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  • Keep Sweet

    by Joshua Gonzales
    Keep Sweet: My Homemade Recipe for a Fulfilling Gay Life tells how a Mexican-American kid, raised in the small town of Huntsville, Texas, kept believing in his innate fabulousness, and how that led him to finding a secret same-sex romance while attending a private Baptist university, then to being thrust into working with his Broadway idols minutes after stepping foot into New York City. Joshua Gonzales rolls out his own inspiring life story, peppered with wit, enthusiasm, and wry, tough-love ad... more
  • What Makes My Heart Sing: An Artist's Journey

    by Lynn Takacs
    A thoughtful account of a young girl's journey into the world of the arts. With vivid and colorful descriptions of people she meets and places she travels, Lynn continues her quest to discover more about herself and how she relates to the art world as well as her relationships. She shares her struggles with and eventual triumph over self-doubt and limiting beliefs. Her story will inspire readers to follow their own artistic dreams and help them realize that they, too, have a special talent that ... more
  • Life of a Roadie, the Gypsy in Me

    by Ronnie Rush

    Ronnie was with a famous group known around the world, 

    working for Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds (PLAYBOY RECORDS)

    as a Roadie. Join the adventure in Life of a Roadie: The Gypsy in Me,

    plus his just-released, second book Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

  • Me and My Shadow

    by John Walker Pattison
    Me and My Shadow – memoirs of a cancer survivor, is a brutally honest account of one teenager’s struggle to understand and deal with the most feared diagnosis known to society: cancer. At 18 years of age, John Walker Pattison was thrust onto a roller coaster ride of emotional turbulence - his innocence cruelly stripped from him; his fate woven into the tapestry of life. After years of failed chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments that ravaged his physical frame and almost destroyed his psych... more
  • The Grandeur of the Trans Millennial Illuminators

    by Michael Boyajian

    The passage from the old millennium to the new millennium by the author and his wife, the LGBTQ community, technology, politics, the other world across the rainbow bridge, arts and literature and much more in a study of living history. 
    Introduction by Sal J Calise
    “Enjoyed the narrative of the book…I in fact laughed a few times…The millennium part of the story is interesting…Love the inclusion of Pliny…Good creative writing with excellen... more


    by 'Deji Ayoade
    Underground is an emotive journey of restored hope and faith along the path of attaining the American Dream and communion with a higher power that was there all along. Page by page, a personal narrative is revealed to the reader—one brimming with trials and triumphs, grief and joy, loss and love in equal measure. Through poignant, candid, and vulnerable storytelling, ‘Deji Ayoade shares his innermost stirrings of the heart and all the maelstroms they entail with utmost poise. Beyond the pages of... more
  • Awakening in the Northwest Territories: One man's search for fulfilment

    by Alastair Henry
    Awakening in the Northwest Territories is an inspirational, humorous, and absorbing account of one Boomer’s transformative life journey over a sixty-year period. Follow Alastair’s story from his strict Catholic upbringing in England to Canada by himself at the age of 19 in search of love and adventure, where he quickly acquires a family, and over the next twenty years, climbs the corporate ladder and builds up a flourishing business, all of which subsequently go sour. He takes an early retiremen... more
  • Love Is A Losing Game

    by Preston Nelson

    Always love yourself first, be cautious of giving the emotion of love too soon. Make a conscious effort to make sure that you're getting loyalty, honesty, respect and dedication from the other person first before you give in to the emotion of love. Don't make the mistakes I made that's pointed out in the book, keep in mind love can't be turned off like a faucet if the other person becomes problematic. How many times have you heard of someone staying in a toxic relationship the... more

  • Food and Freedom

    by Gabriella Lang
    In 1956, a young couple packed their few possessions into a small brown suitcase and set off on foot to the Hungarian border. Half frozen, shot at by Russian soldiers, they eventually reached Austria and freedom. Like so many of their countrymen, they ended up in Sydney. This is their story, interwoven with the history of Hungary and much-loved family recipes. Food that defined a woman's love for her friends, her family and her Hungarian culture. Food was love. But it was more than that. Many ... more
  • 49-Year-Old Virgin: Delayed Not Denied

    by Dr. Paula C. Perez
    At the age of sixteen, I decided to remain a virgin until the day I said, "I do." However, I could not have known that this decision would require a thirty-three-year commitment on my part. This memoir chronicles my journey of being delayed. One of the overarching themes in my life is that I was delayed, but not denied.
  • A Home Without A Roof

    by Celia Latz
    The author left Indiana to study Art in Venice, Italy where she invented a new life, filled with beauty and romance as well as almost insurmountable challenges. After 35 years of daily life on the small island, she learned that in a city like Venice, and in the heart of an Artist, there is no room for hatred or resentment, and this could be true for any heart in any city.
  • They Call Me Produce Pete

    by Pete Napolitano
    Pete Napolitano began his career in the produce industry in the early 1950s at the tender age of five, peddling fruit and vegetables door-to-door to help support his family’s New Jersey-based produce business. “Discovered” at his store by a TV producer decades later and given the moniker “Produce Pete,” he’s since become a fixture on WNBC’s Weekend Today in New York show, where his tips on selecting, storing, and preparing various produce items – all shared in his authentic, endearing, and plai... more
  • Girl of Light & Shadow

    by Jay E. Valusek
    The book represents one father's three-year investigation into the life and death, by suicide, of his daughter, drawing upon memory, hundreds of pages of journals and other documents, the science and psychology of suicide, humor and imagination: all in service of answering the haunting, cosmic question: Why in hell did this happen?
  • Everything is Perfect - A Memoir

    by Kate Nason
    Seven years into her second marriage, Kate Nason discovered her husband was cheating on her. Then, the unimaginable happened. She woke to the news that one of her husband’s “other women” was at the center of a national scandal. The press surrounded her home, clamoring for details, and quickly transformed Kate’s private heartbreak into public humiliation. Nason’s memoir uncovers the little-known side of a well- known story. It's a cautionary tale about the ways we deceive ourselves when we al... more
  • The Sketch Book of Jeri Wagner, Artist

    by Michael Boyajian

    Why the term Sketch Book in the title of this book and not the term Notebook?  Because Sketch Book is part of a book title by Washington Irving who was my late wife Jeri's favorite author and Notebook is associated with a title of a book by one of our greatest authors F. Scott Fitzgerald but not a favorite of Jeri's and this is a book about Jeri so her favorite author takes immovable precedent over all others.  Though I should mention that it is a series of random notes more... more

  • The "Hell's Angels" Letters: Hunter S. Thompson, Margaret Harrell and the Making of an American Classic

    by Margaret A. Harrell

    The first new writing by Hunter Thompson to be published since his death in 2005, The Hell's Angels Letters: Hunter S. Thompson, Margaret Harrell and the Making of an American Classic is an important revelation in the legacy of Thompson, with high-end full-color scans ofletters that survived precarious shipping and travel over decades, cloaked away from the public. “If Hell’s Angels hadn’t happened I never would have been able to write Fear and Loathing in Las V... more