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  • The Lucky Seven

    by Norman W. Holden

    During the early afternoon hours of April 24, 1944, Second Lieutenant James J. Goebel, Jr. finds himself floating alone toward the war-torn Belgian landscape below. What was his safe passage home, his B-24 Liberator, is now engulfed in flames and hurls to the ground only to report back with a distant thud upon the earth. Just moments earlier, the B-24 and its crew of ten were en route back to England after their inaugural bombing mission and the successful pounding of the Nazi war machine. At... more

  • Journals, Volume 2: 2002-2022

    by Matt Cardin

    In this second volume of his journals, Matt Cardin continues his ruminations on the subjects he has made his own—the theory and practice of weird fiction, the complexities of religious belief, and the relation between these two seemingly disparate realms. We find fascinating synopses of stories written and unwritten; reflections on films ranging from Alfred Hitchcock’s Notorious to Chariots of Fire; accounts of bizarre dreams that have plagued the author; analyses of such writers ... more

  • I Don't Want You To Regret Anything: A Memoir

    by Madison Letts

    Sometimes Madison allowed herself to think the thoughts you’re not supposed to think. Quietly, she’d let her mind slip and imagine a world after he died. It’s funny, the way your imagination will alter reality. There’s a fine line between denial and hope...

    Madison fell in love with a boy named Knox when she was a junior in college. He opened car doors for her, he brought her coffee in bed, and he called her baby. Knox and Madison talked about getting married one... more

  • In Pursuit of Radio Mom: Searching For the Mother I Never Had

    by Terry Crylen
    In Pursuit of Radio Mom brings the reader tight to Terry Crylen’s side as it traces her path from frequent and debilitating anxiety, loneliness, and shame—and a dysfunctional marriage that mirrors the dynamics of her relationship with her mother—to the discovery of her authentic self and the happiness and fulfillment such a transformation brings. Radio Mom also illuminates the ways in which one generation impacts the next—both wittingly and unwittingly—when later, while pressing along the diffic... more
  • Lady Slippers

    by Bernice Dietrich and Melissa Bini
    A life bookended by pandemics, explores growing up in the tri-state area during the Great Depression and World War II. A lot changes over a century of life; from indoor plumbing to social media. After working multiple jobs during a recession, Bernice and her high school sweetheart, Henry, are finally able to get married. The honeymoon is disrupted when word from home notified the couple that Henry had received his draft notice. The war changes life on Staten Island with anti-aircraft units... more
  • A Generation of Leaves: A Ukrainian Journey 1923-1948

    by Christine Foster
    The struggle of the Ukrainian people did not just begin in February of 2022 but much earlier– as is abundantly clear in the pages of A Generation of Leaves; A Ukrainian Journey. It is the coming-of-age story of a young man born in Western Ukraine in 1923, a now vanished rural landscape lovingly depicted in the memoirs of the late Ivan Kochan, son of a prominent Ukrainian politician and patriot. Often charming and sometimes frightening, the story not only dramatizes Ivan’s growth and developm... more
  • The Condemned: A memoir told through selected early works of short stories, essays, and poetry

    by Shari Lopatin
    In this special memoir told through a collection of earlier works including fictional short stories, non-fiction essays, and poetry, Shari Lopatin tells the story of her younger self—a millennial coming of age through the 1990s and 2000s while fighting to make sense of a world rapidly changing amidst The Great Recession and September 11. Touching on themes still relevant today, Shari shares deeply emotional pieces from her formative years about mental health, the search for home, the awkwardness... more
  • How Did I Get Here?

