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  • The Little Vagina that Could (Have Sex without Pain)

    by Karen Liberi
    Let's face it. Talking about difficulties having sex can be DAUNTING... but it doesn't have to be. Once you have a better understanding of WHY you are having pain during sex or are unable to have sex, you can more easily start the conversation. There is valuable information laid out for you in this book to help you understand what is happening and why. Your delightful guide, Gina, will break it all down and educate you about signals to pay attention to in your body that may be contributing to... more
  • Pepperoni, Jalapeños & LSD

    by P.H. Mountain
    At eighteen, Paul Mountain pissed on his academic scholarship to the University of Minnesota and fled to Boulder, Colorado without money, family or prospects. In a cramped one-bedroom apartment with two other dudes, Paul's life was youth unbridled, impulsive, and without remorse. Within a year, Paul finds himself in a tiny cabin with his girlfriend in a Rocky Mountain ghost town, convinced he can write his way out of poverty before buying his first legal drink. He was wrong. He was wrong abou... more
  • Family: A Family Doc's Memoir of Life in Africa and the US

    by Ed Dodge
    When Ed Dodge was born in Salamanca, New York, nobody could have guessed the twists and turns his life would take. He spent much of his childhood in Angola, where his parents were missionaries. He suffered culture shock when he returned to America as a teenager, but went on to become a physician who worked in the United States and Africa at various stages of his career. Along the way he was a prison doctor, an emergency room physician, a public health director, a family doctor, a volunteer with ... more
  • Overcoming Deepest Grief: A Woman's Journey

    by Mary Aviyah Farkas
    A powerful, inspirational, intimate and deeply moving recounting of how a Lesbian widow overcame the loss of her wife, dearest sister, and two dear friends. You hold your dearest sister as she takes her last breath, dying in your arms. Less than six months later, you come home to a cold dark house and find your wife of 18 years dead on her bed. She died totally unexpectedly while you were at work. Two weeks later, after your wife’s Memorial Service, after weeping, holding, and consoling th... more
  • Dream Encounters

    by Margaret Honton
    The author explores the interrelatedness of the conscious, unconscious, and spiritual realms, and how to use dreams to identify issues that need to be addressed, to let go of lingering feelings of attachment; to honor one's spiritual guides.
  • Shoeing To Win: Memoir of a Master Farrier and Blacksmith

    by Kim Jackson
    Leonard Crotts’ classic work is a compendium of horse lore, common sense training advice, and a rich source of information on the art of working iron as it relates to the horse. From evaluating conformation and movement to instructional information on how to forge iron including hand-crafted horse shoes, bits, and spurs, Shoeing to Win covers the many topics that are of interest to those who work with horses or iron. Any person who owns, rides, or trains horses, or works with iron will read this... more
  • Life Travel And The People In Between

    by Mike Nixon

    In 2006, Mike Nixon worked as a hotel receptionist. Having thousands of encounters with guests from all over the world, he dreamed of living a life as exciting as those hotel guests. But dreaming is a lot easier than making that fantasy a reality. He struggled to bring his plans to life… until he met a friend who set his life on a different course. This book is about Mike’s journey to stay on that path.

    In this fun memoir about following one’s passion for adventure, M... more

  • Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street

    by C.J. Hudson

    His abusive family tore him away from her. Would destiny be enough to bring him back?

    At ten years old, Chris didn't have good looks, a caring family, or a bright future. But what he did have for three years was the love of Danielle, his beautiful neighbor on Fairhaven Street who showed him a glimpse of a life he desperately wanted.

    To escape his abusive father, Chris was forced to move out of state with his mother to the icy hills of Michigan. All he could leave Danielle with... more

  • Skateboard Kingdom

    by Michael Berlin
    It was the long hot summer of 1979 in London, and Michael Berlin is 15, a skater, wild, adrift and out of control. With school over, he lands his dream job at Skateboard Kingdom and wastes no time getting in over his head. He and his friends rush toward a summer of youthful excess played out against a soundtrack of Bowie and Blondie in the shadow of Thatcher coming to power in a country on the brink.
  • Secrets of a Nun: My Own Story

    by Elizabeth Upton
    Secrets of a Nun is an uncompromisingly honest and deeply moving look into one woman’s soul. At the age of fifteen, Elizabeth, a talented athlete, gives up her dreams of competing in the Olympics to become a nun. Separating from her mother and twin sister, she leaves her friends and her familiar world behind to pursue a saintly life. But she finds herself unprepared for what lies ahead. While her cloistered life commences as a profound spiritual and emotional journey, personal disenchantment... more
  • The Eighteen Years That Didn't Change Anything

    by Enrico Tesla
    The book that I wrote is a mixture of personal experiences and reflections on the nature of life and human history. It is divided into four chapters: •\tIntroduction •\tSummer of 1999 •\tSummer of 2017 •\tConclusion Introduction. This section deals with the purpose and the dynamic of life. It starts with the acknowledgement that the only scientific objective to life is procreation. It carries on by singling out natural selection as the main law that regulates its development. This rule b... more
  • How I Learned To Rock My Life: The Peter Dankelson Story

    by Dede Dankelson
    Peter Dankelson's story is a reminder that circumstances don't define your life; how you react to them does. You will be inspired by how Peter overcomes adversity with a positive attitude and a loving family. You will be motivated to choose courage over fear, embrace what makes you different, and reflect on what's important in your life. Readers will battle with Peter through his thirty-six surgeries, laugh with him as he searches for an ear store, and share in his excitement when he takes t... more
  • 30 years in the searing sun

    by Kalavathi Raj
    Candid confessions about how a toxic father paved the way for her dejected daughter to encounter 7 different men till she finally met her dream husband. The unimaginable heartache because of parents with mental ailments, a failed public school system and lots of raised eyebrows was just the beginning. The question that eventually arises is how did she recycle her sad story into a leverage to find what was missing in her? How did she manage to go through love and loss 7 times? Finally, did Kal... more
  • Last Days in Naked Valley: The Struggle for Humanity's Homeland

    by Edward DeMarco
    In Ethiopia’s remote Lower Omo Valley, where our human ancestors first crafted tools, Africa’s most famous Indigenous peoples practice timeless rituals rooted in land and cattle, lives shaped by the sun, rain, and cosmos. Their world is shaken when Ethiopia’s development revolutionaries spot treasure in waters of the fabled Omo River tumbling from the highlands. The Omo will nourish the greatest agricultural dream in Ethiopia’s history, while pushing these ancient cultures to the brink. In this ... more
  • Cult Girls

    by Natalie Grand
    Cult Girls based on a true story, tells the story of Talia and her friends as they struggle with growing suspicions that their faith is a patriarchal religious cult. It's a story of tremendous courage and female empowerment as Talia as her friends successfully free themselves told through a feminist lens with cautionary humor. Talia discusses the adversity faced as a young female raised in a cult that values its men over its women, meanwhile trying to find herself in the middle of several peer p... more
  • The Girl Who Taught Herself to Fly

    by Kwan Kew Lai
    Kwan Kew Lai met her first Punjabi woman doctor while lying in a hospital bed with a severe kidney infection at the age of fourteen. Watching the woman walk away down the hall, Kwan Kew was convinced she could, and would, carve out her own destiny. In the British Straits Settlement of Penang Island, she was born into an impoverished Chinese family of two boys and ten girls on the cusp of the Japanese occupation during World War Two. She did not wish to repeat the life of her uneducated mother, b... more