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  • Like a Dandelion in the Wind

    by Andrea Johns
    Andrea endured many hardships in her life while travelling around Australia with her lovable rascal of a father. She was taught cunningness, survival, love, gambling, hunting and fishing, unlike any education you get from sitting in a classroom. Taken out of school at barely 13, she lost count of how many schools she attended in her mere 5 years of education. Engaged at15,married at 16 and a mother at 17. War and the traumatic birth of her second child only made her stronger. Evacuated to London... more
  • Deep Creek or Bust

    by Deborah Laird Meeks
    The year is 1966. Seven teenage girls meet at the primitive Girl Scout camp of “Camp Mountain Meadows,” on Greenhorn Mountain, in the Sequoia National Forest. The “Cardebanngiebarlys” patrol is created by using a syllable from each of their names, then the fun begins. The counselors teach survival skills required to go on the most rugged and adventurous hike offered at the camp—a backpack trip to Deep Creek, the coveted natural swimming hole with a rock slide. Of all the skills the girls learn, ... more
  • What Lurks in the Woods: Struggle and Hope in the Midst of Chronic Illness, A Memoir

    by Nicole Bell
    Russ and Nicole Bell were an upwardly mobile happy couple: two kids, big house, fun hobbies, marvelous life. But something wasn’t quite right—with Russ. He started forgetting things, he got lost, he became enraged, he was harsh with the kids. And he could no longer be trusted with minor responsibilities. They visited doctor after doctor after doctor to try to determine what was wrong, to no avail. “Alzheimer’s,” they were told, but that didn’t make sense. Russ was too young for that. As the f... more
  • Just Being Alive: A Memoir of Struggle and Self-acceptance

    by Steven M. Wetstein
    From the moment in kindergarten when he joined his class in singing If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands— and felt ashamed that he wasn’t happy—Steven Wetstein knew he was different. Shy, alone and afraid, but bright, he made it through grade school, but was lost in adulthood. Bombing out of college, and without job skills, he made a scant living as a cook. Estrangement from his family followed, and he never had an intimate relationship or built a circle of friends. This was partly du... more
  • Natālija

    by Valda Zalums Gebhart

    A young Latvian woman, responsible for the safety of her parents, her sister and their nursing children, leads the family’s remarkable journey of escape ahead the Soviet Army advancing on Rīga and into the clutches of the retreating German Army. Natālija is brave story rich in human emotion.  It is a memoir of survival, irreconcilable love, and heart wrenching loss as the Petrockis family is dispatched to a series of German labor camps before liberation by American fo... more

  • The Impossible Road

    by Joe Massaro
    From academic failure and drag racing with Don Garlits to hidden drama at the 1980 Winter Olympics and a dream of constructing a Frank Lloyd Wright master’s masterpiece, Joe Massaro hits all the peaks and valleys on his Impossible Road. Overcoming a Learning Disability Joe Massaro says he’s a lucky guy, but luck got a leg up from his swift business instincts, street smarts, and perseverance. Encumbered by an undiagnosed learning disability and 10 years of academic failure and summer school, J... more
  • A Scientific Life

    by Graham Richards
    All generations of students think that they are special and possibly unique. Those of us who went up to Brasenose College in Oxford in 1958 can justify that claim better than most, particularly if that ‘Class’ includes, as is reasonable, those who came up in 1959 but went into the second year and hence took their Finals with most of us: the Class of 1961 in the north American usage, which dates by the year of graduation rather than of matriculation. The most notable additions were the several Rh... more
  • The Man in the Arena

    by Eddie Gallagher
    On September 11, 2018, Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher—a highly-decorated combat veteran with nine deployments to war zones in Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq—was arrested for war crimes at the TBI medical clinic where he was receiving treatment. His incarceration was the culmination of a year-long whisper campaign started by a group of disgruntled members of his SEAL platoon after a successful deployment fighting ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. At the end of that deployment, Chief Gallagher was named t... more
  • Butterflies in the Trenches: The Hood, an Epic Bike Ride, and Finding Inspiration

    by Curtis Carmichael

    “Society gave us a script to follow based on our postal code and skin colour, but we ripped that stuff up and made a script of our own.”

    Curtis Carmichael is an award-winning STEM educator, Team Canada Duathlete, and the founder of Ride for Promise. He was three-quarters of the way through his cross-Canada charity bike ride when the realization struck him: he wanted to help the teens coming up in the hood now... but first, he needed to help himself.

    ... more

  • "Don't Fall: Adventures in Love, Loss, and Lead Climbing"

    by Sophie Smith
    22-year-old Sophie is living a life of paradoxes. She loves rock climbing but is afraid of heights. She has embarked on a solo traveling adventure but keeps meeting attractive men who insist on complicating things. She is heartbroken after the death of her mother but feels more alive than ever as she traverses three continents and eleven countries, trying to find her way. This is a coming-of-age story; a tale of adventure; and a powerful memoir of loss and love.
  • Balcony View, Living at Ground Zero after 9/11

    Very quietly Ron said, “You know, I think the Towers are going to go. Maybe we’d better get out of here.” \tIf either of the Towers fell at a certain angle, our building was directly in the line of fall. Above the raging flames, the perpendicular steel I-beams were beginning to bulge out, softening in the heat. Again his unnaturally quiet voice, “I can’t stay here. If the Towers fall on us, I’ll die of fright.” Julia Frey’s diary begins with September 11, 2001, when she and her terminally ... more
  • Hysterical Memories

    by Eugene Wallace
    Here is the story of a man’s life that has been riddled and ruffled with emotionally unstable personality disorder, a known mental illness. Despite spending a considerable part of his life at various rehabilitation facilities, Eugene’s life was largely marred with crazy-bound incidences. He was a convicted drug dealer with a history of violence. His case was so bad that he even attacked his dad with a claw hammer. He was everything you could think of when it came to drugs and crime. However, fro... more
  • Overcoming the Emotional Stigmas of Infertility: Barren but Not Ashamed

    by Frances Jones
    Do you feel like a failure because you cannot conceive or carry a baby to full term? Do you feel unworthy for being infertile? Are you ready to transform from a mindset of defeat and low self-esteem to one of victory, freedom, and peace? There was a time when I saw myself as damaged goods. I was hard on myself, felt unworthy because of my infertility, and was tormented by negative thoughts and emotions. The worst part was that I didn’t know how to stop. Then a miracle happened: I had an awakenin... more
  • A Soldier's Perspective

    by Carol Ann Asplund
    In A Soldier’s Perspective, Carol Ann Asplund presents a biography of her grandfather, Walter C.R. Kreiger, and his family, focusing on his service in the 1916 Mexican Campaign and World War I. Told by Walter’s own words from his diary entries and accompanied by numerous photograph’s, A Soldier’s Perspective shows the heart and patriotism of a young man whose family were immigrants to the United States from the same areas of Germany and France where the war was fought.
  • 978-0-578-91662-0

    by Peter Funt
    Based on a lifetime doing TV's original reality show, "Candid Camera," as well as experiences from an insane number of odd jobs, Self-Amused offers laughs, loves and "Candid Camera" secrets, with zero universality.
  • Like a Lotus

    by Veronica Trunzo
    Veronica seemed to have what so many strive for: a good home, a wonderful fiancé, a well-paying job. But none of that gave her the purpose and joy she longed for. So in 2013, she began a journey of self discovery, adventure, and freedom. Running a guesthouse in dusty and blissful Cambodia; climbing to mountain peaks in Indonesia and Nepal; even getting lost in the depths of Chinese countryside, she learned that the path you choose to follow doesn’t have to be the one laid out in front of you.