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  • Drowning

    by Andy Palmer
    Andy is trying to escape. His diet of booze and drugs has pushed everything good away. After his mum saves his life by sucking vomit from his lungs, he sets off in search of a reason to live. From Barnsley he heads to Texas. From Texas to Dorset. His days start with wine and cigarettes. His nights end in blackness. One day, he finds himself on the floor of a supermarket in a puddle of wine, glass, and blood. But between that floor and the end of a pier, everything changes.
  • Moments in Flight: A Memoir

    by Jo-Ann Vega
    Set in the last half century of transformative cultural change, a memory-keeper shares personal voyages of discovery beyond traditional boundaries of gender and culture. An engaging and wide ranging coverage of how the times affected the author and the country. Part 1 is an extended eulogy to the immigrants and an active childhood in the south Bronx. Part 2 details the impact of the famiglia's relocation to suburbia and coming of age during the cultural upheavals of the 1970s. Part 3 is a bridge... more
  • North of Hollywood

    by Rick Lenz
    In his forties, after startling good fortune as an actor/playwright (he’s had plays performed in New York and on PBS; played leading roles in films, on television, and stage with some of the greatest stars in Hollywood history), Rick Lenz finds it all falling apart. One evening in North Hollywood, standing alone, naked—not only metaphorically—on the stage of a tiny Equity Waiver theater, it hits him that his career has dropped out of frame and into helpless free fall. North of Hollywood is th... more
  • Finding North: A Journey from Addict to Advocate

    by Marilyn Davis
    New in recovery, a chance encounter with Gray Hawk, a 74-year old Native American, showed her that healing would include looking within, taking Steps, and creating a house of healing for other women. Today, Marilyn is a Certified Addiction Recovery Empowerment Specialist, recently celebrating thirty-two years of abstinence-based recovery. From 1990-2011, she opened and managed North House, an award-winning residential facility for women. Before reaching this milestone, she was a desperate... more
  • Outside Looking In: High-functioning autism from one mother's perspective

    by Vivian M. Lumbard

    "Each family's journey with autism is as unique as a fingerprint."

    Think about autism differently.

    That's what Vivian M. Lumbard does. She's a mom to teenage twins with high-functioning autism challenges. As a retired air traffic controller, she is familiar with long-term and short-term goals, changing plans on a moment's notice, as well as being able to laugh when stressed. All of which comes in handy when ... more

  • Get in the Car: A Food and Travel Memoir

    by Julie McCoy
    Fasten your seat belts and "get in the car" as author Julie McCoy takes you on a whirlwind tale of road trips near and far. From Canada to California and numerous European countries in between, we not only get a glimpse of some architecturally historical sites but are privy to her extensive food and wine knowledge. Julie will indulge the reader with an often humorous look back at travels she has taken with her husband and two children. Make sure you bring an appetite since her eloquent descripti... more
  • Outdoor Furniture Can Liven Up Your Home

    by Outdoor Furniture Can Liven Up Your Home

    Outdoor Furniture Can Liven Up Your Home

    Pergolas are unique garden features that can be seen all across the world. These uniquely styled garden structures are also called sun lounges or, more specifically, freestanding balconies. The term pergolas was first used in the 15th century, while the majority of the pergolas we have in existence today date from the Renaissance and other famous architectural periods. During those times, most pergolas were circular and didn't ... more

  • Tips To Get SEO Backlinks From A Relevant Niche Site

    by Tips To Get SEO Backlinks From A Relevant Niche Site

    Tips To Get SEO Backlinks From A Relevant Niche Site

    SEO Backlinks is a crucial part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process. The backlinks serve as votes for your website in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask. If there are many sites linking back to your website or blog, the search engine algorithms believe you to be an authority site. The algorithm will give preference to sites that have high PR, relevant content, and specific topics. This mean... more

  • The Unexpected Journey: Fire and Gold

    by Dedrick Moone
    This is the journey of a single father who risked it all to protect and provide for his daughter. Follow along and learn how he survived brokenness, criminal prosecution, discrimination, reprisal, and unemployment to ultimately come out gold. Readers will also learn how President Obama and the US Department of Education lent a hand.
  • Changing the World Without Losing Your Mind, Revised Edition

    by Alex Counts
    Some people are dreamers. They choose a career shaped by dreams of making the world a better place—caring for kids, lifting up the poor, protecting the planet. When your dreams are that powerful, it’s easy to neglect yourself. Both lives and dreams can suffer the consequences. If you’re one of the dreamers, this is the book for you. CHANGING THE WORLD WITHOUT LOSING YOUR MIND is a down-to-earth guide to mission-driven leadership. Drawing on his decades of experience as an acclaimed nonprofit ... more
  • Who Are You Talking To?

    by P. A. Aiken
    Who Are You Talking To? is a collection of personal, powerful experiences author P.A. Aiken wishes to share with her daughters. Throughout her life, Aiken has felt connections beyond the physical realm. She has had experiences with seeing apparitions as if they are living, breathing people among us. Her experiences are enlightening and powerful, and we may all learn a little from them.
  • STUMBLING HOME: Life Before and After That Last Drink ISBN: 978-1-942762-74-4

    by Carol Weis

    New York Times and Washington Post freelance writer, Carol Weis bares herself (sometimes literally) in her debut memoir, STUMBLING HOME: Life Before and After That Last Drink, where she unveils her two lives in alternating chapters. In those chapters, you’ll meet a desperate woman-child riddled with anger and fear from childhood trauma and an equally desperate sober, single mom struggling to push those feelings aside to care for her young daughter.

    Like many who abuse alcohol, the... more

  • Survival Plans

    by Sabrina Nash
    Survival PLANS (PLANS being the acronym for Poems, Letters, Art and Noteworthy Sayings) is an anthology and community memoir about life and what it's like to grow, survive, and thrive TODAY. Better than chicken soup for the soul, Survival PLANS is more than a healing anthology. It's a complete literary experience that brings community, culture and creativity together.
  • The Best Gummies for CBD

    by Maximo Lotus
    What is CBD? This wonderful little known substance is derived from cannabis. When THC and CBD are blended together in an edible emulsion, users experience a wide range of positive effects including, but not limited to; relaxation, to reducing anxiety, and to improving the mood while sleeping. CBD gummy bear supplements are sourced from plants in the "hestral areas," which means that the plant material used to make the product is not only organic but also chemical free. This ensures that the plan... more
  • ETHEL'S TAPE: The Real, No-Excuses Story of How Our Family Came to America

    by Kenneth D. Ackerman
    Family stories always come with secrets, the kind parents never tell and never pop up on In our family, we got lucky. Ethel spilled the beans. One afternoon, almost sixty years after the fact, she spoke into a tape recorder and told the truth, what really happened back in the 1920s that brought our family to America (and almost didn't) - from tiny Zawichost, Poland, to New York's Lower East Side, and all the strange places in between. Here, Ken Ackerman (BOSS TWEED and TROTSKY... more