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  • Vision of Hope

    by Leilani Faber
    Vision of Hope is an important contribution in the growing number of stories by recovering addicts, for its well-written account in terms that are touching yet honest, in both the low points and high points of her story. Perhaps most significantly, Leilani Faber’s life story brings us to a conclusion that includes a current life and an optimistic future that should make her, her children and her mother proud. It literally offers hope for anyone who has found their life severely impacted by met... more

    by Hillary Hauser
    As a diving photojournalist, HILLARY HAUSER has gone solo to 200 feet on the outside of a Hawaiian crater, explored sinkholes and caves in South Australia, slid into a flooded cavern underneath a mountain in Death Valley, gone down the face of a huge Fijian wave, and crashed on the backside of Molokini Island, Hawaii, in a canoe with six other people. She has chronicled the lives, and deaths, of fishermen, including a dear friend killed by a white shark. In this book Hauser tells the story of... more
  • Many Million Dreams Ago: A Recollection of Romances

    by Dre Carlan
    From self-harm to casual sex—, join one’s journey toward trying to find his other half while experiencing some of love’s darker sides.
  • Bedtime Stories for the Living

    by Jay Armstrong
    A regular dad. A rare brain disease. A chance to live forever. A cell phone’s ring interrupts the silence as Jay Armstrong sits in his high school classroom preparing for the year ahead. Something about the ring makes his stomach drop. It’s his doctor. The words, “diffuse cerebellar atrophy, a rare, degenerative brain disease” float through the speaker. All of Jay’s youthful dreams of being a writer rush back, flooding the twenty years he has spent teaching students how to appreciate nov... more
  • Wind of Change

    The Soviet Union dissolved a year earlier, and hope is high that a new era of cooperation between East and West is dawning. In Russia, the old rules under Communism have faded, but the new rules have yet to be written. Recent American graduate student, Ken Maher, embarks on an unexpected journey through post-Soviet Russia. He encounters numerous Russians and westerners, all trying to adapt to and succeed in the “new” Russia. Throughout his journey, Ken aspires to make a personal contribution to ... more
  • Camel from Kyzylkum

    by Lara Gelya
    Camel from Kyzylkum is a memoir about the physical, emotional, and spiritual journey of immigrating from the Soviet Union in the late twentieth century. It touches on the themes of hope, struggle, family, and loss, while highlighting the compelling desire for people to focus on freedom and self-determination. Readers will gain a better understanding of how much work and risk people will endure reaching for a better life. Travel from Ukraine to the Kyzylkum Desert of Uzbekistan, from the Sovie... more
  • SexyQuad Chronicles: The Life and Times of a Salacious Quadriplegic

    by Luke Stewart
    Do you judge a book by the cover? If so, get prepared for an unreal ride that blows the roof off what a quadriplegic’s life should look like. Is it inspirational, motivational, courageous, or outrageous? You’ll be shaking your head at his decision making but that’s the beauty of life. Are you living or are you just alive? Enjoy the unbelievable true story of an over 30 year quadriplegic’s journey from his accident at age 17 that explores the fascinating insight into the psychology of a man. Be w... more
  • HIGH: Confessions of a Cannabis Addict

    by Leonard Lee Buschel
    “Vastly entertaining and incredibly honest—a captivating memoir of addiction and recovery.” Suppose National Lampoon published a hysterically funny and mildly offensive parody of recovery memoirs, it couldn’t be as wildly funny and mildly offensive as this autobiography of Leonard Lee Buschel, co-founder of Writers in Treatment, producers of the internationally acclaimed Reel Recovery Film Festivals, the Experience Strength and Hope Awards, and publishers of the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin.... more

    by Hillary Hauser
    "Dancing on Waves" is a daring tale of a well-known ocean adventurer crashing into divorce, cancer, and depression; and how this paralyzing calamity propelled her to find comfort in the ocean. With the ocean as metaphor, the author takes the reader from a deep emotional dive to the surface - describing a process of healing of emotional pain and hurt in a similar way a diver must ascend slowly to avoid the dreaded "bends," which can cripple and maim forever. The book tells how she discover... more
  • Uncertain Fruit

    by Rebecca & Sallyann Majoya
    Two women in VT find love in each other. While raising two boys from a previous relationship, they decide to add to their family. However, they are faced with infertility problems. They seek various ways to have a baby, including foster care. After many years of futile attempts, they are given an opportunity to participate in a local, private adoption with a teenage mom. Desperate to finally have their dreams realized, they make plans for a successful scenario. They take the baby home from the h... more
  • The Spirit of Ruchel Leah

    by Lester Blum
    Imbued with hope, courage, and resiliency, The Spirit of Ruchel Leah recounts the story of one woman’s determination for more than mere survival in the face of unimaginable obstacles. The book is based on letters written by Ruchel Leah from Poland to her family in New York from 1938-1941 further enhanced by commentary on her correspondence and the correspondence of extended family members after the war. The commentary encompasses all aspects of the Holocaust placing the letters into histor... more
  • Wolff's Law: A Memoir

    by Brian Harrison
    With the outlandish odds of losing two partners to disease, it takes everything to overcome life's hardships—from a rebellious teen to a broken adult.
  • Ctrl Alt Repeat

    by Dr. Sunil Punjabi
    This is not your usual fairy tale that begins with ‘once upon a time’ and ends with ‘and they lived happily ever after’. In fact, this is not a fairly tale at all. This is a story of my family’s fight with obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD for short. Through this book, you will get a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors in a family where one member is affected by OCD. To our misfortune, OCD struck my wife, Sonal. It brought out the worst in her since she was under its complete control... more
  • Petals and Thorns: A Memoir

    by Bhupat Doshi
    Bhupat (Bobby) Doshi is living proof that nice guys can finish first. Born in India but raised in Sudan, Bhupat was expected to fulfill family obligations-even if that meant giving up his dream of becoming an avionics engineer and walking away from the girl he loved. Most would have resented making such sacrifices, but he always made the most of his circumstances. Running the family business during tumultuous political upheaval, he stayed one step ahead of competitors while navigating political ... more
  • Recovered

    by Barbara Ann Quinlan
    The final volume of Barbara Ann Quinlan's remarkable Love Seeker trilogy. Born in the sheltered world of upstate New York in the 1950s, Barbara and her family moved to California, where she easily slipped into the embodiment of a 1960's wild child. Yet far from a typical story of sex, drugs and rock and roll, hers is a story of extensive travel throughout Europe and Israel, studies under the innovative and influential theatre director, Jerzy Grotowski, as well as affairs with high-profile ... more
  • Lost

    by Barbara Ann Quinlan
    Book 2 of Barbara Ann Quinlan's amazing life story - Travelling extensively in Europe and Israel, studying under the innovative and influential theatre director, Jerzy Grotowski, having affairs with high-profile actors, and an icon of Israeli music before his tragic demise. Hers is a story of triumphs and tragedies, mountain-top joy and deepest pits of misery, outlandish behaviors, destructive compulsions, foolishness and ultimately, miracles. Urging her through it all was the relentless ... more