    by Kim Idol
    Kim Idol is a writer/instructor at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, partial to dogs, guns, rock-climbing and backpack traveling. She has been in love with Nepal since she first visited 8 years ago. She knew she loved the outdoors and that she would love the Himalayas, but she was unexpectedly charmed by the wildlife and the people she met on her first trip and upon returning home immediately began saving and planning in order to return. Eight years later after a tough year at home, a random mous... more
  • Script of a Bad Year

    by Kim Idol
    Script of a Bad Year is a collection of short stories that covers a narrative arc from the ensuing events of a bad year (including two deaths, one suicide, a brutal divorce, job loss, and my financial free fall) and ends in recovery and perspective, with a true “what I learned” moment. Moments of emotional explosions that demanded immediate expression, these stories flowed from my pen, almost unbidden. Sometimes the news hits when you least expect it, and you have to take notes.
  • Thinking on the Other Side of Zero: An Intuitive Philosophy of Mind, Memory and Reality

    by Alan Oliver
    Have you ever felt someone's eyes on the back of your head? Or perhaps you may have known who was on the phone, even before you lifted the receiver. Science calls these moments of knowing anomalies. If an anomaly cannot be measured it does not exist so far as science is concerned. I wonder how science measures a mind. Whenever I feel someone's eyes boring into the back of my head I ask myself if the brain can transmit information, and given the measurements carried out on the brain I have conc... more
  • The Feeling: Suburban Secrets: Behind Closed Doors

    by Carol-Rose Marshall

    "The Feeling" is not your usual story of, "Boy meets girl, girl marries boy, boy cheats on girl," and so forth. The odd behavioral pattern in Michael's personality constructs a narrative not to be confused with ordinary. In addition, Rachel's all-important feelings mature and ultimately reach an explosive point. This is the true study of Rachel's ability to progress in life. It is feelings that promote actions and actions that have consequences. Primarily, it is the unspoken feeling, the one ... more

  • Author

    by Mike O'Neill
    "This wasn’t part of the game plan…" After a second advanced cancer diagnosis, Coach Mike O’Neill found himself reflecting on how his journey through life and sports had prepared him for the ultimate test and foe—cancer. In his memoir, the beloved Tennessee high school football coach shares the experiences that shaped his approach to life, love, and work. Lessons from the gridiron provided O’Neill a foundation of strength for the unforeseen battles off the field. From the love story and s... more
  • When Being a Nurse Was Fun

    by Ann Watt

    Was there ever a time when being a nurse was fun? Absolutely.  Ann will tell you how she, and the nurses with whom she worked, created and enjoyed comical situations before the COVID-19 pandemic.  Ann shares stories of the unbelievable events she encountered and the hilarity which was often found in absurd situations.

    Her tales begin when she was a student nurse and progress through her thirty years as a critical care RN.  Over the course of her nursing careeer, Ann learn... more

  • Life Rollz On

    by Trenaya Reid
    This autobiography will tell the story of the life of the legend that was born on December 28th, Trenaya Michele Reid. In addition, the book will highlight the milestones and challenges Trenaya faced throughout her 28 years of life; discussing how she overcame each obstacle to achieve her goals. The book will also provide Trenaya’s key takeaways and readers will get a more in-depth picture of her friends and family that was there to support Trenaya throughout each stage of her life.
  • Summons to Berlin: Nazi Theft and a Daughter's Quest for Justice

    by Joanne Intrator
    On his deathbed, Dr. Joanne Intrator’s father poses two unsettling questions: “Are you tough enough? Do they know who you are?” Joanne soon realizes that these haunting questions relate to a center-city Berlin building at 16 Wallstrasse that the Nazis ripped away from her family in 1938. But a decade is to pass before she will fully come to grasp why her father threw down the gauntlet as he did. Repeatedly, Joanne’s restitution quest brings her into confrontation with yet another of her... more
  • Stuck: A Cold War Diary

    by Jay Fields
    The diary of an effervescent time, wedged between the sixties and the end of the Vietnam War, the story of an army journalist and his wife stuck in Cold War Germany traveling about in a third-hand VW named Velma. A reflection on coming of age, friendships under duress, travel, the Czech border, race relations, the '72 Games, the life of gypsies, small theatre, missiles, escape routes to Spain, jazz and joy in the middle of pulling guard duty and painting tires.