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  • Devoirs-Icons of Duty

    by Loarn D. Robertson

    This is a story, actually two stories, based on memoires and supplemented with biographical material about the lives of two women nurses of the 20th century, related by blood, separated by a generation and bound by dedication.

  • The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel

    by Phillip Parcheminer
    The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel is about my spiritual journey to being reborn. This spiritual journey started with the discovery of The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel. The Beautiful Blonde Library Angel was to be my guiding light out of my fall into my pit of darkness. My fall into my pit of darkness was due to the return of my migraines that were to lead me to losing out on my future as a truck driver. My losing out on my future as a truck driver meant my returning to work, and returning to... more
  • Up by the Bootstraps

    by Sean M. McWeeney
    Sean M. McWeeney has led an amazing life. Up by the Bootstraps outlines his life on the rough and tough West Side of Chicago, where he was unafraid of hard work or a good fight. He ran numbers, struggled, and triumphed through life’s twists and turns, to become the head of the FBI’s Organized Crime Section and later establish an international multi million-dollar corporation known for handling complex hostage and extortion negotiations for international corporations. This memoir reveals the inne... more
  • Miracles, Masterpieces, and the Madonna

    by Prof. Aban P. Kavasmaneck
    Miracles, Masterpieces, & The Madonna is a poignant and heartwarming true account of a mother’s unwavering faith and her journey spanning twenty-five years and three continents, starting with the miraculous healing of her five-year-old son from an incurable disease in Lourdes, France. Her story is a unique, spell-binding fusion of miraculous encounters, along with stories from her travels around the world, in conjunction with acquiring stunning original works of old masters' religious art. This ... more
  • Just Kidding

    by Gail S. Hettrick
    Gail's stories about humorous, everyday life happenings and mis-happenings throughout marriage and parenting are a refreshing and reassuring perspective in a world of "perfect" posts and "idyllic-looking" lives. \tSometimes, you need to know that someone else left their friend's son at the football field when you were supposed to take him home, or that your kids aren't the only ones who can't remember the last time they took a shower, or even that you are not the only one to ever walk through an... more
  • Where Skylarks Sing: An inspiring story of endurance and the healing power of walking

    by Patrick Davies
    Reaching a major crossroads in 2021, Patrick Davies did the only thing he could think of – he set off alone with a pair of walking boots and a tent to walk the length of Britain in the hope of finding escape and answers. To many, Patrick appeared to have it all – a loving family, an enviable career that took him around the world, a rewarding future clearly mapped out. Then everything abruptly changed. He found himself returning to Britain without a job or a home to discover a family reeling... more
  • Warrior Judge

    by Ed Newman & Holly Newman Greenberg
    Warrior Judge is a captivating memoir about the life of Ed Newman. It tells the tale of a Jewish kid from Long Island who journeys from aspiring athlete to long-shot Miami Dolphins rookie, backup offensive guard, seasoned All-Pro, and three-time Super Bowl veteran. As Newman navigates the NFL, he suffers and rebounds from thyroid cancer and multiple knee injuries. On a quest for a soft landing, Newman juggles law school with football and remakes himself into a lawyer. He ultimately becomes an el... more
  • The Years That Shaped Me

    by Sibusiso Nsibande
    Embark on the heartfelt journey of a young boy who, initially wrapped in the warmth of his grandparents' love at the age of five, sees his peaceful world crumble when a surprising revelation brings forth a long-lost mother. Suddenly uprooted, he lands in the hands of indifferent relatives, casting shadows over his once joyful life. The mysterious disappearance of his newfound mother leaves him puzzled, creating a void in his heart. As he grows and steps into the realm of education, storms of ... more
  • It's a Lot to Unpack

    by Dina Honour
    Dina Honour never imagined a life outside of New York City, but with one decision, she finds herself living a life on the move, unpacking not just the boxes and the books, but what it means to find yourself in places you were never expecting to be.
  • No Visible Injuries

    by Mrs Sylvia Clare
    The power of true love to heal the damage done by a narcissistic mother and angry abused father. How family structures create and destroy members, the resistance against telling the truth. The personal/ spiritual path through these nightmares. Survival at its very best.
  • DEAD DOG ROAD - A True Story Into The Dark World Of An Abused Child

    by Diane N. Black
    IN A SMALL TEXAS TOWN, THE DIRECTOR OF A CHILDREN’S HOME TRIES TO SAVE THREE ADOPTED RUSSIAN CHILDREN LIVING WITH A SADISTIC WOMAN IN THE BACKWOODS OF CANEY HEAD. A heart-stopping story that highlights the failure of the agencies we trust to protect the most vulnerable among us—and a truth more compelling and powerful than we could imagine. Abuse reports from neighbors draw attention to twelve-year-old Alexey who runs away to hide in the woods. The local child protection agency sends the direct... more
  • 31 Hours

    by Dr. Michelle Naguib
    When her fourteen-year-old son Jimmy goes missing, Michelle is frantic and distraught. As family, friends, an ever-widening search group, and the police look for him, Michelle grows more desperate and despondent, simultaneously searching, while also second-guessing her role in the events leading up to his disappearance. In this memoir, Michelle takes us through the emotional journey of losing her son, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a young child, and reflects on the circumstanc... more
  • Thomas Fitzsimmons - The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man

    by Thomas Fitzsimmons
    The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man offers a full-throttle look at New York city’s fascinating cast of characters: the wiseguys, rogues’ gallery celebrities and settings that range from the mean streets of the South Bronx to Manhattan’s plushest penthouses. And when Fitzsimmons - a born-and-bred Gothamite, NYPD officer, model, actor, WNBC television personality, and celebrity bodyguard - plunges into the frenetic, fabled New York singles scene, his life takes a turn that he never anticipat... more
  • Break Glass: In Case of Genocide Break Glass - How We End Genocidal Indifference.

    by Richard OBrien
    Human Rights NGO Founder Richard O'Brien tells the stories of heroes who prevented or intervened in genocide, from the Holocaust to today. He retells the actions of the twenty-something year olds who staffed the Center for the Prevention of Genocide and the several times they saved lives.
  • Play Something Pretty That You Like to Play

    by Greg Allen Morgoglione
    Equality. Equal access. These are fundamental American principles. Yet today, tens of millions of Americans do not have equal access to music – the developmental and therapeutic benefits of music. Young people. Old people. People near you. People close to you. Why must our loved ones in assisted living, nursing, and rehab communities rely on volunteer music –– a supply model that has failed them for decades? Why is it so painfully quiet in the communities where our parents and grandpare... more
  • So, Is Retirement Supposed To Suck?: A Compilation of Life's little Disappointments

    by George M. Dean
    Could it be that your upbringing will somehow dictate your level of happiness as an adult? And if that’s the case, will it keep you from enjoying a well-deserved retirement? No, not rhetorical. The answer is an emphatic yes. It becomes apparent after reading this book, So, Is Retirement Supposed To Suck? This book explores how retirement is what you make of it. It doesn’t just happen, all on it’s own—you have to plan for it throughout most of your working life. Even then, things rarely work out... more