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  • The Least of These: One Man's Remarkable Journey in the Fight Against Child Trafficking

    by Dr. Jeff Brodsky
    Since he was a child, Jeff Brodsky has wept for the downtrodden and mistreated. When he set out across the world to share God's love with the lowest of the low, Jesus' mandate to serve "the least of these" was imprinted on his heart. But when he learned of little children being sold as sex slaves for the sick pleasure of evil men, he burned with anger. That's when Jeff turned his awareness into action. Jeff's remarkable journey has wound from the slums of Bangladesh to the dumps of Cambodia to ... more
  • Listen to Your Mother!

    by Marianne Spampinato
    Don't play with your food. Don't talk to or take rides from strangers. If your friends jumped in a lake, would you? Pick up after yourself and put things back where you found them. Always wear clean underwear - you never know when you'll be in an accident. When God closes a door, He opens a window. Let me kiss it and make it better. Chances are your mom (or dad) has said one or more of these sayings. Take a trip down memory lane with the author's humorous and heartfelt recollections of guidance... more
  • our road to adoption 'the story of our family and the great family of God'

    by Earl D Robinson
    The book chronicles our adoption process which spanned many years and the Atlantic as Americans living in the UK. During the whole process I blogged and the book is a combination of the blog, reflection and Biblical perspective of family and adoption. Our path to adoption was a long and winding one. It was full of excitement, amazing news and quick moving decisions. It was also fraught with difficulty, waiting and at times sadness. We were never alone in the quest, our families, churches and... more
  • Examined Lives

    by Roberta Reb Allen
    Examined Lives focuses on answering the question: how did a competent, vivacious woman end up having an unnecessary lobotomy at the hands of Walter Freeman, who famously botched the lobotomy on Rosemary Kennedy, and what effect did this have on her young daughter? It is based on extensive family documents as well as health records and other research and gives a no-holds-barred look at mental illness. It is a cautionary but in the end a hopeful tale as even the effects of a lobotomy can be miti... more
  • Coffee Shop University "Livets Universitet"

    by Mario Kfoury
    Baileys gym, Los Angeles, Kalifornien – kl. 6:00 – hösten 1999... Från en borgerlig stadsdel i Beirut till livets skola på gatorna i Europa och USA, berättelsen tar dig på en resa i själv-utforskning och personlig utveckling som går via viktrum, boxningsringar, bibliotek och aktiemarknaden. Obeveklig, okonventionell och självständing; dessa successiva händelser leder till enorm personlig utveckling. Ditt liv är inte inristat i en sten, utan är en gåva vars första sida är ingraverat i din DNA, me... more
  • Coffee Shop University "La Universidad de la vida"

    by Mario Kfoury
    El lugar: Bailey's Gym, Los Ángeles, California --6 de la mañana--, otoño de 1999... Desde un barrio burgués de Beirut hasta las escuelas de las calles de Europa y Estados Unidos, la historia le lleva a un viaje de autoexploración y transformación a través de salas de pesas, rings de boxeo, bibliotecas y los mercados financieros. Implacables, poco convencionales e independientes: estas sucesivas experiencias proporcionan inmensos beneficios para el desarrollo personal. La vida no está grabada en... more
  • The Quiet Blossom,

    by Michael A T Clark
    In the hills of northern California, a small but significant subculture was born out of the rapid development of the medical marijuana industry. The community formed under the influence of necessary secrecy and resource abundance, yet it grew to become an impactful social movement that left a mark on the greater American society and, in fact, on the world. The Quiet Blossom paints a picture of the nascent culture as it experiences it’s most glorious and promising years—before the decline t... more
  • Elizabeth and the Potato Dolly

