

    An ordinary little girl is born into an extraordinarily violent world. What are her chances? She is tossed around by life. What kind of a life awaits her? Will she get lost without guidance, will she be a bad girl, will she be abused, will she be a user of others – or, can she find her way and willpower to fight for becoming who she wanted to become.  Katherine survives World War II, loses her father, reunites with her mother post-concentration camp, joins an underground orphaned children’s r... more

  • The Girl with Three Birthdays: An Adopted Daughter's Memoir of Tiaras, Tough Truths, and Tall Tales

    by Patti Eddington
    Patti always knew she was adopted, but when a genealogy test leads Patti to her biological family years later, she embarks on an eye-opening journey to piece together her past.
  • A Love for the Lifetimes

    by Michael Boyajian

    Soon after my wife Jeri Wagner passed away over the rainbow bridge to the other world my therapist told me to write love letters to Jeri in heaven and I did pouring out my heart to my gift from the universe that was taken too soon writing on crisp aromatic parchment paper with a fine fountain pen. Then later my friends and family urged me to write again, and I said no I couldn’t everything I did was for Jeri but then her presence appeared to me and said you can write again, write about ... more

  • Promise - A Story of Race, Culture and Black Potential

    by Ron Tinsley
    Spanning the time from emancipation to present-day, Promise explores issues of race in America and how we arrived at this moment in our racial quandary. Told through the author’s eyes, it follows the time from his introduction to racism as a child during the Jim Crow era—to being owner of two international corporations. While managing to teach some important lessons, Promise also includes exciting adventures; as in opening for, and performing with, such artists as Stevie Wonder, the Fo... more
  • Gutter Glitter

    by Kirsten Moore
    Did you know that guinea pigs are so sensitive that the slightest change in environment can shock them to death? That’s me. I am the guinea pig. *** Kirsten Moore’s debut memoir 'Gutter Glitter' follows Kirsty as she navigates debilitating childhood anxiety and anorexia, followed by life-altering spinal surgery and subsequent opioid abuse. Her history with mental illness is compounded when she experiences three significant losses within six months. Kirsty uses her sardonic wit and self-... more
  • Descent into Darkness

    by Dr Richard Chessick
    The purpose of this book is to acquaint educated interested persons with, as well as to help students and professionals in the mental health field learn about the psychodynamics of mental illness. To facilitate learning about the issues involved and in order to make this information more convincing, more intelligible, and hopefully more interesting for the reader, I have cast it in the unusual form of what I call a didactic novel. To my knowledge this has not been tried before. Here the lectures... more
  • The Sketchbook of Jeri Wagner, Artist: Deluxe Reissue

    by Michael Boyajian

    A deluxe reissue of the sketchbook and notes of noted New York feminist artist Jeri Wagner produced in premium color and on high quality paper stock renowned for her work in wood construction, collage, ceramics, photography and fiber art exhibiting in Chelsea, SoHo, the Village, the Hudson Valley and Europe.

    The Reviews are coming in for THE SKETCHBOOK OF JERI WAGNER, Artist Deluxe Reissue by Michael Boyajian. 

    “A beautiful book,” - Sal J Calise, editor. 

    ... more
  • Meet Me in Mumbai

    by Lovelace Cook
    It’s never too late for love…or a rite of passage. What can possibly go wrong when Jesse asks the universe to help her get out of the rut her life has become? The universe delivers a curveball when Jesse meets a quirky but charming Englishman who visits her sleepy southern town, and they fall in love. Trevor loves wild camping, while Jesse values her creature comforts. A year after they meet, Jesse accepts Trevor’s challenge to meet him in Mumbai. Knit yourself a seat belt for their misadvent... more
  • Author

    by Mark Pettit
    Three-time Emmy Award-winning TV news anchorman and bestselling author turned actor, Mark Pettit, pulls back the curtain on his fascinating life and career. In his new, heart-wrenching memoir, ANKRBOY, Pettit reveals what it was like growing up as a young, closeted TV newscaster trying to make his way during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  • Half My Sky: Autism, Marriage, and the Messiness That is Building a Family.

    by Carrie Cariello
    Five kids. Autism. Marriage. Building a family is messy business. In her most revealing memoir yet, Carrie is candid about the challenges of marriage, motherhood, and keeping one's identity in the midst of raising a family. She gives the reader a glimpse into life with a diagnosed child. She shares their experience with puberty, social media, high school, and steps toward independent living. Composed as a series of powerful letters, her writing is gritty yet tender. In prose that is nea... more
  • ALIGNMENT An Unlikely Road to Bethlehem

    by Brad Baldwin
    ALIGNMENT An Unlikely Road to Bethlehem by Brad Baldwin is a good fit for those seeking a transformative and hopeful journey of self-discovery, as the author navigates a diverse range of experiences and themes, from spirituality to international diplomacy, with a touch of satire and a focus on personal growth.
  • Devoirs-Icons of Duty

    by Loarn D. Robertson

    This is a story, actually two stories, based on memoires and supplemented with biographical material about the lives of two women nurses of the 20th century, related by blood, separated by a generation and bound by dedication.

  • The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel

    by Phillip Parcheminer
    The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel is about my spiritual journey to being reborn. This spiritual journey started with the discovery of The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel. The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel was to be my guiding light out of my fall into my pit of darkness. My fall into my pit of darkness was due to the return of my migraines that were to lead me to losing out on my future as a truck driver. My losing out on my future as a truck driver meant my returning to work, and returning to... more
  • Up by the Bootstraps

    by Sean M. McWeeney
    Sean M. McWeeney has led an amazing life. Up by the Bootstraps outlines his life on the rough and tough West Side of Chicago, where he was unafraid of hard work or a good fight. He ran numbers, struggled, and triumphed through life’s twists and turns, to become the head of the FBI’s Organized Crime Section and later establish an international multi million-dollar corporation known for handling complex hostage and extortion negotiations for international corporations. This memoir reveals the inne... more