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  • East Of The Hudson A Guide To New England

    by Michael Boyajian
    A travel guide to the historic and literary sites of New England
  • The People We Wanted to Forget

    by Michael G. Harpold
  • Border and Soul: Journey Along the Pyrenees

    by Garry McDougall
    Travel the French-Spanish border from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Meet its towns, landscape and peoples. The author of Damn! now traverses the Pyrenees using only public transport. Is he mad? It’s travel on the edge, with intelligence, perplexity and humour. And it all started so well…
  • Damn!

    by Garry McDougall
    The Creative Journey Across Spain. In a comic remake of Homer's Odyssey, the author’s three-hundred kilometre pilgrimage walk from Leon to Santiago de Compostela is packed with personal foibles, sharp observations and tales of his numerous journeys through France, Spain and Portugal. Lurching from grand Spanish town to village ruins, the poet’s creative Gods compete with the inner Mr Grumpy, Optimiste and B. Reasonable. It is vigorous writing by a sharp and fearless mind. I dare you to read i... more
  • Strange Cases and Wild Tales

    by Lewis M. Ress
    Strange Cases and Wild Tales presents real case histories and true stories related to the law practice and experiences of a creative Florida attorney reaching out over sixty years. There's more than meets the eye.
  • Tibetan Rescue: The Extraordinary Quest to Save the Sacred Art Treasures of Tibet

    by Pamela Logan
    The cultures and artifacts of Tibet, like those of other remote indigenous societies, are under siege by the relentless modern world. The fate of monasteries in Tibet has been a subject of concern to many in the West; but until Tibetan Rescue little specific information had been published. As president of an NGO that brings foreign aid into Tibet, Pamela Logan brings a first-hand account of her journey through Tibet, as she evolved from solo traveler to expedition leader. Her mission: to save th... more
  • Among Warriors: A Woman Martial Artist in Tibet

    by Pamela Logan
    The province of Kham is one of the remotest regions in all of Tibet, and its people, the fierce horsemen who for twenty-five years wages a relentless guerrilla war against the Chinese occupation, the most elusive. In Among Warriors, Pamela Logan, a recognized expert in the martial arts, gives a breathtaking account of her journey across the windswept plateaus and icy mountain passes of eastern Tibet to find them.
  • Compassion Mandala: The Odyssey of an American Charity in Contemporary Tibet

    by Pamela Logan
    EASTERN TIBET is a place of rugged ranges and torrential rivers, home to the fierce Khampa rebels who tried for a decade to defeat China’s army and win independence for Tibet. This book chronicles Logan’s fourteen years there doing the impossible: assisting Tibetans under Chinese rule. In it, Logan shares her first-hand experience working in education, health care, job training, disaster relief, reforestation, and cultural heritage. She tells about the diverse Tibetans she knew; she documents t... more
  • Casino Chronicle: How I Recovered from Injurious Employment Practices-So Can You!

    by Pascale Batieufaye

    Casino Chronicle is the story of how one man contributed a number of visionary ideas that the casino he worked for used to grow its business and add comforts to its customers. This should be a story about great success for the writer and his employer, but unfortunately it is not. This memoir is also the chronicle of how the author’s ideas were stolen, under the guise of an “employee suggestion program,” then he was marginalized, his sanity questioned, and then ultimately pus... more

  • FUNDING PROJECTS IN THE THIRD WORLD - Hidden secrets revealed

    by Karamba Bayo
    This comprehensive book with no doubt the first of its kind is daring to offer itself as a practical kind of handout for whoever is planning sooner or later to initiate or fund any type of socio-development project in the third world and particularly in Africa.
  • Why Do I Love America

    by Karamba Bayo
    This is a book in search of a true recognition of America’s generosity to others, and to say at last, “Thanks, America
  • The Carver's Daughter: A Memoir

    by Kari Jo Spear
    Growing up as the only child of a woodcarver with a passion for birds was strange enough. But when I acquired a sibling, life got weird—considering that sibling was a museum. The milestones of my childhood involved hiking through bogs, snipping foliage out of aluminum pie pans, driving an opinionated tractor, and handing out pamphlets as a child activist. Through it all was my father, Bob Spear, a force of nature disguised as a quiet man. He created the Birds of Vermont Museum through vision ... more
  • The Whistleblower's Tune

    by Hugh Giblin
    AUTHOR BIO Professionally I spent a 35 career in accounting, auditing, and taxes which included work in government, public accounting, corporations and non-profits. I received my business education at Northwestern University and liberal arts courses at Northeastern and finished with a BA degree. I have taken a special interest in accounting ethics and have done some fairly extensive research in that area. Since leaving the union I have spent my time writing and doing a... more
  • Nailed It. The story of the Granum Gripper.

    by Edward Goodliffe
    The book is about how I, with my girlfriend and my business partner left the crowds and high taxes of London, England and made a new life in Granum, Alberta, Western Canada, population 325. We talked the town council into giving us 2 acres of industrial land, constructed a building and established a nail manufacturing plant despite knowing almost nothing about the industry. What could possibly go wrong? Well one or two things did, and with a fair measure of humour the story is about how we overc... more
  • Widow's Walk: How My World Ended And What Happened After

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    ‘The Widow’s Walk is an honest, rough, and raw accounting of the roller coaster ride that one widow went on after the sudden death of her husband. In real time she chronicles the haze she must now travel as a widow, single and on her own for the first time in her life. Paula invites us in to witness the tears, anger, frustrations, the small daily triumphs she finds she must cling to for survival, and eventually recovery. The journal style memoir pulls back the curtain on what it is really like t... more
  • The Keeper of Families: Jean Heringman Willacy's Afghan Diaries

    by Sue Heringman

      “I dream of going to that part of Pakistan where the refugee camps crowd against the borders of Afghanistan.” JWH

    How many women would have such a dream, much less live it? Flashback to 1967 when, while crossing the Himalayas, intrepid American traveller and photographer, Jean Heringman Willacy, falls in love with Afghanistan. What makes this timely memoir so different is that Jean is already almost 50 years old.

    ... more