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  • Eat, Fuck, (Write About) Murder

    by Gina Tron

    In “Eat, Pray, Love,” the protagonist travels around the world following her divorce. During her travels, she finds purpose, meaning, and then love again."Eat, Fuck, (Write About) Murder" is a much bleaker, millennial version of that story. In the midst of a breakup with both a serious boyfriend and a literary agent, I do some traveling and some eating, and I write about murder for work, but — spoiler — I do not fall in love again. The main similarity between this book and “E... more

  • Desendents of Bettie Jones

    by Kevin Williams
    A track back 170 years into history of the descendants of Bettie Jones , Births, Deaths family names to help someone to connect to their Family Tree, ,

    by David Vass
    In the 50s, gays took on stereotypical roles David Vass did not embrace. “I wasn’t a top, bottom, butch or fem - I scared the shit out of all the homos I met!” Entertaining, humorous, and shocking, he reveals secrets of the record labels (how he became a mafia money runner), juicy, never-before-told anecdotes about legendary celebrities - Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Globe and Tony award winners that he technical directed. Over 100 World Class difficult personalities were kept in line by Vass. ... more
  • The Hardest Year

    by Carole and William Wagener
    The year is 1969. Newlywed William Wagener, on active duty in South Vietnam, has exchanged over 300 handwritten letters with his dear wife, Carole, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. These intimate letters were the foundation of this heartfelt memoir, written by Carole, to preserve both a vital piece of history and their unique love story. During a time of social unrest where many college campuses were torn apart by antiwar protestors clashing with police and National Guards, Caro... more
  • Loose on the Landscape

    by Joel Everett Harding

    Ever wonder what it’s like alone at midnight in the depths of a vast marsh, or thought of stumbling into a roiling geyser field in the dark? What happens when you get swept along for miles in a flooded river without an exit—or explore a prehistoric swamp with predators left over from the Cretaceous? How can you sense an Amazon rainforest breathing. Have you watched a great ancient waterfall cease forever in less than a day? Does the Jersey Devil still inhabit the pine barrens?

    ... more
  • Kissing Asphalt - The Courageous True Story of One Child's Unbreakable Spirit - From Kidnapping and Abuse to Self-Love

    by Delicia Niami
    Resilience isn’t inherited. It’s a hard-fought skill forged by our ability to pick up the broken pieces of our past and remake them into something new. Meet four-year-old Delicia, a poor but carefree child who is about to have her world shattered. Along with her seven-year-old brother Nile, she is kidnapped from her Los Angeles home by her estranged father and taken to Iraq, a foreign world she has never known. This is just the beginning of a string of traumas, hardships, and assaults Delici... more
  • Life at Daniel's Place: How the cemetery became a sanctuary of discovery and gratitude

    by Alice J. Wisler

    After 36-year-old Alice lost her son Daniel, she doubted a graveyard could ever offer tranquility. At first, she wanted to run from the cemetery because it symbolized that Daniel, her four-year-old son, was gone. Being at the grave filled her with shame, guilt, and doubt. Gradually, thanks to geese, picnics, helium balloons, and epitaphs, the cemetery, named Daniel’s Place by Alice’s family, became a haven of discovery and beauty. Life at Daniel’s Place is the story of a mot... more

  • Texas Off-road Racing 2: The Battle for ATV and Side-by-Side Championships

    by Mike Kowis
    In this thrilling book, seasoned amateur competitor Mike Kowis shares the gritty details of ATV and side-by-side racing during his run for the 2022 championships in a brand new off-road racing series. This book is the long-awaited sequel to Texas Off-road Racing: A Father-Son Journey to a Side-by-Side Championship. Whether you are a long-time off-road racer with 10 titles to your name, someone curious to learn about the sport, or a parent looking for exciting father-son activities, this book wil... more
  • Called by Another Name

    by David Lee Dolinger
    After graduating from university, David joined the Peace Corps and arrived in South Korea in 1978. He was bestowed with a Korean name, Im Dae-oon and it became his name throughout his time in Korea. He was assigned to serve as a tuberculosis worker in Yeongam, a small town in the Southwest. He fell in love with the country's food, scenery, and people. On May 18, 1980, David arrived in Gwangju to transfer buses. Tim Warnberg, his friend and fellow Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV), told him that there... more
  • Ruins to Ruins: From the Mayan Jungle to the Aztec Metropolis

    by Roland H Wauer
    Ruins to Ruins, partly autobiographical, is a story of Robert, a young naturalist, and Johnathan, a budding archeologist, who travel to southern Mexico to visit the ancient Mayan ruins. As they travel from ruins to ruins, they learn about the ruins and also encounter a variety of natural wonders: army ants and howler monkeys at Chichen Itza, orange breasted falcon at Tikal, and king vultures Yaxchilan. Their journey takes them to many significant ruins, from Chichen Itza to Uxmal, Mayapan, Coba ... more

    by Ryan Reddick
    Are you late for work and still feel tired because your coffee isn't working? So, on your way, you stop for a fast cup to start your day, only to find out that cup you just purchased made your day worse. The common problem is bad-tasting coffee that doesn't wake you up in the morning. What a benefit it would be to gain good energy and create the best coffee you have ever had. If you follow the advice in this book, you should experience that feeling every day.
  • 50th Anniversary Edition of Europe with Two Kids and a Van, Travel Memoir and Guide

    by Sher Davidson
    Europe with Two Kids and a Van is both a memoir of a family's travel adventures in Europe in 1972-1973 and a "how to" guide that is as relevant now as it was then. With updated information and budget-wise suggestions, it inspires readers to not postpone their dreams of travel but to make it a family adventure. Filled with entertaining stories of the Davidson's adventures, it also provides practical suggestions for today's travelers on a budget.
  • Women of Their Times

    by Michael Shur
    Two Worlds The old suffused with Jewish ritual, poverty, oppression, and anti-Jewish violence. The new, with poverty and oppression but also new hopes and dreams, new struggles, and the pressures of assimilation and conformity. Mirele Poil inhabited these worlds. In 1908 as an unaccompanied married woman, she journeyed by horse cart, train, and steamship, fleeing the conditions of the old world for New York’s Lower East Side. In the new world, she became a garment sewer and toiled to bring ove... more
  • Apropos of Running

    by Charles Moore
    A world-class marathoner who completed all six of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, Charles Moore brings to light his experiences as a Black man in the world of marathons in his incisive memoir. Based on Charles Moore’s experience running 24 marathons between 2016- 2023, Apropos of Running is at once a celebration of his journey to become a 24-time marathon runner and a candid, deeply personal interrogation of how race and culture are intertwined. The author explores the lack of diversity in ... more
  • Snap Shots of Us in Love Around the World

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join the author and his late wife Jeri as they travel the world in celebration of art and culture and their love for one another from the inner circle of Stonehenge to the mysterious pyramids of Mexico, kissing beneath a Napoleonic bridge on the Seine to watching the sunset from a rooftop cafe overlooking Rome and its expanse of church domes. All collected in a photo essay format. 

  • The Wrong Calamity

    by Marsha Jacobson
    An intimate and compellingly honest memoir of a woman coming into her own after profound pain and grief. Marsha Jacobson agreed to marry a secretive and controlling man because she saw no way out. He compelled her to move to Japan with him, where a chance meeting led to a job at the Tokyo headquarters of Mattel Toys. As she became successful, her husband became more abusive. When they were back in America, she grabbed their two toddlers and escaped from him chased by police. Years later,... more