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  • Girls, Assassins, and Other Bad Ideas

    by mae wagner
    The only daughter of a bipolar woman, Mae's childhood innocence was bartered for the ease of a "secure" life. At twelve years old and after years of abuse, Mae realizes she must fight for herself. When she is sent away from her family, she's forced to navigate years of abandonment in a children's home. Throughout her turbulent adolescence and well into adulthood, the need to be seen as enough and the ache to become a mother shaped her life. It is this heartbreaking journey that leads to her ... more
  • Gel Pen Flowers

    by Patricia Petrakis
    Gel Pen Flowers is a true story of turning scares into flowers and falling in love with the little girl who reclaimed her worth. This story is about overcoming adversity through defiant joy, ADHD superpowers, and the healing practice of creating art.
  • Wolf: A Memoir of Love and Atonement

    by Carter McNamara

    From the award-winning author, Carter McNamara, comes his truly unique, raw, and compelling story about how, with the support of his life partner, he overcame his trauma to save his sanity, relationship, and career--and yet his story ends with a shattering revelation.

    His partner wanted an open, honest, and trusting relationship with him. As an adult child of an alcoholic (ACoA) and of a drug addict, he refused to confront his painful past. His fear, guilt, an... more

  • The Adventures of a Southern (Baptist) Buddhist

    by Pamela McConnell
    The Adventures of a Southern Baptist Buddhist by Pamela McConnell, MSW, LCSW This true story is about a girl who is born up north; into a conservative, fundamentalist/evangelical family—but then becomes a Liberal Buddhist. Her family returns to their roots in the Appalachian south, where Pam is molested by her grandfather. She later owns her sexuality by becoming promiscuous; beginning a pattern of serial dating, marrying, and divorcing. She is first married at 18 to another 18-year-o... more
  • The Queen of Gay Street

    by Esther Mollica

    Release Date: 11/08/2022

    Isn't New York's motto, "Give me your tired, your poor, your undersexed"?

    In New York, the party never stops and love's always just around the corner. At least, that's what queer journalist Esther Mollica told herself when she quit her job during the 2008 recession and moved three thousand miles away to become New York City's first blogger on lesbian dating. Her hometown brought her nothing but heartache, and none more devasta... more

  • Dear Harry: Letters to My Father

    by Peter Clothier
    A collection of letters to my deceased father, an English country priest, in the attempt to close a life-long distance between us. A long, often clumsy, sometimes perilous journey from the insecurities of boy and young adulthood to mature manhood: from head to heart, from England to America, from Christianity to Buddhism, along with reflections on aging, illness, and death.
  • Against the Wild Wind: A Memoir of Love, Sacrifice, and a Daughter's Search for a Missing Journey

    by Giana Nguyen-Utgaard
    AGAINST THE WILD WIND is a biographical memoir from the daughter of renowned performing artists of the famed French Grand Theatre during the 1940’s in Hanoi, Vietnam. In this engaging memoir she uncovers her parents’ golden past: from the height of their success on stage, their heady patriotic fervor, to the true depth of their sacrifice they endured in the midst of decades of political instability and radical social changes in their beloved Vietnam during: the French occupation, WWII, the Vietn... more
  • Around the World in 12 Years and 12 Square Meters: Memories and Insights

    by Steffen P. Russak
    A lot can happen in 12 square meters: you can fall in love, see the world, and go on the greatest adventures of your life. Although small in size, the Fuchur opened up the entire world to Steffen Russak and his beloved wife Marianne. Their adventures spanned multiple countries, languages, and cultures. All of this began with one small dream of traveling the world and truly enjoying every minute. When Russak's sweetheart of 55 years lost her battle with breast cancer, he chose to memorialize her... more
  • Readers, Writers or Bibliophiles: Mike and Jeri and Their Books

    by Michael Boyajian

    Mike and Jeri love books so much they are not just writers, readers or bibliophiles.  They are happily devoted to all of these things. 

  • The Ordeal: A Journey from Misfortune, Illness and Betrayal to Truth

    by Josephine Walden
    After two major floods with their financial, physical, and emotional ramifications, a car accident, several dangerous encounters while traveling and family deaths, I spiraled down into a life-changing, nursing-career ending illness. Diagnosis: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a little understood illness at the time. A single mom, I struggled to work but the symptoms slowly overtook me: debilitating fatigue, flu-like symptoms, a pre-leukemic blood dyscrasia and a slow los... more
  • On to the Next Thing: A Memoir on Crime, Choices & Change

    by Corbin Bosiljevac Author
    Entertaining true crime meets an encouraging spiritual awakening. Having the right mix of encouragement and entertainment, Corbin Bosiljevac's memoir gets to the heart of an extraordinary story told by an ordinary man. When questionable choices, addiction, and mental health consume his existence, the yearning for something larger becomes imperative. This is a true story about a man's struggles through a time in his life when choices led him astray. From college graduate and Fortune 1000 sale... more
  • Laugh Cry Rewind: A Memoir

    by Judy Haveson
    Growing up in 1970s and 80s suburban Houston, Judy Haveson is funny, sarcastic, and fiercely loyal, especially to her family, friends, and big sister, Celia. When she suffers a series of unimaginable traumatic events, her seemingly idyllic childhood comes to a halt, changing her life forever. In Laugh Cry Rewind , Judy takes readers on her journey of self-discovery, sharing funny, touching, and heartbreaking stories from her childhood all the way to the birth of her son. Her experiences serve... more
  • How to Be Awkward

    by Amanda Turner
    From the New York Times bestselling author of This Little Piggy Went to the Liquor Store and Hair of the Corn Dog, Amanda Turner (previously writing as AK Turner) offers up a new collection of hilarity and embarrassment with How to Be Awkward. Disclaimer: This book is not intended for the super cool. If you begin every day by setting an intention while doing yoga on a paddleboard (and somehow not falling off), you’re out of my league. If you are even semi-fluent in the Urban Dictionary, there... more
  • Bits and Pieces: Moments from the Ambulance

    by Emily James
    From touching moments that make your day, to gut-wrenching feelings of hopelessness, the very worst that humanity has to offer, things that make you smile and things that make you vomit. The working life of a paramedic sees it all. Seldom do they experience the glitzy, life-saving flashes that the general public get fed on news bulletins or TV shows, although they do happen as well. Rarely will they complete a shift without one moment of despair, revulsion or loathing for another human ... more
  • Learning to be Human

    by Laurie Ann Butcher
    Living in the shadows isn’t the safest place to be… it’s where secrets are buried and predators lurk.. As the youngest child living within a dysfunctional family, I thought that anger, rivalry and hatred were the norm, that every family possessed dirty little secrets they hid from the world… like alcohol and drug addiction, mental and physical abuse, depression, schizophrenia and suicide. Surviving those dirty little secrets while running from the school bully was hard, but it was nothing in ... more
  • The Backpack Years

    by Stefanie Wilson & James Wilson

    Two memoirs intertwine in The Backpack Years, a dual-narrative memoir by a married couple, written in a novel-like style. The candid and funny account follows Stef and James, two adventurous, incident-prone young adults on a transcontinental journey of bad choices spanning six years and thirteen countries.The Backpack Years is a story that proves running from your mistakes isn't always the wrong answer.