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  • Riding on the Coattails of Genius

    by John C. Campbell
    When John Campbell was hired in 1996, Michael Dell's company was already a hyper-efficient technology upstart. By the time he left Dell in 2017, Michael's little Texas-based catalog computer company had grown from 5,000 to 138,000 employees and evolved into one of the largest technology providers on the planet! Part of Michael Dell's genius has always been his knack for changing the game. John quickly learned that riding the front of that wave of change was the right place to be at Dell. He j... more
  • Eternity Now! A mind and story of Schizophrenia

    by Craig Tanner
    My book contains a true life story about my experiences with schizophrenia and the Perfect Storm, how my life went from heartbreak and a friends suicide to hallucinations of all five senses. The second part of my book contains what i call an interview, where i answer questions about such topics as walking away from this illness to the nature of delusions and reality, as well as criticisms of the predominate religion.
  • My Terrible Book of Happiness: Love, Anxiety and Everything

    by Margaret Lesh
    Margaret Lesh confronts midlife, the empty nest, strange bodily happenings, illness, loss of faith, overwhelming current events, and her resulting dark period. With wit and compassion, she weaves personal stories, observations, essays, bits of trivia, and her own coping tools into a beautifully funny, engaging tapestry. Opening up about her mental, physical, and spiritual reboot, the author of Let Me Get This Off My Chest: A Breast Cancer Survivor Over-Shares once again invites you in for a chat... more
  • Mustard Seeds and Water Lines

    by Karen Milioto
    It wasn't a hurricane, a monsoon, a typhoon, or a tropical storm. It was just a rainy Friday. Until it wasn't. When nearly thirty inches of rain fell on the little town just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in August of 2016, the rivers in the area reached record-breaking heights in a matter of hours. Water poured onto Karen Milioto's property, and suddenly everything she loved about her home threatened to kill her. When the water receded, Karen surveyed the scene with grief-stricken contemp... more
  • A Strange Path to Freedom

    by Holly Pasut
    Have you ever said yes, when you should have said no? In my book A Strange Path to Freedom, I share slices of my prison life through my quirky and often spiritual lens, as well as the wisdom I gained from the experience. People erect mental prisons around themselves all the time. My stories off a guide for others to free themselves from negative thoughts and emotions that lock them in. And they offer a cautionary tale for navigating ethical choices in the workplace.
  • Faithful

    by Becky Graham
    Author Becky Graham shares her unexpected journey to motherhood. Written in a warm and engaging voice, Becky takes the reader through a world of shattered dreams, hopes and optimism. She questions God's plan at every turn as He asks her to take unimaginable leaps of faith as she perseveres through unexpected detours. Not only will the reader be surprised by the ending, but the reader will see how God remained faithful to the author.
  • It Never Happened: FBI Duplicity and Negligence Revealed From The Inside Out

    by Barbara Van Driel

    In her memoir, It Never Happened: FBI Negligence and Duplicity Revealed from the Inside Out, Barbara Van Driel chronicles her eight-year-plus career as a female Special Agent in the FBI, from 1983 to 1991, during the early years of the assimilation of women and minorities into the Bureau. Van Driel not only paints a searing picture of what it was like to work sensitive cases surrounded by senior agents who had lost their enthusiasm to serve their country and its citizens, but also de... more

  • Been There, Done That ISBN 978-1-64008-377-6

    by Bonita D. Evans, Ph.D.
    Dr. Evans has spent more than 25 years overseas. Her travels included: Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, Israel, Gaza, Jordan, Iran, Kenya, Tanzania, Namibia Southwest Africa, Senegal, Paraguay, and Mexico. She began her travels at twenty. She wanted to see and learn more than had been offered to her by life. Like many young people her age, she wanted to discover the elusive “more” which every young person yearns for and knew she woul... more
  • The Wrong Side of the Room: A Life in Music Theater

    by Norman Mathews
    Norman Mathews was born in the wrong town, the wrong era, and with the wrong name. What’s a boy to do? He conjured up a more enticing, imaginary world to better navigate the perils of childhood. Dreams of a life in the theater and of passionate romance were stymied by lack of self-assurance. Psychological abuse by a priest led to absurdly comic psychotherapy over his sexuality. At age twenty, a failed suicide nearly shattered a promising future. From the ashes of this calamity rose a staggering ... more
  • No Big Deal

    by Torey Ivanic
    This is a non-fiction #metoo story of a young gymnast who was sexually abused by her coach in 1992. In 2006 she made a police report, and in 2008 her coach went to prison for 43 years. It is a story of healing and justice. It is hopeful and real. It sheds light on a topic that is often in the shadows in hopes of removing the shame to move towards prevention.
  • More Snapshots? From My Uneventful Life

    by David I. Aboulafia
    "More Snapshots?" is the cheeky sibling of its predecessor "Snapshots From My Uneventful Life." Chatty, hilarious and often poignant, David I. Aboulafia takes us on a journey through every day, real-life events that start out as uneventful, but that wind up being anything but…
  • Fortune Favors the Bold: A Woman's Odyssey Through a Turbulent Century

    by Theodore Modis
    This is a personal account of true events and real people. In early 20th century, a young teenage Greek girl in Constantinople loses both her parents and, together with her younger sister, gets thrown into a massive population exchange between Greece and Turkey. She ends up in a refugee camp in northern Greece. With determination she creates a life in her new country, becoming a teacher in a small mountain town near Greece's northwestern boarders with Albania and Yugoslavia. She meets and mar... more
  • Chennai To Chicago: Memoir of a software engineer

    by Sriram Ramakrishnan

    Is there anything permanent at all? Anything that I can lean on to in this world? What is life? What am I doing here? Growing up in the 90's, hearing people going to "States" as software engineers, I wondered why people were so crazy about America. Without the internet or the zillion TV channels we have today, I had my own fantasies on “States”. Thanks to a Doordarshan Tamil drama in the 90's, "Marriage in Washington", I remember as a teenager sitting i... more

  • White Sheets to Brown Babies

    by jvonne hubbard
    A raw look at being raised the daughter of the Grand Dragon of the KKK.
  • Spared

    by Shaun Deane
    Three weeks before Shaun Deane was scheduled to graduate from college, just before his final exams, a series of unspeakably tragic events began to unfold in his life. These events influenced Shaun's life from that day forward, as he tried to make sense of a time when the world was upended. While moving his parents out of their home, decades later, new details surfaced enabling him to see the entire arc of this complex story. Spared tracks the story that began in 1977, a story that cut a swath th... more
  • My Fight For My Family (The Mega Pig Family)

    by David Jordan
    A SYNOPSIS – written by Patricia Parker BA Hons Written in the first person “My fight for my family” is a detailed emotional story starting in 1985, it chronicles a man’s struggle to keep his family together against all odds. His girlfriend Martha was pregnant with nowhere to live, she was allocated a council flat. The flat was on the ground floor and she soon discovered that the tenant above was a schizophrenic who paced the floor and had loud argument’s with himself. When she brought h... more