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  • My Rosemount Mn. Memories - Teenage Years in MY Shoes

    by KEVIN M. HALL
    Have you ever thought about what it was like to be a crazy teenager during the 1970’s, or what it might have been like for your parents or grandparents who were teenagers then? Ever wonder what it was like to be in a school of 9-12 graders, beaming with youth and activity, but with no cell phones, no Nintendo’s and no personal computers? As you look back on and explore that time you may find that those were, for the most part, simpler times, awkward teenage times, anxious times and fun times... more
  • Ilion, My Childhood, My Memories - Growing Up in a By-Gone Era

    by KEVIN M. HALL
    Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to grow up in small town America during the 1960’s & 70’s? How about being a 7-year-old and riding your bike around town, or to your little league games? And how about the anticipation of Christmas and the hunt through the house to see where your parent’s had hidden the gifts? Then follow this young boy, a boy curious with the life around him, on his many adventures and the sometimes unexpected, and not always anticipated consequences of tho... more
  • Then I Was Taken

    by Alaina Davis
    Even though Anne was underprepared to steal a child, she succeeded in kidnapping and manipulating Alaina, making her believe that her family abandoned her. Being drugged, 'accidentally' electrocuted, and sexually abused nearly breaks the thirteen-year-old girl in this true story that must be read to be believed. Walk with the author as she shares her firsthand experience in being taken and delves into the feelings that come with being a kidnap victim, in this heartbreaking and thrilling story. R... more
  • Map

    by Audrey Beth Stein

    As a late-blooming, sexually-confused college senior, Audrey Beth Stein was looking for love, but she never expected it to arrive via email, from someone she first knew only as

    It was 1996. A time when the Indigo Girls had just performed their first explicitly gay songs, Ellen DeGeneres was preparing to come out on national television, and Tinder and OkCupid did not yet exist. A time when being queer was just a little bit ea... more

  • Suffering and Sentiments

    by Jeffrey Robb
    Suffering and Sentiments is a collection of poems and illustrations about mental illness, pain, life, love, and imagination.
  • Introspections From a Clouded Mind

    by Jeffrey Robb
    A collection of poetry that brings to light the innermost feelings of someone suffering from mental illness.
  • Loved Just As I Am

    by Melissa McDaniel
  • I Am a Survivor

    by Janice E Holliman
    A survivor is having the heart of a fighter and learning who you are no matter what illnesses of trials you face. Like Reba McEntire says "Who I Am is Who I Want To Be: I am a Survivor." This book is about the life of the author. It focuses on her faith, her hope, and her endurance during the years of her illness. In this true story, you will learn the how and why about the effects that changed her family's life-the author's Crohn's disease, the fourteen blood clots, toxic gut syndrome, c... more
  • My Name Was Mushroom: My Life as a Teenage Runaway in the Source Family Commune

    by Wendy Baker
    At age 14, Wendy Gossard was drawn by the tranquil blue eyes and personal magnetism of a man known as Yahowah, leader of a spiritual group called the Source Family. Fleeing her own family and becoming a fugitive from justice in the state of California, Wendy followed the 1970s cult group across settlements in California and Hawaii on a quest for spiritual direction, communal harmony, and basic survival. Growing up, the teenager, called Mushroom by Yahowah, had questions about her pregnancy, rela... more
  • Karl's Diary: It's a Dog's Life

    by Sharon Winters
    In December 2014, chocolate-colored dogs with golden eyes is found wandering in Arizona‘s Yuma Desert. A kind hearted man brings the lost dog to a rescue facility. Sadly, no one chooses to adopt the stray, who’s desperate wish is for a family to love and cherish him. Soon however, while he is at a second animal rescue, his picture is published in a local newspaper paper and a compassionate couple adopt him, name him Karl, and bring him to his forever home, one filled with unconditional love. Pa... more
  • Lost Roots

    by Karl von Loewe
    How a single family was affected by rampant ethnic nationalism of the twentieth century - how each used it and was used by it - and how the secrets were kept. A soldier goes missing two days before the Armistice ending World War I. A decorated pilot conceals a diamond deal gone bad. A trained pastry chef, prisoner of two wars and national policeman, is executed on Stalin’s order. An industrialist loses everything he has built, first in part to the Nazis, then totally to the Communists. A shop... more
  • Moon and Sunn

    by Shane Sunn
    Shane Sunn grew up in Ackerman, MS, in the shadow of Moon--his legendary, often absent, and always fishing father. With literary acuity that sometimes reads more like a novel than a memoir, the author recounts exhilarating stories of fishing beside Moon in snake-infested Mississippi backwaters along with painful accounts of what endured and internalized when Moon left home yet again in pursuit of the world record Alaskan king salmon. Retracing his life, the author leads us on a voyage of self-... more

    Libro de estilo arte urbano,ilustraciones, chicanotattoo flash, graffiti,pintura urban,muralismo....con poco texto,o algo de poemas urbanos.....
  • Running Through Fields of Grass Our Journey on the Dharma Path

    by Michael Boyajian
    Join the author and his late wife Jeri as they journey on the Tibetan Buddhism Dharma Path grappling with scripture that frowns on attachments and impermanence and any negative impact they will have on Mike and Jeri’s love for each other spanning almost 40 years and how through meditation, contemplation and study they work through these issues and their love reigns supreme.
  • Defiance-Fighting Elitism and Racism at LSU in the 70's

    by Theodor Schirmer
    After retirement from the Los Angeles Public Defenders Office, I decided to write my life story for my children and grandchild. When I began writing about my years at LSU, I discovered through research that events during my time as Student Government Association president were being swept under the rug. I could locate nothing in the administrative files or oral histories open to the public that covered what happened at LSU Homecoming in 1976. In the '70s, twenty years after Brown v. Board of ... more
  • My Vision

    by Leonel Diogo Francisco António
    This book was write down bases on the experience of the author and the way that he perceive the world problems. The all book make you re-think in a few daily problems that many people face it and it dives deeper on the subject of human interaction and our further impact among the stars. I hope you enjoy the reading