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  • Picaflor: A Memoir Sequel To Spirit Matters

    PICAFLOR is the sequel to SPIRIT MATTERS, a San Diego Book Award winner and an Award-Winning Finalist in the National Best Book Awards. PICAFLOR chronicles the two decades since of Matthew (Mateo) J. Pallamary’s adventures in SPIRIT MATTERS through the mountains, deserts, and jungles of North, Central, and South America pursuing his studies of shamanism and visionary experience working with plant medicines and shamanic plant diets, among them Ayahuasca, Peyote, San Pedro cactus, and many more... more
  • Two Lives on Four Continents

    by Karen Sketch
    Against the sweeping history of the 20th century, two people from different worlds find each other and create a unified life. In Two Lives on Four Continents readers will travel from Alexandria, Egypt to Washington DC, from NYC to South America. Throughout, they encounter everything from nations experiencing monumental change to the personal discoveries of education, from the cruelties of anti-Semitism and xenophobia to the excitement of the art world. Put simply, this book presents the broad ca... more
  • Have Chignon—Will Travel

    by Elizabeth Dale Phillips
    Take a behind-the-scenes journey as Elizabeth tells her story with candor and humor, of the year she spent as a dancer with The Bluebell Girls. In the mid-twentieth century, The Bluebell Girls—dancers known particularly for their height and glamorous appearance—were recognized and admired throughout much of the world. At any one time, troupes appeared on several continents in a multitude of venues: theaters, clubs, on TV, at the Lido in Paris and the Stardust in Las Vegas. In Have Chignon—... more
  • Nothing Left to Prove

    by Danny R. Smith
    NOTHING LEFT TO PROVE is a law enforcement memoir that chronicles the career of a cop in South Los Angeles, from (briefly) unremarkable childhood through the deadly encounters he would survive on the streets, and through his years at the elite sheriff's homicide bureau where he would investigate 143 death cases, from murdered children to cops and celebrities.
  • Have Chignon—Will Travel

    by Elizabeth Dale Phillips
    Take a behind-the-scenes journey as Elizabeth recounts her story with candor and humor, of the year she spent as a dancer with The Bluebell Girls.
  • The Plan: An Incredible Story of Amazing Grace, Unfailing Love, and Undeniable Miracles

    by Pshyra Sheriff
    In an inspiring memoir, Pshyra reveals insight into her years-long quest for answers that eventually took her to the emergency room, where she felt life slipping from her body. Unable to move, she reveals how she stood on her unwavering faith that no matter the outcome, God could heal her. In spite of her health battles, she details how she found inspiration and strength in the last gift her mother gave her before leaving this earth, and how the Grace of God stepped in and rewrote her ending.
  • Fifty First Dates After Fifty: A Memoir

    by Carolyn Lee Arnold
    After Arnold, a free-spirited, 50-something longing for a life partner, breaks up with her non-committal Buddhist boyfriend (and holds a “letting go” ceremony to seal the deal), she challenges herself to go on 50 first dates during her search for a monogamous life partner. Set in the Bay Area world of personal growth workshops and spiritual ceremonies, this revealing memoir traces the adventurous path of Arnold’s universal quest for love. The goal of 50 dates with 50 different partners pulls her... more
  • HeartStrings

    by Marjorie Lin Kyriopoulos
    HeartStrings is a deeply personal and compassionate memoir that chronicles the history and lives of the author's Greek-American family in her own creative way. Based upon actual events and interviews with family members, she explores how tragic events can have a ripple effect on past, present, and future generations in surprising and unexpected ways. From stories about immigrant experiences in the early 1900s to the writer's personal journey of growth through the tumultuous and radical chan... more
  • kacy

    by kacy rivera
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  • Rug Cleaning Company in Saudi - How to Find One

    by kitana kari

    A sofa is one of those things that are always in style and you just cannot do without and it also needs to be cleaned regularly. The sofa is probably one of the busiest pieces of furnishing to own not only because it's the busiest example in the home, but it's the valuable item to the eyes of guests and for good reason - it has to be sparkling clean and smell fresh always and to the eyes of guests. Sofa cleaning in Saudi Arabia is actually quite easy. There are many services available and man... more

  • The Light Through the Pouring Rain

    by James Ruvalcaba

    A true story about a young couple's battle with cancer.

    The Light Through the Pouring Rain is a remarkable love story that will pull on your heartstrings and leave you inspired.

    An emotional page turner that gives a first hand look into the lives of a young couple madly in love and eager to start their lives together, only to have it all halted by a cancer diagnosis. With no clear road map on how to navigate their new normal, James and Anabel proceed into uncharted territory, ... more

  • Brainwashed

    by Ramdyal Bhola
    It is not necessary to use science and extreme methods to influence and control someone’s life. Simply sowing the seeds at the right time will do that as demonstrated in this book. It tells the story of a little boy from a small village in Guyana, South America, who was brainwashed by his father from a young age, to become a Doctor. Unfortunately, his father died when he was a first-year Medical Student, and never saw this dream fulfilled. It describes how, despite many hurdles and sacrifices al... more
  • Erosion Control at Construction Sites

    by Armstrong Neil

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  • One Immigrant in a World of Many

    by Andrea Bermúdez
    In 1959, a Communist revolution took the reins of government in Cuba. Many thousands, including author Andrea Bermúdez and members of her immediate family, sought exile in foreign lands. They felt fortunate to have chosen the United States to start life anew. In One Immigrant in a World of Many: An American Story of Survival, Bermúdez details her struggle as a political exile who left her native country and learned to adapt to her new home in the United States. This memoir offers a look at the ... more
  • Now that Nursing Orientation is Over

    by Jean McGrath-Brown
    Nursing is a noble profession, and nurses everywhere are special people who give of themselves tirelessly. Nurses experience a stark contrast from school to the floors after having learned the art and science of nursing in the classroom. Author Jean McGrath-Brown is one of those nurses. In Now that Nursing Orientation is Over, she shares a compilation of experiences she gained in her thirty-eight years in the nursing profession working in several institutions in various positions. Filled with a... more