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  • Bloodlines

    by Tracey Yokas
    It should have been Tracey Yokas’s time to heal. With the recent death of her mother, she was given a brand-new chance to redefine herself and her happiness on her own terms. But just as she prepares herself to spread her wings, Tracey discovers that her only child, Faith, is battling issues of her own—carrying forward the legacy of disordered eating, depression, and self-harm Tracey is so desperate to leave behind. Tracey is determined to save her daughter, but she has no idea how to reach h... more
  • The Threads that Bind

    by J. Michael Dumoulin

    Among my parents' photo albums, I found black and whites of my mother, my older brother, and my 18-months younger brother. We stood on Florida beaches looking up at rocket launches through metal chain link. Okay, so these memories came from a photo album, but if they were only photos in a book, why even today when I see them do I smell the crisp salt air and taste the aluminum of the fence?  In one album is a photo of a kindergarten-age me sitting proudly on my bike the first day I l... more

  • Tyson's Gift: How An 8 Pound K9 Became a Man's Greatest Spiritual Guide

    by Brandon Wainwright
    Tyson’s Gift tells the story of the author's dog’s life and his unique personality in a Marley and Me fashion, but later unfolds as a chronicle of the life-changing spiritual and metaphysical events the author experienced following his death and my quest to come to terms with what happens to us after we die. The result reads like Marley and Me meets A Dog’s Purpose . . . with a dash of Shirley MacLaine’s Out on a Limb.
  • Reaching For Fireflies

    by ed tar
    The powerful story of how Ed decided at the age of none, to resist the negative forces around him. Through sheer will, instinctive street smarts, creativity and relentless hard work, changed the direction of his life.
  • Tuned In: Memoirs of a Piano Man

    by Jim Wilson
    The unique confluence of Jim Wilson’s two careers—piano technician and confidant to the stars and a globally successful recording artist—has led to extraordinary experiences with some of the world’s most exalted music legends: singing Beatle songs with Paul McCartney, limo rides with Elton John, road trips with Carole King, and horseback riding with Dan Fogelberg. But beyond this everyman’s unique telling of intimate celebrity tales, Tuned In is an inspiring story of one man’s relentless pursuit... more
  • Mattie, Milo, and Me

    by Anne Abel
    Anne grew up in an abusive home, leading to severe depression and a determination to do better as a mother. One of her sons wants a dog from the time he is a baby; Anne very much does not. For years she appeases him with creatures who live in cages and tanks, but on his tenth birthday she can no longer say no – and she proceeds to fall in love with their new four-legged family member, Mattie. Then, Mattie dies a sudden and tragic death, and Anne feels herself begin to sink back into depression. ... more
  • Square Up: 50,000 Miles in Search of a Way Home

    by Lisa Dailey
    Have you ever wished you could run away and leave your life behind? Born on the "Day of the Wanderer," Lisa Dailey has always been filled with wanderlust. Although she and her husband had planned to take their family on a 'round-the-world adventure, she didn't expect their plans to come together on the heels of grief, after losing seven family members in five years. Square Up shows us that travel not only helps us understand and appreciate other cultures, but invites us to find compassion and wi... more
  • Drops of Life Experience

    by Chantal Agapiti
    I share my life's story and lessons learned to show you can improve your quality of life. Being a trauma survivor and chronic pain warrior, I want to help others by gaining a growth mindset. Your struggles don't define who you are, you have the power to change things.
  • The Price of Broccoli : A Memoir Growing up Immigrant

    by Maya Delaney
    The Price of Broccoli traces our family’s transcontinental migration from China, Hong Kong, and then to Canada. It is filled with light-hearted anecdotes of quirkiness, idiosyncrasies and eccentricities that are us. Tales based on our “growing up immigrant."
  • Patient

    by Akshay Rao
    pa•tient /ˈpeɪ.ʃənt/ noun a person who is under medical care or treatment. adjective bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, delay, hardship, pain, etc., with fortitude and calm and without complaint, anger, or the like. Two months after several positive Covid tests, Akshay Rao finds himself in the Emergency Room, having been diagnosed with acute renal failure. This, despite donning N95 masks indoors and out, living life as a hermit, and getting vaccinated and boosted at the first ava... more
  • The Beautiful Defect: A Body in Crisis A Life in Renewal

    by Lilith Costa

    Desperately hoping to avert breast cancer, a diagnosis that has plagued her family for generations, a woman decides to have a prophylactic surgery that will forever alter her reflection. But being married, with two young children and already suffering from health issues, diving into hereditary cancer genes may prove more complicated than this stay-at-home mom imagined. On her journey to lessen her odds, she's forced to confront the reality of her life, the struggles of her past, and her r... more

  • Born Into Sadness

    by Ronda Tamerlane
    My journey from the confinement’s of a toxic family life. Both parents having trauma and loss before they were adults and then losing their son before he turned five. I was conceived as the replacement child, born in the year defining the beginning of Baby Boomers. Both my parents experenced mental health disorders, which were passed on to my brother and myself. As the culture changed, so did I. Through 3 marriages many different occupations, and raising my daughter, I became a Marriage & Famil... more
  • Saved from Dementia

    by John Vieira
    This book demonstrates the healing proofs and evidence by the grace of God, followed by the author’s attendance at the eleventh Church of Christ, Scientist, London, UK, since the author’s early admission into Sunday school as a teenager. The point of departure occurs in the author’s more senior years, as he was forced into declaring his mental vulnerability surrounding his adolescent issues of drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, and rehousing, along with his self-employment status. All of thi... more
  • When I Started Smoking Weed for Real: 2013

    by J. Guzmán

    When I Started Smoking Weed for Real is volume 5 of the series On Being, a self-referential, metaphysical case history where the author J. Guzmán, as the protagonist Ana, psychoanalyzes her own consciousness throughout Time, uses tools like astrology to facilitate the investigation, and documents the entire process. Volume 5 is Ana’s documentation of her year 2013, when she was 22 years old. In it she finishes university before leaving for South America. That year Pluto was conju... more

  • Redeemed

    by Penny Lane
    When she’s abruptly snatched away from her home by a Hungarian father she does not know, four-year-old Penny finds herself in a strange, foreign household with a stepmother who alternately abuses and ignores her. Even after escaping that misery, she finds herself in yet another type of prison: fundamentalist Christianity. Ultimately, though, she finds the strength to stand up against societal and familial pressure and finds her way to happiness. A rise-from-the-ashes hero’s story of overcomin... more
  • Finding Resilience: A Teen's Journey Through Lyme Disease

    by Rachel Leland and Dorothy Kupcha Leland
    This book chronicles a teen’s triumph over the devastating impact of chronic Lyme disease, offering powerful insight into how the controversial tick-borne illness affects the whole family. It’s based on the journal Rachel kept during the worst of her illness, interspersed with passages from her mother, Dorothy, giving the parent’s point of view.