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  • Breathing Into the Light

    by Pamela Verner
    Pam struggled for many years on the sharp edges of suicide, grieving over betrayals and loss, in a vicious circle of denial, blaming and shaming. Fighting for her very life, with her back against the wall, she ventured forward despite fear and found a way to move beyond feeling a victim. She used her voice and took action, saving her own life. She chose to search for the light within and beyond the pain. She knew it was there. She confronted and overcame: \t \t* her codependency and her husba... more
  • Slow Dancing With Fire

    by Brahna Yassky
    As an emerging young painter in NYC, I was living my dream, painting all day and going to art events and clubs at night. In 1982, while boiling water a flame attached itself to my sleeve and seared 55% of my body. Nothing would ever be the same. The memoir chronicles the day I was burned, the years of the arduous healing process and how I rebuilt my life through love, art and swimming. My story encourages the belief that do-overs are possible while addressing the universal ideas of identity... more
  • Supposed To... You Are Supposed To Be Who You Are Supposed To Be

    by Sofia Zakaria
    Those moments that gave beautiful meanings, educated me, made me understand the questions I had on my mind. Why is life such? Why are things such? I came up with my own theories ~ Why, The Reasons, Supposed To ~ it became The Meaning. + It is hard to understand the true reasons and reason to supposed to. + Even harder to reason out. + The true reason has to be lawful and it will be the basis of the fundamentals. + To produce the supposed to, it has to be with love. + Have to know; How T... more
  • When Sidewalks Smile

    by Charles Walker Jr
    In the pages of this memoir, you will read of the most unlikely heroes; the outcasts and outlaws, the addicts and abused, the wounded warriors coming to the rescue of a stranger in need as they danced together in the single act of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving value, love, dignity, strength, vulnerability, companionship, and hope. If you have never spent time with a stranger in this way, I promise your life will be changed as a result of reading these stories. Here you will meet som... more
  • Florence in Rapture

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join the author and his late wife Jeri Wagner as they immerse themselves in the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence, where they find themselves falling in love all over again looking back on Tuscan Florence from the Boboli Gardens

    Florence in Rapture by Michael Boyajian  more

  • 18 Months: A Memoir of a Marriage Lost to Gender Identity

    by Shannon Thrace

    Shannon is no stranger to alternative lifestyles. Raised by Christian parents in Bluegrass country, she fled to the city, scraped together an education, worked for drag shows and befriended poets and anarchists at clothing-optional parties. By the time she settled into her 14-year relationship with Jamie, she had dated women and experimented with polyamory.

    So when her husband begins crossdressing, she sees no problem--she enjoys flouting the straight world's pointless rules. Troubl... more

  • The Underground Culture Of Government Housing

    by Allan Lee James
    This book is the direct result of the shocking subculture of Government Housing that I personally experienced for five straight years. It was so interesting and fascinating, that I kept copious notes on a daily basis of the actions/reactions of all the people that make up Government Housing. I learned the roles played by the HUD Secretary, the state and local governments, the private non-profit companies, the thousands and thousands of employees, and the tenants and non-tenants. I also learned t... more
  • My Silver Lining

    by Adel Ben-Harhara
    The contrast between how the West views newcomers versus how immigrants picture themselves is stark. New residents in Canada and the US are often misunderstood, disrespected, or poorly labeled due to inaccurate assumptions and stereotypes held by all parties. What does it take to attend university in a second or third language? What are the common denominators amongst people arriving in the West wanting to pursue “the American dream”? What are the impacts of cultural and social adjustments, ... more
  • Hope in The Sky

    by Adel Ben-Harhara
    Hope in the Sky, volume two of Adel Ben-Harhara’s three-volume memoir, speaks about millions of Yemen’s Muwalladin (foreign-born Yemenis) struggling for equal rights and citizenship. He was one young man who spent a dozen years in Yemen, where he suffered from prejudice, discrimination, and the effects of civil war. He endured harsh treatment because he wore a dark skin, was born in East Africa, and was unable to assimilate into an underdeveloped society living according to primitive cultural tr... more
  • 978-1-7776000-5-1

    by Adel Ben-Harhara
    When life is defined and debated through sound bites and social media, who would want to read a story about a boy who traversed multiple cultures, languages, religions, and geographical areas? To Have Nothing, volume one of a three-part memoir, delves into the voyage of a boy — Adel Ben-Harhara — who was separated from his mother as a toddler and was essentially orphaned at the age of five when his father died. With his mother’s inability to provide support, the boy was homeless, often left ... more
  • The Alhambra: Sunnyside to Andalusia

    by Michael Boyajian

    The author and his wife Jeri have traveled throughout Europe but now Jeri wants to go to a place that has enchanted her since she discovered her favorite writer, Washington Irving, and learned of the magical ruins that he convinced the world to restore.  Join the travelers on their most romantic journey to date as they sit in each others embrace beneath the ink black Andalusia sky.

    The Alhambra ranked 61 in Andalusia books

  • The Heart of Awareness: Selections from Jean Klein, HWL Poonja, Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, Huang Po, and Swami Abhedananda

    by Peter Ingle
    A unique compilation of selections on the topic of awareness from Jean Klein’s I Am, HWL Poonja’s Wake Up and Roar, Nisargadatta’s I Am That, Ramana Maharshi’s Be As You Are, Huang Po’s Zen Teaching of Huang Po, and Swami Abhedananda’s Philosophy of Work.
  • Transforming Negative Emotions

    by Peter Ingle
    This book explores in greater detail and with more insight than any book ever written about the mysterious process of transforming negative emotions. It explains the nature of negative emotions, why expressing negative emotions is psychologically harmful, and what it means to rise above them with conscious awareness.
  • Talks with Temerlen

    by Peter Ingle
    An engaging dialogue about enlightenment, with a focus on prayer as a pathway that leads beyond the mind into the realm of conscious awareness, with the understanding that this was the intent of whoever wrote The Lord’s Prayer.
  • The Quiet Place Within

    by Peter Ingle
    Short insights and observations about the nature of awareness, what it is, where it is, and what distinguishes it from the mind and body. An exploration of how awareness is not ordinarily aware of being aware, what this has to do with the ego, and how awareness transforms itself.
  • The Little Book of Awareness

    by Peter Ingle
    Awareness is the little noticed, rarely explored background of all of our physical and psychological experiences, and it longs to be consciously aware. This self-realization of awareness is the climax of life on earth.