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  • Blessings of a Mother to a Son

    by Kamal Krishna Laha
    This book is an autobiography written by Kamal Krishna Laha, who was born in India in 1942, during WWII (1939–1945). He survived from typhoid thrice and was unable to walk for years. The family (mother, father, grandma, one widow, three unmarried aunties, and two uncles) was poor. His father, who was a goldsmith, was the only earning member. The dwelling has two rooms, a hall, a thatched kitchen, a cowshed, and a privy. The hindrance was poverty. His mother’s bravery helped him to succeed. Three... more
  • California's Girl: Life on the Beach

    by Tamara Warren
    The story of a young girl growing up on the beach in Southern California during the 1960's and 70's. Told through journal entries, short stories, poetry and assorted recollections. The first book in a series.
  • Where Is My Home?

    by Joan Romney Groves
    Walt Whitman said, ?Home is where the heart is.? Children may stray, but within them is a desire for the love, care and safety of home. Sometimes bad choices or circumstances hinder their return, but like the prodigal son, they finally realize ?there?s no place like home.? ?Where Is My Home?? is based on a true story about a cat named Sonic who was described as ?born to be wild.? When given the opportunity to be free, he realized that he wanted to go home. To get there, he traveled 30 miles as h... more
  • A Silent Cry

    by Mike Adams
    Debut author Adams experienced two of the worst horrors that a person can face: the losses of a spouse and a child. ? he also relates what he considers ?minor miracles? ? ways in which his Christian faith was reaffirmed in small, quotidian, but marvelous ways. However, the story?s power doesn?t hinge at all on such persuasiveness [ of miracles ], but rather on the author?s graceful grappling with heartache. Readers who?ve suffered similar tragedies will find particular beauty in this love letter... more
  • Peregrinations

    by Dr. Thomas E. Davis
    Peregrinations is an autobiography of one of the Davis boys, believed to be descendants from a long line of pig thieves exiled from Wales as indentured servants to Virginia in the New World. This story begins with the grandparents of the author and the Oklahoma Land rush, followed by the exodus from the poverty of the Great Depression. It continues into and through World War II and up to the present with Tom, just into his ninth decade of life, alive and angry at the disaster-elected officials, ... more
  • Kiwi on the Camino

    by Vivianne Flintoff
    What is it that is motivating thousands of people to leave behind the comfort and securities of home, put heavy boots on their feet and a pack on their backs, and head off to walk the route known as the Camino de Santiago, or the Way of St. James, following in the footsteps of the hundreds of thousands of people who have walked the Camino down through the centuries? In 2014, Vivianne Flintoff took an extended leave of absence from her place of employment to walk both the Camino de Santiago and t... more
  • Unpredictable Journey

    by Ernlé W.D. Young
    In this memoir Ernlé W.D. Young tells of growing up as a farm-boy in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa, and making the unpredictable life-journey to Palo Alto, California; from being a printer, pastor, and political activist in South Africa to becoming a full professor at Stanford University; from having had to leave his native land because of his implacable opposition to the Nationalist government?s apartheid policies and he and his family making new lives in their adopted country. It is ... more
  • A Hudson Valley High: A Journal of Celebration

    by Michael Boyajian
    Join the author and his wife and two cats as they spend a year celebrating their move from Brooklyn to the Hudson Valley. Guide features and special recipes included.
  • Everything and Nothing

    by Ava Ceccotti
    In Everything and Nothing, Ava touches on quite literally every aspect of her last few years as a teenager. Her experiences are laced with feelings ranging from euphoria, nerves, self-deprecation, and acceptance of mental illness through personification. She writes about a fondness for cyber love and briefly introduces the reader to her infatuation with a girl named Kochi. Highlighted in the light read are heavy subjects such as the importance of energy, healing intuition, acting on positive tho... more
  • A Toxic Education: Discovering a hidden danger in one of the most prominent schools in America

    by Mark Doo
    A happy, healthy, five-year-old girl develops a frightening disorder. Her parent’s anxious search for the cause leads them to her school, one of the most prestigious in the country, and the alma mater of the forty-fourth president of the United States. They unveil a health risk to thousands of children and desperately work to protect them and their daughter while facing a clueless, slow moving institution, and an apathetic community.
  • In Service of His Master

    by Balbir Singh Ragi
    Set in the backdrop of the racial tensions of the sixties, In Service of His Master describes one man's dream to unite and build a place of worship for his community. After traveling to Britain, Dharam Singh Ragi strives to realize his dream of equal rights, for his community and family in a new country. Narrated by Dharam Singh's teenage son, Balbir Singh lifts the cover off of the little known history of how a flourishing Sikh community fought to establish themselves in Britain barely fifteen ... more
  • A Year Lost, a Life Gained: Fighting Breast Cancer with Wit, Humor, Friends and a Perky Poodle

    by Suzanne Dalton
    Suzanne Dalton has accomplished much in her life—she is an artist, writer, actor, web designer, and program manager. The one undertaking for which she did not sign up was breast cancer. In her new memoir, humor guides Suzanne through difficult decisions about treatments, surgeries, and reconstruction. Her story, told through witty letters to friends, includes a party before surgery, a zany poodle, and refusal to let cancer define her. A Year Lost, A Life Gained: Fighting Breast Cancer With Wit, ... more
  • RECKLESS: A Memoir

    by Rebecca Allard

    Why would a middle class white woman fall in love with a convicted felon from Harlem? Reckless is the story of a young actress from west Texas, who was seduced into a life-threatening marriage, and the journey she took to reclaim herself.

  • Paths to Pachamama, A Traveler's Guide to Spirituality

    by Joseph De La Cruz
    Written independently, two stories of self-discovery gracefully intertwine and poetically prove no matter our unique journeys, we all travel the same path. Joseph De La Cruz from Boulder, Colorado and Simon Vandekerckhove from Bruges, Belgium meet on the road and now combine forces, offering a backpacker’s perspective of the inward and outward scope of their experiences. A tale suitable for any traveler on the adventure known as life, in Paths to Pachamama you’ll understand there’s more to this ... more
  • Woman Plans, God Laughs: My Story of Love, Loss and Learning to Live Life with Faith

    by Debie Monax
    Debie Monax loved math - it's consistency and predictability. In math all one had to do was follow the proper process and apply appropriate principals to produce and guaranteed result. She applied the same mindset to her life, believing that if sh understood the rules and applied the proper principals to all her decisions, she would have the life she dreamed of. Established in a successful career as a CPA and engaged to a wonderful man, she was confident that she would soon have the family an... more