    by Barbara Sorensen Fallick
    Elizabeth and the Potato Dolly is a nostalgic look at yesteryear too precious to sweep into the dustbin of history. Unique among pioneer stories with its reenactment at a living history museum, the artfully done photographs bring authenticity to the story. Elizabeth is sent to the root cellar to fetch potatoes for her Pappa’s dinner. When she doesn’t return promptly, her mother repeatedly calls but “Elizabeth does not answer and Elizabeth does not come.” This parallelism tickles young reader... more
  • A Surgeon's Odyssey

    by Dr. Richard Moss
    From 1987-1990, Dr. Moss traveled extensively through Asia while working as a cancer surgeon in four different countries including Thailand, Nepal, India and Bangladesh. His work was voluntary however the "payoff" was in the rich, fascinating, and, often, bizarre experiences he had both as a surgeon and wanderer. Based on his three-year voyage, A Surgeon's Odyssey delves into the true-to-life adventures, struggles, and quandaries of a young surgeon in a strange, tragic but beautiful world, stri... more
  • Title To Come

    by Kevin spall
    Writing a book is a dream for everybody who has a story to tell. Maybe a memoir, perhaps a non-fiction book about leadership, or maybe that romance novel you’ve been contemplating for years. It is a truly enjoyable experience to write and those who actually commit themselves to this endeavor will find new levels of satisfaction. The truth is, writing the book is the fun part, publishing your book, well that can be a whole different matter altogether. If you are just beginning to develop your man... more
  • Haloes are for Show-Offs: revised second edition

    by Richard Holeman
    "He travels fastest who travels alone." In my time on the road, I came to believe so much in that wise old idiom that it became the core of my code. I didn’t pair up with other tramps, except a few times in the earliest days of my travels. "Carry no money belt, no bag, no shoes; and greet no one on the way." That one's from the Bible and it's good advice. I kept to myself as much as I could, on the road and in the fields and forests where I camped, but when I woke one morning to find... more
  • First Boy on the Moon

    by Richard Holeman
    This is a story for boys...and for girls, too, of course, but mostly it's a story for grown-ups who can't remember - or can't forget - when a best friend was like a brother, a promise was forever and the neighborhood where you lived was a world all your very own. Tag along with ten-year-old Richie and his gang of neighborhood friends as he experiences the most joyous and heartbreaking months of his young life - a long season of love, loss, friendship and mystery, played out over the last gre... more
  • From Trafficked to Treasured

    by Kelly R Patterson
    In the quaint streets of small town USA, where neighbors are close friends and families share meals together, a young girl is snatched while walking home and savagely gang raped. Her life in the Heartland appears as it should with high grades and medals for athletics and music. However, the hidden dark shadows of her existence are only known by those who groom her as a slave for their brutal sexual cravings. These are the events that Kelly lived as a child and young adult. Shame and pain kept he... more
  • Starting from San Francisco: Thomas Rain Crowe in Conversation with Third Mind Books

    by Joe Provenzano

    "The seismic cultural impact of Kerouac, Ginsberg and Burroughs was followed by a series of aftershocks. Starting from San Francisco measures a vital instance of this natural process, the circle of aspiring poets around poet and publisher Thomas Rain Crowe and the resurrected Beatitude magazine in the 1970s who used a small-press explosion to sustain and move beyond what their predecessors had inspired. The format here is interview and, with the comm... more

  • Leadership Lessons Learned: Leading and Learning with Character

    by Earl Morrison
    Earl Morrison has held leadership positions in both his private life and professional life. Throughout his life he has encountered many different types of people and leaders. Earl has striven to be the best leader that he can be no matter the place or the title he holds. Earl rose to the top of his profession as a chief of police in 2014. Leadership Lessons Learned is a collection of the lessons he learned throughout his career and most recently as the head of an organization. These lessons hone... more
  • Stay True

    by Jeff Logan Oconnor
    This is my first twenty five years of my life story. I have been dealing with mental & emotional health issues, & some learning ones too. To find my place in this world I've been a nomad most of my life. Confronting abuse, intolerance, & lack of open-mindedness. Come join me on my roller-coaster Journey