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  • Another Day in Post-Racial America: To the Mothers of the Black Lives Matter Movement, with Love

    by Dianne Liuzzi Hagan

    "One of the best Black Lives Matter books of all time" - BookAuthority. Dedicated to the mothers of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and set among the stories of unarmed black men, women, and children who were victims of excessive use of force and racial bias, Liuzzi Hagan’s memoir is a candid, emotionally intimate account of the devastating personal effects of politically motivated and systematized racism in America. She is white; her husband is black. They have mixed-ra... more

  • 978-1-7337668-0-7

    by John Hebard

    What do you get when you cram a disabled vet, a burned-out wife, two dogs and a cat into a 350 square foot house on wheels? A last-ditch attempt to save our dying marriage.

    PTSD from my three years in combat was destroying our marriage, we couldn’t work hard enough to break free from living paycheck-to-paycheck and banks wouldn’t even consider granting us a home loan. We were working opposite shifts, so we never saw each other, and we just fought when we did. We may as we... more

  • Love in a Tuscan Kitchen

    by Sheryl Ness
    Chocolate cake makes sweet dreams come true. In a real-life fairy tale, author Sheryl Ness shares how she fell in love with Vincenzo, a chef in a quaint Tuscan kitchen, over his decadent hot chocolate cake. This enchanting memoir will transport you to the cobblestone streets, lush hillsides dotted with grapevines and olive trees, and unique characters that create the backdrop for Sheryl’s Italian love story. Love in a Tuscan Kitchen is sprinkled with traditional recipes she collected ... more
  • Martin's Scribbles: Sort of a Memoir

    by Martin Holub

    What do Prague, London, New York and Tehran have in common? Award-winning architect Martin Holub has lived, designed buildings and enriched lives in all these places.

    Martin’s Scribbles is a travel memoir, meets architect biography, meets lifetime reflection. Readers are taken on a playful romp through the latter twentieth-century to the present, as seen through the eyes of Holub – from a schoolboy in Czechoslovakia with an imprison... more

  • My Halls Hill Family

    by Wilma Jones
    My Halls Hill Family: More Than a Neighborhood is about a small community that got its start in 1850 when 327 acres of land were purchased by a white man, Bazil Hall for a plantation. Following the Civil War, neighborhood residents were all African American. Many of them were descendants of slaves. The community was walled off and fenced in by developers with the permission of the county government from the early 1930’s until the 1960’s. Despite racism and Jim Crow laws allowing discrimination, ... more
  • “The Boy Who Loved Climbing Trees”. plus another “Climbing Trees”.

    by Bruce Sherman
    Book #1: The joy that a boy gets from climbing trees and how he finally overcomes is fear of a particular tree...” Old Pine” ...and successfully climbs it. an 88 year old, the pleasure he gets watching his grandkids climb trees. Book#2: The many diverse ways that trees make contributions to our lives..
  • Standing Out: a Cross-Cultural Journey of Self-Discovery

    by Angela Lee Chen
    Poignant and wry, Standing Out is, at heart, a profoundly human story that explores the nature of belonging and finding one’s place in the world. Angela was born in New York City to Chinese parents. The loss of a brother when only seven, and her parents going on to adopt two more, made for an ever-changing family dynamic. Decisions her parents made played out across three continents. At the age of three, the family relocated to Kenya in East Africa for her father’s UN job, where she grew ... more
  • The Rise of California in the Age of the Moon and the Woodstock Nation

    by Michael Boyajian

    A boyhood memoir of two summers in Armenian Fresno and it's relation to the rise of the California super state and it's relationship with New York

  • The Queen of Moloka'i Book 1: Based on a True Story

    by Kirby Michael Wright
    We are on the verge of the Roaring Twenties in Honolulu. Julia Wright and Sue, her big sister, have met a pair of dashing English brothers sent to Hawaii by a wealthy father to avoid the draft in their home country. Sue strikes gold, receiving a marriage proposal from her overseas beau. Sixteen-year-old Julia has a passionate affair with the younger brother but must fend for herself after he leaves her pregnant. Julia's rebound affair with a sea merchant gets her pregnant again and she now has t... more
  • Weedmonkey: Mama, Mother, Whore

    by Lisa V Proulx
    Growing up during the Depression and forced to live in coal mining camps throughout Appalachia, Virgie Hopkins is subjected to child molestation, the KKK, murder, homelessness, starvation, and ridicule for being the daughter of the town whore. Virgie grows up hating her mother who was taken away when she was nine years old and while she was gone, she and her brother were put into foster care, starved, and abused. When her mother returned, she did not know her husband or her children and Virg... more
  • Seablets: The Funny Sayings of Architect Seab Tuck III, FAIA

    by Kem Hinton
    This is a book full of humorous phrases. For more than three decades, I have been collecting these words uttered by my architectural business partner, Seab Tuck, and upon the encouragement of others, I have just published the book. It contains 700+ of these witty and nutty malapropisms. 5"x 7", 255 pages
  • Bent But Not Broken

    by Don Cummings
    Bent But Not Broken is an unflinchingly honest memoir about the onset of Peyronie’s disease, a painful and sexually limiting condition that affects more than 5% of the worldwide adult male population. Don Cummings writes humorously about the emotional and collateral damage brought on by a suddenly curved penis as he struggles to maintain his sense of sex and self. He openly details the doctor visits, the excruciating treatments, and the acute anxiety over the state of his long-term relationship ... more
  • This Teacher Talks: What Really Goes on in America's Schools - A Memoir

    by Janet Hogan Chapman, Ed. D.
    This memoir gives an account of the culture and events among teachers and administrators in a suburban elementary school. The book is organized in three parts. The first is anecdotal background about educational experiences that influenced the author’s later philosophy as an educator and details the journey that led her to Freedomville Intermediate School. The second part began as an academic research exercise for the author’s doctoral dissertation. Actual journal entries for a complete school y... more
  • We're Good: The Power of Faith, Hope, and Determination

    by Meg McGovern
    We’re Good is an inspiring story about a well-rounded teenage athlete whose life changed in the blink of an eye. It started as a day of fun on the beaches of Block Island with a bunch of high school friends reunited, relishing in their first days of summer after finishing freshman year of college. The mood changed when Chris and his friends took their last swim before catching the ferry back home. Chris, a D1 swimmer at the College of Charleston, dove into the ocean to race his friends when he... more
  • Women Can Find Shipwrecks Too

    by Margaret L. Brandeis

    In this thrilling true-life adventure, a crazy 17 year quest for sunken treasure transforms a young woman into a modern-day female buccaneer. She searches the waters of the Bahamas, the Caribbean and South America batteling hurricanes, sea snakes, witches, bureaucrats and rival treasure hunters.  The story weaves historical details and philosophical insights that allow the reader to discover a secret about physical reality that is more valuable than all the gold at the bottom of the sea.... more

  • The Cross Symbol: Ignite Your Divine Feminine, Intercultural, Christian, Awareness

    by Susan Cafarelli
    HIGHLIGHTS: • You will discover how the Cross Symbol is connected to Christianity as well as primal religion and Hinduism. • The world of symbol will come alive for you. • Audio meditations using ancient mantras are embedded into the book. • Creative Journal exercises included in the book enhances your creativity. • Your understanding of religion will grow by leaps and bounds. • You will experience the Divine Feminine through sound.