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  • To Every Page a Turning: One Life's Journey

    by Carl Buccellato
    Each man who journeys through life must travel through its season and ultimate lessons. For some, the journey is brief, and their life's light is fleeting. They are like rockets that flare to the heavens, glowing brightly only to go black in the next instant. Still others travel what seem to be an abbreviated journey, missing some of life's seasons, never knowing the agony or the ecstasy of what they have missed. But some live each season, taste each tear, relish each sunrise, and brace themselv... more
  • Necessary Rebirths: A Collection of Poems + Prose for Awakening

    by Nicole Long
    What happens when everything around you begins to look unfamiliar though nothing in your environment has changed? How do you vocalize the internal feelings of despair even though your life reads like a perfect love story? In "Necessary Rebirths: A Collection of Poems and Prose for Awakening," poet and writer Nicole M. Long explores her journey through depression, anxiety, and all of life's in-between stages to find the answers to life’s most pressing question: Why am I here? Sometimes dark and... more
  • Rise & Shine: 50 Real World Lessons

    by R Norman James
    The most valuable insights you will ever gain in a mere two hours. If you aspire to take your small business to the next level, or are managing any growing business, then this book is mandatory reading. Mr. James uses real life examples to demonstrate 50 priceless lessons to help business managers at every level navigate the changes and challenges that they face every day. Extremely clear and concise, this book delivers a hard hitting, valuable message in a short read.
  • Hi, It's Don

    by Don Singleton
    An autobiography from birth till today, examined and written in my unique style, or at least as unique as I can get.
  • Trigger

    by Robert Dannin
    Edward “Tony” Gawron died in his fifty-seventh year but not before leaving a chronicle of his eventful, yet tortured, life. He poured his own experiences, mixed with a stunning imagination, into Trigger, a twisting tale of survival and revenge set during sixty years of turbulent European history. The central character, Tadeusz Szczepanski, escapes the Warsaw Ghetto and plunges into a life of resistance, deception, and violence, anchoring his morality in the fictional roles portrayed by Humphr... more
  • Mesopotamian Goddesses: Unveiling Your Feminine Power

    by Weam Namou
    Archaeological evidence proves that women in ancient Mesopotamia had great political and religious status during the Garden of Eden period where, once upon a time, goddesses and gods lived harmoniously together. That is why there was a design and rhythm to the Garden of Eden, a yin and yang concept. Through the veil of ignorance, we lost that paradise. To create that balance in a new way, we first have to heal the earth by opening certain stories and putting them back onto the page and into our ... more
  • Whole Heart

    by Michelle Felix
    Whole Heart is Michelle's search for emotional healing and purpose as a young girl dreaming of the possibilities that the future might hold. She will never forget the night of July 17, the night that changed her life forever. Whole Heart traces her childhood steps that are almost impossible to fathom and the repeated spreading of her wings in the face of them being continually clipped. Her parents' tragedy sits heavily on Michelle's shoulders as she tries to understand both parents in a way no p... more
  • The Sound of Her Voice: A memoir

    by Sara Gelbard
    THE SOUND OF HER VOICE is Sara's exploration of what it was like to live in an unfeeling world as a child, the healing in writing, what her three homes are to her, how marriage healed her, and, ultimately, how she came to understand and forgive how her mother could, in her way, give her away. Sara sprinkles her book with haikus that go to the heart of such a journey. She has written her book for all who need to find that voice within them in order to heal. Sara Gelbard is a woman of three hom... more
  • Delhi Escorts

    by kriti soni
    Fantasies are the things which you desire to happen. But they are not easily possible to happen that is why they are called fantasies. Everyone got some kind of fantasies of love making. But everyone is not fortunate enough to fulfill them. Are you one of them? If yes then Delhi Escorts is in the service of yours to get fulfilled all your sexual fantasies and desires. Have you ever had a dream of making out with a girl according to your will and desires? Do not answer because I know the answ... more
  • Ripples from the Edge of Life

    by Roland Chesters

    If you were given just two weeks to live how would you feel? What would you do? How do you prepare for the end? Who would you tell and how? It was this terrible position Roland Chesters found himself in in the late summer of 2006. He knew he was seriously ill but had no idea that he had both HIV and AIDS. Luckily Roland did not die. Expert medical help and his own determination not to give in saw him through. His life though, had changed for ever.

    ‘Ripples from the Edge of Life&rs... more

  • Braving the World: Adventures in Travel and Retirement

    by Pam Saylor

    After retiring early, in 2017 my husband and I boarded a one-way flight to Rome with only four suitcases and a beer cooler full of insulin to begin our dream trip--a year of living in Europe. The dream was to live like locals, find out-of-the-way restaurants, and watch the seasons change.  But behind every dream, there is the reality.

    Our journey began with the twin challenges of reconnecting our post-retirement lives and finding affordable insulin to manage my T... more

  • But First, Rumi

    by Chitra Ramaswami

    When I discovered a stray cat in need of help, I never thought we’d wind up saving each other. Struggling to come to terms with an unexpected diagnosis, I returned home to Oman seeking a sense of familiarity. What I discovered instead was a very special cat who changed my life. But First, Rumi is the story of how, day by day, Rumi and I got to know one another, and as I learned to love the little stray, I began to see life lessons and truths about myself, my family, my home country and ... more


    by Joshua Smith
    My mom dies when I am nine. My step mom dies two years later giving birth to my little sister. Then a year after that my back breaks and I am stuck in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waste down.
  • My View From the Back of the Bus

    by Merritt D. Long
    Through his lens as a “colored” child, “Negro” teenager, “Black” young man, and finally successful African American state official, this book reveals how Merritt D. Long was shaped by – and helped to shape – American history. Jim Crow laws, segregation and the civil rights movement are the backdrop to Long’s childhood and youth in Alabama in the 1950’s and 1960’s. As a child, the color of Long’s skin dictated what doors he could walk through, where he could sit on the bus, where he could eat, ... more
  • Mumbai Escorts With Full Enjoyment

    by Sonali Mumbai Escorts
  • Was It Spectacular? A Memoir

    by Anne B. Thomas
    Half a world away from home in 1976, eighteen-year old Anne B. Thomas awakens on the side of a two-lane road paralyzed from the chest down. Fast forward through a rigorous year of physical therapy to when her doctor gives her an ominous warning: “You will live a long time and be a burden on your family for the rest of your life unless you check yourself into a nursing home”. Anne spends the rest of her life proving that doctor wrong. This brutally honest memoir follows Anne’s journey ... more