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  • Oranges at Christmas in a Communist Country: A Memoir: Inspirational True to Fact Stories

    by Cristina G.
    True stories from a communist regime. Black and white TVs, no exotic food, no freedom.
  • 33 Percent Rockstar

    by S. C. Sterling

    Scott has played over 500 concerts at hundreds of venues spanning almost two decades. From performing to the bar staff at strip mall dive bars, to a sold-out show with members of The Misfits and the Ramones, 33 Percent Rockstar: Music, Heartbreak and the Pursuit of Rock Stardom is about the love of music and life as a struggling musician. It is the true story of what happens when you give up everything to follow your dreams—even when they lead to a run-down strip club in a seedy part of... more

  • This American Life Sef (New and Expanded Edition)

    by Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

    In some parts of the world, people throw parties when they get a visa to come to America. What awaits them in America is often not of great concern to them at that point. After all, they have consumed and internalized the sanitized one-sided stories of life in America from the media, from returnees, and most recently, from well-choreographed, and often, photoshopped images on social media. But the real America waits in ambush for every new arrival, ever ready to transform his or her life for ... more

  • 978-1-7326725-0-5

    by Beth M. Howard

    By the age of 40, adventure journalist, Beth M. Howard, was convinced that no matter what she set her mind to, she could find a way to do it. Nothing, however, had prepared her for moving to Stuttgart, Germany, to marry a German.
    After a lust-filled, trans-Atlantic courtship, Howard trades the West Coast for a newlywed life with Marcus, an automotive engineer. With fairy-tale optimism, she’s determined to learn the language, settle into her new home and live happily ever after&mdas... more

  • Past, Present, Future: Fashion Memoir of 70 Years of Design, Education, Engineering, Manufacturing & Technology. ISBN-13: 978069

    by Shirley Willett
    My 70-year memoir is targeted to all designers, makers and consumers of fashion, from beginners to professionals to educators. It talks of all the social and industrial connections to understand the big picture in which fashion design takes place. It is filled with fun and enlightening experiences to be enjoyed by both designers and consumers of fashion. The second chapter is FAIR, Fashion Apparel Industry Renewal. It introduces innovative business structures for the future, especially in engine... more
  • Let My Legacy Be Love, A Story of Discovery and Transformation: Tracing Adult Issues to Childhood Hurts

    by Christina Beauchemin
    When Christina's second marriage came to a heartbreaking end, she found herself on an unexpected path of discovery--a path that soon revealed the root of her lifelong avoidance of the mirror, her lack of personal boundaries, her mystery illness, and her belief that she was never quite good enough. By digging in--and for the first time, taking a very honest look at the childhood events that shaped her adult life--Christina found her truth. Each short story is followed by a "Discovery" culminating... more
  • Think you can't write! Think again!

    by Marjory Lyons
    Think you can't write? Think again! A foolproof guide to getting your story written at last! is a step-by step guidebook for writers in how to get started and complete the book that you have dreamed about, with the co-authors drawing on many years as educators, authors, speakers and workshops leaders. A second book is being prepared now Think you can't write? think again!
  • An Armful of Animals

    by Malcolm Welshman
    Malcolm has had a lifetime filled with exciting encounters with animals. As a lad in Nigeria, he is attacked by soldier ants and terrified by a snake in his treehouse. His treasured companion, Poucher, an African bush dog, prevents him and his mother from being savaged by baboons. Once qualified as a vet Malcolm has to attempt life-saving surgery on his beloved parrot. On a road trip across the Sahara, there is a tussle with a lame camel and the operation on an ostrich gored by an antelope. Sett... more
  • Lost Dreams

    by T. R. Robinson
    After years of abuse, endless struggles and, through no fault of her own, many failures, this gentle woman decides a change of lifestyle may be for the best. Several relocations, both within her adopted England and back to her homeland, eventually follow. Nevertheless, many ‘challenges’ continue to trouble her and yet again, her historic naivety and innocence are taken advantage of. She faces the potential of being shot, knifed and cut into pieces and has encounters with her homeland’s native wi... more
  • Negative Beauty

    by T. R. Robinson
    Having gained her freedom from an abusive situation this naïve woman looked forward to a peaceful and contend life with her young son. But life, lust and fate had other ideas. Besides the hardships of single parenthood when it was socially unacceptable she had to also endure continuing unwanted attention from both men and women. Lesbian violence, pimp intimidation, rampant jealousy, gunman, love, lust, homelessness, financial difficulties and a host of other situations led to several serious sui... more
  • Tears of Innocence

    by T. R. Robinson
    At the age of five this young girl suffered a loss which was to have a massive impact upon the rest of her life. Her innocence, loving nature and incredible naivety combined with her natural beauty where taken advantage of by family and strangers. After escaping from attempted sexual abuse she falls into the hands of an occupying force who torture and violate her and leave her for dead. Rescued by a local family she is ultimately, after many hardships, restored to her relatives through whom she ... more
  • SAINT UNSHAMED: A GAY MORMON'S LIFE--Healing From the Shame of Religion, Rape, Conversion Therapy & Cancer To Find My True Self

    by Kerry Ashton
    The first paragraph of Kerry Ashton's new memoir explains a lot: “I told this story once as fiction in the 1980s, but this time I tell the truth. I even tell the truth, in #MeToo fashion, about being violently raped by another man when I was 18, with a knife held to my throat—a secret I kept from everyone, including myself, for over 40 years. The rape, like other experiences I endured while a student at Brigham Young University, where I came out in the early 1970s, had a profound impact ... more
  • My Pashtun Rabbi: A Jew's Search for Truth, Meaning, and Hope in the Muslim World

    by David Eden
    Sometimes a chance encounter can change your life forever. Rarely is it with someone so different and from such a dissimilar world. Even scarcer still is when it touches your heart and soul, and becomes weaved into your life's fabric. But that's what happened when an expat Pashtun taxi driver from North Waziristan picked up an expat American Jewish journalist the evening before his first class. Could it be insha'Allah, "God's will," that brought these two disparate souls together? Or was it bes... more
  • Alzheimer's with My Mother, Eilleen

    by Jim Dicke II
    This book is a candid look at what the Alzheimer's sufferer's family can expect. No two stories are precisely the same, but this is a story about the course of symptoms and the disease more than it is a story of Eilleen's life. When she posed in 1994 for the portrait by Nelson Shanks shown on the cover of this book, family could already see in her expression the early signs of her confusion years before the formal diagnosis was made defining her final years. Alzheimer's is a terrible illness.... more
  • Dust Bunnies: A Memoir

    by tommy womack
    Part memoir, part journey through the center of Tommy Womack’s brilliant and battle-scarred mind, dust bunnies is rollicking, hair-raising, tear-jerking, gasp-inducing, charming, disturbing, blush-worthy, and damned funny. A long-awaited but well-worth-the-wait read, dust bunnies is uninhibited, unvarnished, unapologetic, and un-put-downable. Zipping back in forth in time—from childhood to waking up in jail, from memories of dad and high school to trying to find the gig in Boston, from a cupca... more