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  • Once Upon a Soviet Child: Piano, Potatoes, and Privations

    by Anya Stork
    Growing up in Russia from 1973-1991 was an exercise in bloated rhetoric and startling contrasts between the privileged class and the ordinary citizens, including Anya’s family. Stork narrates the touchstones of her life as a child and teenager, exploring the everyday aspects of life: eating, bathroom habits, shopping, medical and dental care, schooling, and the lack of sex education. Stork contrasts life in Moscow with the simpler life in the country and Ukraine. She explains how she devoted a l... more
  • Tips to good health

    by jennifer brown
  • After Dark

    by Noel Hankin
    After Dark is the story of a group of young men who identified a social need in New York City in 1971 and ignited the most important social and cultural happening of the 1970s – the disco boom. I was a member of the group so this is a first-hand account of events that started 50 years ago this year. Mid-town Buppies, big-time mobsters, dancing queens, unscrupulous promoters, and vengeful shock jocks all come together in After Dark, a from-the-trenches account of the birth and growth of the di... more
  • Gaining Altitude -- Retirement and Beyond

    by Rebecca Milliken
    Have you ever shuddered at the thought of retirement? Considered it a fearful, even inconceivable proposition? “Retire? Why in the world would you want to do that?” In Gaining Altitude, Rebecca Milliken tells the saga of her odyssey into retirement after turning 60; an odyssey that included changing much more than she had anticipated. She invites the audience to accompany her in this memoir as she recounts the highs and lows of laying the groundwork for retirement, making the leap, and findin... more
  • Preventive Maintenance

    by T Green
    Preventive Maintenance is a memoir about T Green’s experience with the onset of anxiety and panic attacks in her early 20s. She was a heavy drinker who quit cold turkey, which turned her life upside down. She was a motorcycle rider and loved working on them. She went back to college late in life—during the height of her panic attacks—where she read a lot of philosophy and early literature classics. Through struggles and lots of inner work, she was able to keep going through life and delve into t... more
  • How to Utilize Cannabis Tinctures and Extract Benefits?

    by Evie kline

    Are you planning to leave smoking or at least, minimizing it? If yes, you can find cannabis tincture the best. Maybe it is over-confidence, but I assure you that consuming cannabis tincture means that you are far away from coughing lungs.

    Cannabis tincture is easy to make at home. It provides an easy way to extend the shelf life of your cannabis products. Interestingly, it has also been a reliable source of cannabi... more

  • WHY ARE THERE MONKEYS? (and other questions for God)

    by Brooke Jones
    The absolutely TRUE, deeply INSPIRATIONAL, laugh-out-loud FUNNY story of my Near-Death Question and Answer Session with God (and I know it really happened because I was given PROOF that no one could deny). If you think a conversation with God couldn't possibly be FUNNY, you're in for a BIG surprise!
  • Moe Fields: The Special Bond Between Fathers and Sons

    by Stuart Z. Goldstein
    His first book, “Moe Fields” is a gripping narrative about a father’s fighting spirit and determination to save his family and inspire his sons to succeed. Goldstein applies his gift of storytelling to bring us the story of Moe Fields, growing up during the Great Depression — from his teens as a Golden Gloves boxer, to his career as a bootleg fighter in Brooklyn for money, to being a WWII sailor whose most prideful moment was meeting FDR, to overcoming prejudice and building one of the largest p... more


    This book tells of my growing up in the extremely deprived Amish church without cars, electricity, television, telephone and many other modern conveniences. And of moving far away for two years, then returning home and, because of my extreme lifetime brainwashing, JOINING THE AMISH CHURCH! Then, finally seeing the light and permanently breaking away from the church, for which I will always be shunned and ex-commonicated by my people.

  • Balance Is A Wild Goose Chase: Why Women Should Focus More On Nourishment and Moderation To Achieve Wellness

    by Dr. Adrienne J Goodman-LaMora, L.Ac.

    "Balance Is A Wild Good Chase: Why Women Should Focus More On Nourishment and Moderation To Achieve Wellness" is a short, but comprehensive guide to women's health and wellness. Written by a Doctor of Chinese medicine, this book is a great tool for women to help them achieve and maintain better physical, mental and emotional health.

    As women, we all desire to be “healthy,” don’t we? To spend our days feeling energetic, productive, content, worry and pain-... more

  • The Part That Burns

    by Jeannine Ouellette
    In her fiercely beautiful memoir, Jeannine Ouellette recollects fragments of her life and arranges them elliptically to witness each piece as torn and whole, as something more than itself. Caught between the dramatic landscapes of Lake Superior and Casper Mountain, between her stepfather’s groping and her mother’s erratic behavior, Ouellette lives for the day she can become a mother herself and create her own sheltering family. But she cannot know how the visceral reality of both birth and babie... more
  • Initiate: Final Hours

    by Carlos Velasquez
    INITIATE is a story about a young soldier waiting for his discharge at the Army processing center in Fort Bragg, N.C. ‘Val’ the main character remembers and reflects over some of the events during the past three years. Uncertain, patiently and anxiously waiting on this last day, the final hours as the clock counts down to the process center’s closing. Having joined the Army at seventeen, Val recalls some of the memorable ‘coming of age’ experiences. Each year of the past three years of enlistmen... more
  • The Murder Trial of JFK

    by James O Chipman
    These are some of the things you will learn by reading this book: After almost sixty years, it is time for the world to know the truth behind the death of JFK.If Kennedy had won reelection in 1964, there would not have been an American Vietnam War.You will learn things about Lyndon B. Johnson that you would not believe were possible.John F. Kennedy's assassination started a deep distrust that Americans have with their government that continues to this day.A major part of this d... more
  • Dancing in the Rain

    by Diana Crevatin

    Dancing in the Rain

    "Life is not about sheltering from the storm, but about dancing in the rain!"

    This book is an autobiography/self-help story about my life journey with Multiple Sclerosis. I was diagnosed in 1984, and am currently in a wheelchair, with no function in my arms or legs.

    I show how to live life to the fullest, and make the best out of a bad situation, and the self-help section at the end of each chapter offers many useful points.

    This book woul... more

  • The Lifeboat: Experiences from within the storm

    by Rain Story
    In 2010, Rain Story's 24-year-old son was killed in a horrific car accident. Later the same year, her brother and her newborn grandson also passed away. Only months later, her stepfather also died. After extreme heartbreak, hard work, and research, Rain created The Lifeboat as a construct to share grief healing tools and share them with anyone that needs them because, within this terrible black storm of grief, we must help one another survive.
  • Cool Hush: Memoirs

    by Rain Story
    A shy skinny young girl in a small southern town is trapped in a vicious cycle of patriarchal abuse and oppression by her KKK father and others before she discovers her friends, the eagle and the goddess, who strengthen her voice and lend her courage to go to war against the evil cool hush.