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  • Through Smoke-Teared Eyes: The Vietnam War I Fought

    by Cristina Pugh

    The message in this book is a universal one about experiencing firsthand the horrors of war and living with the aftermath, The Vietnam War did its best to ruin my late husband's life from the day he landed, there to the day he died from an aggressive lung cancer linked to his exposure to Agent Orange while he was stationed in South Vietnam.

    He began writing his account of the Vietnam War years back, but he died in 2011 before it was finished. Before he passed away, I promi... more

  • Too Long Ago: A Childhood Memory. A Vanished World.

    by David Pietrusza

    A sardonic expedition into a small-town ethnic childhood and post-World War II America—and how to survive Rust Belt hard times.

    At last . . . a memoir finally worthy of comparison to the uproariously funny fiction of the great Jean Shepherd, author and narrator of the beloved A Christmas Story.

    Only . . . it’s all true. Sometimes . . . sadly true.

    Award-winning presidential historian and baseball scholar David Pietrusza’s witty and wise tale o... more

  • Rumors

    by Reynaldo Reyes
    In the beginning of the 1980's a teenage boy starts to experience paranormal activity in his home, from hallucinations to physical marks. The entity that he is dealing is playing tricks on his mind and there is no way out. He is now force to see visions of the violent murder of Jam Master Jay.
  • The Overcomer

    by Dorothyann O'Dell

    I share the many life challenges that I needed to overcome in order to find true happiness.

    With faith and courage and my loving family, I have reached a level of success that formally existed only in my dreams. 

  • The Voyage of the Bluebird

    by Sophie Cook

    Sophie Cook was born in Hungary and came to the US in 1951 with her family. "The Voyage of the Bluebird: A Family Reunion in the Shadow of the Holocaust" is the story of her mother Maria's longed-for reunion with her two sisters in America (her "Bluebird of Happiness") seven years after the murder of her mother and aunt by Hungarian Nazis; the joys and disappointments of this reunion; and Maria's slow recovery from the devastation she had suffered.

  • Never Mind Shakespeare

    by Irma Bohmer
    This is a memory of the 25 years that I spent at The Globe theatre. They are my memories and may vary according to the people I worked with. All I can say is that I had the most exciting time there. My knowledge of Shakespeare grew and is still growing. The variety of plays, old and new were an eye-opener to me. I could never have had this in an ordinary way. Seeing so many versions of each play was great. Visitors to The Globe often asked, “What is your favourite play?” I could not answer that ... more
  • Iron Annie and a long journey

    by Lisa M. Hutchison
    Canadian Authors Association When Charlotte met Albert, the handsome Lufthansa pilot, she was sure their lives together would be nothing but bliss and happiness. Little did she know what was in store for her and her family. It was the 1930s and the clouds of war were gathering all around them. Albert, by now a Major in the Luftwaffe had been deployed to Hitler's private fleet of planes. When WWII broke out Charlotte and Albert's world fell apart. They would endure long separations, the lo... more
  • Drifting Into the Light

    by J.B. Harris
    "Drifting into the Light" is also available in 5x8 trim size. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, where the words lockdown and self-isolation became common terms and a new way of life, a family spread across several continents was forced to bid farewell to a beloved husband, father, brother, uncle, and son. The sudden news broke hearts and took away not only funeral privileges, but also the opportunity to bid a final farewell to a man who traveled far and wide to reach his ultimate potent... more
  • Towing Service

    by Emma Lewis
    Towing service provides cheap towing service in and around the New York area. We have flatbed tow trucks within roadside assistance you need, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week! As soon as you call today, you'll get connected to an available towing service.
  • The Feisty Woman's Guide To Surviving Mr. Wonderful Karma Rules!

    by Elizabeth Allen
    Book 2 in The Feisty Woman's Guidebook series- Karma Rules! details how the twelve laws of karma really do rule when relationships come to a conclusion. How you treat others really matters always, but especially at the end of any relationship and how you move on with your life. Twelve laws in twelve chapters explain this principal of karma!
  • The Feisty Woman's Guide to Surviving Mr. Wonderful: Moving on with Humor, Laughter, and Chutzpah!

    by Elizabeth Allen

    In the Feisty Woman's Guidebook, author Elizabeth Allen offers humorous suggestions and tips for surviving the journey through a middle-age breakup.

  • [Love] Rachel: A Daughter's Memoir of Love, Betrayal and Grace

    by Rebecca M. Painter

    [LOVE] RACHEL explores the historical roots that could reveal why her gifted, wise and gracious mother Rachel turned against her so painfully in her youth and did not take back her accusations even on her deathbed. Rebecca's search takes readers across the Pacific to her mother's childhood in the outback of 1920s New Zealand, her fateful voyage to the Pacific Northwest in 1939, where she meets and quickly marries an American cult leader--Rebecca's father-- whose sud... more

  • A Hillbilly: His Search for the Correct Path

    by James E. Gibson

    This autobiography discusses one hillbilly's (James Edwin Gibson's) ongoing search for the correct path to perfect obedience to the highest righteous authority, God.

    James was born and raised in the southeastern Kentucky coal mining area where his dad was a mining engineer, his mom a housewife.

    The book focuses on James's childhood, his college years at the University of Kentucky, and his efforts to fulfill a childhood dream of being a successful writer.

    The trad... more

  • Sacred Introspection and Contemplation

    by Anisha Gilani
    Sacred, came as an inspiration at a juncture in my life in a form of a deep loss. My father is the reason for this contemplative and spiritual journey. He is the reason, that continues to inspire me and connect me with the essence that is present in all of us. This is a series of poetic expressions, with universe, god, source…whatever we want to refer to it. It is in form of questions, arguments, pleas, devotion and finally introspection.
  • Api's Berlin Diaries. My Quest to understand my Grandfather's Nazi Past

    by Gabrielle Robinson

    “This is not a book I will forget any time soon. The story and the questions stay with me.” Story Circle Book Reviews Moving and provocative, Api’s Berlin Diaries offers a personal perspective on the fall of Berlin 1945 and the far-reaching aftershocks of the Third Reich. After her mother’s death, Robinson found her grandfather’s diaries and discovered that he had been a member of the Nazi party. Her award-winning memoir juxtaposes her grandfather’s harrowi... more