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  • The View From The Wrong Side Of The Day

    by T.C. Randall
    This is the story of my life as a nurse, with emphasis on my diagnosis of PTSD and my struggles after that.
  • Survival in Paradise: A Refugee Life in Curacao

    by Manfred Wolf

    Memoir of a Dutch-Jewish boy's adolescence -- his (at times hilarious) attempts to be part of the Caribbean island's vibrant culture and his moving struggles to free himself from the long shadow of World War Two.

  • An Unexpected Road to Motherhood

    by Sabine Garvey Campbell
    Most little girls dream of meeting their Prince Charming, getting married, and becoming a mother like something they read in a fairy tale. For some lucky girls, life goes just as planned but for others, the fairy tale gets rewritten into something that reads more like a mystery. And then, there are girls like me whose story turns out to be a little bit of both. Like the fairy tale, I met my Prince Charming and we got married, but then my road to motherhood became unexpected, complicated, and unp... more
  • Word for Word: a journey

    by D.V. Aleman
    A collection of words brought on by everyday experiences that we can all relate to. Whether it's love, heartbreak, emotions, or just a wondering mind, you are sure to find comfort in knowing . . . you are not alone! Take a journey into the author's world to find meaning and truth in a world plagued by uncertainty and emotional distress.
  • Goat Status: A Meta Surrealist Freewriting Record

    by Collin Tennant McNew
    This autobiographical journal, penned during the early months of the Coronavirus pandemic, stands as a record of the author's freewriting journey thru his unconscious mind and into his past, present, and future in search of purpose, hope, and enlightenment. Topics traversed include his day-to-day life during quarantine in Ecuador; protests and turmoil back home in the United States; the nature of consciousness and ego; the source of inspiration, creation, and Life itself; writing and identity; ... more
  • Walking in Circles: Finding Happiness in Lost Japan

    by Todd Wassel

    Lost between worlds. A 750-mile walk through Japan. A life that will never be the same.

    Todd Wassel fled a normal life just after university. Over half a decade later he’s lost in Japan, unable to go home but unwilling to give up. Convinced there was more to life, he risks everything to return to the one place he found answers years before: the ancient Shikoku Henro pilgrimage. Walking the 750-mile henro path, sleeping outside each night, Todd is armed w... more

  • (30)

    by P.J. Cratty
    The book is a recap of my 44 years in the newspaper business, where I served in every possible position, from obit writer to managing editer, over my career at 13 different newspapers in five different states (Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Texas and New Mexico) My primary focus is on what I believe is one of the reasons print journalism is a quickly dying industry.
  • Jesus in My Corner

    by Andrew Flute
    Jesus in My Corner, written by Andy Flute, chronicles his struggle to overcome a myriad of life-long challenges with violence and alcohol. For over 30 years, violence and alcohol were Andy's daily bread until, one day, by the power of prayer, he managed to achieve what no amount of alcohol or prison incarceration could ever achieve. When he was at the point of death, intoxicated with alcohol following a ten-day binging session, I went to see my old mate and prayed for him with Pastor Steve. Andy... more
  • Train of Thought: Travel Essays from a One-Track Mind

    by Linda M. Au
    Put an introverted writer on a long-distance train trip for the first time... alone. Watch her travel across the country for two weeks with little more than a backpack and a laptop. Watch her come home with a travelogue filled with a little awe, a little wonder, and a lot of weirdness.
  • The Coach's Widow: A Young Wife's Journey through Grief

    by Alexis Pacheco
    THE COACH'S WIDOW: A Young Wife's Journey through Grief A perfect marriage. A young husband with a budding career. A single phone call that stunned a newlywed wife and a small Arkansas community. At twenty-seven, Alexis McMahan’s life had finally molded itself into perfection until the call that ended it all and forced her to start over. Through Christ, Alexis and Jorre McMahan had overcome tumultuous circumstances while they dated, leading Jorre to become a football coach. Bonded tog... more
  • Broken: How the Broken Mental Health System Leads to Broken Lives and Broken Hearts

    by Linda Comac
    The first section of the book tells the story of the author's son who died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs. Psychiatrists after psychiatrist failed to diagnose PTSD but wrote one prescription after another for a variety of suspected conditions. When the young man developed a serious back problem, opioids were added to the mix—a ticking time bomb if ever there was one. The second section relates the author's horrific experience when she was incarcerated in a mental hospital fol... more
  • Another's Basketball

    by Dominique. T. jenkins
    H h h...ELLO , As of today its typical ; for now .Well I came off as discreet And hope that my test comes back negative :any purpose really. On the nicer side I am on the Pill to help the growth, steady. But I do take up church my will is Courage Strength and Other.... i just Parents are known to take up for their kids right. Although 2 Corinthians 3:17, shows the works ,am I just on vacation from the romance or do germs continue of solid soulmate hopes. i am Single not really that type; vocalis... more
  • Above and Beyond: Life of an Alaskan Aviator and Voyager

    by Jack Hodges
    How does a boy from Virginia end up capturing bald eagles in Alaska, counting caribou in Siberia, and piloting the only American float plane to conduct wildlife surveys in Russia? How does tragedy lead him to become the first person to pedal a watercraft from Seattle to Alaska?
  • The Black Umbrella

    by Burhanulhaq Brula
    Life could not have been simpler in the small Indian village of Lakhowal--until all hell broke loose with the partition of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. In this gripping true story, a mother is forced to flee the village of her ancestors with her baby or risk being counted among the hundreds of thousands of deaths throughout the country. Faced with betrayal, chaos, and vulnerability, she is left with no option but to make the ultimate sacrifice.
  • Positive Affirmation: Fear No More

    by Anne Marie Herman
    From drawing a map of a remembered neighborhood to writing from old notebooks, brochures, to composing open letters that reveal the power of your own voice, author Anne Marie Herman, who has written Anne Marie’s Family Favorite Recipes with a Caribbean Twist, offers innovative techniques that will trigger ideas for all writers of creative nonfiction.
  • Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

    by E. P. Gold
    I did a full 180! It’s been totally crazy & incredible, if I think about the way that I was, has it all changed me? Yes definitely! But look at how I ended up!